Uganda Decides: 17 Ministers that have lost their MP race [Bonus: The VP too!]

Today on the 15th January 2021 there is official results that several of the Cabinet Ministers and even the Vice-President is kicked out of the Parliament. These folks are not following the President and his “victory lap”, which is announced by the Electoral Commission.

The President is losing token loyalists and cadres who is in favour for him. The public have rebuked them. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni doesn’t get their loyal people. Also, the ones who fled from the opposition into juicy plum-jobs in cabinet. These has also lost too, which is so poetic in 2021.

Lost MP Race who is in Cabinet:

Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi

Amelia Kyambadde

Judith Nabakooba

John Chrysestom Muyingo

Atwooki Baltaza Kasirivu

Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye

Beti Kamya

Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi

Sseninde Rose Mary

Ruth Nankabirwa

Isaac Musumba

Ronald Kibuule

Haruna Kasolo

Beatrice Anywar

Denise Galabuzi Ssozi

Saida Bumba

Bamulangaki Ssempijja

The poetic justice is that Bety Kamya, Florence Kiyingi and Beatrice Anywar. These three has jumped ship from the opposition and into cabinet. Kamya and Kiyingi couldn’t even win the election in 2016. These was bought by the President and they were his treasures in the previous term. That he could give them an appointment and then use them. The people despised them and has rebuked them.

It is really great that a giant part of the growing cabinet of Museveni got cancelled. However, with the knowledge of Museveni. He will appoint some of these even when they are not elected. The same happened to Kahinda Otafiire last time. He won yesterday because gerrymandering. Nevertheless, expect the likes of Tumwesigye, Kyambadde and Kasolo. These three is automatic back to office. Even if they are not in the 11th Parliament. They would be appointed somewhere. Even into some Presidential Advisor position or something. That is who the President does it.

It is what it is. But this is a proof that people are tired of the NRM and Musevenism. Peace.

Foreign Corrospondents’ Association of Uganda (FCAU) letter to Minister Judith Nabakooba – Re: Threats and Attacks on International Journalists (16.11.2020)

Opinion: Hon. Nabakooba should warn her boss…

What more can I say to you? You heard it all”Jay Z – ‘What More Can I Say’ (2003)

Sometimes it is the wrong people that is warned. Especially ahead of elections. It is like the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and their Ministers are forgetting who their boss is and how he handles things. The guy that call people parasites, bean-weevils and insects. That is not a proper language of a statesmen and neither a Head of State. However, that is the wordings that the President uses about people.

That is why I find it interesting ahead of the campaigns starting in November 2020. That the Minister Nabakooba says this in a statement without referencing to whom or what. Except, that everyone should do it in a proper manner.

Political Campaigns should not be a time for candidates to use a language against each other. Candidates are warned against defaming each others, telling falsehoods against each other, inciting public disorder, inciting hatred or violence. I therefore call upon candidates to conduct their campaigns in manner that respects our diversity in culture and political difference” (Judith Nabakooba – Press Statement on the 25th October 2020).

As times goes by, it is very funny that the Minister dropped that Statement today. When the President was very vocal and using vile means to address the opposition mere 48 hours before. That she can do this without mentioning or addressing him. Says, that everyone else shall uphold to a higher standard, but the President. The President can do and act however he feels. While the rest should be careful what they say.

I have never seen them opposing money collected from these projects. They oppose other things but not money. They get their salaries. Government has a plan to bring some money to people here and they are fighting it. That they are fighting NRM! Their reasoning is that if there is no progress after some years NRM will be blamed. Whatever plan for the people that the NRM brings, they must fight it. They are like witches who don’t want to see a healthy baby grow” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Thursday 22nd October 2020).

When he says the Opposition are witches, because they are fighting the NRM. There are reason for why they are opposition. Because, they don’t want investment or development projects, if there is a lack of transparency. Where the might lack public transparency and proof of ownership. How much is going back to the state? Who owns what? Where does the state funds go to ensure the supposed “development”?

