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South Sudan: Horror and violence is rampant; civilians are in the cross-fire!

South Sudan Food Crisis

Just as Radio Tamazuj has been through a scandalous closure after being reviewed by certain organizations for their coverage of the recent months of violence between the SPLM/A and the SPLM/A-IO, that have been. This proves the situation and the dire state of the South Sudan.

While this is happens the Catholic Radio Network reports:

Be friendly and exposed to media to reach your expectations and needs of your people, Managing Director of Hamming Bird Action for Peace and Development in Yambio advises. Minaida Peter Jamus says once people are flexible in carrying community work using media, there will be easy education and collection of feedback from the community, Radio Anisa reports. He urges workers to be creative and active in carrying their responsibilities” (CRN, 02.12.2016).

The UN Reported on possible situation similar to the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, as the battles between the government and rebels continues sparking in different regions of the country. Days after this the Norwegian Government pops by Juba to congratulate the Police Officers that gone through their programme in the country.

While the UNMISS has enough work to keep the crowds and citizens fleeing the battles into the Protection of Civilians sites, just by October 2016 the 9 sites in the republic, that is in the states of Central Equatoria, Unity, Upper Nile, Jonglei and Western Bahr El Ghazal. These PoC sites had 204,918 civilians, that we’re reported on 1st November 2016. These are staggering numbers are civilians fleeing from internal conflict and power-struggle between the big-men of the republic.


Oxfam is reporting that the Uganda is accepting about 4,000 refugees daily from the South Sudan. This is happening while the Ugandan Government and big-men tries to keep their businesses alive in Juba. Together with the army has showed that they have sold weapons to SPLA, as even been reported in UN Reports been sold without valid records.

Human Rights Watch has been able to report that rebels and even government troops has recruited child soldiers inside the battles, this is happening while the reports of 4000 huts been burned in and around the Wau. How many more huts and villages that been attacked during the recent months. Can only the world wonder and even the soldiers themselves in the hunt of following orders of the big-men’s quest of either power or continuing to hold power. In Yei River State the government forces and the rebels have destroyed about 1900 huts, where the people used to live (Cathrine Molly McPhee, 02.12.2016).

The UNMISS will get more Bangladeshi Peacekeepers has they have promised more troops and the Japanese will extend their mandate in South Sudan. The Ethiopian Government has said they will banish the SPLM/A-IO from having bases inside the country, as they don’t accept Dr. Riek Machar presence anymore. While the SPLM/A-IO are reported to have bases inside Democratic Republic of Congo, where there said that MONUSCO is providing safety for certain parts of the SPLM/A-IO. Even as the DRC Government also said they do not need another guerrilla or militia inside their borders. As they want a friendly relationship with Juba government. Still, the fluid borders leave the possibility of the rebels to stay there.

The SPLM/A-IO have even been banished from Kenya and even their senior leadership and spokesperson has been deported to the capital of the republic without any for-warning as the Kenyatta Government trying to also have a friendly relationship with the Juba government as they want to in the future have a possibility of a crude-oil pipeline down to Lamu-Port and the LAPSSET. So the economic aspect means more than the actual peace, as the Kenyan Government also working on pulling out their forces inside the UNMISS mission as they feel disrespected for axing of the Lt. Gen. Ondieki after the July skirmishes inside Juba. While China has offered something new to the UNMISS today: “China will send an infantry battalion of 700 peacekeepers in South Sudan, including a 13-soldier female squad, the army unit dispatching them said Friday. It is the third batch of Chinese peacekeepers sent to South Sudan. From Sunday, they will take United Nations charter flights to the mission area, replacing the second batch of Chinese peacekeepers. The female infantry squad will carry out humanitarian relief and protect the rights of women and children, said Ding Hailong, battalion commander” (NF Online, 02.12.2016).

The United Nations Security Council is working on Arms Embargo, but nothing is really happening on the matter; the world is waiting on the shelving of it or making it soft so the arms rise can continue between the between the forces.


This is happening while the reports yesterday prove that the neighbours help President Salva Kiir Mayardit with guns:

The reported said South Sudan embassy deputy attaché in Ethiopia Lt. Col. Solomon Tor Kang has sent a quotation of 55,000 US dollars to South Sudan army chief Gen. Paul Malong Awan in the light of dispatching the military packages. Ethiopia’s Defence Ministry supplied South Sudan embassy in Ethiopia with fifty five thousand US dollars quotation as charges for transport fees from Dukem/Daluta to Debrezeit Air Force Base, the amount is inclusive of air base handling, loading and offloading fees, says the document” (…) “This military hardware awaiting passage to Juba include 20,000 pieces of Rocket 107 MM, 7,964 quantities of 60 MM Mortar, 20,000 pieces of RGD-5 Hand Grenade and among other classifications of different kinds of military hardware” (Ethsat, 01.12.2016).

So the arms continues from the good friends to delivered, as the government and rebels are having harder and harder time to deliver aid and needed supplies to the civilians. We can wonder why the International Community isn’t answering with stronger mandate and acts on the rebellion that started yet again in July 2016.


So the continues infighting in different areas together with the international support of the PoC sites and get the needed supplies. Together with the reports of drought and lacking systems of food security in many areas, that might even get hit worse in early 2017. This is happening while the reports of violence, possible genocide and epidemic of rapes. These reports are brutal and this could be our sisters and brothers that are living in crisis, forgotten and not seen as important by their own republic. A republic that does what they can to keep power for the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) who uses all sorts of army force and decrees to silence their own.

We cannot imagine the horrors and violence that the civilians endure, as they are going to unsecure situations and waiting in foreign nations like DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. As the neighbours is even selling weapons to the Juba Administration that will keep up the violence towards their own civilians, Peace!