Kenya: Public Action against Mindless Theft and Waste of State Resources (01.11.2016)

Kenya Parliament

A Statement Issued by the Kenyan CSOs on November 1, 2016

Since independence, Kenyan public has been treated to a cocktail of abominable theft, plunder, squander and waste of public resources, while the institutions tasked with the mandate to probe and deal with the said scandals have repeatedly sanctified the same. Bailed  as the most corrupt and unaccountable administration in Kenya’s political history so far, the Jubilee regime’s 4 years in power has been characterized by rampant, reckless  and mindless  looting  and misappropriation of state coffers.

The situation in the country remains so grave and dire that the official Auditor General’s report  for 2015 found that just 1% of Kenya government spending and  a quarter of the entire 1.6  trillion shillings budget was properly accounted for. Current reports indicate that Kenya loses approximately 600Billion shillings out of its annual budget of 2 trillion (close to 30%) through wanton theft and waste.  Imagine what this amount could do in supporting health care for the poor, provision of quality basic education, clean water or employment for our youth?  

Specifically, the Kenyan CSOs note with concern the following systemic  and vicious failures of the political establishments, both at the national and county levels: That as noted by John Githongo, a prominent anti-corruption crusader, “corruption in Kenya has deepened and widened since President Uhuru Kenyatta came to power in 2013”.

  1. Mega scams such as the  National Youth Service Saga, “Chicken Gate” Scandal; land grabbing; flawed tendering in the  Multi-Billion Standard  Gauge Railway; Misappropriation of devolved funds and current  Afya House Scandal in the Ministry of Health  among others remain unsolved. That majority of those adversely mentioned in the above scams are either close associates or relatives of senior state/public officers thus deepening vested interests and political complicity.
  2. That the institutions mandated to provide leadership in the fight  against corruption have terribly failed to live  up to the Kenyan public expectation; from the presidency, Judiciary, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Office of the Attorney General.
  3. That the president has failed to demonstrate genuine, bold and effective political will and leadership to combat corruption over the years. His admission of inability to battle graft in a recent state house anti-corruption summit sums it all.
  4. That the judiciary has failed to put in places mechanisms to expedite corruption related cases. As a result such cases take too long in courts. This has delayed justice and only encouraged corruption to thrive.
  5. That the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission has failed to effectively and independently deliver on its key mandate; law enforcement, investigation and corruption prevention in the discharge of its functions. This has rendered the institution a friendly environment for the corrupt. In fact on many occasions the EACC has sanitized the corrupt.
  6. That most of the alleged grand corruption prime suspects have been exonerated through a sham process while those who have not been exonerated have not been prosecuted either but remain free to enjoy their loot.
  7. That most of the state/public officers who have declared their wealth have done so in private, thus without adequate public disclosure.  This is a precedence set by the presidency hence incapacitating the public to hold both state and public officers accountable for their wealth.
  8. That the government has failed to demonstrate greater transparency in procurement processes by not publicizing information on tender analysis, detailed contractor profiles including list of directors, engagement contracts, project implementation plans, bills of quantities and other related information.

It’s in response to the president’s admission of helplessness, his inability to act, and the failure by the different state agencies to admit responsibility in the midst of wanton theft of state resources, that the Kenyan Civil Society is calling a national mass demonstration to demand for urgent and systematic actions against mega corruption in Kenya.

  1. The demonstration will take place on Thursday (03/11/2016) from freedom corner and will end with a submission of a petition with a Demand List to the president.
  2. The Demand List will capture the practical actions that the President should implement in line with his legal and political mandate and obligations.
  3. We therefore call upon the public and the media to turn up for the demonstration. We also request members of the public to come dressed in red and carry a whistle and the Kenyan flag.

We have planned sustained political actions to ensure zero tolerance to and increased accountability for public theft in Kenya.

Opinion: Kenya MOH your late to the Party; you cannot at run away from your stolen funds!


It’s just one of those days where the Ministry of Health all of sudden tries transparency, well, ladies and gentlemen of the important Ministry you’re a bit late to the party. The ship has left the docks hours ago and you cannot go to the island. The boat is not waiting for your embarking mission. MOH of Kenya, your perception is already there. If you had nothing loses and tried to sub-come from the facts that are in the wind.


Today you tried to prove bills and payments for 5 billion shilling, a small fortune squandered most likely by one of the loyal elitist politicians or political connected Jubilee men. That even the deceased Human Rights Lawyer Jacob Juma wrote about before his assassination. When a person who exposed to extra-judicial killings and writing about a coming scandal in mid-year last year, and in last quarter of it the documents proved his words true; then you know that the conspiracy we’re real.

CS Dr. Cleopa Maliu cannot be proud of their of their cover-up. Therefore yesterday even Ruto had something to say: “Deputy President William Samoei Ruto says firm action will be taken against public servants and private individuals alleged to be involved in the loss of more than Sh 5 Billion at the ministry of health” (The Star Kenya, 30.10.2016). If he claims that the money is missing, why does the MOH today claim otherwise? Who is lying?

We can all say that the MOH is late to the party; the internal Audit of May 2016 is out and showing payments done and delivered. Service rendered if you may. They tried by a small press release on the 29th October to deflect it, but the released information hasn’t made them look good, not has had it helped that LifeCare Medics Limited also on 29th October explained their sold equipment to the MOH. They we’re not even mentioned on the questionable Internal Audit, so there are companies that does not come forward with their accounts and prove of sale to the Ministry; something that most hurt CS Maliu.


We can all the reality and know that the government are not proud of their acts, as they even tries to find ways, even show over the effects of their thievery in public, that they been stealing from the sick and needed people.

Like you can write mobile health clinic, but that does not mean containers that need big-wig trailers to be moved from a place to another, that means a bigger Caravan built into a modern hospital or clinic; something that the 40 Containers in a trailer-park is not. No matter what kind of ideas the MOH has, that looks foolish and not bright.


Even future Medical Staff are issuing this Statement today:

“The Medical Students’ Association of Kenya (MSAKE) is an independent and non-political organization that serves as the umbrella body for all Medical students in Kenya. One of our core mandates is health advocacy. In that light, we would like to bring to your attention an article that was released a few days ago sighting the possible misappropriation of funds at the Ministry of Health (MOH).

We acknowledge that these are preliminary findings whose outcomes will be released upon completion of the legal investigations. However, we would like to state the following:

  1. We are aware that ideally, following The Abuja Declaration of 2001, the health sector should be allotted 15% of the National Annual budget allocation but currently only approximately 5% goes to the MOH.
  2. We acknowledge that this 5% of the National Annual budget is an improvement from the previous financial year, however, we are disappointed that despite the minimal funds allocated to the ministry, the funds are alleged still being misappropriated and hence affecting the quality of healthcare offered to our countrymen.
  3. As future Medical Practitioners, we hope that investigations on the matter will be carried out and the necessary action taken upon those found guilty of the misappropriation.
  4. In conclusion, it our hope that there will be improved transparency at all levels of our healthcare system” (MSAKE, 31.10.2016).

PS: If you wonder why I don’t drop anything of the MOH Report of 31.10.2016, I believe it is muffled with and will fit reality. The MOH has had to doctored the numbers to make them fit the budgets and audits. Even the report is not true. I have little faith right now.

That’s enough from me. Peace.

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