Hennessey Tales Part V: Sonko is bitter and ready for vengeance

Impeached Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko retaliated today on Facebook. Wrote a scathing piece about President Uhuru Kenyatta. However, at the grand scheme of things. The former Governor might be right, but is late to the party.

For a man drinking, partying and enjoying the perks of office. Sonko the socialite and high ranking official is maybe the last brother you expect writing a deep piece or even have valid points. Yes, the man could campaign and get himself elected. However, as long as you have the right allies and speaks well enough. The dynasties can take you a long. Especially, if you toy around and wants to be friendly with the cartels. The likes of Sonko would play with anyone, as long as he got some of the action.

That is why it’s inspiring that the dwell on the misgivings of Kenyatta. Not like Sonko is the Governator or the straight-forward good governance in the flesh. No, nobody would think that Mikey Mike Sonko would offer brilliance and government services in a revolutionary way. Unless, some fun stunts, flashing gold and expensive clothes. The man was more Ali G, than being an actual governor.

This is why today is epic. That his rant was a exceptional. Sonko acted holier than thou. A man who everyone has seen dance, toy around with people and play politics. Therefore, his downfall was his arrogance and lack of action in office. He could have played loyal and sucked it up. Then the Kenyatta’s and such would have most likely left him of the hook. However, he aimed at the kings and missed.

He might have some suction and some popularity. Nevertheless, the gig is up. Yes, the so called impeachment of Kenyatta would be damning and be a valid verdict of his Presidency. As there is enough scandals and misgivings. That there should be something the National Assembly could charge him and find him guilty of. However, most of them are loyal to Kenyatta and they want his blessings. So, not like they will risk losing the good while they are ahead.

This is why the idea of impeachment of Kenyatta will not happened. The ones who is supposed to do it. Will never challenge and the ones writing up on it. Is already retired or irrelevant at best. That is why the loss of the title is the reason for today’s stunt.

Sonko wish he was in good graces. He would trade this failure and loss with anyone. The utter embarrassment and brutal end will haunt Sonko. That is why he wants this pain on Kenyatta. Not that it will happen at this point. Nobody want to do that and loose all of their political capital on a fool errand. There is nothing to gain, except brownie-points and participating trophies.

Sonko better continue to drink his Hennessey and enjoy the nightlife. Later in life he can tell war-stories and political anecdotes at Universities. Right now, the bitter blow is hurting his pride. That is why his seeking vengeance. A call that nobody will answer and the ones that does. Will not have the manpower or ability to pull it off. Peace.

Hennessey Tales Part IV: Sonko’s Last Call

Today, the impeachment was finalized in the Senate. On the 17th December 2020, the Nairobi Governor who served Nairobi County since 2017 is finally history. The man of the whiskey, flex and dancing like a dapper rapper is history.

However, that is only for now. This man has been able to get away from prison and revive his outcome to become a governor. It is early to say its final destination. Nevertheless, for now his “lonely” like fellow Konvict Akon. His out and about… and got little to show for it.

He had the office and the title. Governor of the capital and signed that off too. The man gave away his prominence and wasted a grand opportunity. Instead of making more friends. This man was able to make enemies. In a den full of thieves and filled with people who pockets on their time in office. He wasn’t capable of making deals, which was beneficial for them all. That is why he had to fall.

Not like this man was saint. Neither was the previous governors of Nairobi. Evans Kidero wasn’t anything better. Therefore, Sonko was just a rip-off and the new-money personalized. His the WaBenzi and wealth in the flesh. This is why “everything gold” like Trinidad James. Smirking in picturesque places and with fresh clothes. Just as he runs from a fashion show. That is the sort of fella Sonko looks like to me.

This is why his demeanour and acts have put people off. Since he has shown and flexed his wealth. Acted ignorant and foolish. Taken lightly to the office and not even knowing what he has signed off. Which he stated himself when he signed of things to the NMS. Sonko claimed he was drunk when parts of Nairobi government got signed off to another entity. That is the sort of neglect he has done in office.

That is why its easy to target the man. Not only is he doing publicity stunts and showing off.

If Sonko wants to be a celebrity he can join other professions than politics. Though the big game and gravy-train is there. Businesses are run to the ground and politicized. That is why Mumias, Uchumi and Nakumatt is failing or even bankrupt at some points. This is all because of how the government behaves and how they are able to operate as companies. Only the ones with enough political muscles can survive. That is how it seems.

Now Sonko is off the hook and impeached. His saga is done for now. This chapter is closed. Unless, he suddenly is able to get his alcoholic mind and spirit into a more poignant drive. Show some finesse and find a smart way out of this.

