Burundi: Nkurunziza is retiring as the Supreme Leader of Patriotism

“The Supreme Leader is dead.”

“Long live the Supreme Leader.”” – Kylo Ren and Armitage Hux (Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, 2017)

The National Assembly today voted for a bill, which the President Pierre Nkurunziza become the Supreme Leader of Patriotism. The bill also makes him the headliner- or the chair at the 1st July or National Day every single year.

Therefore, the state is making a law that is to benefit Nkurunziza. Surely, what the National Assembly was not saying the pay-off and the possible perks with the position of Supreme Guide of Patriotism. It is not like the President going to go away for free or not be paid. The reports earlier in the year was $550,000 USD and the same benefits like the Vice-President for life.

Supreme Guide is French for Supreme Leader. Whose now the Republic’s mentor or guide, the man whose the paramount- or the ultimate leader of the Republic, apparently. His the man who has the highest regard, the man who has the mind and spirit to guide the nation. Even when his not in the highest office, but is retired as such.

The others who is titled like this is the Supreme Leader of North Korea and Iran. Also, the Supreme Leader of the First Order in Star Wars. Therefore, this title isn’t known for its gentle leadership. Nevertheless, it makes it weirder that his stepping down with this title.

Usually, the men (yes, the men) with these titles are in it for life. They are Supreme Leaders to their final breath. They are not stepping down, retiring looking at the geese and eating the gander. No, they are hanging in the chambers of power. They are making power moves and ensuring that other people who are in their way stop breathing.

That is why the title today and the votes of 91 for Nkurunziza to become the Supreme Leader is weird. As well, as the supposed rumoured pay-off for his retirement. Because, it is all a bit high regarding for someone stepping down. His already been called the “eternal leader” or the imboneza yamaho. So, it is not like he haven’t gotten the glory for his existence already.

The Supreme Leader of Burundi is living in Gitega, the moved capital and the man who changed the constitution to let him run again. The man who rebelled, used military force, killed off plenty of his opponents and nearly made all opposition extinct. Is now bowing off as the Supreme Leader of Patriotism.

This must be seen as a stepping stone for the Supreme Leader of Burundi. As he will surely take the reigns again. The man being the Presidential Candidate in 2020 and for the next term for the CNDD-FDD. Will only be his loyal water-boy and his “Dmitrij Medvedev”, who get’s his term and then back-down for the “Vladimir Putin” to return. However, that is only speculations of the shady closed-doors agreements made between the gentlemen, but don’t be shocked if it happens. The Supreme Leader isn’t advanced age yet.

If not, we can always discuss if Kylo Ren took over for Snoke as the Supreme Leader of the First Order in Star Wars. Peace.

Opinion: Trump wants a White AmeriKKKa

In 2017 the Trump Administration banned 7 countries and their citizens from immigrating to the United States. After a while, one of them got dropped, but the rest still persisted. This being Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Syria. From these week again Sudan was targeted after been released for a little while. While they have now added Burma (Myanmar), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania.

We can see what type of countries the Trump Presidency picks. However, what is more outrages about a few, is where the United States has bombed the places to pieces and still they will help the ones in need. This being Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The first ban of 2017 was called the Muslim ban. Now, people don’t even flinch.

The Trump Administration might talk security and their own sovereign safety. But, we can all bullshit on that one. Trump is only doing this to Whiten the population and stall more people to enter. Just like with the recent stop of birth-tourism ban too. It all follows a pattern. Where the certain type of people is picked out and they are barred from entering.

President Trump is the man of the Klan. His the man of the White Supremacist. Picking out Sudan again, taking Tanzania, Nigeria and Eritrea. While also stopping Burma (Myanmar) where the genocide on a Muslim is going on. Clearly, the US tries stifle them from entering, because they are from the “wrong” nations. That is the initial drive.

It is not about the capacities of people, this is not about education standards or anything else. This is a precondition of where they have resided and statehood before entering the Republic. Than, you know the credentials are quit clear. That its only set-up like this because of their colour and ethnicity.

