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Trump Administration planned from July 2017 to build a migrant tent-camp at Guantanamo, Cuba!

On the 7th July 2017 the United States Navy published a Modification Notice on the U.S. land on Cuba, the famous Guantanamo. Again, a new administration has plans to use this land and the parts of island to good use. Seemingly for other purposes than keeping non-trialed terrorist suspects. They are planning to immigrants and asylum seekers put on the Cuban. People who are fleeing camps and war-zones already to be transported to another facility under United States jurisdiction.

The Navy is planning this:

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast (NAVFAC SE) has been tasked to develop, solicit, and award a single-award, firm fixed-price (FFP), design-bid-build (DBB) contract for the construction of a contingency mass migration complex (Leeward South) for 13,000 migrants and 5,000 support forces, at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The estimated price range for the entire project is between $25,000,000.00 and $100,000,000.00” (…) “The scope of this project is for the construction of a contingency mass migration complex (Leeward South) for 13,000 migrants and 5,000 support forces. Provide site shaping for tents, concrete pads for camp headquarters, galleys and dumpsters, perimeter and service roads, and Mass Notification System. Supporting facilities include utility systems (electrical, water, and sanitary sewer), exterior lighting, information systems to include fiber optic cable service, expansion of the waste, vehicle parking area, storm drainage, and removal of two family housing trailer units. Measures in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Minimum Antiterrorism for Buildings standards will be provided. Facilities will be designed to a minimum life of 50 years in accordance with DoDs Unified Facilities Code (UFC 1-200-02) including energy efficiencies, building envelope and integrated building systems performance. Sustainability/Energy measures will be provided” (NECO Synopsis Database – ‘Subject: Y–Contingency Mass Migration Complex, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba’ – 07.07.2017).

So the Trump Administration together with the Navy, the other agencies really has a plan of moving immigrants and asylum-seekers to Guantanamo. To make sure their stay in the United States will be in tents, instead of trying to get them integrated into society. The ones who are worried about the public business into building of the camp and the price of installation.

That the United States can plan to move and create a temporary space for people in camps on the outside of their territory, to scare more from not coming and also making it worse for their moral obligations to facilitate for their refugees. Just like Americans has said it is problematic with the state of camps in Italy, Greece and Turkey. This one will not make it better, especially when it is a created affair and professional enterprises creating it. As the tenders and government procurement of the camp are clearly planned affairs on how the refugees will leave.

That the United States are planning a tent-camp not far from the Florida coastline in Cuba, is extremely bad and offensive. Especially, since many of the refugees are leaving from places that the Americans has attacked with military operations, where the United States has supported drones, where U.S. Soldiers has killed and created turmoil in the nations. Therefore, as moral obligations to where they sent troops and made a fuzz, they should accept that people are fleeing these wars and conflicts for a safe-haven in the Untied States.

Therefore, that the Navy and the United States government plans a tent-camp on territory of Guantanamo, Cuba for 13,000 migrants and 5,000 support personnel. This means they planning a small-town size of tents and needed necessities for them. Instead of taking care of them through more friendly neighborhood, they are now planning to drop them off in tents. Hope they get tired of the meager lifestyle to go home. Even if it means leaving peace and going back into war-zones and dictatorships.

The moral fall of the United States is clearly there. They could have used other means, used other types of facilitation for migrants. Instead of making provisions without creating a permanent tent-camp for them. Usually, they are put-up because the need for it.

Why I find it strange that UNHCR from 2007 says: “Family tents may be useful and appropriate,

for example, when local materials are either not available at all or are only seasonally available or for refugees of nomadic background. The life-span of an erected canvas tent depends on the manufacturing, length of storage before deployment, as well as the climate and the care given by its occupants. Where tents are used for long durations, provisions for repair materials should be considered. Larger or communal tents may serve as transit accommodation while more appropriate shelter is constructed” (…) “In general, tents are difficult to heat as walls and roof do not provide sufficient insulation. Therefore, tents are not suitable as cold climate shelters, but if there is

no choice, they can save lives and bridge the time until more suitable shelters are established” (UNHCR P: 221-222 – ‘ Handbook for Emergencies – Third Edition’ February 2007).

