“Scientific” Elections with 15 new counties: These MPs are touched by the changes

The second document released today on the matter

This is common at this day and age, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is carving out new districts and constituencies at a rate where the state functions are not in place. Neither the designated government services either. The only thing that get in place is the high ranking officials for the Parliament. The rest is left hanging and the district, sub-counties and parishes are left alone. Only the big-men eating in the capitol, while the province is starving.

This is the steady business model. Before every election this is happening. There is swift changes of constituencies and sub-counties. In a manner, where the electoral history of the area vanishes and the amount of voters gets squandered. It is all made to ensure possible rigging and tricking with the ballots.

What is interesting that the Cabinet are hitting certain areas. Where the MPs are less popular or where the President the constituency was erased from the map (Buhweju county). We have seen that in our day and now his carving that one out too. Just to secure a possible NRM MPs instead of opposition ones. That is just what he does.

MP Party Constituency
Keefa Kiwanuka NRM Kiboga East
Francis Mwijukye

Oliver Katwesigye Koyekyenga



Buhweju County
Hilary Obaloker Onek NRM Lamwo County
Baltazar Kasirivu Atwooki Kyamanywa

Onesimus Twinamasiko



Bugangaizi West

Bugangaizi East

Peter Lokeris Teko Aimat NRM Chekwi County
Jacob Oboth Marksons Independent West Budama County South (Mulanda Sub-County)
Nelson Lufafa NRM Buwekula South (Jinja Northern Division)
Tonny Ayoo NRM Kwania (Kwania North)
Moses Walyomu Muwanika NRM Kagoma County (Jinja district)
Matia Kasaija NRM Buyanja County (Buyanja East)
Peter Ogwang NRM Usuk County (Ngariam Sub-County)
Otto Edward Makmot NRM Agogo County (Agogo West)
Stephen Kangwagye Rwakanuma NRM Bukhanga County (Bukhanga North)
John Kamara Nizeyimana NRM Bukimbiri (Bufumbira North County, Kisoro District).

This here is my quick fix list of people hurt by the changes. This is the key MPs who will have changed constituencies or counties, which implicates their voter mass and their reach for ballot in the up-coming elections. Incumbents can struggle with the changes of carved districts. That has been proven before and could easily happen again in 2021. As the Parliament is ushering these in from next year. Just in time for the 2021 General Elections. Peace.

The first document released today…

Opinion: 5 Hungry MPs Making a Praising Motion to the Fountain of Honour!

There is a motion made by Bonny Desales Okello MP, second by Veronica Bichetero Eragu Isala MP, Jacob Markson Oboth MP, Simon Oyet MP and Keefa Kiwanuka MP. All of this from various of parties has decided to praise the old man with the hat. They know doing this is showing him a favour. A proof that the micro-managing and sudden directions on a whim is a good thing now. At least in their eyes.

It is hard to phantom where we are at this time. That these people are actually using their time in office. Praising the wastage of the COVID-19 Fund, the billions in Classified Expenditure, the questionable tenders for the COVID-19 Fund and every little regulation put hasn’t really been accounted for. Because, there is very little legislation and also just the voting on the budget for COVID-19. So, it’s hard to see much to praise, unless you loves the directions made after the 2 hour speeches on live television. Maybe they enjoy the old man on NBS Television or on NTV. Even they are the few who actually looks at UBC, when they are not eating samosas at the local restaurant.


So, they are really willingly to praise the man for his “insightful leadership”, a leadership where they had to react to this decrees on TV and suddenly ensure the drivers with correct stickers. Where the same President had to ensure the powers of the RDCs and elsewhere, as they couldn’t manage all the calls to be allowed to drive their cars. Thirdly, the exemplary acts of begging for cars maybe?

Or was it greatness when he wanted to pay for a goat, that his convoy knocked down?

I really don’t get it, maybe I am foolish like that. However, I haven’t seen exemplary acts by the President. He did the right thing to ensure a lockdown. He was slow with ensuring food for poor and the ones living day-to-day. He was slow enforcing security for the tenants, who cannot manage pay, because they are not able to pay rent at this given time. Also, the sudden announcements of extensions, people are grasping at the screen awaiting to see if he says it or not.

APPRECIATING THAT the exemplary leadership of H.E the President has seen Uganda become a beacon of hope in the fight against Covid-19 and other deadly viruses and has mitigated the social and economic effects of the virus on Uganda compared to other countries which have all reported far worse Covid-l9 statistics, including infections and deaths compared to Uganda” (Okello, 12.05.2020).

Yes, he acted upon it, by using more funds and even pushing to use it for pet-projects. That is why the President is great. He is saved by International Monetary Fund and their efforts to mitigate the economies. It is not that President Museveni found new ways of revenue or streams to boost the economy directly. No, his taking up new loans to beat the invisible virus. A virus he has not doing big testing off. The extension is that Uganda cannot know how many cases there is out there. Since, they are testing the borders, they have gone after people coming into the country from abroad since April, but they are not testing big locally. Even if there is cases and even barracks. Where there been found cases and they got quarantined. Therefore, there are bottlenecks and uncertainty.

Yes, the numbers are small of cases. Also, very little testing, unless your a truck-driver passing through one of the entry points of Uganda. That is why these MPs see the need to do this:

NOW, THEREFORE, this House unanimously:

1. pays tribute to H.E. the President of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for his exemplary, visionary, insightful and decisive leadership during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Uganda;

2. Expresses its appreciation to Parliament, the National and District Taskforces on the COVID-19 pandemic, Ministry of Health, scientists, security for their tireless efforts in working towards protecting Ugandans;

3. Recognizes the adherence of Ugandans and the private sector to His Excellency the Presidents guidelines to combat the COVID-l9 pandemic;

4. Recognizes the tremendous response by Ugandans and the business community to His Excellency the Presidents call for contributions towards the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic” (Okello, 12.05.2020).

So, these 5 MPs want to pay tribute in the House. A House he uses to rubber-stamp his endeavours. It’s like they want to sing songs for him. They want to serenade him and smooth him for his work. Seems like they want to give him glory and give him worship. Surely, ahead of elections to secure the bag.

Because this man knows they are useful to him. He will ensure their future, they will not have to worry. Since, they shown him the ultimate loyalty of singing praise. Even where there is little to praise about. Peace.