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Reports from the last Campaign Trail of the FDC in Nakawa Division, Kampala; As the Police block the enterance of Kyambogo for Boda-Boda’s and more!

Kyambogo 16.02.2016

On hearing that Kizza Besigye is to hold his first rally at Kyambogo university play ground in Kakawa Division -Kampala today, all gets leading in side the university have been closed. No boda Boda is allowed to enter the university premises, Nobody is allowed to enter without an identification. When i asked the police man manning the gate he said that the OC in charge of police at the university has instructed him not to allow any politician to enter. Yesterday Dr. Kizza Besigye was denied access to Makerere university where he was expected to address thousands of students .

Ntinda to Kyambogo 16.02.2016

The Police has also been stationed at the Kisaasi Round-about to locate the public who want to attend the FDC Convoy and Dr. Kizza Besigye rally at Kyambogo! On their way from Ntinda – through Kabaka Road to Kyambogo, Besigye‘s Mobile crowd has been moving for close to 30 minutes and still counting from one spot. Some are using Kaduuyu road via Foxwoods.

Other reports is that People are rejecting to join in the rallies of the President Museveni in Kololo as they don’t want to be a part of the actions there. As many waits for the rallies of Dr. Kizza Besigye in other parts of the City.

Old Taxi Park 16.02.2016

Also there been huge running numbers of people has been seen around the Old Taxi Park in Central Kampala as they try to hike taxis and buses to the villages up-country; as the history repeats itself! Peace.

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