A look into NRM SG Todwong’s pity party [a response to his ODM letter]

I write to draw your attention and those of your ilk to the individual and collective comments you made against the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party, the sovereign Government of the Republic of Uganda and above all, the personal disrespect and insults you accorded His Excellency General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda and the entire Country” (Todwong, 06.08.2021).

The Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Richard Todwong has written a critical letter in response to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) press conference earlier this week. Which happened because the Deputy President William Ruto was blocked to leave Wilson Airport to Uganda. Therefore, the letter dated the 6th August 2021 is interesting, but also a lot of self-pity.

The SG of NRM has to write this way and be defensive. Because the ODM obliterated the NRM and that hurts the pride of the party naturally. Also, the remarks about Museveni must have been seen as damaging. Though all the words was in my opinion on point, but the ones living and breathing NRM will feel infuriated, because their gig is up.

It is just like magic like statement like these: “Dear Honourable Member, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party that you referred to in your hurriedly-released press conference started in the early 1960s as a student movement. This was when its founder-chairman H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, whom you insulted, realized that the post-colonial administrative structures/systems we inherited could not solve the major social, economic and political questions of Uganda” (Todwong, 06.08.2021).

Because the National Resistance Army started in 1981 after the elections that year. Before that he had a short stint with the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM). Even before that Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) was emerging in 1971 but fully formed in 1973 and lasted until 1979. When he became the Vice Chairman in the Military Council until the 1980 election. The earliest group formed by Museveni was the University Students’ African Revolutionary Front (USARF) which was a political student group. Therefore, if Todwong is saying this… just like his master… than the origin of NRM traces back to University days and there is no trace of NRM there. Only that the personification of the state was the Chairman like he is today of the NRM. Since the university he has had several of outfits, but they are bursting in comparison to the NRM we know today. If it was early 1960s it must have been at Nkore school. Todwong, I would also say 67 is late 60s and not early by ordinary definition.

Todwong continues: “The State had virtually collapsed and there was nothing to talk or write about Uganda in economic terms. The NRM and President Museveni picked this country from zero and embarked on systematic rebuilding and restructuring it by restoring social order and discipline among the populations through promoting peace, stability, rule of law and democracy” (Todwong, 06.08.2021).

Just like his questionable facts or narrow fiction of the tale of NRM. He continues as he states certain things the NRM and the fellow Movement people are telling each other. However, it is with margins of error. Yes, the state was a wreck when Museveni took over in 1986. That’s because the previous leaders didn’t have stability or the core government had been in warfare for years. There was no way Museveni could do worse and he got help from donors to stabilize the economy for some time and also institutionalize things for a time being. However, with time these things has withered and the NRM cannot accept that the personification is corrupting and weakening the state.

Not like the current financial or economic status is to seek for. The underdeveloped, the lack of domestic revenue and evil cycle of recycling debt to pay for a over-bloated and expensive state organization. Which features more nepotism and lack or merits. While the state isn’t creating a sound investments or even generating policies that can be sustained or outgrow the potential of the state. Therefore, the core basics are wrong.

Last point, about the democracy in Uganda is hallow at best. There are “multi-party” democracy but only on paper in some regards. They are only there to show the world they have it. However, the NRM hold the control and the majority, by gerrymandering and controlling all the needed institutions to do so. It is not like Museveni or the NRM would make a peaceful transition to another party. No, they are rigging election, interfering and using the military to settle civilian scores. If not the military is fixing the problems, because that is what H.E. trusts and Todwong knows this.

Another very obvious lie is this one: “The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party does not and will never interfere with the internal affairs of any country” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). The SG must think people are blind and forgotten things quickly. The NRM and Museveni has entangled himself all across the East Africa and Central Africa. He has toppled the two Presidents in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There been questions if he was involved in the helicopter crashes of Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana and Dr. Joseph Garang of SPLM/A of South Sudan. The NRM was also supporting the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and helped them in the takeover as allies in Rwanda in 1994. Therefore, the NRM and Museveni has done lots of foreign interference and it cannot just shaded over this easily.

