Sudan: Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change – Statement (14.05.2019)

Yesterday’s press conference by the Transitional Military Council (TMC) was but a continuation of the misinformation campaign we have been watching in all their press conferences post the 29th of Ramadan massacre. Once again, the TMC demonstrates the same shortsighted approach of the defunct regime in adopting violence as the only answer to political problems.

The explicit and implicit threats voiced by the TMC’s spokespersons at the press conference cannot undermine the unity of the DFC Forces. They are only a clear indication of an ill-sighted approach in dealing with a crisis of their own making. TMC’s admission to ordering the brutal crackdown on protesters at the army HQ sit-in makes them the first defendant in this heinous crime.

The press conference was littered with misleading and false statements. Here are some examples:

The proposal of shifting the venue of negotiations to Addis Ababa was actually an initiative of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, communicated to us on Wednesday June 12. We instantly opposed that proposal, making it clear that we wanted the negotiation process to remain at home. Accordingly, the Ethiopian Embassy withdrew that proposal on the same day. Now TMC is alleging that it was FDFC who asked for taking the negotiations to Ethiopia.

The 3rd of June massacre at the army headquarters sit-in was a well-documented crime that all the Sudanese people and the entire world watched. The Sudanese Doctors Syndicate and the Doctors Central Committee have a detailed list of the victims and the cause of death-and more reports are still unfolding. This sacred Sudanese blood is too precious to be tainted with lies, disinformation, and political games. TMC’s statement at the press conference contradicts even with previous testimonies by the same Council. This is a crime against the Sudanesepeople and it is imperative that we have an independent inquiry and that perpetrators are brought to justice. We condemn TMC’s miserable attempts to downplay the magnitude of this massacre.

Accusing the DFC Forces of plotting a military coup is tantamount to covering the sun with a finger. For those forces have remained faithful for six consecutive months to their commitment to peaceful means.

TMC alluded at some rifts within the ranks of the FDFC, in an attempt to seed discord amongst its factions by making positive remarks about the Umma and the Sudanese Congress Parties while airing negative ones about the Communist Party. These attempts will not succeed. The FDFC have never been more united in their demands for a civilian-led government in the transitional period.

By setting a time for resumption of negotiations on transfer of power, without addressing the clearly defined prerequisites, the TMC is only trying to give the false impression that FDFC are not serious in reaching an agreement and preventing bloodshed.

TMC has clearly admitted now that it has control over the militias, shadow brigades and other criminals who perpetrated the massacre, although it had claimed in the past that the only reason for them to stay in power was to offset the threat of those elements. It is now evidently clear that their true mission is rather to thwart the dreams and aspirations of our popular revolution. All those are maneuvers by TMC to disown their previous commitments as a prelude to announcing its own government in alliance with the defunct regime.


We in the DFC Forces will continue our unswerving struggle with our people until justice, freedom, and peace reign in our country.


Forces of DFC

14 June 2019

Sudanese Professionals Association: Civil Disobedience and General Strike- Field Report (13.06.2019)

This report presents an evaluation of the civil disobedience and general strike in the professional, vocational, service and local sectors carried out by the Sudanese masses on (9,10,11)th of June 2019.

**Evaluations were carried out in various sectors and represented in percentages throughout this report.

▪️Educational Sector:

Complete strike within the examinations committees across Sudan

• Regional Educational Offices strike implementation:

– High School 95%
– Primary School 60%

• Schools :

• Staff Attendance:
– Strike implementation 95%
– Upcountry Strike 90%

▪️Transportation Sector:

• Public Transport and Stations:
– Mina Barri 86%
– Sha’bi Omdurman 90%
– Abu Hamama and Abu Adam Markets 93%
– Shandi Stop 80%
– Domestic state trips 67%

• Aviation:
(Khartoum International Airport)
– International Flights 84%
– Domestic Flights 99%

• Sea Freight and Shipping:
– North and South Ports 85%

• Railway:
– Atbara 98% (Atbara channel opened under threats)
– Central Line 100%
– Eastern Line 100%
– Western Line 100%

• Internal Transport
– Greater Khartoum 80%
– Regional 71%

▪️Banking and Finance Sector :

• Central Bank 64%
• Remaining Banks 72%

▪️Commodities Sector :
• Retail markets inclusive of ranges of consumables, apparel, household items, car dealerships, jewelers and others witnessed a high response rate and registered 86.3% participation after 3 days of civil disobedience.