That is the sort of thing the President doesn’t want to have questioned. This is why he vilify them… calls them witches. For the one simple reason: He doesn’t want to be open and transparent about the deals done within his State House. Neither, really explain or give any ideas to the contracts being made in these development project. That is why its easier to make the opposition the evil enterprise. Than, actually governing properly, which isn’t his sort of game.

So with this all in mind. When the President can name-call like this ahead of the campaigns. As the candidates supposed to show maturity and humbleness. They are supposed to show respect and not incite to violence or public disorder. Why are the Minister not addressing the President?

Why? Why not do that? As the Minister should keep him accountable, as he called the opposition witches and was directly ghastly with the rhetoric towards them. Just mere 48 hours before the statement was released. Peace.

The New Age-Limit Cabinet

If you thought the loyalty to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wouldn’t pay-off, you would be naive at this point. Yesterdays reshuffle of the Cabinet is all about loyalty to him and his causes. It isn’t about the betterment of the Republic, neither having people capable of greatness. These ones whose been appointed and whose gotten a new role in the over-bloated cabinet is all there because of their role in the abolishment of the Age Limit in the year of 2017. The ones who fought, put forward and whipped the National Resistance Movement (NRM) behind the banner of the President.

There where all vital for the MPs to vote for the bill on the 20th December 2017 and that shall not forgotten by the President. That is why these are the ones of the Age Limit Cabinet, the ones whose supported and joined the Self-Styled President for Life and it’s paying off. Even if it possibly only for two years as 2021 looms.

Here is the “honourable” list of MPs whose now apart of Cabinet!

Raphael Magyezi, Igara West MP, appointed as the Minister for Local Government. The man who issued the “Private Bill”, the Age Limit in 2017 and has suffered the consequences of doing so. Now, his finally promoted by the President and offered a cabinet role for doing the dirty work of the President.

Jackson Kafuuzi, the MP for Kyaka South in Kyegewa district is appointed the Deputy Attorney General and the minister for water and the environment. At one point in 2017, the MP was called on radio the “wife of Magyezi”, which is an insult and remark made to him, because his support of the abolishment of the age limit. However, the same MP has shown his loyalty with how he disregard everything about Gen. David Sejusa or Tinye aka Tinyefuza. So, today he was awarded for his loyalty.

Judith Nabakooba, the Woman MP for Mityana District. She’s been appointed as the Minister for ICT. The former Police Force spokesperson, who became an MP in 2016 and since then shown loyalty. She voted for the Age Limit.

Denis Obua Hamson, the MP for Ajuri County. appointed the Minister for Sports. Who was a part of the Legal Committe who approved the Age Limit.

Peter Ogwang, Usuk MP appointed as State Minister for ICT, another big supporter for the Age Limit.

Robinah Nabbanja, Kakumiro district Woman MP. She was appointed the State Minister for General Health. She was also very proud of “whipping 291 MPs” for the Age Limit. She has also skipped all the rules committee meetings as an MP.

There where the MPs who was picked. Magyezi MP will be synonymous with the Age Limit bill. It was his private bill and he will forever be the one who put fresh air into a prolonged presidency of Museveni. The other ones has played their parts, both in Committees, in public and stood behind the bill in various of ways. That is why they were hand-picked now and gotten appointed. Since, the President want to show them appreciation and give back for giving him two more terms.

That is the reality of it all. That he will have the ability to rule to 2031. Because, the new clause of two terms. Means, the President can initially reign through the 2021-26 and 2026-2031. That is if they are sincere and using the law. Even if the President has already has had 6 official terms and 8 unofficially already. Therefore, the ones who gave him way for more. Did it only for personal gains and not for the betterment of the Republic.

That’s why the appointments yesterday are pay-offs for standing behind the banner, spreading the word of the President and showing him loyalty. They were all there for the sole-candidate and that’s why they gotten a bigger role in government. Now they have to prove their worth on a grander scale. Peace.