Todwong continues: “The NRM party is strong and has led Uganda for the last 35 consecutive years because peace, security and human rights are our major pillars” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). We know that they have Safe-Houses, civilians in Military Courts, extra judicial-killings and keeping political prisoners. The army and authorities are allowed to kidnap and detain people without any court or warrants. The state can also suddenly block and silence critics. The state can issue warnings and suddenly use soldiers to quell demonstrations and protests without any hesitation. Therefore, the NRM and the government of Uganda doesn’t have a stellar human rights record and this is just skimming track-record that nobody should want to copy.

He further states: “Our President whom you insulted is massively elected by the population every time we go for general elections. Your statement is an insult to the sovereignty and integrity of Ugandans who always elect their leaders as mentioned above” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). Well, the rigged elections can make anyone a victor. There haven’t been parades and giant celebrations of the general public after his “victories” of late. The pre-ticked ballots and results of the Presidential Elections has been questioned, as the algorithms and stats is non-equated Math. Which only pre-fixed for the result of making Museveni the winner. If the NRM and Museveni is insulted by stating this. Maybe they should actually hold “free and fair” elections… and not just rig them like they are currently doing.

Another one of these comes here: “Uganda’s record on fighting graft is laudable, we have a well-functional institutional anti-corruption mechanism that has drastically reduced corruption at all levels of government” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). The SG must have forgotten the Presidential Handshake saga and all the other corruption scandals. All the tenders, Dott Services and whatnot who has appeared in-front of us over the years. Not to forget the Ugandan Proverb “Missing Funds” which is an implied corruption scandal. Where ghosts, demeans and inner-circle are eating of the plate with no results to show for it. Plus the additional road-costs which is vastly overpriced because of the set-up corruption schemes needed to procure, work and get the ability to construct the kilo-meters of gravel.

We know his just reckless and doesn’t care about the truth when one of his statements is: “I won’t dwell so much on poverty” (Todwong, 06.08.2021). It just shows how little they are bothered, because they know they cannot prove advancement or any justification after all these years. They have been helped, aided and had United Nations Organizations to cover their bases all along. Therefore, the NRM haven’t found proper measures or policies to create livelihoods or an economy where the majority can prosper. Because, that sort of work would not suffice or make it possible for the President and his elite to live lavish. This is why he will not dwell on it… and it shows the true character here.

In this regard… this is enough of this letter and SG Todwong should be able to be a truth-teller, but then would risk offending the Don and the ones who is blessing him on the regular. That is why he had to write like this and this doesn’t make it a fact. This is why someone had to debunk it and Todwong shouldn’t get of the hook. The NRM and Museveni cannot revise or edit history. Still, they try but people shouldn’t let them. Peace.

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I wonder if President Kenyatta feel he is entitled and that it is beneath him to have a debate with Odinga?

You can wonder and get amazed, he did the same trick President Museveni did in the General Election 2016, and he did not show up at the live TV debate between the Presidential Candidates. Just like in Uganda, his arch nemesis showed up and that was the NASA candidate Raila Odinga. Not that all the other candidates showed up either, but it was only one-half of the main candidates. That the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta of the Jubilee could not show is amazing. Especially, since there were reports that he ditched the planned rallies on the same day.

At this point, it does not matter what Odinga said yesterday at the Debate, he at least showed up on Primetime TV spot and showed himself for the republic and the incumbent could not care less about the arranged debate. What is so dangerous about it Kenyatta? Is it terrible to ask questions about your achievement in office?

It seems so, since you could not spare the time or the effort to show up to the debate. Only one that was on live TV and on most of the channels. I would have loved to discuss the difference in style and in chose of words to the different questions between Odinga and Kenyatta. However, I cannot do that, since it was one party there and the other left behind.

So at this point, it is mere enough for the support and the courage of Odinga, just to be there and take the questions from journalists and the audience, something the President was to big to do or something like that.

His State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu wrote this today: “Today, His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta will commence an intense 12-day tour of Kenya, to meet fellow citizens from all walks of life, in all regions of the country. His last campaign events will be in the capital Nairobi on August 6 – 48 hours before the August 8 elections. This will be the second round of an all counties campaign where the President will take his message to Kenyans. Only this Sunday he completed a 14-counties blitz covered in seven days in which he put his call for unity and peace at the heart of his campaign agenda. These meet-the-people visits will see the President traverse 30 counties, making stops at more than 200 campaign stops. His Excellency the Deputy President, the Honourable William Ruto, will be visiting dozens of counties as well, making another 200 campaign stops. The President is going directly to the people to demonstrate what the August election is about – himself as someone who is fighting to deliver benefits, success and prosperity to the people versus an opposition challenger who is only after power for himself” (President.co.ke – ‘Spokesperson’s statement’ 25.07.2017).

