Adm72/01 Press Statement: Release of the Revised Roadmap for 2015-2016 General Election (01.04. 2015. The Electioral Commission of Uganda)




Dear fellow Country Men and Women, happy New Year.

2014 was at all not an easy journey to travel. The climb was steep but we climbed to the top, the journey was long but we managed to get to our destination, the task seemed mountainous but we got to the peak. As NAU we can only say that was the end of the start.

National Association of the unemployed would like to take this opportunity to salute all of you, fellow Ugandans especially those who braved all the bad conditions prevailing in our country in form of unemployment and all its associated economic resultants, intransigence of government, arbitrary arrests of activists, brutality in the hands of the state to mention but a few.

In a special way NAU takes this opportunity to mention that we stand by and will continue to stand with our brothers and sisters from Kisekka market who were recently rendered unemployed by the actions and policies of the NRM regime. We will support you in any way we can and in all actions you chose to undertake to defend your rights.  We want to tell you, that the demolition of this market was not driven by development need but the need by the regime to disperse these organised pro-democracy comrades who worked there. These hasty actions were not out of the need that you become better rather that you are isolated- dividing your effort is the point here. These are actions of a regime that is afraid of the citizens.

We take this opportunity to inform the world about the NAU nationwide rallies that will commence on 22nd Jan 2015. NAU registration was very successful and the achievements were way above our own expectation despite the brutal response from police. We know they wanted us to fail but they instead failed because we achieved. And we want to congratulate all the gallant members of NAU who refused to be intimidated and got registered both manually and online.

We want to disappoint this manuscript minded members of this government who thought by arresting our enumerators was to stop the registration and therefore cause the death of NAU. Our message to you is that this is the twenty first century. The online registration is still going on and in big numbers.

As the online registration is going on, the rallies that are intended to explain to Ugandans our side of the story. It must be noted that government propagandist tried in vain to link NAU to all illegal activities including armed rebellion intentionally ignoring the issues we raised in our concept paper. We left them to finish their side of the story and now we want to also explain our side of the story so that the common man can be able to judge who was truthful.

The other reason why we opt to begin public rallies is because government failure to give an ear to the documented suggestions we made as NAU. We therefore want to take this same issues to the common man so that we seek a possibility where these issues can be turned into a campaign issue and we intend to make it extremely risky for any candidate to simply ignore them. This should comfort NRM that NAU doesn’t exclusively target them but wants ears of all those who can be of help to the condition that has befallen the youth of this country. The NRM regime only finds itself in the firing line because they are in government and are duty bound to handle such issues.

In conclusion, we want to request every Ugandan to put making Uganda a country where we all feel part of as one of their New Year’s resolution. These 12 months are another opportunity God has given you to be recorded by history as part of those who stood firm in the face of extreme threat to make your country better.

You must get tired of government policies which perpetuate unemployment, you must get tired of anti-people KCCA actions, you must get tired of sectarianism, you must get tired of impunity, you must get tired of corruption, and you must get real tired and make your anger known to the appropriate authorities. We are aware that many may fear to engage now for fear of ruthless response by government. But I tell you if your only fear is that you may be shoot dead, poisoned to death or killed by any way. You must remember that the cost of inaction is always higher than that of action.

For my Baganda brothers and sisters, the proverb that “ekilya atabaala kyekilya nasigadde ewaka.” Must be always in your heads.

God Bless you,

For God and My Country

Contact; 0705856562 and 0701756756

KCCA Press Release: Accident at City Hall 19th November 2014

There was an accident yesterday 18th November 2014 at City Hall involving one of the KCCA vehicles in which a child was knocked.
The mother of the deceased had been arrested and taken to CPS on the 17th November 2014. She was under Police custody and had been brought to Court for charging at the City Hall Court.

Two relatives of the detained lady her mother and another person came with her baby to see her at the court.
In the course of their stay, the baby strayed away and went down the slope in the parking lot behind KCCA HQs which has mature foliage forming the gardens.
A driver drove in and after dropping off staff reversed out of the parking and accidentally ran over the child, who just emerged from the foliage.
KCCA rushed the child to Mulago but unfortunately passed away due to the injuries.
Police was immediately informed and is carrying out further investigations.
This is a very sad and an unfortunate incident. We are working with the bereaved family on funeral arrangements.