Yes there will be a new election or by-election for a new governor. The Jubilee have to find another candidate in his place within 60 days and that election will happen quickly. The government and allies have to work quickly to find a solution and someone deemed fit for them. They clearly dispatched this man away. We can wonder if there will be piled cases in the court system too. As there was misconduct and graft allegations against the man. However, will he try to pin this on others than himself and also retaliate against his former allies? That is always an option, but will he dare?

Sonko better stop the Hennessey tales and get a grip. He lost this one. The big-man is just a commoner now. His friends and allies all dropped him.

This was the last call. Peace.

Hennessey Tales Part III: Sonko’s Final Episode

Governor Mbuvi Gideon Kioko Wam aka Mike Sonko has now been impeached and is awaiting the senate for a further verdict and a final vote. The Nairobi governor is no in real trouble. Not that its new. He has even signed off parts of the local government to Nairobi Metropolitan Services, which the governor did while he was drunk (allegedly).

So, now the man who gave away Hennessey to the citizens in the care-package from the County Government during the lockdown. This man is now in trouble and could be out of office. That vote is scheduled to happen in early 2021. So, he will have Christmas to redeem himself. However, don’t expect that after the Nairobi City County Assembly voted him out.

Not like Governor Sonko haven’t made his own bed. The man who is known for fleeing from prison and having a shady history. Still, he was able to flex and capable to run for office. Surely, the wealth and the suction has given him an edge. However, he played on the edge of a cliff and now his free falling. Not a good look…

Sonko is already questioned for corruption scandals and misuse of office. The man has already acted without good judgement with signing of parts of his local government to the NMS. This was giving way to the State House and making Sonko less relevant in his own county.

The governor of Nairobi could have acted with finesse and better. Nevertheless, his usually showing arrogance and grandeur. Showing of his chains, clothes and bling, but not doing anything useful in office.

Sonko is the wannabe rapper turned governor. The Governor wants so badly to be the centre of the attention. However, that isn’t what his elected to be. His supposed to serve the county and make it better for its citizens. Ensure the government and state organizations are working smoothly and delivering government services. Nevertheless, that has never been important for Sonko.

He rather act like a big-man, talk like a big-man and dance around like a big-man. The Governor will go down in history as a incompetent and corrupt individual. Not that it’s new or shocking. Previous Nairobi governors been that too and they have been charged after their term in office.

Sonko aimed at the sky and aimed at the thone. He went after the ones who is ruling supreme. That wasn’t acceptable and therefore, he had to fall.

It was Sonko’s turn… Governor Sonko better plead to the State House and the inner-circle in the Jubilee Party. However, I doubt that will happen. Sonko better get his load of Hennessey and drink out his sorrow. Peace.

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) letter to Principal Secretary Onyango of Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) – Re: Nairobi Metropolitan Services Physical and Land Use Planning Liasion Committee (15.05.2020)

Hennessey Tales Part II: Sonko Strikes Back!

Well, the man of Hennessey and Chaos. The man of dodgy history, electoral blunders and possible graft. The man of weird public addresses and also even more flamboyant outfits. The one and only Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is back-at-it.

The man who signed of several of functions to the state on the 25th of February and gave it away at the State House on the 18th of March. Instead of getting impeached or even continued trial on the charges put on him at the end of last year. Just like that it went away, as the President didn’t need to have votes against in the county or get him impeached. Therefore, instead the President ushered in a trusted Major General Mohammed Abdallah Badi. Who would carry the tasks that wasn’t for Sonko anymore.

Now today on the 29th of April. Suddenly, the administration of Sonko is back-peddling the affairs. They are initiated that the functioned for the appointed Major General are turned back to Sonko. A Sonko whose still not allowed by the Courts to appoint a Deputy. The same man who is on public display behind the President and if not his doing something ridiculous.

I’m just awaiting him striking back with a stingy dance, filled with all his bling-bling and sell his bling-bang. He will go full circle, show all his true colours and schemes. Ensure that he gets his power back. While certainly the State House will not accept that. As they did a merciful thing earlier in the year. As he have not continued the cases against him and not caused more trouble.

Instead Sonko is a free-man, enjoying the perks of the office and being in the public eye. Even as the grand corruption is hanging over him. Not that it has bothered him much. He can still buy Hennessey and tell some good stories on the radios.

So for now, Mike Sonko is not giving way. He is shooting back and wanting the whole throne. While that might even end up Dethroning him. As the State House and allies either will impeach him and have a unwanted by-election. If not, they will force him to loose the strings and back-off, with the fear of possible retaliation. Which the Governor don’t want to see.

The governor better drink his whiskey and back-off. This is not his game, he gambles and he forgets that the [State] House always wins. Peace.