Trump Presidency can play that off and act a fool. This is clearly aimed at firing up the base and lifting their spirit ahead of the elections. That is all, by also closing the borders for yet another group of nationalities. Which is very simple by just another Executive Order. Because, its not like he could have pulled this one through Congress. The President knows that, as he cannot govern like a President should.

The suspension and limitation is striking. The aim is there and the ones denying that is either naive, if not they are part of the Klan themselves. That is just the way it is.

We all know the drill. This is a tool for re-election. Nothing else, a racist motivated targeted, using migration and immigrants as a pawn in the game for a populistic approach. Nothing else. Which the President has done all along. With his child-separation at the Southern Border and so-on. There is nothing human about these policies, only a cynic racist motivated approach to win the white supremacy base in the United States.

The extreme Alt-Right, which combined with the far-right evangelicals doesn’t care that they are electing a crook and drifter at the White House. As long as they are getting a few of their songs played on the radio, now and then. Peace.

Iraq: Brig. Gen. Seely letter to TG Abdul Amir (06.01.2020)

Iran: Ambassador Ravanchi letter to Secretary Gueterres (03.01.2020)

Opinion: Generals doesn’t get assassinated without consequences

When President Donald J. Trump of the United States gave the order or the thumbs up for a drone attack directed towards General Qassam Soleimani, the Top Commander of the Quad Forces of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. Therefore, the direct attack on Friday, the strike, which sealed the fate of Soleimani is strike against the powerful in Teheran.

That Soleimani is a man who has sought influence by any means, that is true. That he has scorned many people, ensured their demise and killed. That he has done as covert-mission, spying and direct planning with Americans and other allies to destroy ISIS and others. To ensure more stronger allies of Iran in the Middle East.

Still, the assassination, the murder of Soleimani is a watershed movement. Not because the American Congress wasn’t informed, but random people at Miami Mar-A-Lago was. They knew more than the ones supposed to give “go” sign to it. Plus, the international laws of warfare and thus, the potential incriminating act of violations of such. Also, shows what dire straits that is ahead.

As there are more drone attacks in Iraq. There seemingly hunting season for the Americans there, as they target all things associated with Iranians. While, there is reports of giant marine ship deploying for Iraq as well. Clearly, the United States is escalating everything. While trying to say the killings of a General wasn’t escalating, but a deterrent.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and President Trump is for the first time really seeing the effects of their warmongering. They have ordered bombing in Somalia over the years, in an insane rate. The US has bombed targets in Syria, but to no relief. The US strategic friendships and allies within Syria has dwindled, as the Kurds was sacrificed a few months ago. Because, Trump fiercely gave way to Turkish President Erdogan and let him attack the Kurds. Therefore, not like he has gotten many to play with either.

As, he again breaks more protocol, no diplomacy, just drops a drone attack on one of the most powerful men of Teheran. One of the men with huge influence, one who has the ability to get people in line and get operations secured on behalf of the Iranian regime. That is the man that Trump got rid-off.

Still, the facts remain, the situation in Iraq doesn’t get better by this. Neither, does the continues drone-strikes and the possible deployment of more troops. As well, as reports of various possible targets and use of proxies in region from Iran. They have said they would avenge Soleimani. Who blame them?

Would the US have forgiven and let bygones, be bygones, if one of their most powerful and prestigious generals killed. I wouldn’t think so, they would retaliate with biblical proportions and leave no one left unpunished.

That is why the decision to take the General out, seems unplanned and not considered the implications of doing so. It seems like the U.S. is pulling the strings in the aftermath and trying to use their intelligence and do more snap actions. However, it doesn’t seem like they have a plan nor a vision. Other, than blasting more people in Iraq, which they have done for several of decades and hope to get away with in this one too.

The Iranians are naturally hurt, they are naturally feeling beaten and also scorned by this. To think otherwise is naive. Not that all Iranians would love the General, but neither does every American respect the Donald either.

In this instance, it seems it would be better seeing the General breathing. Not because his was a good man, but let mother nature do its own cause. Might have secured another stage and other possible avenues. Instead of these war-games, where the civilians, where the war-torn Iraq get even more scars and the region get even battles on its shores. All supported with the mighty American military complex and vicious cycle of destruction continues. While the dirt and soil turns red, even the moon gets the taste of blood.

