Opinion: Nyanzi do yourself a favour an just stop!

He shared a photo of his new bullet-proof car,

Like a poor boy with a new gift on Christmas” – Dr. Stella Nyanzi (23.02.2021)

Since the 23rd February 2021 the exiled academic and activists, and former Kampala Woman MP candidate Dr. Stella Nyanzi have written poems about Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. These haven’t gone by in a fashion that she might have anticipated. She is undermining her efforts and her cause, if it is still her cause now that’s she’s in Nairobi.

Nyanzi have fought and people been by her side. She has not only fought for her academic position, but also an vocal activist on the side of Dr. Kizza Besigye. In the recent campaign and election. Nyanzi went after Bobi Wine, but when the polls was over and he was in house-arrest. She even wanted the public to demonstrate and go to his home in Magere. So, not long ago she had some sense.

Now, it seems all lost. Her attacks on him getting a bullet-proof car, having mansion and withdrawing a petition. While her own party didn’t petition the courts or even try the legal route. Which it haven’t done since 2011. We are just supposed to forget that now.

The empty sloganeering leaves one hungry.

The vain promises of liberation quench no thirst” (Nyanzi, 23.02.2021).

She goes after Bobi Wine on this point, but how many campaigns and slogans haven’t the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) come with over the year, that haven’t amassed big movements and civil disobedience? She should look into the mirror of her own allies before throwing stones? This is just mockery and buffoonery, as she should work in tandem with NUP. NUP and FDC should join forces, not have activists going after Bobi Wine. That seems so dumb now. Especially, when the NUP activists are coming back dead after abductions. When NUP are seeing their candidates, activists gone missing, abducted and illegally detained, tortured and even killed. On top of that Nyanzi is saying they are just “sloganeering”. How dare she?

The Demi-God stands tall.

He stands tall under his umbrella.

He will not be questioned.

He will not be criticised.

He will not be made accountable.

He will not be made fun of.

He makes no mistake at all” – Nyanzi (24.02.2021).

When you have lost the plot. A true man does mistakes, Bobi Wine has made mistakes and acted wrong. Even supporters of the NUP have called him out on it. However, you can kneel in front of Besigye, but not take accountability yourself for your own actions. As you are just going after Bobi Wine. You are just targeting him and his party. Though as that is making the cause better. Which I cannot see… what is your objective? What is your goal? Notoriety, maybe?

And when the die was cast, there was no future of freedom.

He still puffs up his chest and crows like his cock.

I see many with their brand new identity cards.

But we are still bound in our chains of oppression” – Nyanzi (26.02.2021).

All the words she is using against Bobi Wine could have been put on Besigye years. Both men have inspired two generations of freedom fighters and people who wants a peaceful transition from the dictatorship. That is why its weird how she singles out and writes these pieces on Bobi Wine.

Its really striking that he has hit a nerve and damage her calm. His mannerism and words are clearly inciting something in her, which is going into her spine. She isn’t inspiring anything other than disdain. Instead of being vocal and getting people on her side. She’s twisting their hands off and spelling it out.

That its wrong and only hubris to support Bobi Wine. This is how it seems and its not a good look. Especially, how she is such a fanatic about Besigye. A person like that should be careful branding other people…

She needs to leave the internet for a bit. Nyanzi needs to leave it alone. Unless, she has a plan to soil her whole reputation and loose all support within the opposition. Unless, she wants to be fringe writer, who only is mocked and over sexualise politics. She’s a grown person and can do what she likes, but if she wants to be respected and seen a favourable view. Her current route is a road to self-destruction and that’s never a good look. Peace.

Opinion: Besigye was on fire today!

How did Mr. Museveni get here? does he think he is the only one with a monopoly over war? But we have been very clear that our plan B is non-violent. And this is not because we fear war. I don’t think there is a gun I can’t manage. But war can’t create democracy” – Dr. Kizza Besigye (04.02.2021)

The 14th January 2021 General Elections happened and today was the first big presser by the Forum for Democratic Change leader and renegade Dr. Kizza Besigye. Besigye is an inspiring fellow and a man who is resilient.