Hennessey tales: Sonko wants to become a living legend

I always keep some whiskey handy in case I see a snake…which I also keep handy.”W. C. Fields

Governor Mbuvi Gideon Kioko Wam aka Mike Sonko wants to make history. The Nairobi Governor who has signed of most of his office. The man whose still under investigation of alleged corruption. The man who signed off and supports Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). Now, with the COVID-19 or Coronavirus crisis running rampant in Kenya. The Governor has his solutions to the matters.

Governor Sonko will deliver Hennessey together in the government supported packages to the ones whose in need during the lockdown and the curfews in Nairobi. This is meant as a supportive measures, but only shows the Governors own priorities. Instead of fixing PPEs, Masks, Sanitizers and whatnot for the Hospitals of Nairobi. He got funds to pay alcohol for the citizens.

Surely, plenty of the citizens will be grateful for the French Whiskey. Maybe, that is why he signed off the Supplementary Budget to cover the costs of this and other measures. The parcels from the Governor is filled with UNGA, Sugar and rice too. So, its not like it doesn’t matter and is a joke.

I doubt Sonko even thought of these words: “One serving of whiskey contains as many antioxidants as a glass of wine. Try taking a shot of whiskey as your next “fighting off/preventing a cold” excuse. Whiskey also contains ellagic acid, which known for fighting off cancer by absorbing rogue cells” (Julia Gellis – ‘The 6 healthiest alcohols you should be drinking’ 20.09.2017, BusinessInsider.com).

He might have heard about that and that’s why he does it. During the Spanish Flu, even in Norway, the state gave away a one Cognac bottle to its citizens. Therefore, Sonko isn’t doing something new. However, its the method and the lack of sanctions doing so. Secondly, just the free-way spreading the news on the Radio recently. Not like it was given by the Health Care Professionals or said by Health Experts. Instead a rogue governor. Who has gotten away with a lot and still runs around.

Sonko clearly believes in the words of W.C. Fields. He thinks its handy to have a whiskey, because you can never when the snakes are around. Right now the snake is COVID-19 and that’s why he makes it handy. Though, there is no scientifically proved that Whiskey helps towards this sickness. However, this might help the ones fatigued at home and who needs liquid courage to push through the troubling times of lockdown. That is however, another ball-game than actually helping the citizens with their nutritious needs or a steady diet. Peace.

Opinion: [Nairobi By-Elections] Unnecessary when you can appoint a Major General

Today, President Uhuru Kenyatta have pulled a rabbit out of the hat today. He has gotten one of his loyal soldiers. Someone he has promoted, honoured and served in the Kenyan Defence Force (KFD) . To become the Director General of the newly created Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), this being Major General Mohammed Abdallah Badi. Who has served in AMISOM, run the Moi Airforce Base and now taken over Nairobi County.

Mike Sonko was elected in 2017. However, by the end of 2019 all of his reign started to unravel. The looting, the corruption scandals and the mismanagement of the city became clear to the public. He was even charged and put into prison for a short stint. Nevertheless, he haven’t been sentenced nor had to serve any real time. His out on bond and seemingly free.

Already by 25th February 2020 he signed off parts of Nairobi County to the State House. Clearly sending a message, that he wanted to co-operate, as he still a suspect and not allowed to function as a County Governor. Now on the 18th March 2020 the State House and the President revealed more. They have created a new unit to control the city and its county, but also lost his job.

What we have seen here is a dismissal of ordinary practice. Not to long ago there was a successful impeachment of the Governor of Kiambu, that was also in mid-February 2020. Now, the President and his team surely didn’t want an by-election nor any other way of organizing the Capitol. That is why Sonko had be moved softly and without a scream.

What we are seeing here in the middle of the second term of Kenyatta is a political ploy to not get an by-election. Avoid an impeachment of one of his allies. Mike Sonko of Nairobi. He don’t want to have more politicking, but more sense of control. That is why a loyal brother get a new technical position in the city. His the epitome of technocrat.

Maj. Gen Badi might be a angle, might be the devil, but at this point that doesn’t matter. Yes, by some degree, we can say Governor Sonko followed Article 182(1b) by resigning today. However, we can also question the means and measures of doing so, as there is still not established evidence nor grounds for the article 181(1b), which states that there is serious reason for believing that the county governor has committed a crime under national or international law.

Yes, the DPP and DCI have allegations, but they are not concurred and sentenced through the courts. Not that I believe Sonko is a choir-boy, but righteous actions and means from the State House should be expected and doing both of these things today. Put the whole action into play.

If we are also honest about this, now that the Governor Sonko is out of the picture, as he resigned and the Office is vacant. There should be a by-election. That is if the Constitution still matters in the Republic, as the article 182(5) states that it should happen within 60 days of the vacancy and doesn’t prescribe any possibility of a manufactured organization control the county itself.

