Nkaissery defends police against extra-judicial killings claim (Youtube-Clip)

“Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery on Tuesday defended the National Police Service against claims of extra-judicial killings highlighted by a section of the media.Nkaissery said there is no policy on extra-judicial killings in the police department, “and no death squads exist in the service.” (Capital FM Kenya, 2016).

In Kenya 4 Police Officers charged with the murders of Human Rights lawyers: Willie Kimani,Josphat Mwenda & joseph Muiruri (18.07.2016)

Kenya Criminal Case 18.07.2016 P1Kenya Criminal Case 18.07.2016 P2Kenya Criminal Case 18.07.2016 P3

Kenya: Rising Cases of Extra-Judicial Killings by Police Officers (13.07.2016)

Kenya Ombudsman 13.07.2016 P1Kenya Ombudsman 13.07.2016 P2

Press Statement: Cord’s Notification of Intended Demonstrations Declined (03.06.2016)

Cord Demo 03.06.2016

Press Release: Suspected Al Shabaab returnees kill 3 at the coast, Hightened threat during Ramada (29.05.2016)

Kenya Police Terror PR 29.05.2016 P1Kenya Police Terror PR 29.05.2016 P2

Kenya: Police Foil Another ISIS Terror Plot (25.05.2016)

Kenya National Police 25.05.2016 P1Kenya National Police 25.05.2016 P2

Kenya National Police Service – Statement on the Events of Monay 16th May 2016

Kenya National Police 1605.2016 P1Kenya National Police 1605.2016 P2Kenya National Police 1605.2016 P3

Press Release: Appeal for Information Regarding the Murder of the Late Jacob Juma (11.05.2016)

Kenya Police Press Release 11.05.2016 P1Kenya Police Press Release 11.05.2016 P2

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