That because, one President thought he would be a wise, thought he did something heroic, but instead he unleashed a beast he doesn’t control. He will possibly make Iraq and Iran suffer, because he could and let the poorest Americans draft to war-zone, where they have heart for or care. Other than its better to be in the army, than poor in Indiana. However, that doesn’t save the day and neither did the demise of Soleimani.

We are living with the ramifications of it right now. The new tenseness and uncertainty, as the there will most likely be more hurt. It will be more destruction and more death. While the entitled, the wealthy and the ones in power, never will see the damage they do. As the war-games, the casualties and the ones fleeing doesn’t hit close to home. The United States didn’t do this in self defence. They did this because they could. No one should deny that. Not like this was Pearl Harbour or anything. Not even damn close.

Whatever, the U.S. did, they didn’t do no good. They only causing more harm and more issues to handle. The have open a can of worms and they cannot close it, since they destroyed the lid. Peace.

Opinion: Ilhan Omar deserves credit not scrutiny!

But the reason I think that many of us knew that this was going to get worse is that we finally had a leader in the White House who publicly says Islam hates us, who fuels hate against Muslims, who thinks it is OK to speak about a faith and a whole community in a way that is dehumanizing, vilifying” (…) “Some people like me know that he understands the consequences. He knows that there are people that he can influence to threaten our lives, to diminish our presence” – Rep. Ilhan Omar on the 10th April 2019

U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar is one of the persons, one of the representatives that represents everything the President of United States isn’t. She represent the ones who came through poverty, immigrated and made a new life in the United States. That is why she is idol and also a figure of amassed power. Because, she is the living proof of the hope and ability of immigrants and refugees in the United States. Everything, this administration is working against and wants to stop.

Rep. Omar has again and again since her time in office, as a Representative from Minnesota. Shown character and courage. Shown force when explaining the misuse of power and the lack of oversight in the role of Israeli investment and diplomatic unity between the American Government and Israeli counterparts. That was called anti-Semitism, when it was really just questioning the powers to be and their affiliation with a foreign force. Still, because of her personality, her religion and her heritage. That became giant issue.

Again, she is under-fire for the same reason. Because of who she is, not because of what she stands for or working towards. No, the political work and her statements are shining examples of the American Dream, of the unity and the diversity of the United States. However, the President and the Republican Party, prefer scaremongering and silencing tactic towards the ones who works for diverse republic. The ones that is actually working for the what the Republic has been known for, to be welcoming and friendly to all religions, creeds and ethnic groups to immigrate there.

She was stating all of this in a manner that wasn’t offensive, wasn’t wrong, but just wanting the United States, to be what it is known for. To let people enter the Republic and try to achieve the American Dream. By following immigration law or the rights as asylum-seekers. That is well-known.

Rep. Omar is an inspiration and someone that gives hope to the world. People are taking things out of context and beating it up. Because she fits as someone you can use as a target. The President and the GOP does it steady with her. Especially since she got the courage to co-sponsor a bill, which attacks and directly stops one of the big executive orders of this presidency. That is why they are attacking her, because she defends the end of the Muslim Ban and the direct ban of entering of certain nationalities.

There is time for a change, there is a time for the equality and justice, not just white supremacy rule, where the fringe ideas became policy. That is what has happen and now that the democrats have control of the House. The Republicans and their control of the Capitol Hill is challenged and sometimes can even hang the Congress.

I’ll stand by Ilhan Omar and her cause, which will change the United States for the better. Peace.

Sandberg: Har blitt Svarte-Per!

Per Sandberg må være i en intern-kamp på det mentale plan. Sandberg har virkelig vist en annen side av seg selv. Han har alltid vært arrogant og selvsikker, ikke bedt noen om unnskyldninger etter angrep på andre politikere. Sandberg har aldri hatt problem å ri en storm eller å ro seg unna. Denne sommeren har vært annerledes. Da har det kommet frem at han har fått seg kjæreste og samboer fra Iran, dette er Bahareh Letnes.