The leader is still as focused as ever. The FDC leader deserves credit for his words. His speeches and relevance is as huge as ever. There is nobody who is so incorporated and decisive. Besigye knows what is needed and told what is needed to topple the regime. However, the regime have been able to control him and stop his work.

Besigye is a big-man and a man on the frontline for freedom fighters and the ones for a peaceful transition of power. Today is no difference. Just these three quotes says it all.

Here is two key one:

We must not sit back and watch when our young people are being kidnapped and tortured. All of us must be united in saying this must stop. And to stop it means that we must all act” (Besigye, 04.02.2021).

The money they are using to hunt and torture us has been borrowed on our behalf. We are sending a strong message to the lenders of the regime that what they are doing is giving Uganda an odious debt” (Besigye, 04.02.2021).

Besigye was dropping facts during the Presser. The speech was powerful and is needed. There is a need to inspire for change. Besigye is a man that never let that goes. Bobi Wine has his message and his ways. He is the young generation who inspires as well. They both can use each other and galvanize the public.

Today Besigye proved his statute and his role again. Not that he never let that go. Besigye shows why he matters. Not that he went away, but his words are important. He has the ability to step aside and let others be the person. Because, the cause are bigger then the person. That is the proof of Besigye’s leadership.

Besigye is a man who continues to show his finesse and what he stands for.

Just like he also said: “An Election through the ballot cannot remove the Junta” (Besigye, 04.02.2021). This is something many of us has said and its true. The election that has happened now is evident of that. That is why his message is important.

Nevertheless, people are tired and not caring as much. They maybe got tired after the last failed attempt in 2016. Who knows, but he still is in the game and shows his character, which haven’t missed a beat. That is why his a wiser elder with wisdom and knowledge that people should tap into. Especially, the ones who wants to liberate the Republic and who wants to challenge the President. Peace.

Opinion: Kutesa aims at Besigye for election violence

Today the Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa made a statement and this one is aiming directly at ‘Plan B’. In late August 2020 Dr. Kizza Besigye launched the ‘Plan B’ to counter a rigged election and galvanize the opposition.

It is very ironic that in a 14th January 2021 election statement. The Foreign Minister is addressing a non-candidate. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine hada campaign: “We Are Removing a Dictator” and not ‘Plan B’. Neither did the villager, Patrick Oboi Amuriat who was the barefoot villager representing the public in general. So, the man has clearly been focused on Besigye, which haven’t directly campaigned or only been a supporting political operative in the opposition.

The Foreign Minister also missed the mark on what the ‘Plan B’ was about. Because, he associates it with violence and insurgency. ‘Plan B’ is a continuation of the liberation struggle, a non-violent measure for a peaceful transition of power. Maybe, the NRM feels that is violent. Since, this means the likes of Kutesa have to be removed. However, that is natural in every transition of power from to the next.

So, the man is clearly jaded and adding values, which isn’t represented in the ‘Plan B’. Maybe like Defiance campaign it hits the heart of lack of democratic values within the NRM. If they had a understanding of boycott and demonstrations against it. Because, everyone is supposed to automatically supporting the NRM.

What is very ironic too. Is that the NRM and the Government is really into democracy, but demonstrations or riots is disturbing the peace. If it is a democratic nation and has value of free speech. Then the public should be allowed to demonstrate and riot.

It is not really a unique take and understanding of democracy. When you don’t dare people to speak up against the oppression and regime itself. That is apparently the proud democratic values of the NRM. We shouldn’t be shocked, but it shows their true sentiment at this point.

This only proves what extent the government does to defend its actions. They are willing to defend the killing of civilians and blaming it on them. That is what the Minister indirectly did. As the people didn’t listen to the warning and therefore, their fatal acts was justified. The public should have known better and not gone out on those streets. So, if they does it again. Expect it to happen again, as long as they are in power. They don’t care or value the life of the citizens. If they did, they wouldn’t take their lives for demonstrating. That is the bleak reality here.

