Zimbabwe: Yesterday it was Jacob, tomorrow it could be you…

The sentencing of opposition Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume to an effective three years, with 12 months conditionally suspended, has further shown that the country is now clearly an autocratic nation similar to the Rhodesian settler colonial state where people were jailed for merely exercising their basic constitutional rights, like the right to protest. Ngarivhume has been sent to prison for merely mobilising people to protest against government through a stayaway over economic problems and corruption” (The News Hawks, 28.04.2023).

Jacob Ngarivhume has been sentenced by the Court. He has to face time in detention and behind bars. Just for doing his civic duty and protest against the ills of the state. A civilian and a politician taking a stance for a righteous cause.

Ngarivhume, an opposition politician is now paying the costs for choosing to address his grievances in public. Engaging the public and asking them to join in his cause. That he wanted to protest and peacefully demonstrate in Harare is apparently “endangering society” and “inciting violence”.

It just shows what sort of regime that is in Office. This is the Second Republic, which wants to resemble as much as possible it’s predecessors. A Second Republic that wants to laud itself as Revolutionary and Comradely speak of liberation from Ian Smith. While using all the means and methods of oppression like Smith did. That’s why the Rotten Row and the ZANU-PF has become like the oppressors they fought to overthrow.

We know the 36 months conviction of the politician is extra stupid. When the magistrate and the courts are convicting someone on a non-existing law, which is in contrast to the rights given by the Republic’s constitution. You just know the gig is up and the state has used this “law” as a shield and a method to arraign dissidents. While also proving itself partisan without legal justification for arresting, detaining and convicting people on that “non-existing” law. It is just bloody brilliant and Jacob is the latest victim of it.

Yesterday it was Jacob’s turn and tomorrow it could be someone else. His just the latest victim and he will not be the final either. The ZANU-PF and the authorities will pin anyone who dares to challenge it. We have seen activists and opposition leaders vanish… we have seen MPs and other leaders linger in jail and not being released.

The tides are not turning. Under the reign of Mnangagwa things haven’t gotten better, but much worse actually. This is just ahead of elections and it’s telling. If they can do this to Jacob. So many others can follow in his stead. They would find people’s old tweets, videos and whatnot to justify the detention and the criminal charges. That’s what is going down and the opposition should be concerned.

Jacob is now facing years in jail. He is facing a life-time of trouble. His far from alone and anyone who has a platform and are active on social media. They should fear they could be next. No matter how peaceful or respectful of the laws you are. That doesn’t matter when you speak up against corruption, nepotism or the bad governance of ZANU-PF. You are not patriotic or within your rights to do so. You should only praise the government and it’s leaders. If you don’t do that… then you are obliged to get into trouble.

The crocodile are as vicious as the ones he was part of overthrowing. It is really tragic, but the new elite is as pitiful as the predecessors where. They are riding in expensive vehicles while people are struggling. The ZANU-PF has become what they fought against.

Jacob just said what was right and he has to pay the price for it. Jacob is not alone and there are plenty more who is paying a price too. There are more political prisoners in Zimbabwe. He is just the latest “big-fish” and a symbol of how the rulers are ruling the nation. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Chin’ono and Ngarivhume is released on bail, but still not free…

Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume tonight left the Chikurubi Prison after the Court have awarded them an opportunity to be out on bail. This after both of them been in prison for more than 43 days.

The thing is… that even as they are on bail. They are not really free. There are strings attached and the judges have put strings on them. This being posting on their handles on Twitter and such. Therefore, if they do. They might get into more trouble.

That Hopewell and Ngariyhume are now out. Is good in itself. These two was political prisoners and still are felons. They are not out of bound and just doing one wrong step. Then they will return right to the slammer.

The regime doesn’t care and wants to intimidate. The ones who are vocal against them and the ones who are exposing it. That is why these two was arrested. Chin’ono and Ngarihume was there because they challenged the state. They showed a side, which the state doesn’t want to share.

Yes. They were released finally tonight. However, they are neither free nor getting a fair treatment. They were unjustly arrested and detained. Denied bail on several of occasions, even not having options to seek counsel or help. That is the sort of state the Republic is in.

The world should know. Even if they are not in visible chains or behind bars. They are still not free. There is pending cases and the state is making a deal out of it. There are other political prisoners detained too. These two are the big-shots who are creating headlines.

However, these two are not done with the Courts nor the Justice system. It is rigged against them. Because, they dare to question and challenge them. That is why they had to pay and suffer. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Mangwana needs to create enemies, because he got no heart..

I would say that the so-called international community has been interfering in Zimbabwe’s judicial system and in the Hopewell case, in particular, they are interfering. The Zimbabwean government is enforcing its laws; it is governing and they are interfering” – Government Spokesperson Nick Mangwana

The continued and prolonged detention, arrest and charges on investigatory journalist Hopewell Chin’ono are hitting the state hard. The scrutiny and the questions to why? Is clearly to much to handle for the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) who is making true journalism a crime. This is why Chin’ono is behind bars together with other political prisoners for daring to do civil disobedience or even attempt to do so…

That is why the government spokesperson has to bring back the vibes of Mugabe era. Where the White Man was the devil. Where the Western world and its hemisphere was bringing all the ills to the Republic. Now, they are harming the judicial system and court cases. They are hampering with the enforcement of law.