En av Norges største Islam- og muslim kritikere, Sandberg, nestleder i Fremskrittspartiet. Har vist en annen side av seg selv. Han er blitt plutselig vennlig ovenfor Iran, der litt turisme kan overrumple prestestyret i riket. Dette etter å ha vært på ferie med Letnes i Iran, der hun er fra og har flyktet fra som asylsøker.

Det som er særegent med Sandberg, er at han har alltid vært mot ikke-vestlige innvandring. Han har vært for alle mulig ekstra krav særskilt til flyktninger, innvandrere og asylsøkere. Han har stilt kritiske spørsmål og vært kvass for å skarpe inn deres retningslinjer. Derfor, er det særegent at en dame gjør at han forandrer sin posisjon og kanskje sin poltiske overbevisning, eller gjelder dette bare henne og han? Resten av oss må fortsatt følge strenge krav og reguleringer, men de har lov til å gjøre akkurat som de vil?

Jeg er for ett åpent samfunn, hvor etnisitet, tro og legning ikke skal ha direkte betydning for de krav som stilles til oss som borgere. Det er fint det, men det pleier å ikke falle i god jord hos FRPere, spesielt ikke slike som Sandberg, som henger på greina til Listhaug, Anundsen og Tybring-Gjedde. Siden han plutselig ikke ser sitt snitt, så er dette forholdet og reisen. Den er stikk i strid med det han selv har sagt og støttet i en årrekke.

Det som også er spesielt med dette og ferieturen er at han ikke meldte i fra til Statsministerens Kontor (SMK). Tok med arbeidstelefonen og hvem vet som har lekket til Iran. Når man ikke følger de sikkerhetskrav SMK har, da er man direkte uansvarlig. At han reiser avsted, uten å ha dette avklart som statsråd er direkte provoserende. Der han representere staten og er i regjerning. Dette er ikke en rolle man hopper ut i fra. Derfor har man særegne regler og retningslinjer for statsråder. Dette for å sikre riket. På grunn av dette må man være påpasselig og sikre seg selv. Å følge de krav som vervet gir de folkevalgte. Dette ser ut som en grunnleggende forutsetning som Sandberg ikke har føyd seg etter i sommer.

Derfor, er hele saken veldig pikant. Jeg er glad for å se den gamle mannen forelsket og reiser på heisatur til Iran. For vanlige borgere hadde dette på sett og vis vært greit. Da hadde en ikke misbrukt sin rolle, ja, kanskje støttet ett ille regime med økonomisk støtte ved å besøke dette. Man hadde også vært naiv i forhold til hvilke forhold det er under prestestyret. Akkurat som Sandbergs forsvar av Iran har vært etter reisen og i media.

Det er så altfor mange ting som er både genialt og tragisk i denne saken. Ja, et kjærlighetsforhold er vanlig en privat-sak, det samme er en ferie, men når du er folkevalgt og statsråd. Da har du helt andre krav til deg, enn en ordinær borger. Noe som bare er helt spesielt er at han, en muslim-kritiker og mot asylsøkere, har blitt sammen og bor med henne. Dette er bare noe som må kommenteres. Fordi dette viser at livet følger ikke lære. Selv om jeg ikke har problem at han har valgt dette, fordi det er sånn det skal være i samfunnet. Kjærligheten er grenseløs og den kan ikke følge noe skjema.

Hva som skjer videre, er enten så får Siv Jensen nok eller så gjør faktisk Erna Solberg noe. Hvis ikke så kommer det som i Listhaugsaken, at det kommer et mistillitsforslag mot statsråden. Som gjør at Sandberg mister rollen som statsråd, men blir værende på Stortinget. Der han mister retten til sensitiv informasjon som et regjeringsmedlem.

Hvis Per Sandberg trodde noe av dette var smart, så har han tatt feil. At en kritikker og kvass person som han. En person som har angrepet alle og rettferdiggjort ganske uspiselige handlinger. Skulle komme billig unna nå, ville være helt feil. Sandberg har alltid prøvd å belære andre og snakket om frykten for ikke-vestlige innvandrere. Nå bor han med en, det er fint og greit. Det som ikke er greit, er at det manglende samsvar mellom liv og lære.