So, when the U.S. Government puts up a tents, that is not suitable for long-term solution. Because even the UNHCR says it is temporary, since the tents are not insulated. Therefore, Guantanamo tent-camp for the migrants coming to the US. Clearly, the US state will not build a proper place for the migrants, but the people fleeing should get proper shelter. Not be put in tents, but build more suitable shelters. Especially, when the US can build proper housing for the migrants. Since they are moving them from main-land US to the area controlled by US on Cuba. Peace.


U.S. Department of the Treasury: Authorizing Certain Transactions with the Federal Security Service (02.02.2017)


U.S. Department of State: “Dissent Channel: Alternatives to Closing Doors in Order to Secure Our Borders” (30.01.2017)


#MuslimBan: Statement on the travel ban on Somalia (31.01.2017)


“United we stand, divided we fall”: letter by President Donald Tusk to the 27 EU Head of State or government on the future of the EU before the Malta summit (31.01.2017)


Yemen: Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on #MuslimBan (29.01.2017)


Opinion: Time for sanctions against the Trump Administrations because of the #MuslimBan


When the American Government sees something as unjust, unfair and against what’s seen as Human Rights, than they sanction Burundian officials or Congolese Officials for their connections with ill behaviour. Now it is time to deflect from the super-power, it is time for instance that the nations of Canada, Mexico, China, India, Pakistan and the Member States of the EU to put sanctions on the United States Government.

Especially the Seven Nations where the Nationalities overnight cannot visit or live; or having possible refugee in the United States should act upon the unfair threatment of their citizens and their diplomatic missions in the United States. These countries are: “Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen”. Some of these countries the US Army has even been part of chaos and supporting fighting groups that still lingers. So they are not responsible for the violence and cycle of massacres that are happening in Somalia, Yemen Sudan, Syria and Iraq.

Operation Freedom in Iraq is still lingering as the US Army and Iraqi National Army is fighting for key towns and villages to strike at the ISIS. The same are done in Syria as the Syrian Government Forces, ISIS and Rebels are tormenting the nations with an internal civil-war, which the support of American Government and also Russian forces in the battles. Yemen has both been sold American Machinery and also supports of Government forces, as the Yemeni Government are striving to gain total control in the war-torn nation.  Somalia the AMISOM and Kenyan Forces are together with American support battling Al-Shabab as the terrorist organization and citizens flee from their homes as the battles escalates and the Somali government struggle to hold control as the Al-Shabab militia continue to force the US Supported government and peacekeeping mission at bay. Therefore it is ironic that the US Government is banning people from the nations where they have put the most guns, put the most soldiers and invest the vast majority of funds into war over the last two decades.

That the US Government is banning the refugees, and also steady living citizens from these nations who has been working or studying in the US proves their mentality and their wrong. Proves that the US Government under President Trump is out of touch with their own violent acts of transgression overseas. That the US Government deserves to get punished in a way it will hurt them.

They have put fear in many people across the seas, they have exported weapons, taken battleships with them and taken more of fighter jets where they have blown town into pieces and left ancient historic places into dust. That dust should be stained on President Trump suits as he transgresses against those fleeing the American aggression and military, as well as their own and rebels in their nations. The killings and murders that are sponsored by America should not go without cost. The cost shouldn’t just be on Syrian Refugees, it should be on the nations who sponsored the killings and done the export of heavy weaponry to it.

Trump Administration as they are inciting hatred and passionate white-supremacy executive orders in the vision of White House Strategist Stephen Bannon. These days it is his fellow racist mind that is controlling and offering advice to President Trump who executes his ideas. Well, I am sure that Trump agrees since he hired the ill-minded man as his closest adviser into the White House.

Trump Administration should get sanctioned as first the Trump Organization and their foreign businesses should get foreign account frozen. Their investments should be nationalized and taken away from the company and the estates should be sold on the open market. As the obnoxious ban of these nations should cost the President Trump and his family, when he exclude and introduce an Executive Order who takes away citizenship and justice; not based on merit, but on precaution that cannot be proven, not even in courts.


