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Parliamentary Speak Rebecca Kadaga in Parliament: “Let us sue these media houses, take them to court so they lose money”.

Well, honourable Rebecca Kadaga of the noble house of Uganda Parliamentary. There might be misquotes from the Media, even comments and stories that are wrong. But the credit for this is the ruin of the public display and also the tradition of the aghast-house.

If you wonder why the stories come it is because the Members of Parliament loves to be in the spotlight and tell their stories. The media continue to pound on the use of monies while the state borrows more monies and adds debt. This happens as the revenue is kept in the shadow and of the public.

Hon. Rebecca Kadaga said this also today: “I caution the press, the next time such reports are made, editors will be asked to apologize”.

And you shouldn’t wonder about our scepticism to your accountability and just behaviour as the MPs are following a long road of doling out when it is needed for the Executive. The Media will only say what the shadow looks like and not just get the media begging.

There isn’t weird that the media and opposition reacts to the funding of cars up-to 200m UGX and all the benefits of being in Parliament. Together with the weekly fees and other housing fees; also the one point of trying to avoid income-tax on their salaries like ordinary folks.

So the MPs greed will be discussed and with the knowledge of certain MPs todays show the disrespect of the National Resistance Movement MPs.

Hon. Julius Abua Acom said: “We should keep the money for burial a secret, UGX68 Million shouldn’t be in the public eye, for people will curse us”.

Minister Chris Baryomunsi said: “Media should respect Parliament in their reporting. Parliamentary commission needs to come up with guidelines”.


Hon. Jalia Lukumu N. Abwooli Bintu said: “Government needs to come out and give us UGx500 Million for a brand new cars, we dont need to shy away, it is our right”.

When you are having MPs who flaunt their wealth and want to use taxpayers monies like kids wants to eat candy then you know the system is rigged and maladministration. The Parliament cannot be healthy when Hon. Jalia Bintu of Masindi who has already asked in 2015 for the locals to consult with her; this happen in September 2015 when she needed the locals of Masindi’s goodwill. Now that she is back in the seat of Parliament she can eat the loads of monies instead of actually delivering services to the schools or roads. She got the guts of asking 500 millions shillings for 430 MPs in the 10th Parliament. That is not a small forfeit or bargain that is a substantial fee to the upkeep of the fellow parliamentarians. As much as the 200 Millions of shillings to the 430 MPs that is supposed to go there.

That other fellow MPs want to keep the upkeep and the expenses of the Parliament secret says more about the MP and his party than he likes to admit. But a man wouldn’t come with ideas of those means the Lira District and Okute County MP Acom has rigid ideas of accountability and who they represent in the Northern Uganda. As the man who represents the Okute County thinks the government shouldn’t tell how the Government spends their monies; which is insulting to the people who elected the Independent Candidate or accepted that he became their representative. He shows how disgraceful the men and woman can be in the Aghast-house.

So when you have ministers of this kind and by all means what is said in the house of Parliament will be let out the light. That light that shines on the papers and transcripts, the audio that leaks from the house and the ideas of the people running the house will either shade of glory, content and disarray. As the actions of the Parliament will set the precedence of how the nation can act and behave. How the systems will be built and by what sanctions that are to follow. The light will either be hopeful, graceful, merciful or disgusted.

That Rebecca Kadaga doesn’t understand the excessive actions of her Parliament doesn’t get praise or the glory she thinks it deserves. That is because what does the massive spending of government funds and taxations of common folks. The Commoners are paying more tax and the donor’s aid is being used to secure helicopter and private planes to the President. The MPs want their share under the shade of the man with the hat. As they are gotten used to the men and woman who enter the halls are finally eating. Therefore they want to get there because that is biggest business-venture they can get into in the nation.

So with this in mind; if Hon. Kadaga really wanted the press and media-houses to write stories and articles about them and the kinds of men who haste inside the chambers for titles, deeds and revenues. That is why they desist from the duty and becomes their own men of fortune by squandering tax-money to themselves instead of development projects and salaries to fellow civil servants.

So please Hon. Kadaga get your ducks in the row. Get the common-sense if your sense is still common. Because you act like spoil brat who doesn’t like that the beans are spilled because of you wearing the most expensive jacket to class. Than the other classmates will discuss and feel out of bound; in the same way the ordinary Ugandan will feel about doling out expenses for cars, travels, medical trips to India and so on the bill of all the taxpayers.

Time to silence and bow your grace. Your sense is not common and the articles will pile up when you don’t respect the people and their toll of work for your own courtesy. Rebecca Kadaga times to silence your threats and your acts of silencing the media. Now you can think more about to deliver the public some public good and not the MPs more wealth. Peace.

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