Jeg er for at man ikke ser på etnistet og religion for sin livspartner. Det er fint at han har funnet henne, men da bør han også gå inn i seg selv. Se på sine egen politiske overbevisning og også beklage til alle oss som måtte kjempe mot systemet. Fordi vi har koner eller ektemenn fra ikke-vestlige land. Vi har måtte kjempe mot systemet og de krav som legges på oss. Fordi vi har forelsket oss og ønsket å dele livet med en ikke vestlig person. Noe som Sandberg nå gjør.

Det siste er at SMK, Solberg og Jensen må virkelig legge frem hva de tenker om statens sikkerhet og mulig overvåkning fra Iran. Hvilke konsekvenser dette har for hans rolle som Statsråd og om det har betydning at han ikke fulgte retningslinjene til SMK. Som stortingsrepresentant og statsråd burde han vite sin posisjon og sitt verv. Likevel, vil han heller være en privatperson i forhold til Letnes, men så lenge han er statsråd, så vil dette være prioritet nummer en.

Vi må nå se om dette vil få konsekvens. Men dette viser virkelig hvor viktig det er å handle korrekt og følge retningslinjer som blir lagt for en i en slik stilling som Sandberg har. Dette er direkte uansvarlig og man forventer mer an statsråd.

Ville FrP og Høyre, sagt det var ok for en AP statsråd til å reise med en tidligere asylsøker og kjæreste til Nord Korea uten å gi beskjed til SMK? Det tviler jeg på at de ville godta. Det tviler jeg virkelig på at de ville godta. Da måtte Arbeiderparti statsråden gå og beklage for det den hadde gjort. Likevel, skjer ikke dette med Sandberg. Han prøver å bøye seg unna.

Vi får nå følge med å se. Det er hyggelig at Sandberg har fått seg ikke vestlig kjæreste, men vil det har konsekvens for hans politiske tanker rund innvandring og asylsøkere? Vil det bli mer humant, eller gjelder det bare personer som er i hans nære omgangskrets?

Lurer også på hva han selv tenker eller har tenkt. Siden Sandberg er langt fra en person jeg har likt politisk. Likevel, glad for at han funnet kjærligheten. Ikke glad for at han har satt riket på spill og spiller likegyldig ovenfor hva Iran gjør. Det er kanskje som folk sier «kjærligheten kan gjør en blind». Peace.

Gharahkhani går i praksis mot sine egne: Med hans eget ønske om asylsøker stopp!

Dagbladet.no den 25 Juni 2018

Masud Gharahkani må være en særegen og spesiell person som tilregner seg selv en så stor og viktig plass. Han har hatt en fantastisk rykk i politikken fra Øvre Eiker, til Drammen og til Stortinget. Hvor Arbeiderpartiet har delegert rollen som innvandrerpolitisk talsmann. Det han sier er helt utrolig. Spesielt med tanke på hans egne historie.

Gharahkani er selv født i Iran, hans foreldre flyktet under 1980-årene i 8 års krigen med Irak. De var selv asylsøkere og flyktninger til Norge. De kom hit på grunn av konflikten i Midtøsten. Derfor når han går kraftig ut i media og sier at han er imot asylsøkere, så er han imot sine egne. Han vil stoppe sånne som seg selv og likedan. Det er helt utrolig, men sant.

Masud vil stoppe slik som hans far, Bijan Gharahkhani fra å kunne kommet til Norge. Ettersom da måtte han ha kommet igjennom nåløyet til Forente Nasjon (FN) og igjennom de krav som de etterser, før de kommer inn som kvoteflyktning fra flyktningleirer nær konfliktsoner verden over.

Så om Gharahkani og likedan hadde vært ved maktsenteret på stortinget på 80-tallet. Da kan man i teorien stoppet for den rakett-karrieren som han har hatt. Fra å være i kommune-styre, til å gå til valg som ordfører-kandidat i Drammen og til å bli talsperson på Stortinget. Dette ville ikke vært mulig.

