Opinion: The New Rory and Mal Podcast is a Breath of Fresh Air

The New Rory and Mal Podcast which was released on the 14th June 2021 after the ousting of the same fellows from the Joe Budden Podcast. The firing on air happened on the 12th May 2021. Since then two former Co-Hosts had to find their own way and now has officially started their own venture(!).

I listen today and it was refreshing. It was cool and reflected. No drama, no additional noise and no egos. There was two buddies and hosts who respected each other. They spoke their peace and had a good time.

It is the sort of podcast that reflects on Hip Hop, but also on their lives. Their character get out and they dive deep. There is no additional overreach or one man’s ego running rampant. Neither, is there shouting or personal drama. No, it was just two men chilling and speaking their peace. That’s all there is and needs to be.

This really shows what Joe Budden lost. He lost two Co-Host who can carry this on his own. The two people he wanted to control and have it easy with. Like these two couldn’t carry their own weight and do it. Because, everyone needs Budden and his approval. At least how DJ Akademiks sees it and his salty retorts their way.

Rory and Mal seems to be in a good space. They seem to be ready for this and the new chapter in their careers. Where they can handle it and take care of business. Where they don’t need to await their turn and if Budden has it covered. The Network is allowing or ensuring them a pay-check.

It seems like they have the space and ability to move. That’s because people jumps from the JBP to the RMP. That’s Joe’s fault actually. Instead of handling in a proper fashion and in a professional way. Joe could have salvaged something and even insisted on them staying. However, with firing them and doing it publicly.

He has not only lost his two known and respected co-hosts, but also destroyed the podcast for many. Now, these two reminds of a calm and collected podcast. Without the interruptions, the renegade moments, the brash noises and the sudden screaming of Joe. No, you can handle yourself and be mature. Still have people listening to the conservation and move on. That is possible and its refreshing.

This was just the first episode. The New Rory and Mal Podcast have potential. It has an edge and character. Which has made a guy like me unsubscribe from the Joe Budden Podcast and subscribe to the New Rory and Mal. That’s because their format is more chill and still give a good vibe. Which a brother need in the day to day. I hope they does this on a regular and on schedule. So, you know when to listen in. That’s only my hope. They got to carry this and cannot phone this in.

That’s why I am looking forward to episode two and hope these good interactions continues. We need this and the positivity. Just like we need the ‘The Company Man’, the HipHopDX’s ‘The Breakdown’ with Murs and Dead End Hip Hop Reviews. All of these shows adds to the culture and the conversations we already have. Peace.

Opinion: Joe Budden destroyed his own podcast

I don’t know what to say Joe, there’s never a good time to stop… catching on fire”Chandler Bing (Friends S6E4, 1999).

Since the firing of Mal and Rory there was narratives of their own demise and fall-out with the owner/host of the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe Budden. Now, that has been aired out by the former co-hosts of the podcast Mal and Rory. Who days after the sacking on-air released their own 1 hour long clip addressing the matter.

Clearly, these two went in solid and wasn’t acting as erratic as Joe Budden did. Since he surely knows these guys well. Long before the business of the podcast and the network itself. If he wants to run. He needs to address his employees better and be a grown man. Not only let his ego and his own objectives run in the way of the stipulations that is possibly written into contracts.

Joe Budden called them “lazy” and not accurate. He blamed them and said they were acting out of spite. That they didn’t follow his calls and didn’t put their work in. Neither was their creative or able to build things. Since his an artist and entrepreneur.

Now it seems that his ungrateful and not telling the truth. He has attacked his friend and co-hosts. The ones who has all been part of building up the podcast. It has his name, but nobody is there is to listen to Parks or Ian. No, they were there for the collective and the energy between these three hosts.

Budden has destroyed his meal-ticket. He could have shown character and growth, instead he shows his greed. Joe Budden are anticipated and have the ability to get new deals, but his co-hosts are not allowed to do that. Mal and Rory cannot even ask for what they have in their contracts. Contracts that Joe spoke so kindly of in his podcast. He gave his opinion, but clearly his not honest about what they had or what stipulations they did have. He made it look like they were employees and not co-hosts.

Mal and Rory had percentages on the earnings. That means they didn’t have a direct salary, but earning accordingly to what the Podcast was profiting. The IP and LLC was in the name of Joe Budden. However, Joe … you lost this one too. Just like you wasted the opportunity of being part of a great group and make a huge impact in hip hop with Slaughterhouse. You broke the cord there too and gave way.

Joe Budden can have Parks, but nobody cares about him. He is just another “yes-man” and a fool to light up your ass. The podcast is now torn to pieces, because of your ego. Budden wants to be big businessman and a network-executive. However, you cannot even keep things straight with your friends. How can you be with your associates and random bloke that gets hired to your company in the future?

Budden you need counselling and guidance on business. He speaks of loyalty and keeping things in order. Only Joe can control and not let other people have oversight. Even if he has promised that to his fellow co-hosts. How can you trust a man like that? When he can suddenly self-destruct on air and become the Hulk without telling the world the truth.

These folks wasn’t some random brothers. These folks was your friends and business-partners. They built this up with you and you just let it all go when it went BIG. You have now destroyed your biggest achievement with your ego. Parks will not bring the golden goose, but he will be a token home-boy who lights up your ass. Mal and Rory was refreshing and speaking their mind. Something you clearly cannot handle.

How can you speak of big business and moving as a network. When you cannot even take care of the ones who helped to build your flag-ship? Who can trust you and your moves, when you are doing this to the ones closest to you?

