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Opinion: Will Jamaica follow Barbados example?

There are issues here which as you know are unresolved but your presence gives us an opportunity for those issues to be placed in context, to be out front and centre and to be addressed as best we can…But Jamaica is, as you would see, a country that is proud of its history and very proud of what we have achieved. And we’re moving on and we intend to…fulfil our true ambitions and destiny to become an independent and prosperous country” – Prime Minister Andrew Holness while speaking to Prince William and Duchess Kate (23.03.2022).

In December 2021 the Caribbean Island Barbados became a Republic and with that change removed the British Monarch as the Head of State. Since then this sentiment has grown stronger in and around Barbados. Just the British Royalty is visiting Caribbean and destined to show themselves in the former colonies. They are now not only met with graces and praise, but instead also demonstrations and letter of discontent.

The British Monarchy and the old order of having the Head of State in London is dying. These states has been independent for years and can run on their own. They don’t need to notify or be part of the United Kingdom. That’s why the population wants to be truly independent and not hold on to relics of the past. For many the British Monarchy only represents the slavery, colonization and oppression of which the British Empire did do towards their ancestors.

This is why there been a revealing letter of the Advocates Network and also demonstrations in Jamaica. While there are also reactions from The Bahamas National Reparations Committee’s visit to The Bahamas as well. That is all happening in the year after Barbados removed the Monarchy and became an independent republic.

The Prime Minister Holness must know about these growing sentiments and acknowledge the will of the population. They wants the United Kingdom to pay for reparations and damages for what it did during the colonial era. However, those sorts of arrangements are yet to be seen or collected for that matter.

Certainly, the current leadership and Prime Minister of United Kingdom would be hostile to this idea. He would not accept it and stifle it. Neither do I think the United Kingdom or the parties in the Parliament would even care about it. Unless, it would give them some points in the next election or prospects for a majority in house.

That’s why the former Caribbean colonies can remove the British Monarchy and take a stance. They could also leave the Commonwealth and be part of other more relevant bodies of our time. Instead of clinging on to bodies of which the British Royalty is still associated with and have a huge part in. Therefore, as Barbados did the brave thing and the right one as well. Which they deemed fit as a final salute of 400 years of connection with London.

The same can now happen in Kingston and Nassau. If not in other former colonies and protectorates. Certainly, the Jamaican Prime Minister should follow the Barbados example and start to review their constitution and hold a referendum. Which in the end, if the citizens wants it. They can all say goodbye to the relics of the past and start a fresh. That only makes sense…

Jamaica should be independent and truly independent from London. What does Jamaicans get from the United Kingdom these days and what sort of ancient relations is this? This is just continuing a legacy and a past form of government, which isn’t relevant in 2022.

The sun has set on the British Empire a long time ago. It is time to leave the skulls, the remains and the relics of it in history books. Not repeat it and hold on traditions, which was set by the forefathers and the present ones is only reminded about what they did to them.

So, the sun should rise and the population should work for a day. Where they are not beholden or are connected in ways, which are not representing them. They have a head of state far away in Europe. Someone they only see on TV and is lucky to even visit there during their life. This is why it’s time to have the Head of State in Kingston and not in London. That only makes sense.

While time will tell if Prime Minister Holness will be the one to make the changes and set things in motion. Because, he has the option and the opportunity to do so. The PM could become historical and be the first President of the Republic of Jamaica. However, that is all up to him and his close associates. They have to put in the work and finalize it. So it is possible both in legislation, in an electoral sense and mark the end of all the years directly connected to London. If he does all that, than the nation and the Caribbean Island is truly independent. Peace.

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The Commonwealth is made for the UK’s own Interests: One proof, Johnson’s well-wished for Trade Declaration!

The basic confrontation which seemed to be colonialism versus anti-colonialism, indeed capitalism versus socialism, is already losing its importance. What matters today, the issue which blocks the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity will have to address this question, no matter how devastating the consequences may be.”Frantz Fanon

The true value and who runs it is proven when the former head of the Commonwealth for decades has been Queen Elisabeth II, which of yesterday put the mantle of leadership to her son Prince Charles of Wales. The Statement from ‘ Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 – Leaders’ Statement’ said: “We recognise the role of The Queen in championing the Commonwealth and its peoples. The next Head of the Commonwealth shall​ be His Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales” (Commonwealth, 20.04.2018).

We can also know the perspective the Great Britain has for the organization, as Boris Johnson wrote so clearly in March 2018: “The good news is that when we leave the EU, we will regain the power to sign free trade agreements with our Commonwealth friends, allowing the UK to make the most of thriving markets. Brexit will give us the ability to open a new era of friendship with countries across the world. A key theme of the London summit will be how to boost trade within the Commonwealth. We’ll also discuss how to improve security co-operation and take joint action to protect the world’s oceans, bearing in mind that the Commonwealth includes island states in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean” (Boris Johnson – ‘Commonwealth has key role to play in the bright future for Britain: article by Boris Johnson’ 12.03.2018, Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)).

