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Opinion: The whole machinery is behind Odinga [and he intends to continue where Kenyatta left-off]

After this weekend and how things are reflecting these days… the state and everyone in power seems to be directly for Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga. That is very evident now, as Deputy President William Ruto is getting the treatment that the CORD or NASA Co-Principals went through in the previous campaigns. That’s why his latest rally in Nairobi was tear-gassed, while Odinga could hold a rally without any interruptions.

Odinga is not only shielded and not getting the violent interruptions from the state agencies. He is today vouched for by over 30 governors. The ODM leader is now saying he will follow suit of Kenyatta and his legacy. This means his really just a continuation and an another part of the political elite. While promising pledges, which we know he will not keep.

If you believe these words are in defence or I am supporting Ruto. I hate to shatter all glass and say at this point I am not for either candidates. Odinga is just a washed-up elitist politician now. Who is running for himself and hopefully last time. As he has been a Presidential Contender for so long and now his not direct opposition, but the one who has the state behind him. That’s why his not feeling the blunt force or violence at his rallies.

Odinga is now going the Jubilee route and his enjoying it. He is gathering strength and support from all corners. That’s because his ushered in and everyone knows that he will not challenge the status quo. Unless, he will make it even better for the elite and their lifestyles. He will not bring in proper reform or revitalize the state. Not at this point no… the BBI showed the true reality and that’s what sort of man he is now.

I cannot see him being a vocal or a reformer now. That train has sailed, as he wants to continue the Kenyatta era. Therefore, his sort of stint will only ensure the elites more juice and selling empty promises to the naive. The state will be behind him and ensure he arrives safely.

Odinga will now enter office with no hurdle, as his been loyal and followed a peaceful vibe with Kenyatta for the last term. That is very clear, as Odinga will takeover a debt-ridden, overzealous patronage of a state and try to build within that. Well, I don’t see that coming easily. As he will finally enjoy the spoils of which he has waited for years.

He will only manufacture an ideal and promises, but not deliver anything substantial. Just like the Jubilee promised computers and fancy stadiums. The Jubilee promised a massive overhaul of the railways, but dropped a dumbfounded and expensive alteration creating the SGR Railway. While also adding debts with Eurobonds and whatnot… plus the additional amounts of scandals, which shows how the state has been a feeding frenzy for the appointees of the President.

Odinga, if he wants to follow him. Don’t expect greatness, but more humbling experiences… and lacking development, which will only become the expense of the future generations. As the next generation will repay the debt for the mediocre and average sucking government delivery. Peace.

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Opinion: Is Mudavadi even capable… No his not, but he believes so..

The Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi, the former NASA Co-Principal and part of One Kenya Alliance (OKA) is clearly launching his Presidential bid in 5 days. As the OKA coalition has sort of fielded Wiper Democratic Movement leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka as the flag-bearer.

That means that Mudavadi will run-off into the sun-set alone, as he wasn’t deemed fit in the OKA Technical Committee and would be seen as a VP or Deputy in the up-coming elections. This after Kalonzo was the VP/Deputy in previous election in 2017 during the NASA campaigns.

The VP with the shortest stint in the Kenyan history, as he was only in this role throughout November and December 2002… and was out of his duty on the 3rd January 2003. Later he was the Deputy Prime Minister from 2008 to 2013.

This man has tried to connect himself with big-shot all of his career, if it was Daniel Arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki and running early with Uhuru Kenyatta. Before trying to get nominated within the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). Before using his own party and platform in the 2017 elections. Therefore, after jumping between parties from early 2000s to the 2015 when he launched his own.

Now in 2022 he thinks he can run on his own. That is a long time coming, but it is a false start. This man needed the other big-men. Mudavadi doesn’t have the character or charisma to run on his own. Neither does he has the war-chest or the capacity to run a national campaign. Then he needs to behave and be running wild.

At this point of time, this man will run against Ruto and Odinga. Mudavadi is nowhere near any of these two. His just a joker and should try to position himself again. Right now the state is and authorities is backing Odinga. While tear-gas and opposition flavoured means are dropped towards Ruto. Therefore, where will Mudavadi go?