Still, its amazing that ‘Plan B’ was such a big issue. When Besigye wasn’t even running. That shows how powerful and dangerous Besigye is in 2021. The NRM and Kutesa is still worried about his moves and ideas. They know he can spread a powerful message and give people hope. That says a lot. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine has two choices ahead [either to follow Besigye’s advice or become compromised in Parliament]

Now that the Electoral Commission and the authorities are moving ahead. The state is steam-rolling ahead… and they are awaiting to be legitimized again. That is just the bleak reality of the rigged election and the aftermath of the 14th January 2021 polls. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni is just forging this ahead. Just like nothing happened and washing their hands of dirt. In a manner, which all the blood, deprivations and atrocities within the Elections Road Map doesn’t matter anymore. The objective is fixed and they can now bash glory again.

However, there are opposition parties that now has to choose how they move ahead. The Opposition parties and the ones who has stakes in the Republic. They got to make a stance. The People Power Movement and National Unity Platform (NUP) have the biggest stakes aside from the NRM in the 11th Parliament. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) comes in at second. The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) got a better verdict now than last time and Democratic Party (DP) is weakened.

The NUP and FDC have to decide how they want to play now. If they wanted to be United Forces for Change (UFC). If they want to challenge the government heads-on. The dilemma will be… do they take the easy coins in government or do they challenge the whole election?

If this is a revolution. Will the NUP and Bobi Wine take a stand and not accept being the Leaders of the Opposition. Will the newly minted opposition dare to challenge and also walk-out on the political elite after a big victory for such a new party?

That is the risks of Bobi Wine. He can be compromised and be tainted by the 11th Parliament. As his strides and bargains there will not be a sign of defiance or #WeAreRemovingaDictator, but more compromise. Compromise is a usual tool of politics and a way for to parties to get to a middle ground. However, doing that here… then Museveni is getting a lot of leverage with very little cost him. The price of being honourable and getting titles. The NUP has more to loose and also risks questioning their movement.

That is just the grand scheme of things. Just like the FDC did betray their defiance by accepting titles and positions within the 10th Parliament. The NUP is now under the same scrutiny. They can trade-off their hard-liner stance and be just another political party.

Bobi Wine and his party has sold a dream. That dream could easily turn to nightmare. Nobody expected to be fulfilled in one go. There is to many enablers and systems created to ensure longevity for Museveni. That is why Bobi Wine was doomed to loose. Nevertheless, he still shows progress and popularity with the amount of MPs. Still, that’s where the question now lays.

What sort of plan ahead does Bobi Wine has? What will Bobi Wine do? He got to prove that not only the election is rigged, but that they are prolonging the efforts to get a peaceful transition from Museveni. This is where he needs to go back to the drawing board. Even look at history and what Besigye have done. To reflect and also get enlighten on how to manoeuvrer on the burning rocks around him.

Bobi Wine have followed the ideal of Besigye and created his “Awakening Movement”. Bobi Wine has also created a network of activists that works together and is coordinated. That is the two first steps of creating a transition.

What Bobi Wine needs to next is to work together to “disempower and break down the junta”. That’s done with actions of defiance and not following the rules, which the NRM is making. That is risky, but done together can weak the system and halt the possible government from governing. This is done with demonstrations, riots and just stop to support companies associated with or owned by the government.

The fourth of Besigye is getting the public servants, soldiers and law enforcement involved in struggle. Get them involved and becoming supporters of the cause. In such a manner, that they cannot act upon orders and silence the opposition who is working to weakening the state. That is risky one, as this might end up with more jail-time and pre-emptive arrests. However, there is a need to enlighten and ensure the civil servants are loyal to the idea of a state and not just the party.

The fifth and last point of Besigye is to work with CSOs, NGOs and other civil society formations to join in the activities. That they are working together in activities to weaken the state. They will participate in the defiance and disempower of the junta. That is what he says and could be guidelines for Bobi Wine to continue.

Because at this point. Bobi Wine has choices to make. So, does all part of the NUP. This party can choose which way it wants to go. The state will use force. It will continue to be violent and detain people on political grounds. The state could easily kill civilians associated with the NUP. So, these folks needs to reparations and answers. The dead need to accounted for and these lives should matter. That is why just a few seats in a bloated Parliament shouldn’t be enough.

Not when the machinery and the functions of the state is still prepared to destroy and assault everything Bobi Wine stands for. That is why he can either follow the advice of Besigye. Advice he talked about on the 11th July 2017 and should be relevant today.

As a leader he can follow the steps of Besigye, but he can elevate where he left off. As there is proof of support and tiredness of this regime. Bobi Wine can push ahead. It will continue to cost, but the political gambit will be heroic. The risks he has already taken and the price he has already paid, says a lot. Therefore, the man knows the stakes. Bobi Wine is following the steps of Besigye. As he is house-arrested, party besieged by law enforcement and no middle ground for him to walk.

That is why he can decide to concede or accept the verdict. Take the seats and continue to use his influence or continue on the revolutionary path. This isn’t an easy decision. So many risks, so many variables and possible losses. However, he can either run out of options and see his folk get compromised in Parliament or continue a rocky road.

That is what Bobi Wine has to decide. It is not easy. Bobi Wine has inspired and will continue to do so regardless. Nevertheless, he can either persist to push the boundaries or take it slow. Taking it slow is risky as well. Since then he will see what the envelopes and titles does to his comrades. Bobi Wine will see what the NUP becomes when it get established and part of the process.

This is why he needs to decide where to go now. That choice is his and his only. However, the man needs to decide. His advisors and team needs to be objective and think ahead. Not only think for the short-con, but for the long-con. Because, that is what the state does and follow the program to make Museveni President for Life. Peace.

Bobi Wine’s house-arrest will last for a long time [4 days and counting]

If we learn anything from the previous election. Then we know that Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine will have pre-emptive house-arrested for a long time. Some would say 4 days house-arrested with soldiers making check-points and guarding the gates is long. However, the National Resistance Movement and President Museveni have used this trick before.

Dr. Kizza Besigye had over 40 days straight house-arrest. Even more, as post-2016 elections he was steadily under house-arrested all through the year of 2016. In various parts of the year. He was also charged with treason. He was detained in Moroto and in Luzira as well. However, the house-arrested for a long period and the state blocked everyone from entering.

This is what is happening to Besigye. We can just await a black van or something else picking him up to charge Bobi Wine too. That is about time, as this has been more than 48 hours and no charges has been put on him. There is no proof of any illegal activity, but we know the reason for this action.

It is because Bobi Wine challenged Museveni and that is treasonous. Nobody is supposed to be more popular or be more relevant, than the old man that knows everything. If the old did know everything is that his proving his injustice and impunity.

Therefore, expect this to be a prolonged effort from the state. The soldiers and police officers will make makeshift locations and stations for them to positioned in. These folks will make the house around Bobi Wine look like a war-zone. That is the proof of how far “Museveni’s Democracy” goes. Which isn’t even going skin-deep and is a lie in itself. That is why he wants people to dance to rigged elections and go back to ordinary looting again. Peace.

Opinion: Muntu your way won’t work [Alert the ANTs]

Muntu said Museveni needs to be peacefully retired from power through ballots and not forced out. When told by residents that Museveni, will, as usual, steal the votes, Muntu said that was just the propaganda sold by the regime to create a sense of uncertainty and hopelessness amongst Ugandans” (URN – ‘No need for ‘Plan B’ to oust Museveni out of power – Muntu’ 14.12.2020, The Observer).

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Presidential Candidate (rtd) Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu are now saying that the ballots will force President Museveni out of power. This man has seen how Museveni works since the Bush. Muntu was even participating and had ambition to become a journalist post Bush-War. However, he became part of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) before falling out in the 1990s.

Therefore, if someone knows the conning ways of President Museveni. Muntu knows this and he cannot believe his own words. Museveni will not retire through the ballots. The President will only retire with a revolution to topple him or by natural death of old age. As his already in the advance age…

Muntu could act a fool, but trying to sell this idea in 2020 should be a foolish enterprise. Nobody within their right mind can believe that the Presidential Election will be moment that brings down Museveni. If Muntu believes this… his either naive or dumb.