• Vocational strips which include garages, carpentry and lathing shops also registered a high participation of 91%

• Main roads in the Capital and Greater Khartoum have been mostly left vacant with minimal activity. Similar sights have also been reported in other main cities roads across Sudan.

▪️Engineering Sector:

• Electricity:
– Sales of Electricity and Water 60%
– Turbo Generators 70%
– Transport 74%
– Distribution and Emergencies 80%

• Stations:
– Heat Generation station 70%
– Garri Station station 99%
– Bahri Heat station 60%

• Oil and Gas:
– GNPOC 85%
– Higleeg 94%
– Sudabit company 85%
– Asawir company 98%
– NUS company 98%

• Industrial Sector
– White Nile Sugar 98%
– Halfa Sugar 80%
– DAL Group 99.5%

• In addition to the vast number of privately owned factories, companies and presses response to the call for civil disobedience was highly positive.

▪️Telecommunications Sector:

– NTC 63%
– Zain 99%
– MTN 98%
– Canar 88%
– Sudatel 82%
– Huawei 90%
– Ericsson 100%

• A delegation from the National Intelligence and Security Services in collaboration with Huawei Co. teamed up to implement a nationwide Internet Services shutdown.

Media And Public Relations Sector :

• 100% civil disobedience on the first day (9th June) within political and sports newspapers

• 60% civil disobedience on the second day (10th June) within political newspapers, where only 6 newspapers were issued and 9 daily newspapers were not, in addition to 3 (non daily) papers.

• Political Papers that were issued on 10th of June are:
– Al Intibah
– Al Sayha
– Al Sudani
– Al Mahjar
– Al Ahram Alyoum
– Akhbar Alyoum

• Sports Newspapers registered 100% civil disobedience on the second day with the exception of “Sooker Newspaper”

• 57% civil disobedience on the third day (11th June) within political newspapers, where only 7 newspapers were issued and 8 daily newspapers were not, in addition to 3 (non daily) papers which are “Almaydan”, “Al Ba’ath”, and “Akhbar Alwatan”

• Political Papers that were issues on the 11th of June are:
– Al Intibah
– Al Sayha
– Al Tayar
– Al Mahjar
Al Ahram Alyoum
– Akhbar Alyoum
– Al Wifaq

• Sports Newspapers registered 100% civil disobedience on the third day (11th June), with zero papers being issued.

▪️Public Health and Medical Sector:

• The Public Health and Medical sector includes general physicians, orthodontists, pharmacists, nurses, lab technicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals, nutritionists, medical engineers and medical officers.

• The strike was implemented whilst taking into consideration covering all emergency sections and cases. Full civil disobedience was witnessed in areas that were forcefully shut down by the Ministry of Health (numerous governmental hospitals across the capital have been shut down)

• Medical support was provided free of charge in emergency departments of government hospitals after all the required medical supplies including medication, and tools were provided by regional and national organizations and after mass public outcry for assistance.

• Several private hospitals also provided medical support to injured protesters free of charge.

▪️Khartoum State Strike implementation:

– Government 93%
– Private enterprises 62%

▪️Upcountry Strike Implementation:

– Government 90%
– Private enterprises 47%

Note: The Doctors strike on cold cases has been in effect since December 24th 2018 and is now in it’s 6th month and will continue until a full civilian government has been announced.

