Uganda: Measels Outbreak alert in Kamwenge and Kamuli District (08.08.2016)

Measels Outbreak Uganda 08082016 P1Measels Outbreak Uganda 08082016 P2

Kamwenge RDC survives attack in Kasese (Youtube-Clip)

“A man wielding a machete in Kasese attempted to attack the Kamwenge Deputy Resi-dent District Commissioner, Aminadab Muhindo, but was shot in the leg by Muhindo’s bodyguard. The incident that occurred last evening, comes in the wake of clashes be-tween the locals and the police over the outcome of the recent LC III election” (NTV Uganda, 2016).

The EC: Appointment of Date for Polling Constituencies where Elections were Suspended (23.02.2016)

EC Postponed Elections

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