That’s why I have a hard time swallowing the Maj. Gen. appointment today. Not that I want Sonko, just like I didn’t like Evans Kidero’s way either. It is just switching gangsters in office, no change just a different face. What is needed is someone who truly represents the citizens and their needs. A technocrat appointed from the President will definitely not do that.

Other than be a loyal water-boy and servant with a army tone to the civil servants of the capital. Following the direct orders like a foot-soldier and try to shake things-up. Nevertheless, that is just a image and not the real deal. His run military operations, an air-field, but a public office. His trying to tame another lion. The Maj. Gen will needs the tears of the lion to give him liquid courage. Because this will not be easy.

Secondly, this should be easy to take to court and nullify. That is if there is any interest in challenging the President and his clientele at the moment. They were busy fighting locusts, now Coronavirus and before that selling the BBI. Now, they had a minor whiff and got rid of one problem.

However, will this be the end of this saga? Nah. I doubt that. A soldier like Maj. Gen Badi will not let this get away. Not that he has gotten here. Peace.

Opinion: Did the State House breach article 192 of the Constitution with the takeover of Nairobi County?

State House issued a statement late Tuesday stating that Sonko had signed off to surrender Health, Transport, Public Works and Planning. “In a landmark agreement signed at State House today (Tuesday), Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko and Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa in concurrence with H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta, signed an agreement, handing over functions of the Nairobi County Government to the National Government, pursuant to Article 187 of the Constitution,” the statement by State House Spokeswoman Kanze Dena said. The signing of the agreement was witnessed by the Speaker of the Senate, Kenneth Lusaka and Attorney General Paul Kihara, she added, “This will ensure Nairobi residents receive services efficiently.” (Capital FM – ‘Uhuru rescues Nairobi from Sonko’ 25.02.2020).

Seemingly, the biggest news other than locusts and coronavirus is that Governor Mike Sonko has signed off parts of his Nairobi City Council or Nairobi City County to the Central Government of Kenya. This was done with a big presser and hoopla at the State House. As the President, the Cabinet Secretary and Governor all convened together. However, are there some missing pieces?

Yes. For my part there is no emergency nor internal conflict. Neither war. There has also been no report from nay independent commission who has authorised a takeover. There are allegations of maladministration and corruption against the governor and his government. However, his not yet sentenced or detained. His been charged and the state is building a case against him. That is bad enough, Sonko is a target and has to answer for his misgivings.

However, the lack of certain things, make it natural to question the takeover. Also, the Senate didn’t authorise the takeover. Therefore, there are too many things lacking in the provisions of the constitution to allow the takeover. Just read the article itself.

Kenya Constitution 192. Suspension of a county government:

(1) The President may suspend a county government–

(a) in an emergency arising out of internal conflict or war;


(b) in any other exceptional circumstances.

(2) A county government shall not be suspended under clause (1) (b) unless an independent commission of inquiry has investigated allegations against the county government, the President is satisfied that the allegations are justified and the Senate has authorised the suspension.

(3) During a suspension under this Article, arrangements shall be made for the performance of the functions of a county government in accordance with an Act of Parliament.

(4) The Senate may at any time terminate the suspension.

(5) A suspension under this Article shall not extend beyond a period of ninety days.

(6) On the expiry of the period provided for under clause (5), elections for the relevant county government shall be held” (Constitution of Kenya 2010).

NAIROBI, Kenya Feb 27 – The Senate has summoned Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, Attorney General Kihara Kariuki and the Chairperson of the Council of Governors Wycliffe Oparanya over the Nairobi take-over by the national government. Senate Deputy Speaker Kindiki Kithure issued the orders on Wednesday afternoon directing that the hearings should be jointly done by the Devolution and Justice and Legal Affairs Committees” (Capital FM – ‘Senate sharply divided on legality of Nairobi take-over’ 27.02.2020).

So, that the Senate is also questioning the operation made by the State House. As they are supposed too. They were by the provisions in the article 192 in the Constitution clear message to the lawmakers. This could be taken down by the merit and lack of protocol.

Not like it is a war-zone either in Nairobi. Maybe a downward spiral in jobs and financial security for plenty of its citizens. Nevertheless, the state cannot just issue this. Sonko might did as a private trade to save his political career. Still, that doesn’t save the act. Especially, if the state cares about the articles in the Constitution.

That is why I could just with pin-pointing the guidelines to the suspension of a county government is supposed to be validate. Which was clearly not done. If it was, then the Senate wouldn’t call in the people who signed off Nairobi to the State House. Peace.

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