The Trump Administration should get punished with sanctions by the regional bodies that the inflicted nations are connected too. These being the African Union which has Somalia and Sudan as Member States, the African Union should suspend the Diplomatic envoys and embassy at the Addis Ababa Headquarter. The Envoys in the African Countries should be send packing for the attack on the innocent brothers from Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia, as the refugees and citizens which is born in these three nations are personally inflicted in the fear of the Trump Administration.


Secondly the Arab League and the OPEC should sanction the trade of oil to the American heartland and stop exporting the oil. Because the United States could break with international law and inflicting pain on citizens in neighbour nations who is connected with both OPEC and Arab League . The Arabian nations should shield the Syrian refugees as the United States is stopping to their international responsibility for the Syrian population who is living in diaspora. These are innocent civilians who are now traded for political reasons in the United States. They should end the diplomatic missions in the Arab League Nations and the OPEC as that would prove the tantrum of vigilant behaviour from Washington D.C. cannot be accepted.

Third, the European Union and Canada should in all due respect not allow any of the elected and selected members of the Trump Administration to get visa or even travel abroad to any of these nations. These members of the Trump Administration should not be allowed to have investments or having any cooperative enterprise in the European nations or in Canada. This as they themselves should get the same treatment as they are sanctioning on the innocent fleeing civilians from oversees.


Fourth, set penalties and special taxes on all United States associated businesses and all the businesses that have and are led by executives from the nation have to either leave or move their business headquarters. As the economic incentive will hurt the American economy and also the promises of President Trump who we’re supposed to be the “best jobs President!” So this alone will hurt his pride and vanity.

Time for sanctions and execute orders that hurt the United States, as they are not better or holy than anybody else. The United States should be touched by the world and pay for the mess they are creating in the Middle East and on the African continent. Their armies are also involved in the atrocities that is occurring and leading to the refugees leaving the nations. Therefore the International Community should react with methods that the US Government really feels. Peace.

Iranian Government official statement on the #MuslimBan (29.01.2017)


Trump’s fear of immigrants show’s with his new Presidential Orders as he limits Immigration in the United States!

Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo, Syria

Donald J. Trump is a man who fears the world he doesn’t know or doesn’t understand. The world that is foreign and has come from other parts of the world; he believes that all Muslims are dangerous and fearful creatures who might snatch a life in a second. Therefore he had to in his first week of term as President. Trump as President has been busy signing Executive Orders, because he fears not only foreign people, but also consensus, well he likes the foreign woman who marries him. But that is different personal case that the President himself will not offer judgement on.

Like in today’s Executive Order ‘Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals’ (25.01.2017) are ordering with the fear of the Executive himself, who thinks all sort of people are dangerous and spreads fear in the American Nation.

On the Subsection 3: “Suspension of Issuance of Visas and other Immigration Benefits to Nationals of countries with Concern. (a) The Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence, shall immediately conduct a review to determine the information needed from any country for adjudication of any visa, admission, or other benefits under the INA (adjudications) adequate to determine that the individual claims to be and is not a security or public-safety threat”.

So the county that the US Government see a concern with have with this act not allowed to have their citizens to become refugees in the United States. These are after list for whom has terrorist and harbour terrorists. Therefore the threats and the admissions of the people are set on the standard of the little group of misguided dangerous individuals are making labels for the whole nations. So if there are terrorists in Germany with German ethnicity, than the German nationals who seek asylum, green-card or whatnot of visas in the United States can become suspended or revoked. That proves the ill-intent of President Trump!

On the Subsection 5 (C): “The Secretaries of State and Homeland Security, as appropriate, shall cease refugee processing of and admittance of nationals of Syria as refugees until such time as I have determined that sufficient changes has been made to the USRAP to ensure its alignment with national interest”.

So the American Government cannot manage the Syrian conflict and their refugees, as Trump doesn’t take people serious. Since the US Government has sold guns, bombed towns and in the name of the battle against ISIS and the battle against Bashar Al-Assad regime. Therefore that the US Government not to take responsibility and give proper shelter to these citizens that are bombed with weapons, jet-planes and such are not having the ability to seek refuge in the United States. What a brave nation that can sell weapons, bomb the nation and be key sponsor of violence, but cannot take care of the innocent who is shut in the cross-fire. What a brave man you are Mr. Trump!

