‘LG Election results a reflection of South African’s will’, says Motlanthe (Youtube-Clip)

“ANC Veteran Kgalema Motlanthe has also spoken out about the recent election results, saying they are a reflection of the will of South Africans, Motlanthe was addressing the Xubera Institute for Research and Development in Durban” (SABC Digital, 2016)

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago talks to media after casting his vote (Youtube-Clip)

My take on it:

He talks after voting today, about his posistion and about his validity of the posistion as the Lord Mayor of Kampala. Being ceremonial and not head of the city. Also about the rule of law and that he doesn’t have an direct issue with President Museveni. This here is interesting and shows the character of Erias Lukwago. That must be the reason why he has such an impact in as a Mayoral Candidate and won the election in 2011. He has had effective campaign in the city, even with the issues and detaining him during the pre-election period. This here shows the value of keeping his head cold and going through the obsticals to become the Lord Mayor again. He desverves respect for his posistion and the platform he describes the importance of “Rule of Law”.  Respect the rule of law, policy of the programs and policies in Kampala that lays on the head of the City and the Lord Mayor of Kampala. Something President Museveni does not respect.

As the Personal problems between him and President Museveni, but the issue is that with Lord Mayor Lukwago; President Museveni does not have direct control of Kampala, he cannot live with that! He sucks with trusting people and giving away power… As we saw in the Presidential Election and Parliamentary election on the 18th February.

Press Statement – #Battleground Tshwane: ANC’s violent disruption of the launch of DA’s Mayoral Campaign (24.10.2015)

DA Tshwane P1

Yesterday ANC supporters violently disrupted the DA’s preparation for the launch of the DA’s Tshwane Mayoral Campaign in Solomon Mahlangu Square.

Late in the afternoon ANC supporters physically attacked DA supporters and staff members, who have subsequently been taken to hospital for treatment.

DA Tshwane P2

This grouping had – prior to the attack on the DA – attended a function hosted by the Mayor of Tshwane, who is as a result culpable in these events.

The ANC’s violent actions yesterday are the clearest indication yet that they can lose Tshwane and that the DA can win in next year’s local government election.

DA Tshwane P3

As a result of this violent attack, much of the equipment that was to be used at the launch was destroyed. For practical reasons, we will therefore be launching Solly Msimanga’s Campaign for Mayor of Tshwane on Sunday, 25 October 2015.

DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane, DA Gauteng Leader, John Moodey, and DA Candidate for Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, will today brief the media on the details of the violence that took place; the criminal charges and multi-million rand civil actions that we will pursue; the complaint which has been made with the Independent Electoral Commission; and the formal Complaint which has been laid with the Mayor of Tshwane.

DA Tshwane P4

The DA will not be intimidated by the ANC’s violence. We remain steadfast to bring the change that Tshwane so desperately needs.