What is really rich about this? Well, if the interference was that overbearing and controlling. Why isn’t he released then? Why isn’t there proof of tampering wit the courts and the bail-hearings? Alas, there is none.

The damage which are being done with this sort of affair is all a self-service. This is damaging own calm on own merit. The state is hurting itself and got stay responsible. They are the ones issuing these orders and the ones enforcing it. It is not foreigners who are adding burdens on it.

It is the ZANU-PF and the whole state apparatus. They are doing it. Mnagwana knows this, but easier to blame a invisible entity, than actual culprits. Especially, when those culprits are buddies and cadres of the same party.

The hurt, the pain and suffering of Chin’ono is clearly not important. That his sick and not well. Doesn’t seem to be a concern. His just a citizen who deserves to be punished for undermining the rulers and their comrades. That is why he deserves this punishment, even if there are no law he has broken or committed any crimes. They just need to give him pain and hope he doesn’t dare to reveal the truth again.

Mnagwana should know better, but clearly he doesn’t. If not his blind by default and corrupted by power. The man has lost his moral compass and empathy. That is clearly binned and forgotten about.

Because, if he had a heart and had courage, he would at least acknowledge the worry and concern for the health on the inmate, the prisoner of the state. Alas, it is more important to create enemies and be a useful pawn. Than, to be an actually human being who are concerned with the fate of others. Especially, when your a government officially, who is supposed to serve the individual who are lingering in jail on undetermined time. Peace.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights: ZLHR Concerned about Treatment of Chin’ono and Ngarivhume in Prison (09.08.2020)

Opinion: Mnangagwa calls his own citizens’ ‘terrorists’

In all circumstances security services will carry out their duties with appropriate astuteness. protection of the right to life is paramount, especially in light of the COVID19 and machinations by destructive terrorist opposition grouping” (..) “Those who promote hate and disharmony will never win. The bad apples that have attempted to divide our people and to weaken our systems will be flushed out. Good shall triumph over evil” (…) “security services will continue to carry out their duties with appropriate astuteness and resolve” (..) “We shall overcome attempts at destabilisation of our society by the few rogue Zimbabweans acting in league with foreign detractors” – President Emmerson Mnangagwa 4th August 2020

You know your in the wrong, when civil disobedience and protest become terrorism. Yes, it is an act of defiance and resistance against the government. However, peaceful protest isn’t hurting anyone. Walking with placards and planning marches in city centres aren’t necessarily hurting anyone. Alas, exemption of the pride of power-hungry men.

Sure, the ZANU-PF Politburo and President Mnangagwa has been torn by this. Their pride and honour has been hurt by the 31st July Movement. As they cleared the streets, intimidated the leaders and arrested the few who dared to show up. Arrested activists and the fellow opposition leaders. Continued to arbitrary arrest, abduct and raid homes of activists and opposition leaders across the Republic.

While now claiming the ones who there is a manhunt for is the problem. The ones that your sending soldiers to their homes and police officers. Political arrests and detaining, determining their fate, while calling them terrorists. That is what the ZANU-PF and the President is busy doing.

This is not reforming but tearing the republic apart because you got the guns and the arms to do so. When activists, journalists and opposition leaders are taken down like this the only remedy is mercy. However, there seems to be none from the top. As they are busy trying to make them worse.

Chinamasa called the MDC-Alliance terrorist last week and now his boss does the same. He calls on everyone who dares to stand up against him, terrorists. Like Mnangagwa is so unique and special, the holy of the holiest. The saint, the deity the whole Republic supposed to praise, his majesty and the second coming of Jesus. Because, who dares to annoy, insult and defy this man. Whose grace can only be matched by the creator and the one that lives eternally.

That is why the opposition is in trouble. They dared to insult and annoy the President. They went against his will. The almighty himself. The grandeur and the greatness, the big man of Harare and the resolved gunslinger, Mnangagwa. That is why all the destructive and deteriorating attitude comes forward.

You know your on the wrong side of history, when you call your own citizens terrorists for doing their constitutional right and taking away their civil liberties at the same time. Punishing people for being active citizens and caring about justice, freedom and liberty. Taking away their rights and justifying it, while making them outlaws for so.

You know, you have messed up and this gig cannot continue for to long. Because, you cannot arrest the whole Republic. You don’t have space in the prisons. You can take a few, plenty even, but not whole villages and townships. That’s not happening.

The President of Zimbabwe is a lost soul with no heart. Just a man of greed and power. This man doesn’t see it, but we do. He can attack the weak but enrich the strong. This man is not for the ages, but for the short-term profit on the devastation of the Republic. He will destroy piece by piece. Peace.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF): EFF calls on Zimbabwean Government to Focus on Protecting Human Rights and end State-Sanctioned Violence against Citizens (03.08.2020)

Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU): Zinesu condems the persecution of students (02.08.2020)

Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa is terrified of his people and it shows

When you militarized the streets and avenues of the cities. When you barge into people’s homes. Abduct activists and make phony charges. When you arrest journalists, writers and the ones who expose the dirty secret and scandals of the regime.