Mudavadi can walk alone, but I doubt he will carry it… his not the man who has the capacity or the ideals to sprint this far. He has a briefcase party and not a genuine popular support. Mudavadi needs a miracle of epic proportions to become a figure-head or an aspiring leader. The promise of Mudavadi is long gone.

He tried NASA and OKA, but places he haven’t achieved anything. Now that his planning a Presidential Launch, meaning his differing from OKA and will run alone. I doubt he has planned this with the rest of OKA and has an agreement with Kalonzo to launch his own Presidential campaign. That would be very strange, as OKA has said Kalonzo is their guy to some extent.

This means Mudavadi will be out and run on his own. It is a failing game, but the failure would be evident in OKA. Only he will do it all by himself and cannot blame others. Neither does he has the allies or parties to pin blame on. He just have to carry his weight and prove that he can last longer than two months on top.

Mudavadi will not win anything and he will be less relevant than OKA. That is really weak and not even funny. It will be brutal and he will be blasted or ignored. As he doesn’t even have support of other opposition leaders, which he needs…

He might think otherwise because of his ego and self esteem, but that doesn’t make it more true. Instead… his just looking more foolish and should settle somewhere else. Just so he can ensure an appointment in the next term. Peace.

Opinion: Will Kalonzo be the Molotov-cocktail that dismantle OKA?

We knew the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) was a fragile alliance or coalition. It is based on meal-ticket politicians who are forging their cards ahead of the up-coming election this year. This is the former CORD-NASA Co-Principals and additional Gideon Moi. These characters are well known and been in politics for so long.

These are familiar faces and they have been side-kicks for other Presidential Flagbearers and been viable for other parties in the past. They are now leaders of their own parties and wants to “kings” on their own. That’s why these are all huge egos and wants to finally succeed.

This is not only mattering Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka who has now become the front-runner and is technically ahead of the rest of the pack. The others are awaiting their place and who will deputize him. This being Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetangula or Gideon Moi. All of these are either left in the dark or not calculated in the joint tickets prepared right now.

It is not like these four gentlemen will have heavy campaign or be viable in a race together with Raila Odinga or William Ruto. They know they are the sidebar and the side-show to these two. OKA knows this and the whole Kenya knows that as well. This is why there is a no worries in concern to these gentlemen. Sooner or later they will find their home and settle outside OKA.

The OKA Technical Committee have maybe settled with Kalonzo as a Presidential Flag-Bearer, but he will maybe run alone on the OKA ticket. As we can wonder if Moi, Wetangula or Mudavadi feels betrayed or left behind. As the OKA today announced them as second fiddle or not at viable after all. That’s disappointing for them, but also humiliating. As we can expect all of them to be Presidential Flag-Bearers in their own rights, but not everyone sees that or thinks its feasible.

This might be the death-stroke and the slow-death of OKA as a unit. As the personal priorities and self-belief counters the shallow unity of this coalition. We knew these gentlemen are tired of being in the shadow of Baba or Odinga. They have run on a ticket with him and that gave them little to nothing for the two last elections.

Now, the OKA was a new unit from these misfits who hasn’t found a steady home. The OKA will dismantle… and don’t expect this coalition to live long. Unless, it will a mediocre outfit with only a few parties, as the ones left behind on the tickets will seek greener pastures. Because, these men aren’t in out of principals, but they are in it for advancement of their own career. They have been to long fishing for an office or a high ranking official position. That is what they are seeking now too.

Since, running as the Presidential Candidate in OKA is a futile enterprise. That will not deliver any hope or become a popular candidate over night. Neither has any of the leaders within the coalition ability to spread a message or galvanize voters across the Republic. They are already well known and shown their characters for the general public.

It is not like Moi or Wetangula can sprint to the finish line, neither like Mudavadi or Kalonzo can run a marathon. These people are just seeking the easiest way to prominence and hopefully a minister post in the next government. They are not able or have the parties to become real big-men. OKA Co-Principals needs a real leader and a viable one to cling-on too.

They wish they were better or had another amount of support. Their egos cannot manage the reality and it shows. I am awaiting the final blow and last presser of OKA. That is coming sooner or later. As Kalonzo might have unravelled the truth, which none of them really wanted to reveal. Therefore, the demise of OKA is because of egos and fragile leaders who doesn’t know their true place or ability. Peace.

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