Opinion: Mahmood MP speaking the truth about Braverman MP…

“The words of the hon. Member for Boston and Skegness (Matt Warman) must have some meaning for him. They do not for anybody else in this debate, because they do not make any sense or bring any delivery for the people we represent. This country is based on the rule of law. We are in the UN Security Council. We wrote the European convention on human rights. We were the main principals behind the Geneva convention. We penned the war crimes legislation that is now in existence. People here are being accused of being lefty lawyers for doing the right thing and standing up for people and for our rights which are enshrined in law. We have always worked to the letter of the law, and so we should. The Home Secretary takes no advice from the Bar Council and no advice from the Law Society, which both say that the Bill will create contradictions and will have problems in the courts, just like those the Government have already had. The Government do not want to do anything about that, and that is a problem. There are no safe routes for anybody to come through. Afghanistan has been closed. Hong Kong has been closed” – Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham (Perry Barr) – (13.03.2023).

In our times, there is a need for truth tellers and one of them yesterday was the MP for Birmingham (Perry Barr), Mr. Khalid Mahmood who spoke the brutal truth. He didn’t lie and came with no falsehoods. This man could have spared his words, minced them and been more diplomatic. No, he chose the honest path, and it shows. It is just so direct and sincere, that’s why Home Secretary Suella Braverman MP should be concerned about her lasting legacy. Because, when men like Mahmood can torn your flesh. You just know those wounds will never heal. It is a stain that will linger and never be repaired.

The Home Secretary should be concerned about herself and who she is. She will be remembered for this time. The choices of words and the bill itself. The actions against the weakest, the poor and the misfortunate who is taking the dangerous journey to the United Kingdom. She should be worried about them, but instead vilify them and makes their trip illegal.

His words are so powerful.

Just read them further:

“The Minister shakes his head. If he tried getting out of Afghanistan, he would see what the issues are. Women who have been trafficked will have no support under the Bill. Young children in jeopardy will have no support under the Bill. The Bill is against the people, and against the human rights and civil liberties of people. The Labour party does not say there is an open and a free door. That is what the Tories say about the Labour party. The Labour party is here to look at open and positive immigration. That is what we want to do. The Home Secretary said that she cannot be xenophobic or racist just because of her colour and origins. I say to her, being of the same colour and origin, that that is exactly what her politics are about—dividing our society and our community based on that. That is what she continues to do. The best thing that she can do is to look at what is right for the people, rather than making political decisions that she thinks will win her the next election. That is not the case. The people of the United Kingdom are not so naive as to allow this huge nonsense of xenophobia and racism from her party. She needs the knock of humanity to move forward with these issues. We are all here representing all of our constituents—the Home Secretary does not understand that. For her sake and for the sake of all the people who come here, I hope that we are responsible for human beings and show humanity moving forward” (Mahmood, 13.03.2023).

It is not just about rule of law and about international law. No, it is about principals and morals. This law is about our basic understanding and about humanity as a whole. Mahmood MP just shows the draconian path and the sinister way the Tories are handling it. The Home Secretary and the Tories are willing to address it this way. They are willing to risk the lives and endanger them even further. That’s what they are doing, while vilifying and criminalizing them. It is real dark and grim, but the reality of it all.

Mahmood MP is speaking the truth. His voice needs to be heard. It is a voice of reason and it’s sad that it isn’t amplified more. Peace.

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