That ship has sailed a long time ago. The President will not retire over an lost election. He will rig it to oblivion and do what he does. Museveni will not stop now. He changed the Constitution for a reason and to stay in power.

Muntu most know this, but why is he selling this story? What reason is it for selling this in 2020? When we have seen how the President has acted since 1996. Like we don’t know how he has rigged the elections in 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016. It is just like… Muntu doesn’t know and thinks January 2021 will be any different.

It is not propaganda. It is the modus operandi of the regime. The NRM will not let anyone else win. To think otherwise in naive at this moment. It is like Muntu didn’t see or live through the previous elections. Seeing how the Reform Agenda or Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was cheated in previous times.

Muntu are you for real? Are you this deluded? I just got to ask…

Because, Muntu it seems like it and someone needs to give you some guidance, if you believes this. You are a pragmatic man, but this is foolish at the best. Peace.

A Besigye Entanglement: The deception of 2015 resurfaces to praise Mzee

Today, Don Wanyama the Senior Press Secretary for the President. Who was hired directly from the Daily Monitor to serve the President. Now, his using a old video that was shared on WhatsApp before the Tarehe Sita celebration in 2015. It is a 1:05 video clip, which is edited to fit a narrative.

That the National Resistance Movement is using a doctored clip from 2015, which was used to booster the President in 2020 before the 2021. They are using the Besigye clip and a few wordings. As they wouldn’t use the whole clip. Because, Dr. Kizza Besigye wasn’t praising him senselessly, but instead was speaking the truths about it all. Which is something he has done all along.

That is why I will drop further parts of the interview from 2015. These quotations are really saying it all. We all know what he will say, but it still shows the sinister side of the “strategic thinking”, which is what the Don wanted to sell the crowds today. However, if he gave them the whole view. It would be more painful and not such a fake puff piece.

Here’s some of the quotes:

they were moved by his leadership and articulation of problems that our country was going through and what kind of remedies the country could have after the Idi Amin war.” (…) “one of the most eloquent, articulate leaders of that period in terms of painting a new picture of Uganda should be and that is what enthused us; that is what rallied us behind his leadership. And so we viewed him with a lot of respect and even love” (Besigye, January 2015)

It doesn’t matter whether the strategy is wrong, but nonetheless, he has one (strategy) in pursues. As we realise now he is on a totally wrong trajectory, a disastrous one in fact; but nonetheless, he has one he is pursuing it whether wrong or right” (Besigye, January 2015).

Museveni builds a plan (it doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong plan) and works hard and focuses on it aggressively everyday. Part of the reason Museveni is still here is because many of our people are not focussed; today he is pursuing one plan and tomorrow pursuing another plan, not following particular path of a plan leading to a particular path and avoiding all sorts of distractions. As you go on that plan, there will be all sorts of distractions; many of our people when a distraction comes, they leave their plan and first pursue the distraction and by the time he comes back, another distraction has arrived” (Besigye, January 2015).

I think those statements says it all about it. They are directly saying what is special and unique about Museveni. About his “strategies” and “strategic thinking”. A sort of leadership that Don Wanyama wouldn’t sell as Rollexes in Wandegeya, Kampala. It wouldn’t be edible and would lack the eggs. It would be part of it, but not the whole deal. You might even miss the red onions, as Museveni would have to many distractions. While you ordered your rollex to eat.

Therefore, the NRM are trying hard. They are working on overtime trying to sell Museveni. Using his old arch-enemy Besigye even. Ronald Muhinda addressed this clip on the 11th February 2019 on Facebook. The video and interview was originally uploaded by blogger Martha Leah Nangalama. So, her means as a government critic has been used as propaganda before and now again.

The NRM cannot help themselves and that’s why I got disturb the peace. In such a manner, where it all get to the court and you for yourself can see the deception made by the Don. Because, he would never use the rest of the interview. Because, that would damage the purpose and the cause. Peace.

Opinion: Mao is in a losing battle [even before he starts]

The Democratic Party President Norbert Mao seemed a little minute like they were not fielding a Presidential Candidate. This because the Electoral Commission didn’t have the candidate on the list. Just like other parties who was not on the listed to be verified and cleared. This is why it seemed like he wasn’t running.

