Ethiopia Media Authority: Press Release on the Addis Standard (21.07.2021)

Opinion: The suspension of the Addis Standard is a sign of the times

That the media house or publication suspension of Addis Standard from the Ethiopian Media Authority (EMA). That happened without any forewarning or without any reasons. This isn’t shocking or neither without merit in these times.

As the authorities and the state actors are directly targeting the “unfriendly” media. The media and media outlets that dares to print, write or even question the authorities are in danger in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE).

Addis Standard has dared to publish and write stories, which has humiliated and undermined the stories, the tales and the propaganda, which the states need produced to hail the newly crowned king, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. He needs to be praised with no question or any scrutiny.

The press and media houses who breaches with that modus operandi. Can easily see the journalists apprehended, arrested or even assaulted in public. The state can easily take away licenses or even close their web-pages.

The story of Addis Standard isn’t alone in this. There is others who has gotten into trouble. This being journalists of Aiga Forum, Ethio Forum or Awlo Media. These has all seen people associated getting into legal jeopardy. Others has also been arrested and taken away for a various reasons.

This is all deliberately to secure the narratives and the stories are told directly from the government to the general public. Not having mixed messages or even have reporting, which could differ from their ideas. The state is supposed to control the news and all reporting. That’s why the likes of Addis Standard is in trouble and loses it licence to operate.

Addis Standard have been a well-run media house and delivered quality reporting, which has differed from Fana Broadcasting or Ethiopia News Agency. Meaning it has independent reporting, which was in dire contrast to the will and the wants of the ones in power. That’s why Addis Standard had to pay this price.

The “reformist” Abiy needs love and needs it abundantly from all the well-wishers from across the globe and local media shouldn’t dare to question him. Because, if they do… they can easily lose their job or company. They could even linger in jail like the other political prisoners, which he has easily made possible during his reign.

Anyone who question the Prime Minister can easily end up like Addis Standard. Losing their licence and not allowed to operate. That’s because the PM and his “Yes-Men” cannot handle the truth. Peace.

Ethiopia: Suspending Addis Standard Print Version (25.10.2016)


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