Besigye Detention Worry EU Election Observers (Youtube-Clip)

The European Union election observer’s team is at it again. The team reiterated their concern over the continued detention of col. Kizza besigye even after the 18th February polls. The deputy chief observer Marian Gabriel says that their concern still stands in regard to how the state has handled the opposition leader. The FDC candidate Col. Kiiza Besigye who has been under house arrest for the last 12 days lost in the recently concluded presidential elections however he contests the electoral results. Dr. Kizza has limited access both to and from his residence and has been arrested several times since the declaration of the president of Uganda. The US embassy in Uganda once released a statement calling for Besigye’s immediate release. The statement warned that Besigye’s house arrest and other actions by the authorities are impeding efforts to challenge the results of the election.  The status quo however has not changed. The FDC candidate still remains under house arrest” (NBS TV Uganda, 03.03.2016)