Mao haven’t looked strong and his politicking ahead of the General Elections 2021. The Democratic Party looks more shallow and more of a side-show, than a well governed machine. This with a Party President in his third term.

The DP has already lost their trying out of DP Block or the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). These two combination have lost out. Mao have tried to become more important and a bigger star. However, it has fallen flat. He has lost his own MPs to both other opposition parties and to the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Now, we have a sudden letter of intent from Mao and the DP Party. After everyone else have been open and vocal. It seems like he has waited as long as possible to unleash it. To make a flash in the pan.

Mao at this point has to battle the same moderates as Muntu. The thing is that Mao never have been directly challenged by a man like Muntu. They are in the same space and with similar behaviour. Mao have been out there on his own more than Muntu. However, Muntu is more respected and credible. Even if he will negotiate and have dialogue into oblivion, instead of actually make a change, which is needed asap.

Mao is neither ruthless or brash. Neither does he has the finesse or the ability to score high. The man has failed in two elections already. First in 2011 and totally abysmal in 2016. Now he returns for the third time and second time Presidential Candidate.

He has not seasoned like wine. Mao haven’t gotten better with the years. To be honest he was better in the early 2010st than he is now. It is like he has lost the spunk and the flair. Mao is running the same game and hoping it will give returns.

However, the main challenger isn’t Muntu, even if he is the man in the same space as Mao. Mao got to challenge Bobi Wine, which he cannot. The People Power Movement and National Unity Platform (NUP) have rocked the opposition. In a manner, which haven’t happen in a while. Besigye had popularity and people behind him. Bobi Wine has the same for this generation.

That is why Mao got nothing to give. His a lucky loser here. He will play, but will only loose. A nice mantle and fun games, but the cards he has is only good enough for bluff. As a Presidential Candidate in 2021 he can never win.

Mao could become someone in Gulu, even an MP representing Gulu. Nevertheless, he aims at the throne. A place where he got nothing to entertain and nothing to offer. Other than being a man who fights for the same secure space as Muntu.

Mao wants to be more. He wants to be the educated and wise brother. The former Guild President wants to be the elite and the modern nobility of the Republic. However, he got nothing to gain or to win. This is a losing battle, even before it starting.

It’s a tragicomedy and the main act is Norbert Mao himself. Peace.

Opinion: The “Scientific Elections” will unmask the brutal truth

As we are beginning the campaigns and the run-up to the elections of 2021. The reality will hit the public. We will see the truth about how the authorities and law enforcement act upon the dissidents and opposition. The regime will show it true colour and cannot act surprised. The way they do and what happens will clearly show a significant pattern. That cannot be judged on sudden reaction to an rally or a consultative meetings.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) have before the campaigns already shown unfair the society is. As they have had the capacity to hold rallies and be in the general public. While the opposition have been blocked from radio stations and holding consultative meetings. This being the pre-equal to the General Election next year.

As well, as the same rules are allowing rallies, processions and so fourth for the aspirants of the NRM. While opposition cannot even be nominated or have a press conference without being directly arrested a hot minute after. That has happen to so many, that its total obstruction of their justice and rights to campaign.

These “Scientific elections” are supposed to be like this because of the danger of COVID-19 or Coronavirus. The pandemic that are upholding social distancing and PPE. The reality is that, we will see a double standard, which will be common. The opposition not allowed to rural radio houses and up-country. While NRM can campaign both within media houses and on the streets, The posters of opposition will be taken down. The NRM can even spread posters through Bukedde, Daily Monitor and so fourth.

The Uganda Communication Committee (UCC), Uganda Police Force (UPF) and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) will all work directly for the NRM. These will order media houses to not have opposition leaders on-air. Neither, will the UPF and the UPDF allow the opposition to greet the public. While the UCC will not block the NRM from appearing on-air and neither will law-enforcement block the NRM for greeting the public. The UPDF and UPF will walk side-by-side with the NRM aspirants.