Derfor er det fascinerende, at en person som vet om hans egen familie og slektningers byrder, sin kamp mot diktatur, vil stoppe flyktninger. Dette er helt utrolig og tragisk. At en av deres egne vil stoppe mennesker som flykter fra nød- og fare. Noen som søker ly og trygghet, vekke fra hungersnød, krig og tortur. At disse skal bli stoppet av sine egne. Det er helt utrolig.

Hvis det ikke handlet om medmenneskelighet på 1980-tallet, så ville ikke han hatt makt og posisjon i dag. Da ville ikke kongeriket gitt han sin mikrofon og mulighet. Når han har kommet dit, så vil ha ta vekk den muligheten for andre i nød. Det er tragisk at han er så spesiell at han og hans familie fortjente det på 1980-tallet, men de i dag fortjener det ikke.

Jeg mener at de som flykter i dag, fortjener det like mye som de som flyktet på 80-tallet. Kanskje Gharahkani ser det slik. Men jeg er ikke så forskrudd og så forblåst. Jeg er bare en ordinær skattebetaler. Som vil at min rettstat skal være rettferdig og hjelpe de i nød. Siden vi er i en heldig situasjon i dag, men kanskje ikke i morgen. Så om noen søker ly, så bør vi gi de muligheten. Slik at de kan bli en del av samfunnet akkurat som Masud. Det viser verdien av vårt samfunn og velferdssamfunn som er inkluderende og lik for alle.

Dermed er det kritikkverdig at en som har hatt muligheten og fått dette. Skal stoppe dette for andre. Det er ubegripelig. For om han fikk ønske sitt og vi hadde allerede hatt det i effekt på 1980-tallet. Da ville ikke Gharahkani vært på tinget i dag. Peace.

A spiteful chant: Where did humanity go?

Where did humanity go in our time? When did we cease to care about other people’s struggle and their causes? When did that cease to matter? Because in our time, the rich and wealthy are securing more and more resources, while the poor is having no ways to get out of it. The states are closing their borders, stricter rules for refugees and asylum-seekers. While in dictatorships, the harassments and the internally displaced numbers are rising. The rich countries are investing in warfare, but not taking charge for the fleeing refugees from the crisis. They are trying to pay the states in regions and close the borders in migration routes. There is no heart, just cash-money. The heart has left, and the ignorance is rising.

The deaths of civil wars, the displacements of draconian laws and of dictators doesn’t matter. The lack of dialogue and of political freedoms, that doesn’t matter either. The lack of compassion and of political will change is also okay. As long as the troubles from afar doesn’t touch us. However, we will seal of the borders and make sure the innocent victims of internal disputes and skirmishes hopefully can cross the border to the closest country and not seek refugees in Europe or in the United States. Because, we cannot mange to show some humanity and heart.

The blood in your veins should boil, but for most. We don’t give a damn, they don’t give a fig. If their villages are burned to the ground by the military. If the Police is detaining people without any justification. If the state is securing the demise and death on fake imports. All of that doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t happen where we are.

This is the despicable. This is the reality. Our time, our reality, what our representatives put forward and make sure to build big invisible walls and mechanisms to close borders. To make it less achievable and costly to cross. Even more dangerous, as the perils of death and destruction at home isn’t better. But to leave can also cost your life, either by crook or by the book. Secondly, there will be nobody to even care to look.

This should be disgusting. Knowing that people are dying fleeing civil-wars and dictatorship, than when they are entering our safe havens; there is no one caring for their ills and troubles. They will just shrug it off like dirt on their shoulders and move on. There is lack of solidarity and heart. I hope in my time, that the Republic’s and Nation’s that close their borders never start warfare with themselves. As the ones who saw what we did. Might also give us no helping hand. They might say, we saw what your parents did to us. Why should we save the kids to such despicable people? Why do you deserve safe haven, when you couldn’t help our kind in need?

That is what I worry about, because we never know when the tide change, when society start to deteriorate or self-destruct. That is within us and we never know. We could be next, right now it is our brothers from afar, next time it could our closest neighbor or even ourselves. Than, they will remember our cold hearts and lack of compassion in the times of need. Peace.

