Besigye was the “Man About Town” in Kampala, today!

Kasangati 12.04.2016

This morning the Regional Police Commander Wesley Nganyizi came to Kasangati home of Dr. Kizza Besigye, not only for pleasant conversation about how the route to FDC Headquarter in Najjankumbi would be to the ‘Free My Vote’ Prayer. As we could see he was finally a bit active in town, allowed to be at FDC Headquarters and also to the bank. Wonder what next sightseeing for Kizza Besigye is as he was allowed to do party work and also take-out money from the Crane Bank.

12.04.2016 Kampala P1

He came also to inform Besigye about this:

“The police are running out of funds for abusing the rights of Besigye. The operation has become too costly and exhaustion has caught up with the force”.

12.04.2016 Kampala P2 Crane Bank

After the Prayers Besigye needed to take out money and went to the Crane Bank, as the FDC leader who had a Police Convoy from Kasangati to Najjankumbi, the same Police Convoy has followed him to the bank. The Police even sealed of the Crane Bank and the Kampala Road, while also chasing away people from the Bank because Besigye was there.

As he went there on the Kampala chaos started to occurs as the cars and the bank is sealed off while his car is monitored. The pictures show how much fuzz it creates with a Police Convoy around the Besigye in the central Kampala.

12.04.2016 Kampala P3

They really fear that the crowds will attach to him and his presence outside his home. Therefore the convoy even had boda-boda in civil that drove around with pepper-spray so that they will back-off from the convoy of Besigye. Peace.  

Uganda House Catches Fire (Youtube-Clip)

“Nobody was injured however the cause of the fire is unknown” (…) “UPC Head Office Caught Fire earlier in the day.The cause of the fire is still unknown. The police was able to put out the fire and nobody was hurt” (NBS TV, 2016).

One report on the matter:

“Police’s Fire Brigade this afternoon rushed to the old Uganda House along Kampala Road and put out a fire that has for moments paralyzed business there. The fire which gutted the building that houses opposition Uganda People’s Congress head offices broke out at around 3:00pm starting from the basement. Eyewitnesses told reporters that fire might have been caused by a transformer short circuit. Police was yet point out the exact cause of the fire. The Milton Obote Foundation which is in charge of managing the rundown structure has severally been accused of failing to maintain it. By publication time, normalcy had been restored and business was resuming”.

Uganda Police Force: We are not aware of Mbabazi rally in Nakivubo (Youtube Clip)

Little knowlegde that the UPF has…

So please mr AIGP Abas Byakagaba please tell your lie a little bigger next time and you migh use for a constituional law, Nah! they are from 1995 and are so OLD! Instead you continue to use the Anti-Besigye Act aka POMA against Amama Mbabazi, because the NRM can do what they please, but the rest of the politicial parties has to beg for mercy! Step your game up and where is IGP Kale Kayihura hidden for the moment? Surely, enjoying and spending time at Kololo with HIS NRM! Peace.