▪️Legal Sector:
• Judiciary: 100%
• Prosecutors Office: 90%
• Lawyers: 100%
• Legal Counselors: 100%

SPA Media Team
12 June 2019

UNAMID dispatches assessment mission to Deleij, Central Darfur following communal clashes (13.06.2019)

Zalingei, 13 June 2019 – Following recent reports of fatalities and injuries in Deleij village, Central Darfur, the African Union – United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) on 11 June, dispatched an integrated assessment mission to the area to verify these reports.

The mission met with the affected persons and local authorities who confirmed that 17 people had been killed, 15 others injured with more than 100 houses burnt. This occurred during heated clashes between nomads and residents apparently angered by the increase in commodity prices at the local market.

UNAMID Joint Special Representative/Joint Chief Mediator (JSR/JCM), Jeremiah Mamabolo said that the Mission is deeply concerned about these developments, especially the loss of lives.

“UNAMID appeals to all involved in these clashes to show restraint and opt for peaceful means to resolve differences. This is the only course of action that can satisfy the interest of the people of Darfur at this delicate time,” JSR Mamabolo emphasized.

JSR Mamabolo further extended his sincere condolences and hope for recovery to all the affected people in Deleij village.

UNAMID will intensify its confidence – building measures in the affected area to promote inter-communal dialogue and share concerns raised by Deleij residents with the UN humanitarian community.

Deleij village, located in Wadi Salih locality, Central Darfur has 25,000 households, totaling around 150,000 residents.

Sudan: UN human rights experts call for independent investigation into violations (12.06.2019)

GENEVA (12 June 2019) – UN experts said today they were seriously concerned that Sudan was sliding into a “human rights abyss”, urging the Human Rights Council to establish an independent investigation into violations against peaceful protesters since the start of the year.

“Given the scale and seriousness of the reported human rights violations and the need to act quickly to prevent further escalation, we call on the Human Rights Council to establish an independent investigation into the human rights violations in Sudan and to actively monitor developments on the ground,” said the experts appointed by the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The UN experts expressed alarm at reports of numerous deaths and injuries since 3 June 2019 as a result of the use of excessive force and violence by State Security Forces, and in particular the Rapid Support Forces, against peaceful demonstrators.

“One of a State’s most fundamental duties is to protect life,” they said. “In pursuing ordinary law enforcement operations, using force that may cost the life of a person cannot be justified. International law only allows Security officers to use lethal force as a last resort in order to protect themselves or others from death or serious injury.

“We urge the authorities to ensure that security forces handle protests in line with the country’s international human rights obligations and to carry out independent and thorough investigations.”

Women have been at the forefront of the peaceful protests in the country in recent weeks and months and have been among the first victims of the violence, including sexual violence, the experts said, adding that dozens of women human rights defenders had been arbitrarily held in an attempt to intimidate them. While some have been released, information received suggests several remain in police custody and are in need of medical attention.

The Sudanese authorities’ failure to respect and protect their citizens’ rights to freedom of association and peacefully assembly, to express their opinions and to make peaceful demands on their Government was also a matter of grave concern, the experts said. The experts called on authorities to reconnect the internet network after it was shut down at the start of June 2019.

“Freedom of expression and assembly is essential so that the legitimate concerns of the people can be heard and their needs, including their human rights, addressed,” they said. “The demonstrators have been calling for democratic change, including the hand-over of power to civilians by the Transitional Military Council (TMC).

“We call upon the Transitional Military Council to respect and protect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to address the underlying causes for the demonstrations. As instructed by the African Union, the TMC must promptly hand over power to a civilian authority. This will avoid further precipitating Sudan into a human rights abyss.”

The experts expressed concerns about reports that three opposition leaders from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM/N Malik Agar faction) were allegedly deported from Sudan at the weekend. The men were arbitrarily arrested by the National Intelligence and Security Services last week.