It is okay, that the President campaigns and travels to every corner of Kenya, that he visit every single county and even every major town of the Republic. Nevertheless, why do he not have the time for a scheduled TV-Debate? Is that too much to ask and anticipate of the President? That the people all through the nation can watch and discuss the differences between him and Odinga?

Let me end on a side-note, but still a viable one. Does President Kenyatta, feel entitled to be the President and therefore a debate about his position and character is beneath him? That is how it can seem like, to not only me, but also many others.

Therefore, we are at this junction and so near the end of the campaigns and race for 8th August polls, there have been significant difference between the NASA and Jubilee from the get-go. In addition, with the time, it is more evident, than ever before. This race will be tight and prognoses seems to be for NASA in many aspects, but hard to grasp yet. There are enough days to see the wind of change. Nevertheless, this is something that is hard to anticipate.

What we can ask ourselves after yesterday’s acts of the President Kenyatta, does he feel entitled to rule and be Executive, or is it just mere arrogance towards Odinga. Peace.

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Jubilee government are afraid for the Post-Election since they prepare for massive demonstrations!

There is something rare about election and preparations to them. The decisions made in the days, months before really sends signals to what is important, and what is needed for the safety of the Republic. Now, it’s revealed, that it was not just whistling out of his mouth, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Joseph Boinnet, did yesterday. He and his organization, the security operations of the Police has purchased and prepared itself for massive demonstrations. As if they are prepared for an uprising, since the results might differ to the actual voting. Which in some regions should be in favor of NASA instead of Jubilee. However, alas, that is why the IGP have been busy with the Minister of Interior to get new merchandise and make ready for mayhem. The Police who are there to serve and protect, do not trust the citizen they are working for! Therefore, they have ordered dozens of new Armored Vehicles from South Korea, tons of tear-gas and other equipment to make sure the citizens stay behind closed doors and behave. Just look!

At least a dozen new South Korean made riot control vehicles arrived in Nairobi at the weekend, increasing to more than 30, the number of water canons for police use to quell chaos. The fleet of new armoured vehicles with advanced features is in addition to a new consignment of anti-riot gear including teargas canisters, batons, anti-riot wear and guns that have come through the port of Mombasa. Security sources explained the new anti-riot gear has been distributed to various parts of the country in the past month alone as authorities prepare to secure elections and deal with violence should it break out” (Ombati, 2017).

“The vehicle, according to the manufacturer’s website, has capacity to mix the chemical from the cabin while water gun shooting. It has a nozzle of shooting distance of minimum of 25 metres and maximum 70 metres with an elevation of 90 degrees and rotation of 320 degrees. Each of the new trucks has two water cannons on top of the cabin. It also has a fully automated and centralised control system, a cabin protector and can carry seven crew at a time” (Ombati, 2017).

“Tonnes of tear gas canisters are also among resources that have been mobilised and sent to various places ahead of the polls” (Ombati, 2017).

It seems like the Jubilee government are afraid, they are nervous of the aftermath of the election. They seem to be on edge and wondering how it will go, since they have to threaten, spread fear and buy all of this expensive equipment to silence possible demonstrators. They do not trust the public and their will, when they are super prepared for violence, even when there is no reason to be alarmed. It is supposed to be peaceful elections, right?

It is right that the opposition has hold dozens of demonstrations against the Electoral Body of the Republic and the amendments concerning legislation towards the election. Not that the Jubilee did give much way, only the needed steps to stop the leadership from making their supports continue to rally. Still, the attempt of distrust and disengage the public. Seems very obvious, since instead of being in dialogue with the local leadership at the possible hot-spots. They are coming with tear-gas and anti-riot gear. Not talking, but planning to suppress the distrust from the public towards the Central Government. That is what the planned effort looks like. Not like Jubilee took time to talk and engage, but rather bought expensive riot-gear from South Korea. Like that going to solve the possible problem, if it there and known about.

The only thing it will do, it will quell the demonstrations and possible aftermath of the election, but the wounds are still there. This is not patching up the hurt. Instead, it is spreading fire, with more fire and hope it stop it. It could work, but what cost? When the left behind is burned land and no seedlings of hope for the future.

Shouldn’t the government have worked for a better solution and also had more faith in their citizens than expecting violence and demonstration, that is if the government and electoral bodies we’re prepared for a free and fair election, and not a rigged one. Time will tell, time will only tell. Nevertheless, these signs of possible oppression from the National Police Service does not give me green light. More of the red light and concern of the outcome. Since the Police and the authorities already prepare to use massive force against civilians. Peace.


Ombati, Cyrus – ‘More tear gas, guns arrive to deal with mass protests after August elections’ (17.07.2017) link: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001247838/more-tear-gas-guns-arrive-to-deal-with-mass-protests-after-august-elections

IGP Boinnet and the CA spreads fear before the polls in Kenya!

Again, as before the authorities and ruling regime in Kenya are ready to spread fear in the two months ahead of the polls on 8th August 2017. Clearly, the Jubilee administration and their caretakers are afraid of the public will or their own justice. Since they have to go out from both the National Police Service and from the Communication Authority. Seemingly, this instead of talking with the people and engaging them in their communities. That they are both saying the citizens are the reason for causing violence and chaos, also their acts on social media. Surely, this shows how little tolerance it is for the ones outside the parameter of the government. Both Boinett and Daima doesn’t trust their own citizens, which they are supposed to represent. Just take a look!

The Police Warning the Public:

Inspector-General Joseph Boinnet on Monday said police would have to use “slightly more force than that used by violence perpetrators” if chaos breaks out.“If violence occurs, then we have to stop it and it means we will use slightly more force than that used by those causing violence,” he told a meeting on election preparedness at a Nairobi hotel” (Misiko & Moseti, 2017).

Social Media Warning:

CA has called on Kenyans not to misuse the internet and social media especially during this campaign period. While addressing the media after KEPSA- Mkenya Daima morning meeting, CA chair said CA would not shutdown the internet on 8/8 unless Kenyans pushed them to do so” (Nation.co.ke, 2017).

We can see that the state and the authorities doesn’t respect their citizens with this sort of acts. It is already proven, that the Kenyan government have bought more Anti-Riot Gear ahead of the polls for possible demonstrations against the post-election. It seems like the Jubilee government fears the public and the citizens. Since they have to go with stern warnings and intimidation, instead of trying to up-ease the public in the days ahead of the polls.

If they didn’t fear and didn’t distrust the public, they wouldn’t have released these statements and warnings. Instead of trying ease the public and saying we will be there for you. They say we come with stronger force and we might shut-down the internet. Seems, like the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have learned from the General Election in 2016. Where both things happen and the Police together with the army was all-out during the days of the election. Even the VPN s came up so people could use social-media and be online. So the Kenyans should download VPN now and be prepared in-case of the actions of the CA.

But we have seen how the police acted towards the Anti-IEBC demonstrations that the CORD coalition was involved in during the 2016. The police brutality was vicious and harsh. There was no mercy to the citizens fearing the problems and loopholes that the Electoral Body had. Also, after the famous Chickengate. Therefore, when it is so soon the polls of the General Elections in Kenya. This sort of words and warnings isn’t creating a better environment, but they are showing arrogance and fear for uprisings. They have no problem silencing the voices of the people. They are not trusting them and therefore sending warnings.

It is time for one thing, that the authorities engage the public and put some trust in them. Since the authorities are serving them and are there for them. They are not their for the President, but for all the people in the Republic. Peace.


Misiko, Harry & Moseti, Brian – ‘Police issue chilling warning on poll chaos’ (17.07.2017) link: http://www.nation.co.ke/news/Joseph-Boinnet-issues-chilling-warning-to-violence-perpetrators/1056-4018244-14icqavz/index.html

Nation.co.ke – ‘Use social media responsibly or we will shut the internet down – Communications Authority of Kenya’ (17.07.2017) link: http://www.nation.co.ke/video/1951480-4018236-ai5hxh/index.html

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