Up for Grab: The true soul of Christmas version 2.1


It’s time to write about Christmas again, I know it’s early, but hey the Christmas products are dropping and Black Friday is arriving quicker than the wind. We all know what that means, we can see the chocolates with Marzipan and specialized packed foods for this part of the year. The sodas, beers, meat, horseradish, crab-legs and all the ho ho ho. Not to forget the Oranges and ginger-mixed cakes with spiced up sugar-glazing.

I’m just waiting for Itunes and the radios to play the Christmas tunes and mosh the sad songs of Mariah Carey and Bing Crosby. The strange faces on the billboards on the trams and also on the Clear Channel posters all around town like the Grinch stole the whole town!

I just wonder if our societies have forgot why we celebrate it. Because for some reasons it’s more important to have an Iphone under the tree, then crossing your lips for a prayer and celebrate a birth of Christ! Something is missing in that picture. Something is really missing in that picture. The gingerbread cakes wasn’t it in the Middle Earth, wait! Sorry, the Middle East, where Jesus Christ was born. Either wasn’t a birth made so we had to run to some Supermarket and buy the new mops or laptops made from a sweatshop of factory in the middle of China, which is more like Mordor, then jolly Christmas celebration place of work, who has seen BBC One’s ‘Apple’s broken promise’?


It’s like Scrooge is saving Christmas. Then do yourself a favor eat some more of the gingerbread and hope you’re not to bubbly after it. Still the earliness of Christmas products is coming right before Halloween or All Saints day. So before we celebrate the ones who has built our lands and men of faith of the past – we have to run down the shopping center’s and buy a few limited editions kitchen products that has to be made with either Danish design or Made in Taiwan. Nothing is Christmas as a kitchen machine making popcorn or spatula from Jamie Oliver.

We can all be a little goodie-good and grand hearted even long while before the Christmas preparation starts we have even said our prayers for the saints before we supposed to be sugarcoated and ginger-breaded up to our ears and eyes. Sure that a few of those Christmas tunes want make the day sweeter. Only make you wonder, how quick can ordinary days come back into effect?

The Companies sure want to earn on our nostalgia and good-heartedness towards our loved ones and friends. Because this is the crunch time of the year (Fourth Quarter!) If this sometimes doesn’t kick-off well then the business or shop are not settled to survive into 2016. But that isn’t an excuse to sell me Christmas cookies before November kissed the Calendar.


I am sure the CEO is not Home Alone or busy bodies trying to keeping up with Scrooge. Still their finding their ways of making ordinary products Christmassy, like I am waiting for the Christmas designed toilet paper for sale in my grocery store from Lambi and it will be limited edition.

I wonder why we have to release their special products before All Saints day and make Christmas time or Advent, where we supposed to celebrate the birth of Christ. Not waiting for yet another edition of chocolate in wrappings reminding of Santa’s Red Noosed Deer. Would you buy your summer barbeque special edition products in the middle of January? Still we accept to eat the special wrapped goods from before either versions of Christmas Carrol is on TV.

We can’t soon turn our beamy eyes on social media before every company between Hawaii and Kazakstan who has a Black Friday will jump upon you and wish you to be a part of their event, especially on Facebook! And your friends will invite you on it to hope that they will win a coupon or price for yet another piece of merchandize that either them or me need. But that’s what Christmas time is all about right?

We all have to feed these multi-national companies with our hard-earn monies to secure their parachute payments of their leaders when they resign. So we can be assured that they might only that their Santa Claus will be jolly all the way to bank for kidding ourselves with the wrapped mockery they have sold us since October. That most of doesn’t really want to have before the actual days of Advent. Unless we are the Gingerbread figure in the Shrek movies to be inspired to become Stallone’s Rambo and has his own franchise. Now that I said it, can I pitch a idea? It will be action packed while smashing down people in Ginger-city and kill the ones who try to steal the M&Ms that was supposed to be glazed on him with the working title “The Gingerman runs the mob”.


Instead we’re in the Christmas bonanza and will until new-years like the recent years. I am sure that very few are waiting for new Christmas-products. That as usual got nothing to do with the actual holiday that everybody supposed to wait for. Not anything about waiting or symbolic of the supposed Christmas. It’s like Christ himself is a side-character instead of the main act and coming with one-liners, when the actual plot maker does something stupid. So here we are in the middle of and also start-ups, the yearly prequel of the Advent that has set the real life Scrooges and Grinches into life. They push any kind of products instead of what we are really celebrating. Though the Scrooges do what they are born to do as well, earn money and sell us sweatshop products on Black Friday, instead of giving hope and joy that the day is supposed to celebrate. The Advent is the waiting for the long awaited day that we celebrate, though so many just celebrate the ability to open a present and gifts from friends and family. There is nothing wrong in that, though the day has more value than that. That is like a forgotten story and it wasn’t Scrooge, Coca-Cola-Santa or the Grinch alone that stole Christmas it was our culture, that now lives on the special-limited-edition products that is a part of that time or the year. Instead of actually celebrate what really is Christmas.

It is not that I myself enjoy a special kind of Christmas soda, because though who knows me, knows how much I enjoy it. The thing that I am trying to say: is that we should not be enticed and forget it in the run for products that is symbolic edition and gifts. So we may not forget the main issue of the Advent and Christmas. Because if we forget that then we need help and ask ourselves why we running between stores at the mall and being in rush. Instead of being we actually there for our loved ones and spend our time with them. We are instead using so much time going to these shops and standing in ques. We should use less time on that and spend it with the ones we care about. That is something that has more value than newly fresh pressed money or imported Grincy-Scroogy-Gumball-Dumbo-Dumbledore-Delux Drier that none in the family needed. Peace.


Hva er egentlig at noe er Premium? “En opplevd kvalitet som er høyere enn det vanlige”. Opplevd! Noe du føler når du har produktet i mellom hendene. Premium brukes på alt. Du finner for eksempel: Premium Pils, biler, embalasje, topografiske kart, rengjøringsprodukter, blekkpatroner, papir, sjokolade, batterier, juice etc. Det vil si at det meste er .. Premium. Alt kan bli Premium hvis du opplever en kvalitet utenom det vanlige. Vil det si at hvis pennen ikke gir deg skrivesperre. Dermed kommer Parker penner nå i framtiden med Premium edition der blekket spruter automatisk!

Man kan begynne å lure når og hvor Premium ble til eller om det virkelig betyr noe. For når du ser den engelske definisjonene. De alle handler om aksje opsjon eller salg av dette. Noen vil kalle dette et adjektiv som sier at produktet er appelerende, bedre enn sammenlignende og du får mer for den økte prisen.

Hvis ikke det begynner å skurre for deg også. Så er det som at en butikk har salg konstant. Det kan jo ikke stemme? Hvordan kan ma ha spesial salg året rundt. Ikke minst ha ultramega produkt som kicker alle de andre? Eller stemmer dette? Blir premium juicen jeg drikker.. knust med slikt at jeg får den virkelig smaken av frukten eller er det bare designet på pakken som blitt penere?

Vel, jeg hadde meg for første gang. Premium Pils. Regnet med noe som ville smake fortreffelig. Det som skuffet mest, at jeg betalte mer for helt alminnelig pils i en aldeles vakker flaske. Var det verdt det? Tror ikke det. Gikk jeg på? Ja!

Det er ikke derfor jeg diskuterer dette med Premium. Heller bruken av den og hvorfor jeg føler den plutselig er alstedsnærverende. Forføllende, den dukker opp oftere enn Clear Chanels reklame postere i sentrum av de store byene. Uansett hvor du handler eller kikker. Kommer det ubevist til deg. Uvurderlig og ekstra god opplevelse for en liten slant mer enn det ordinære.

Kommer jeg til å selv kjøpe Premium. Ja, må jo nesten det, det er jo overalt. Akkurat som du ender opp med et par Special Edition, Limited Edition eller Collectors Edition på filmer. Det er ikke til å unngå. Føler jeg at Premium begynnes å utvannes og miste mening. Kanskje det? Kanskje det er det er. Som får det til å skurre.. Begrept er blitt oppbrukt. Det eier ikke kredibilitet og annerkjennelsen den en gang hadde. Hvis det noen sinne har hatt kredibilitet eller annerkjennelse. Derfor gir det grunnlag for bruken av den. Selv om den egentlige verdien på begrepet er helt annet. Så husk å kjøp «Jabba Dabba Do’h Premium muskatnøtt» når du er på Rema neste gang.

Ha en fenomenal helg i en atmosfære fult av Premium luft. Som ikke koster noe ekstra. Peace.

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