Just to show his disgraceful acts of humanity in Subsection 6: “Establishment of Safe Zones to Protect Vulnerable Syrian Populations. Pursuant to the cessation of the Refugee Processing for Syrian nationals, the Secretary of State, in conjunction with the Secretary of Defense, is directed within 90 days of the date of this order to produce a plan to provide safe areas in Syria and in the surrounding region in which Syrian Nationals displaced from their homeland can await firm settlement, such as reparation or potential third-country resettlement”.


It is disgraceful that the Republic and Nation, that the President that orders no refugees from a set nation, a nation where the US army has bombed and offered weapons to guerrillas are now resettling them close to war-zones. A nation embattled into a civil-war that has lasted for years that has even involved United States Army.

Well, he had another massive order on Immigration today: “BORDER SECURITY AND IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT IMPROVEMENTS’ on the 25th January 2016, which also we’re implemented. We’re the words of Trump and orders said this: “(b) detain individuals apprehended on suspicion of violating Federal or State law, including Federal immigration law, pending further proceedings regarding those violations; (c) expedite determinations of apprehended individuals’ claims of eligibility to remain in the United States; (d) remove promptly those individuals whose legal claims to remain in the United States have been lawfully rejected, after any appropriate civil or criminal sanctions have been imposed”. Certainly, the Trump order is clear those Illegal immigrants, foreign nationals who has come without visas and also the ones that doesn’t have the proper documents and can be expected to be expelled. Therefore the clearing out of the nation of the ones not deemed fit has already started for President Trump.

Second important part of the Presidential order is: “Sec. 6. Detention for Illegal Entry. The Secretary shall immediately take all appropriate actions to ensure the detention of aliens apprehended for violations of immigration law pending the outcome of their removal proceedings or their removal from the country to the extent permitted by law. The Secretary shall issue new policy guidance to all Department of Homeland Security personnel regarding the appropriate and consistent use of lawful detention authority under the INA, including the termination of the practice commonly known as “catch and release,” whereby aliens are routinely released in the United States shortly after their apprehension for violations of immigration law”. Therefore not only are they revoking the issue of the illegal ones, they are detain them as criminals who are trespassing the borders and the national borders. That the US needs new guidelines and regulations who detain them more thoroughly and not release them as they do today.

I will not discuss the laws and the meaningless Southern Border Wall that John Oliver destroyed on HBO during the Election period in 2016. Since Trump also wants to allocate all sorts of congress funds and fiscal funding together with report made during 180 days on the geography and topographical aspects of the Southern Border. Since I see the issues with foreign nationals and Syrian refugees as much more troubling than bricks and mortars on the end of United States soil; that is waste of money, workforce and useful minds to mix cement and other building material in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California for instance.

What is more worrying is to what extent and what sort of regime the Trump Administration shows out to be, where he executive orders the nation to follow his guidelines and also orders. Because he cannot get consensus, therefore he has to order the citizens, the government institutions and everything else. The way he are putting countries into sections of troubling or concerned ones are none allowed to travel on visa to the United States. The Internal issues of Trump are now becoming national security. The fear he has of strangers and foreign powers are now coming to the surface, because he cannot control it.

Trump as President is now not accepting Syrian refugees, not accepting a person from concerning nations and also going after illegal immigrants with fierce force of the National Security Organizations of the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence who offers the reports of who are eligible to enter and get visas in United States.

Certainly, President Trump isn’t having anybody else than ones who are his standard of American and from the right kind of countries. What that might be, we get to really know when the US Government releases the list of concerning countries, though we can guess what sort of nations Trump doesn’t trust. Peace.



I det siste har folk angrepet Freia med deres blå-lilla påskeegg pakke som de selger før påska. Samtidig som de har hatt en reklamestunt og kampanje som ikke har godt som planlagt. Jeg skal ikke diskutere den siste. Det jeg skal redegjøre for er mine tanker rundt miljø, etikk og ansvarlighet.

Vi er på vei inn til påsken. Den tiden hvor mange nordmenn går kanonas i Strømstad eller går ute i intet på fjellet med Kvikk Lunsj, kakao og appelsin. Samtidig som mange har bygget ut enorme hytter som er større enn deres hjem midt i fjellet eller ved en bortgjemt vik ved kysten. Som om det er miljøvennlig.

