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Van Rees – Tea Market Report 30 May – 3 June, 2016

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Press Statement: Statement on the just concluded Kericho By-Election (13.03.2016)


On 7th March 2016, the people of Kericho County came out to exercise their democratic right of electing their Senator.  However, contrary to their expectations and to the dismay of the entire country, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) deliberately abdicated its duty and failed to oversee the exercise to ensure it was free, fair and transparent as is required by the Constitution of Kenya and the Elections Act.

We have since established, on expert authority, that the Kericho by-election results were manipulated to favour the JAP candidate against his KANU opponent.

The most incriminating evidence that points to manipulation of results is a mathematical formula which we have cracked with the help of statisticians who have been studying the pattern of results as they were being transmitted live.

A Geometric Progression formula was used by JAP to generate data through a computer programme so that at any given time during the tallying exercise, the JAP candidates votes were constantly double those of the KANU candidate.

In essence, what those who manipulated the results did amounted to a controlled experiment such that, for every genuine vote that the KANU candidate received, the manipulation system awarded the JAP candidate one and half votes.

Cumulatively, the thousands of half votes that the system awarded the JAP candidate would be added up to make round figures of full votes thus bringing about the 109,358 votes that the JAP candidate was announced to have received and declared the winner.

Now, all of us know that there are no half-votes in real life, but this is only possible in computer-aided data generation through Geometric Progression and sequencing.

The table below, generated from live transmission on TV stations, gives a clear picture of the way the formula was applied to ensure the Jubilee candidate won the election by a pre-determined margin.

(Table on the photo)

The import of this formula is that certain amount of votes fairly garnered by the KANU candidate were migrated through the formula to the JAP candidate thereby giving him overwhelming numbers against the KANU candidate in an obviously fraudulent manner. In our scrutiny, we also observed that most of the form 35A given to some agents at the polling centers were pre-filled by the election officials before being distributed to the respective polling centers.

This is confirmed by the fact that there are glaring similarities of the hand writings in the Form 35A which we were able to lump together. This was confirmed by a handwriting expert.  We noted that the results transmitted by IEBC did not indicate the respective polling stations as is the norm. Kenyans were shocked to see tallied and lumped-up results being transmitted without indicating which polling stations they were coming from. The simple explanation for this is that those results were NOT coming from real polling stations in Kericho but were coming from a command center far away from Kericho.

The claim by IEBC that the transmission system failed because of poor internet connectivity is unacceptable because enough of taxpayers money was allocated to IEBC for the exercise to be done effectively. We are also baffled by the speed with which the tallying exercise was carried out in which more than 400 polling centers had already been relayed by 7:30PM!

In previous by-elections such as Makueni, Bungoma and Homa Bay, results were known the following day after voters had gone to the polls. In this regard, it was a monumental contradiction on the part of IEBC that on one hand the internet connectivity was poor and therefore the process was slow, but on the other hand 100 percent of the transmission exercise had been completed by 10pm!

For these fundamental reasons, we as KANU and our campaign team declare that the Kericho by-election was rigged and IEBC was totally compromised and complacent to save face for some senior politician in the region.
From our audit and expert analysis, the KANU candidate Paul Sang garnered 126,493 and Aaron Cheruiyot of JAP got 38,162. The rest of the candidates garnered a combined vote 2,510.

Therefore, Kericho County has two Senators. One a numeric system generated Senator in the name of Aaron Cheruiyot, and the peoples Senator, Paul Sang.

That notwithstanding, we wish to thank the people of Kericho County for their warm welcome, support and encouragement during the entire period of our campaign. We particularly note that at every political rally that we attended, people turned out in their thousands out of their own free will. We salute them for embracing the spirit of democracy and showing the desire to listen to the alternative voice. We are proud that you elected Paul Sang.
Thank You.
Hon. Nick Salat
Secretary General KANU.

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