4 Letters: (20.Oct NRM – M7, 01.Oct – KCCA, 10.09.11 – UGAWU and 11.11.86 – UG Statehouse).


If this wasn’t juicy enough for you! I got one more letter for you!


A third one which is old from statehouse, but worth a look:

UG - AGU 2011

The way I see it. They haven’t done scrap about this one from 2011. Nothing will happen.

A 4th is from Statehouse in 1986:

Statehouse UG

All of this has to spark some interest for you. If not, I don’t know what will tingle your mind.

Never the less. Peace.

Uganda – Civil Service Payment issues again(!!)

Well, I am back at it again. Since this civil service payments isn’t going after schedule or planning. Therefore innocent and humble, working hard people isn’t getting their decent salaries on time. Which is by all standards is a shame; we have heard all kind of excuses by the leaders and gents of the Government. The Government which is entailed to pay its employees for it services. And after the saga of the magnificent payments structure in the Statehouse and the people around the President Museveni, we should have seen another picture. But it just seems to show how much it matters and why they can make it so slow for decent folks. Here is the latest on the issue:

Promise Civil Service pay by the end of September:

Muhakanizi comments on recent delayed civil service salaries: “releasing funds and budgeting well”, also have issues with “planning” and their inefficiency with following “procurement guidelines”. Muhakanizi continues: “Was finance releasing funds and budgeting well? The answer is no. And why was the release of funds poor?” (…)”We [finance] were releasing funds every month, but no one can budget basing on one month, it’s unacceptable and it was wrong”. He promised that the pay will now be cleared by “end of September”. Muhakanizi follows it up: “Teachers must teach people must get their titles from the [ministry of] Lands, the Judiciary must deliver justice in a timely manner” (…)”Those people who always ask for supplementary [funds] know themselves, but I refused to cut development expenditures for consumption purposes and if anyone does it, it must be rejected “(Walusimbi, 2014).

By the same statement to New Vision Muhanizi said: “If salary arrears are not paid by September, then call me a liar” (Mulundo, 2014)

Joseph Ssewungu the Kalungu West MP says to all this: “ want to tell Keith [Muhakanizi] that you will not pay teachers by September because you promised before, to send payment vouchers to all districts on top of clearing all the salary arrears by June, but up to now, nothing has been done. But you can promise for the sake of making us happy” (Walusimbi, 2014).

Important Pay scales for civil service employees like teachers:

Senior School Principal: 1,687,000Ush.

Education Assistant Grade III: 230,000Ush.

By now this has just gotten 25% increase.

At Makerere University:

Lecture: 1,600,00Ush.

Professors: 700,000Ush per month.

(Ssemogerere, 2014)

Henry Banyenzaki Rubanda West MP is worried because when in Kabale District where 8000 pupils went up for PLE (Primary Level Examination) last year alone, and then only 412 passed this level (Editorial Monitor, 2014).

Uganda National Teachers Union (UNTU) has denounced Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). This happens because the default failing on the salaries up to 30%. Schools on the secondary level are also feeling like a side project (KFM, 2014).

Uganda – Outtakes from Budget Speech 2014/2015 – Teachers’ salaries:  

“Priorities to be implemented include the enhancement of Teachers’ salaries, with emphasis on Primary School Teachers. Shs 215bn has been allocated for this purpose. I have also provided Shs. 5 billion towards supporting Teachers’ SACCOs, in addition to the Shs. 2.5 billion provided during this year”.

That’s all I got on the matter today!



Editorial – ‘Govt should fulfill teachers’ manifesto’ (25.07.2014) Link:–manifesto/-/689360/2396382/-/6lba5u/-/index.html

Mulondo, Moses – ‘The Secretary to the treasury Keith Muhakanizi has promised that all salary arrears for civil servants will be paid by September’ (24.07.2014) Link:

KFM – ‘Science teachers attack KCCA over pay’ (23.07.2014) Link:

Ssemogerere, Karoli – ‘There has to be a way of sorting out teachers pay issue’ (24.07.2014) Link:

Walusimbi, Deo – ‘Uganda: Muhakanizi Explains Poor Govt Services’ (27.07.2014) Link: