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Cameroon: SCAWOL – Condemnation of the Recent Killings by French Cameroon Military in Ngarbu village – Ndonga Mantung County, Southern Cameroons (22.02.2020)

UN Officials call for enhanced protection of civillians facing escalating violence in Cameroon (21.02.2020)

Cameroon: Social Democratic Front (SDF) – Press Release – Communique de Presse (17.02.2020)

Cameroon: Ministere de la Defense – Communique Radio Presse (17.02.2020)

Cameroon: The CRM Political Party Condems recent Massacres in the Ndonga-Mantung and the Bui Subdivisions of the Northwest Region (16.02.2020)

Cameroon: A bloody valentine in Ngarbuh village

There are no words to express this, that would be sincere or honest. I struggle even to type it. As the innocent civilians was slaughtered on the 14th February in Ngarbuh village, Donga Mantung Divison in the North-West region of Cameroon.

The reports are that there was made two mass graves containing 32 citizens from all walks of life. From toddlers to elders. The houses was burned and the remains left in these graves. The pictures and video clips of the events are horrific enough. Just the idea that soldiers are doing this its own is horrifying. They also destroyed the properties of the people there and killed their livestock. That is surely a mass killing and a genocidal affair, when the state forces does this to its own.

The worst thing about this is the silence. The lack of support. This is the dead where it doesn’t count. The French, the British and who else who are supporting the regime is glancing over this fact. Shunning the ideals and these atrocities against man-kind. Done on the orders from high-above. The President and his men. This is all their making.

Their deaths are the blood on their hands, the violence and mass killings, which transpired on Valentine. Is another St. Valentine’s Massacre, this time it wasn’t Al Capone in Chicago, but Paul Biya in Cameroon. Ordering the death of civilians in the North-West Region of his republic.

There is no words to describe this sort of affair properly, only that its sinister and evil. This is act of despicable men, who lack heart and soul. Who will carry these souls with them and have to answer for it, in their after-life. Because, these lives will be answered by the Gods, if they are not answered by the men whose alive.

It was a bloody Valentine and it shall be remembered. The massacre of Ngarbuh village on the 14th February 2020. When Biya’s government forces killed, buried and burned the village. Peace.

Cameroon: Expect all the President’s Men to get elected

The double elections happening the Republic of Cameroon. Could only be described as a sham. As the civil war in the South-West and North-West Regions or the Anglophone region. This here is just a validating exercise for the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM) and President Paul Biya to look proper, while their actions elsewhere is open looting, self-destruction and killing citizens.

That is why there are several of things that is wrong. The anglophone regions will have low turnout out of fear from the secessionist, but most likely also because of the strong presence of armed forces in and around the polling stations. The CPDM isn’t winning this way, instead they are just forcing themselves on the public.

They can call this an election, but with the boycott of Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC) and former Presidential Candidate Maurice Kamto. All, shows how this election is made for the CPDM. Just like the state have also falsely accused the Social Democratic Front (SDF) of boycott and manipulating their supporters. However, that is not true.

Therefore, in this regard. Biya and his loyal cadres are only winning on fake premises. If they will salute this and call this a victory. They will stuff the ballot-boxes and surely rig these election into an art-form. That’s why in some polling stations soldiers are directed to vote and in some divisions, the civil servants are ordered to vote. That’s why don’t expect any fair result, but an act of fraud called a manifestation of democracy. When really very little about is democratic nor free.

Biya might bash in glory, while parts of his Republic is burning on his orders. His folks might cheer into this enterprise and be poetic about it. His people will be “elected” and get into office, but don’t expect it to by a legitimate affair. As the polls will lack the popular support.

However, that doesn’t change the pattern, the execution and the real travesty this all is. The innocent are dying, while the President is living like a glorified monarch. Peace.

Cameroon: South West Region – Ndian Division – Mundemba – The Senior Divisional Officer Forndian – Subject: Effective presence at post (05.02.2020)

Cameroon: Social Democratic Front (SDF) – Communique de Presse (07.02.2020)

Cameroon: North-West Region – Governor’s Office – Communique No. 004 – No Lock-Down No Ghost Town in the North West Region (03.02.2020)

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