Just-In: Odinga’s Car shot at during the Anti-IEBC Protest!

Raila Odinga 16.05.2016

The Nairobi Metropolitan Police Japheth Koome must calm down his Police Officers that are dispersing the CORD-Protesters around the Anniversary Tower in Central Nairobi, Kenya. Since they are not only shoting tear-gas and using water-cannons to stop their demonstrations there. On this THIRD Monday. The Police have gone further today as the Picture shows that the Police Officers used live bullet towards a Car. This car is not some random citizens car. This is the car of Hon. Raila Amullo Odinga, the CORD Principal Leader and former Prime Minister of Kenya. They shot directly at his car! This cannot be justified and the Officers who did this should be questioned and get punished for the consequence this bullets could have had.

IGP Joseph Boinett needs to take charge and set the standard for Policing in Kenya, as this unkind violence cannot be accepted! 

Time for Police Commander of Nairobi Japheth Koome to take responsibility of the violence they creates with their Anti-Riot Police Force and the tear-gas and water cannons, that the Police Officers even shoot at the cars of Oppostion Leaders, that his Policing with IMPUNITY and UNJUSTIFIED behaviour. No pride, no need and no care for life when you shot bullets like that towards a brother. Hon. Raila Odinga deserves not to be shot at! That is just taking it too far. I condemn that shooting and the acts of Nairobi Police, who did this without thinking about the implications. Peace.


Press Release: Appeal for Information Regarding the Murder of the Late Jacob Juma (11.05.2016)

Kenya Police Press Release 11.05.2016 P1Kenya Police Press Release 11.05.2016 P2

Police say they will not condemn any acts of hooliganism during the CORD protest (Youtube-Clip)

“Police insist they will not condone any acts of hooliganism during the ongoing protests againg the IEBC. Nairobi county commander Japheth Koome speaking earlier today said security forces will deal firmly with any provocations of violence” (KTN News, 2016)

Police lob teargas to disperse demonstrators in Kisumu (Youtube-Clip)

There was drama in Kisumu after a lone protestor chained himself on the main gate of the IEBC offices in Kisumu. Fred Ouda, a member of the Siaya county assembly, said he was protesting against the roughing up of CORD leaders and their supporters by police. Police were forced to lob teargas to disperse demonstrations who were headed to the IEBC offices led by Governor Ranguma Kisumu Ouko Okusah with the details” (NTV Kenya, 2016).

Press Statement: Governor of Mombasa Hassan Ali Joho Condemns the Police Brutality earlier today in Nairobi (25.04.2016)

Odinga 25.04.2016


I condemn in the strongest terms possible the act of police brutality in dispersing members of the CORD fraternity while legally picketing at the IEBC offices in Nairobi earlier this morning.

Under the new constitution Kenya has no place for such uncouth and barbaric acts as displayed by the Kenya police this morning reminiscent of the long gone Nyayo era.

Reforms for the IEBC are a must if we are to mend the democratic process in order to have a free and fair General Elections in 2017.

It is only fair if all interested parties build consensus on electoral issues to boost confidence and credibility of both the process and the system.

Standard Group Ltd Journalist David Odongo arrested in Nairobi

Odongo Puff Piece

Well, there been rumored that orders from up-high that Standard Group Limited David Odongo got arrested and detained at Nyayo Embaksi Police Station in Nairobi over a story published in the Nairobian. He is now detained, but the orders from above is not yet approved or claimed by anybody, but if; I see it like this: The IGP Joseph Boinett must have gotten the ‘orders’ and used the local police chief to detain him; Sure that is the Nairobi Police Commander Japhet Koome have to follow the orders of Boinett, as Boinett followed orders from above.

Nkaissey 2016

My theory as the reason is that Interior Cabinet Secretary Hon. Joseph Nkaissery, who we’re in charge of detaining John Ngirachu of the Daily Nation, James Mbaka of the Daily Star and Alphonce Skiundu of the Standard Group Limited. That he got detained and questioned for writing about questionable use of government funds in December 2015. Certainly I believe he was in-charge and he is the one from ABOVE. I would not be surprised or shocked. But he has already a track-record for this kind of rash actions; so why not now?

Not that it is shocking that the David Ondongo the writer and Journalist who wrote this piece recently in the Nairobian: “Meet Kimani Rugendo, the billionaire businessman” that got published on the 9th April 2016. That was a puff piece on a business-man who has made business with bottle-water, drinks and some army contracts. So if that is worrying for the nation of Kenya, then what is?

Odongo Standard Group Ltd

He wrote this on his own facebook yesterday where he was critical about the Kenyan Government Spokesperson writing a Statement that was criticizing PBS for their “Kenya Corruption Documentary Series”. Where he was writing: “Eric Kiraithe, being a spokesman doesn’t mean you have to speak even when you have nothing to say. Are you mad? Do you live in Kenya? Get off your ivory tower and come back to reality. If I posted your number here so that Kenyans can call you every time a cop demands a bribe from them, you will run mad. Your phone won’t stop ringing. Do you know how much Kenyans are suffering? So now, Mr Kiraithe you want to blame the civil society for the mess, you and your fellow cops put us into? Stop taking Kenyans for fools. You must have worked hard to be in the position you are right now, stop cheapening yourself by making statements, that you, deep in your heart know isn’t true. Can you look at your children, straight in their eyes, and tell them the video by PBS is fiction? I also don’t like my country being portrayed negatively by foreign media, but the truth can’t be hidden. You have some good officers in the force, but majority are rotten to the core. ‪#‎EndOfRant” (Odongo, 14.04.2016).

So do I believe that he was detained for a puff piece in the Nairobian on the 8th of April? No not really, because his own will and his own words on Social Media as a writer and journalist will be recognized just as the words of Charles Onyango-Obbo (COO) quotes on Twitter will create views and questions on Policy. The same reach does not David Ondongo have, but he still have his space and his followers. So I believe that, that statement on Social Media is more worthy of creating some fuzz, then the piece on the business-man who trades bottled water and also investing in Sterling Craft Kenya Limited that they are starting to make ‘Water Tanks’ not tanks for the Kenya Defense Force (KDF). So the puff-piece must be used for deflection for the statement on the Facebook yesterday. As the Government got the whiff of his ideas and attack on the Kenyan government, that should be the case; not the puff-piece. Peace.