Whether, the person is in Harare or in Bulawayo or anywhere else can be taken into custody or even abducted without a trace of location. Days later they will dropped somewhere central with bruises and hurt. While the government itself is making mockery video of fake-abductions, meanwhile the activists are either hiding or family members intimidated by the authorities.

This is the state of what is happening in Zimbabwe. The new dispensation to violate civil liberties, freedom and even basic justice. If you are connected to websites or publications enlightening the minds of the public. Then you can get arrested and get charged with inciting to violence.

If your an activist or a leader who is willing to voice dissent will meet the blunt force of the state. Either yourself or your nearest kin. The police and the authorities are apprehending people for political reasons. Also because the state are going after the ones who organized the 31st July demonstrations and activists in general.

When you clear the streets in the days ahead, keeps soldiers in the streets and goes for manhunt for the ones who is vocal in the republic. You know your on the losing side of history. Yes, for the moment your gaining momentum, but the oppression can only take the so far.

The state can arrest everyone who is somebody with a platform and a voice. They are all in danger. As the state uses all means, besieging homes, raiding offices or even arresting people on the streets. There is nothing that isn’t unacceptable.

If Mnangagwa thinks this is a winning a formula. His wrong and will in the end loose. He is showing power and bullets now. However, the government and the authorities are not respected by this. They are feared and intimidating the public. They are inciting fear and using force on its own. The ones its supposed to protect. These are the ones its supposed to serve, but instead hold them hostage.

That is why the state has cleared the streets. This is how Mnangagwa and his allies will be remembered. The way its actively clamping down on its own. Either the opposition or the anti-government activists. They are all fair game and able prey of the state. This game of showing no mercy and cold-blooded attack on civilians.

Shows what values the state has and what is important to them. The public are useful pawns, but not vital to them. They can be used to get loans, development grants and such. However, when their voicing dissent, they are useless piece of garbage who can be tossed away. Nevertheless, eating the funds to help them is nice.

So, when journalists or activists speaks out about the eating. Then they deserve to linger in the dungeon until oblivion. That is what the state does… and this is how Mnangagwa will be remembered. The New Dispensation was a fraud. Mnangagwa is terrified of the people and it shows. He has to use the army to quell them and cannot even use civilian ways. Neither can the state allow dissent to demonstrate against it. That shows how little civil space its in the republic under Mnangagwa.


Zimbabwe: Security Update by Zimbabwe Republic Police (31.07.2020)

Zimbabwe: How much suffering is enough, Mr. Mnangagwa?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, we know your living in wealth, eating of the plate of the government and your family is richer than God. You have land, businesses and a title, as the head of state. The republic is ill and your running it. Something you have done since the toppling of Mugabe.

Mnangagwa, now that your openly goes after activists, when the ruling regime are claiming main opposition party is terrorist and writers, journalists and activists are detained. If not, they are abducted. Like the recent act against ZimLives journalist and editor, Mduduzi Mathuthu, whose house was raided by the Police today. While confiscating cameras, computers and such.

All of this is done, while the opposition and tired public is gearing up for tomorrows demonstrations on the 31st July 2020. The activists and journalists who has covered this has put their life in danger. The police have haunted them and even asked for interviews.

Everyone who are looking into the corruption actions of the President and his men is getting into trouble. Just like Hopewell Chin’ono. Who is awaiting trail, as the state is working on producing evidence and his lingering in jail, denied bail. That is what the state does.

This is the state that Mnangagwa is serving the world. While using the loyalists of business to talk against demonstrations and getting authorities to call out COVID-19 guidelines as reasons to block these events. While UN organizations comes out defending the rights of the public to demonstrate.

How much pain do you want to add Mr. Mnangagwa? You know this, right? That your are the reason why people are burden in pain and suffering? You know that when we leaves this life, we all have to answer the same God, right? This means, there is no difference between us and we have to answer for our actions and choices in life, Mr. Mnangagwa are you ready to do that?

You should consider your actions and what you do. If your thinking your a big-man to send the army to the streets, putting up road-blocks and intimidate the ones on the barricade for the public. Then you are wrong Mr. Mnangagwa. This is not governing, but an armed siege of the public.

This is what you are. Your going to homes, take away critics and later make up charges. You intimidate and expects obedience. However, you are supposed to rule on accord with the public and after their wishes. They are not to blindly get commanded by you and yours. That is what you do.

While getting the guns, the ammo and the officers to civilians homes to intimidate them. That is what you do. If not, you get people arrested or abducted, because you can and later you read a scripture to act Godly. While you shouldn’t even sing a hymn or psalm.

Mr. Mnangagwa, I understand why you are called a crocodile. You are eating people and leaving their skeletons behind. You are coming with your teeth and spreading fear. That is apparently who you are.

So, Mr. Mnangagwa should we anticipate a bloodshed and a sudden rise in fatalities tomorrow? Peace.

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