That is why we know the game is rigged. The NRM will have all favours and always have a helping hand. The authorities and all part of the state apparatus will work for them. They are serving the NRM and not the general public. It doesn’t matter if it is DP, UPC, FDC, NUP, JEEMA or anyone else. They are troublemakers and will be hit by the state.

These elections and campaigns will not be fair. The state and all of its actors will use their mandates to put hurdles in the way of the opposition. The NRM will have a soft landing, while the others has to go on a crash-course and hope for as little damage as possible. Because, no matter what the opposition does. It will be countered and there will be resistance. The NRM will not offer any goodwill and will only cause havoc.

The NRM will use the state as their partner in crime. Every possible way to act will be punished and there will be no remorse. The state will have no sympathy and show no heart. They will not condone and not beg for forgiveness. That is because, the NRM and the state believes you where stupid to challenge it and to stand up against it. You were supposed to be blind and submissive.

The NRM will have all the perks, all the opportunities, while they will undermine and mock the opposition for their troubles. The NRM wouldn’t be able to run, if they had the same hectic mess the opposition has. The NRM would malfunction and be on self-destruction, if they met the same obstacles, which it serves all opposition. They are used to have no way, while the NRM has the big high-way and a free way of opportunities. That is a luxury, which nobody else have. This is why the “Scientific Elections” only will amplify this and expose this rotten game. Which is rotten from the head to the grassroots. A system blessed from “high above” to the lowest civil servant. Peace.

Opinion: Birigwa should join Muntu [and if you don’t, opt for ‘Plan B’]

Birigwa stressed the need to continuously engage President Yoweri Museveni in a discourse on the future of the country” (…) “We need a negotiated settlement with the Government, without fighting” – Wassawa Birigwa (Jeff Andrew Lule – ‘FDC’s Birigwa wants dialogue with museveni’


I don’t know about you, but it seems like Wassawa Birigwa better leave the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). The man sounds like another edition of Mugisha Muntu. The FDC Presidential Contender should act and have a more hostile stance. His a bit to peaceful.

Birigwa sounds like a bargain for Museveni. It seems like Birigwa haven’t learned from dialogue and negotiations with Museveni. In the end, Museveni will win. He will trick you, give you credit and dole out gifts. However, in the end you will loose.

Birigwa is playing a game he will not win. Wassawa is talking so softly and pragmatic that he seems to be in the wrong party. He should maybe switch to the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT). Because, if he believes in a negotiated deal with the NRM. He seems like a brother in arms with Muntu.

The FDC is the ‘Plan B’ and Defiance party. That is why the Mwenda’s and others are directly hostile. They are damaging the calm of the elites and the cronies. The one earning millions of shillings on impunity. They despise the FDC and the whole paradigm shift on weakening the government before a peaceful transition. Using civil disobedience and protest to get rid of the government. That means, no talks, but direct action to hurt the heart of power.

Alas, Birigwa seems to be on a crash course on this one. He is going head-to-head. This man could be the side-kick of Muntu. Especially sound like that. That is giving way to the man of 34 years. The one who duped the Nairobi Talks, tricked others and made a fool of other former heads of state.

Museveni will not be soft, he will sound smooth, but we stab you in your back when your not looking. That is what he does and Birigwa should know this.

That is why the idea alone should be buried and forgotten. It will not happen and will amount to no good. Unless, he wants to get a new deal to be Leader of Opposition in Parliament and get some millions shillings for the service.

Birigwa don’t need to engage Museveni. The FDC and the Presidential Candidates needs to challenge him. They need to aim at his heart, go directly at the things the President treasure and ensure he can loose it all. Not sweet talk and be a sweetheart. That will work in romcoms, but not in reality.

Birigwa this is weak tea. This will not work. Negotiate with Museveni is a lost cause. There is nothing to get there. He will get rid of you and ensure your fate. You will go missing and will not be found. If not end up in exile. There be no safe journey if you tries. Museveni will not give away power. The power he has held all of these years. That’s not happening.

To be clear, better sign up to ‘Plan B’, better start to listen to Besigye, because this is not it. If you believe it? Go to Muntu, his the pragmatic non-starter and the one for the future of the Christmas past. Peace.