That is what I wonder about and wonder how Patreon is paying the podcast. Just like I wonder how you tricked the Spotify funds too. Just like you have never come forward with your demands to Complex or Revolt. Joe Budden you have nuked yourself and they are more trustworthy on the contracts they had.

Budden better chill and pay his respects. His clearly not built for this. He better get a great team around him and set things straight. Since his not doing that himself. Peace.

Opinion: Joe Budden is self-destructive …

What is tragic here is that someone as talent and bright as Joe Budden has a tendency to destroy everything around him. It is just his Modus Operandi. The rapper, entrepreneur and commentator has amassed huge potential. However, the ability to sustain and build long-working relationships a hard task for the man.

Joe Budden wants to keep things a 100. He wants to be real and speak from the heart. Nevertheless, he breaks things down and dips when he has to put the work-in. If that is a Second Slaughterhouse album on Shady Records. If it continuing his popularity after “Pump It Up” or anything else.

Heck, Joe has destroyed Revolt TV “State of the Culture” a deal he signed with P. Diddy. The same man was a vital figure in the rise of the YouTube sensation and cultural force within Complex own “Everyday Struggle”. It is just like he enjoys to see it rise and when it does. He wants a big cut of the profits and if he doesn’t he jumps ship. Instead of negotiating and making sense of things. He just bails out and hope other people picks up the pieces.

Just like it was with his solo career as well. Where he went from Def Jam. By some luck and wit was able to make it from one song to mixtape into a independent album with Slaughterhouse. Before signing with Interscope/Shady Records and drop another mixtape and the sophomore album there. However, in the end destroy the opportunity to drop the second on that label and the their third of the all star group.

Joe was able to drop another 3 albums independently after this. Before switching over to become a commentator and a podcaster. That is why he has participated in so many different ones. Before, he started his own and kept that going.

The Joe Budden Podcast have lasted since 2015 now. It is a long run and his side-kicks has been stable with there. Rory was there from the beginning, but Mal joined it in 2016. So they have all history there. Now, they have dipped and the first week without them at the latest edition of it.

It just seems like all the other enterprises of Joe he just have to burn this one as well. Joe just cannot help himself. Now, that things are established and gotten to a aspect of cultural phenomenon. He just got to dip again. Make it all about him and let the others fly solo. Just like when things was going good at Revolt. He just had to pull a stunt. The same over at Complex. It is just the gift of Joe. He just can’t help himself.

Joe now got the Joe Budden Network and is working on various projects there. How long will these relationship lasts and how far will he take it? When his dropping to sign with Spotify and others. Just like he did with “State of the Culture”. That is just what he does… He even sort of made the “Everyday Struggle” fallout much more hectic and significant than it needed to be. That is why there will always be something weird between him and DJ Akademiks.

Joe Budden is his worst enemy… Joe don’t need to fight anyone else than his own self. He can self-destruct and deplete all things he has made. When things turn shiny and golden he just gets greedy. Instead of waiting for his turn and ensure the gravy-train is moving. No, he wants a quick buck and a pay-off on the expense of others. That is how it seems.

Just like he doesn’t understand that the Shady Records had to re-coup and get profits, which as non-existent with the investments made in the production of the album and the roll-out there. He expected quick money from that too. Even as Eminem lost money on their album. The only way he could have made money, as stated in reports was if the group released the second on Shady or their third group projects, which has never happened to this day. That is unfortunate because the group had massive star-power and was assembled with lyrical wordsmiths. Who could have shown their greatness, but that was thwarted with the ego of Joe for instance.

Therefore, the “strike” of Mal and Rory isn’t something new in the life of Joe. No, it is just too common and sort of what he does. When he builds up something… he just got to destroy it. That is his gift. Instead of prolonging or trying to make something last. To even have longevity or a legacy he rather smash it quickly. That is what is so tragic.

Joe has had the option to make big cultural phenomenons lasts on other platforms. However, his ego and personality have gotten in his way. It is as if it is never enough. He wants more out of it and doesn’t get his way.

I have followed him on these platforms, seen the shows, listened to the podcasts, but I am tired of his mess. That he cannot get his ducks in a row and be solid. That for a man who wants to keep a 100. He surely take a sledgehammer and hits the fine china into a million pieces. The he expects someone else to clean up his mess. It is just tiring.

Especially, when the brother has such talent and skills. To just waste it and give the world all this negativity. That is really it. Joe Budden could be better and have significant more to give. However, he is his own worst enemy. This man doesn’t need a nemesis… because he can just look at his own shadow and in the mirror.

It’s a lot of things he could’a, would’a and should’a, but at this point. He should hang up the mic and just talk frank to his peers. Joe should resolve this and patch the hurt. Unless, he wants to destroy this too. Just to prove a point. The Joe Budden Podcast is the trio with him, Mal and Rory. The balance each other and makes it worthwhile. Instead, he wants to be the man on the pedestal and adore his greatness. However, that is not happening.

Joe, if you were that great in the first place. You wouldn’t need the team around you. Just like you couldn’t manage to break it solo. You needed Slaughterhouse to reaffirm yourself publicly. I think that this is forgotten and knowledge he doesn’t want to be reminded about. Because, who was really awaiting a mixtape and solo album of Joe in the 2000s? Not so many, right?

That’s the truth and just like that it’s now too. He has a name and a platform. Nevertheless, his not the sole reason why people are tuning in and he shouldn’t forget that. Joe is Joe, but now Joe got to stop. Unless, he wants to destroy this one too. Just like he did with the others in the past. Peace.