Opinion: Who needs enemies, when you have Trump?

There isn’t anything about this man that is about trust, except of his own ego and his own scary love for his daughter. The rest is just a relic of man, whose role in the world is supposed to be trusted and secure, but instead is a beacon of distrust and disloyalty, there isn’t any cause or any effort he will thwart because of his world-view. It isn’t anyone else he will make sure suffers, because it doesn’t fit his narrow little cable-TV mind of his. President Donald J. Trump, has yet again betrayed the world, this time with Iran and Middle East as a the pawns.

That President Trump is untrustworthy is with the change of guards, the twitching ways of bombing in Yemen, the drone attacks in Somalia, the possible pull-out in South Sudan and so on. The sudden suicidal mission in Niger, the blatant support of Saudi Arabia and other friends in the Middle East. While not having a coherent strategy in Iraq and in Syria. Therefore, that today, the United States is pulling out of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.

Everyone should know that Trump cannot be trusted, the allies in NATO should be worried, as he has attacked them and said they haven’t done enough. Who knows if he pulls out of there too. Just like he has done with the TPP and the Paris Agreement. Nothing seems impossible, if he would ask the United Nations to change their headquarters too, would seem reasonable at this point. Because this man is of the chains. Nothing is stable, nothing is done with consensus or quorum, all in the midst of misty fog, which the farts he has made by eating to many cheese-burgers and drinking to much diet-coke.

Clearly, the world cannot anticipate a trustworthy partner in the United States, the NAFTA negotiations team, the Chinese Trade Deals and the North Koreans should know that Trump is unreasonable and a megalomaniac, who only praise his own ego, but not caring about the costs for the world around him. Like it is seemingly done on impulse without other reasons than, Obama did this, so I have to do the opposite. If Obama acted like a grown ass man, I have act like baby, if Obama talked with tact with his allies, Trump has to insult the Montenegro Prime Minister Duško Marković, because Trump has to be the big-shot and King Kong at the NATO Meeting.

So, the world doesn’t need enemies when it has Trump, he has already lied about missiles ships in Asia to spread fear around North Korea, promised that something might happen in Syria or other places. This man is pulling out of the world, but expect his guns and ammunition to hit conflicts with a steady phase. If he thinks this is wise and controlling, it will just be by rare luck if nothing going to pop-off, not like Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner can even trade their bad estates of 666 fifth avenue in New York, and copy-cat fashion designs to make a deal like the Iran Nuclear Agreement. 3 years into the deal, he pulls out.

If I was North Korea, I would wonder if the United States can be trusted and if they should just directly talk with Seoul and not Washington. Since the mad-man in DC is off the hinges and could suddenly send drones to Pakistan, because his newly appointed such-and-such with a mustache said so. Since, nothing is impossible in this mess and the lack of reflection is a bad sign. That the microwaved and lack of possible outcome of a self-inflicted wounds are the result of pulling out of it.

I am sure Fox & Friends, Tomi Lahren and all the bad-boys of the Republican going to praise this, but the world is looking in awe and thinking, does this man has any hinges? Where does the buck stops? When will this man be better? He is only getting worse.

Who needs enemies? When you have Trump? You don’t need any, no one is so self-conflicted, split-personality and self-indicted, than the commander-in-chief. Also his neglect in lack of understanding and basic knowledge of the concerns is evident too. That is why these sort of acts appears, because he thinks he won the rose on The Bachelorette and gets another shot at the woman. Instead, its big giant policies that affects not only the region, but all powers. This is creating frantic problems, and worries about the outcome. While he is just acting like it was nothing.

Who knows the consequences now, but Iran will with time start up their Nuclear production, the arms race of the Middle East will happen with time. The United States will export more weapons and who knows how it will go. Who will shoot and who will spread fear, but in the equation, the United States cannot be trusted. The United States cannot be trusted at all, as long as Trump is at the helm.

He might end NATO tomorrow. Who knows? He got the capacity and he doesn’t care. Peace.

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