Jeg skal diskutere Påskeegg-mafian. Vanligvis kunne jeg ikke bry meg katten om hva tanker og ideer rosabloggere har, men dette har tatt av. Sikkert fordi over tid har det vært snakk om og ønsket om produkter ikke lengre skal inneholde Palmeolje.

Palmeolje er en smakløs olje som er smøraktig som også kan brukes til såpe, lys også videre. Den kommer fra veldig forskjellige palmetrær.

NHO lanserte allerede i September 2014 at flere norske matvareprodusenter skulle begynne å produsere produkter med «bærekraftig palmeolje» (Regnskog.no). Dette har skjedd samtidig som mange produsenter allerede har sluttet i deler av produktene sine med bruk av akkurat denne oljen.

Det jeg syntes er tragisk med hele er ikke miljømessige diskusjonen rundt palmeolje, men selve boikotten av det hele. Som er litt tragisk og fundamental er selve måten og tankesettet for dette. Hvor lettvint man klandrer Freia og deres bruk av Palmeolje. Spesielt med tanke på at Freia har en grunn til sin drift. Å få en fortjeneste og tjene penger. Kapitalismens grunnverdi er å legge en krone inn i produktet og selge det for to kroner. Så lenge man ønsker dette samfunnet, da vil dette være prisen for produktene som er i butikken. CSR eller Corporate Social Responcibility er som oftest en jippo fra bedriftene, siden de tjener ikke penger på dette. Selv med Fairtrade og merkeordninger som skal sikre at bøndene får rettferdige summer for sitt arbeid.

Å hvis vi skal være ærlige, så er det litt dobbeltmoralsk å forvente noe annet av store produsenter som vil selge mest mulig produkter til oss. Fordi det er ikke på deres agenda å lage slike produkter i grunnen til oss. Da virker det å pålegge dem slikt  litt naivt. Hvorfor går ikke de samme menneskene mot de store bryggeriene og klager å boikotter mot engangsflasker av glass og plast? Som nå selges mer og mer av. Hvorfor er det ikke diskusjon rundt aliminumsboksene? Hvor miljøvennlig er egentlig dette? Hvorfor er det ikke diskusjon rundt emballsje som helhet? I både dagligvaresektoren og annet som vi kjøper inn. Har du sett hvor store og feite boksene for Cornflakes blandingen er og hvor mange lag mann må inn i før man kan fylle en suppebolle og melk med cornflakes? Hvorfor sier ikke folk imot dette? Min teori er at det ikke er sexy eller liten nok.

Det er ironisk at vi som Nordmenn skal pålegge hvordan andre skal drive miljøvennlig i Brasil og andre steder når vi borer etter alle kilder med sort gull som eksisterer under overflaten. Det er litt som Bill Clinton på 90-tallet som snakket fred og slapp bomber hvor det passet enten i Jugoslavia eller i Sudan, og ikke minst fredsprosjekt sammen med Etiopia i Somalia med mindre hell. Det samme er det med oss. Vi pumper opp det sorte-gullet og tjener penger på det. Samtidig pålegger vi omgivelsene til å håndtere galskapen vi putter i atmosfæren. Det er som å snakke fred for deretter å selge kuler. Noe vi også er gode på. Uansett.

De som vil boikotte Freia Påskeegg. Kos dere. Jeg skjønner dere og rister litt på hode. Så håper jeg samtidig for guds skyld at du ikke plukker opp maten på Kiwi med en ny handlepose, men i sekk eller flergangspose. Slik at du ikke ødelegger miljøet med å anskaffe og forurense verden med enda mer plastikk; Som tar evig lang tid å bli jord igjen. Dette er også laget av oljen som vi tjener så flesk med penger på. Fordi om du er så miljøvennlig må du gjøre det i det store og det hele. Ikke bare si det og ikke ta ansvar. Ellers om du er som Bill Clinton på 90-tallet – sier en ting og gjør en annen – elskverdig ikke sant?