Sudan: 30 civil society organisations call for urgent UN Security Council action to prevent further bloodshed in Sudan (11.06.2019)

Sudan: Civil Unrest – Flash Update No. 4 (10.06.2019)

Sudan: Civil Unrest – Flash Update No. 2 (08.06.2019)

Sudanese Professionals Association: Cautionary Statement (08.06.2019)

We have received several reports about the continued campaign of the Military Coup Council in arresting political activists and protesters. The militias of ‘the security committee’ of the old regime, RSF and Janjaweed brigades have detained a number of political leaders and threatened them with assassination, in addition to the forced disappearance of a large number of revolutionaries whose fate remains unknown. This violent campaign of the criminal militias has also reached a number of employees of banks, electricity companies, airports, civil aviation, and other vital sectors with pursuits, arrests, and threats, in an attempt to break the planned civil disobedience and the general political strike through which all sectors of the Sudanese people have come together to overthrow the Military Coup Council and transfer power to a civil transitional authority in accordance with the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC).

In continuation of the methods of intimidation, terrorism, and spreading disinformation, it has come to our knowledge that filthy schemes are being planned by the Military Coup Council to stage violent incidents and attacks on citizens’ properties, in order to attribute it to the revolutionaries and to the DFC forces. It is a sick and desperate attempt to shake the unity of the Sudanese people and their unwavering commitment to tools of nonviolent resistance that are ultimately manifested in the complete civil disobedience and the general political strike.

In the face of these catastrophic and repressive developments, we call upon the workers in all institutions and facilities, in the public and private sectors, to engage and strictly adhere to the tools of civil disobedience and the general political strike, to cherish the blood of the martyrs and protect the lives of their colleagues and with loyalty and respect for their continued struggle. We also appeal to all regional and international institutions, especially those related to banks and financial and economic transactions, not to deal with the oppressive authority that is occupying the country, to demand a stop to the bloodshed and assassinations faced by political leaders and activists, while fully holding the coup council and its militias responsible for any attack or arrest.

Finally, we salute the commitment and dedication of the revolutionary people of Sudan, and we affirm that we are anticipating all possibilities and are working to combat them for as long as it takes, until the dawn of salvation, and we are sure it is nigh.

We call on all activists, neighbourhood resistance committees, and strike committees to raise the level of readiness and order among them, take all precautions and be prepared to face these campaigns with the necessary peacefulness, awareness, and caution.

Sudanese Professionals’ Association
8 June 2019

Sudanese Professionals Association: A Call to our Sudanese People in the Diaspora (08.06.2019)

As a continuation of your various and strong roles in supporting the revolution, and in concurrence with the civil disobedience, we ask you to boycott all embassies and Military Council representation posts outside Sudan, and to avoid any dealings that could provide funds to the Coup Council.

We also request that you do not transfer any money through banks or any establishment that could go to the funds of the regime.

We stand united, firm, and strong, inside and outside Sudan, until all our demands are met, and our civil disobedience is successful.

SPA Media Team
8th of June, 2019

Statement of the Chairperson on Sudan following visit by IGAD Chair (08.06.2019)

8 June 2019, Addis Abeba: The Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat welcomes the visit to Khartoum by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister and current Chairman of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD),Dr Abiy Ahmed, and the constructive meetings he held with the parties in the crisis in Sudan on Friday, 8 June 2019.

The Chairperson further wishes to express his deep appreciation for the close collaboration between IGAD and the AU Special Envoy Prof Mohamed El Hacen Lebatt and the Special Representative for Sudan Ambassador Mohamed Belaiche for their joint efforts in bringing parties to urgently resume negotiations.

In this regard, the Chairperson notes with satisfaction that the cooperation between IGAD and the AUC is firmly in line with the AU Peace and Security Council decision of 6 June 2019, and further reinforces the AU-led facilitation process to ensure that Africa continues to speak with one voice in its efforts to support the Sudanese people resolve the crisis in Sudan.

The Chairperson encourages the parties to undertake all the necessary political and security measures required to pave the way for a rapid resumption of negotiations to achieve a consensual agreement for transition towards civilian-led rule.

The Chairperson further stresses the need for all foreign actors to refrain from interference, and support the African Union efforts to support a Sudanese-led and and owned process that respects the will and aspirations of the people of Sudan, the region and the Continent.