It shows that the United Kingdom own problems and issues is key for the Summit. The others are more a circus that the old empire can play into it. That happen and the Commonwealth Declaration on the 20th April 2018 named ‘Declaration on the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment’ part of it says: “We, the Heads of Government representing member countries of the Commonwealth and one third of the world’s population recognise international trade and investment

as an engine for generating inclusive and participative economic growth and a means to deliver the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (…) “In particular, we recognise the importance of the multilateral trading system in ensuring the integration of small, vulnerable and least developed countries and countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific into the world economy, and welcome initiatives which will support greater and more effective participation of these countries in international trade” (…) “To promote the realisation of these goals, we hereby launch the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment. This Agenda will be guided by the principles that: co-operation should be pragmatic and practical, leading to credible results; take into account regional integration initiatives; take into account the needs of small and vulnerable economies and least developed countries; avoid duplication with initiatives where other organisations are already working; add value in areas of engagement; and adopt a progressive approach towards a long term vision for closer trade and investment ties. It should also recognise the vital role of the private sector in delivering the 2030 Agenda and facilitating the promotion of the blue and green economy” (Commonwealth – ‘Declaration on the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment’ 20.04.2018).

We can see that Boris Johnson’s goals for the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOGM) appeared on the last day, yesterday, as this declaration is to anticipate the Commonwealth secretariat and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) will work on this now. To make sure the former Colonies are more connected. Not only to themselves through trade, but also to the United Kingdom. This is to give the United Kingdom bigger trade and partners through the use of the former colonies. To look at it differently, is to be naive. The other agreements is to make the public perception positive, but this here was to grease the wheels of United Kingdom, who are soon losing the trade-agreements through the membership of European Union, because of their silly decision to leave the Union.

We can see that the Commonwealth all benefits the United Kingdom and the others just has a place multi-nationally to be represented, though a loose organization, that isn’t to formal. But is a place to make them look better and get exposure through the perspective of their former colonial master. That is why they still has the inter-connected ministry FCO. It is a reason why even Zimbabwean Non-Governmental Organization was petitions the Department for International Development (DFID), so the former colony could have funds to hold Presidential Candidate National Television Debate before the General Election later in the year.

Well, that was a sidetrack, but very fitting. Because, the Commonwealth, still seems like a UK based organization, where it is all because of the mercy of the UK. The Commonwealth communiques, declarations and the meetings is because of UK leaders. Not because of the Kenyan President wanted it or the Indian one wanted some. We know there are someone even questioning it, the Bangladesh PM has been stating this today:

LONDON, April 21, 2018 (BSS)- Seeking inclusion of representative from Asia in the High Level Group to review the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Governance, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday suggested making the Group more representative with inclusion of member states of different regions. “We value the knowledge and expertise of the Secretariat for furthering work of the Commonwealth. However, we believe that views of the member states through appropriate representation, is equally important,” she said” (Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha – ‘PM suggests making CW high-level group more representative’ 21.04.2018).

This is what I started it, and it is made like this because the Commonwealth are made for the needs of United Kingdom, then the second interests. That is why the head of the Commonwealth has to be the Royalty of the UK. Now it is the Prince of Wales, which was nudged in by the Queen. The same happen to Prince Harry, who was appointed by the Queen to become the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. We can see that the Commonwealth is a UK enterprise. The view can be seen that way, the way the Royal family has key roles and that the FCO is involved. Therefore, the meetings and statements coming from Boris Johnson with everyone he could. Making photo-ups with anyone he could during the CHOGM.

We will clearly see the Commonwealth Secretariat work on the Declaration, especially now that the UK is gearing up for the Brexit and leaving the Union. They need new secure trading partners and what better, than using the informal body of Commonwealth to get trade with. That is what even Johnson has been writing and proves his ideas. That is why he has been so diplomatic and kind with words. Because some of the nations and state leaders he has meet these days, he has written in the past ill-words of their republics and their kind. Therefore, we know he has sudden swift change of interests. That interests being the benefit of London and not of the former colonies.

The Commonwealth seems more like a savior and needed trade-partners right now, because of the problems coming with the loss of the EU membership. FCO and Commonwealth member-states with this declaration are opening for negotiations. Something that Johnson has been hoping for all along. Since he wanted that and hoped that CHOGM would deliver. However, it did that in some respect with the Declaration.

Seemingly again the Commonwealth is made for the benefit of the UK and their needed gains. If it was otherwise, than the Bangladesh PM wouldn’t asked for what she did after the CHOGM. That proves the problems within the Commonwealth Secretariat and with the Declaration itself. Since in that one in question isn’t mentioned even directly in the declaration.

Hope I am wrong, but as long the British Royalty is running it and is the heads of it. Their interests will be in line of London, not being for all the members of the Commonwealth. To think otherwise to be naive. Peace.

Democratic Republican Party SVG Condems and Urges removal of Clause 16 of the Cybercrime Bill 2016 (24.07.2016)

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