Hvis du nå lurer på hvorfor jeg kaller det Påskeegg-Mafian. En mafia er en gruppe og gjeng som er semi-strukturell som driver med ulovlig aktivitet etter indre normer(Wikipedia). Ikke at disse som boikotter Påskeeggene gjør noe ulovlig eller bryter noen etiske grenser. De gjør bare sin rett egentlig. Jeg bare syntes det er en litt forhastig aksjon som egentlig for et stort konsern som Freia ikke vil ha stort å bety. Det er som om man skal få Rema 1000 til å gå konkurs fordi ikke lenger plukker opp Algrens Biler. Vi vet, de vet og alle vi andre vet at det vil ha minimal effekt på Rema, om det i det hele tatt vil ha effekt og de da begynner heller med en kopi(av Algrens Biler) eller så ender vi opp med å kjøpe potetskruer. Verden er enkel sånn.

Så kjære dere boikottere dere ute – Boikott så mye dere vil – Slutt å kjøp Påskeegg fra Freia. Klag, mas, reklamere mot Freia! Samtidig begynner å gjøre flere ting. Snakk ut mot flere bedrifter og boikott disse om dere er seriøse, eller så bryr dere bare når en rosablogger skriver sin mening. Fordi jeg håper inderlig at det må mere til for mafian handle og reagere. Setter pris på at folk ønsker å gjøre noe positivt og engasjerer seg. Bare at det blir meningsløst og lite effektivt når man hoster opp en tåre istedenfor å rense opp en forurenset innsjø. Tårene klarer man å fake og presse ut om man vil, det tar derimot handling og planlegging for å rense en innsjø. Så om denne Påskeegg-Mafian bare er en gimmic eller er en ekte vare får vi se. Fordi vi som Nordmenn bør iallefall tenke oss om før vi klandrer andre for å drive umiljøvennlig aktivitet siden vi er skyldige og det bør ikke være en sak vi trenger å skjule.

Å håper at du for all del koser deg med kvikklunsj og appelsinen på fjellet. At du sitter i din store oppvarmede hytte og veibelagte strekning ut til intet. Hvor du kan nyte stillheten og atmosfæren. Se den hvite snøen. Kjenne vinden i lungene og tenke dette er verdt det. Fordi det er det. Men, om du da når du vet at noen har presset enorme midler for å lage veien ut i skogen, lagt rørene inn til hytta og satt opp stolper med strøm. Som pumpes fra langtvekkistan til din hytte så du kan på kvelden ha isbiter med brusen. Noe som igjen på er engangsflaske som ikke vil brytes ned på aldri den tid. Så vet du at om du boikotter Freia Påskeegg, har alle de andre prosjektet vært like miljøskadelig og forsetter å være det. Å hvis du lurer på det: Så kan du snakke fint og boikotte det fordi det er Palmeolje, men hva med alt det andre? Hvorfor tenkte du aldri på hva alt det andre du gjorde?

Det jeg vil si at om du stirrer på meg som om jeg drepte noen på Rema 1000 eller Kiwi, å da kjøper Påskeegg – tenk på alt du selv plukker opp i handlekurven eller i handlevogna. Ikke som om jeg kjøpte en atombombe eller annriker uran i hagen. Du selv plukket om flere av disse i fjor og da var det ingen problem. Så ikke se på meg som en himla synder. Jeg vet hva jeg gjør. Det vet du også. Likevel, trenger du ikke å se på meg den verste skadedyret på denne planeten. For alle andre ting jeg gjør kan være gode for alt du vet. Å alt annet du gjør kan gjøre kan være verre for miljøet. Etisk er det mange dilemmaer av når det kommer til handling og vurderinger i hverdagen. Miljøvennlighet er en av mange kriterier. Så dersom du har problem med om jeg kjøper dette. For å gå litt Bibelelsk og da siterer Matteus 7-3: «Hvorfor ser du flisen i din brors øye, men bjelken i ditt eget øye legger du ikke merke til?» Slik tenker jeg når du dømmer meg for å plukke opp en pakke Freia Påskeegg. Peace.


Regnskogen.no – http://www.regnskog.no/no/nyheter/nyhetsarkiv/regnskogfondet/nho-vil-redusere-bruken-av-palmeolje (24.09.2014)


Wikipedia – http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mafia

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