DPP: Press Statement – Investigation on Allegation of Irregular Payment of Kshs 68,000,000/= made by Nairobi City County to M/S Wachira Mburu, Mwangi & Company Advocates (26.04.2019)

EACC: Press Statement on Investigations into Two Allegations of Irregular Payment of Kshs 68 Million by Nairobi City County Government to Wachira Mwangi and Company Advocates (26.04.2019)

Kidero: “I Didn’t Bribe Tunoi” (Youtube-Clip)

“Kidero, I Didn’t Bribe Tunoi” (Kenya Citizen TV, 2016)

Press Release (19.12.2014) – The Aftermath of the Baragoi Police Operation: the Ombudsman Unearths the flaws




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