Opinion: Nkurunziza is set to run in 2020, unless Jesus returns prematurely!

Voting is not a right. It is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you.” Dennis E. Adonis

Let’s be clear, the Burundian government, the CNDD-FDD Party and President Pierre Nkurunziza are preparing for the General Election in 2020. This has been in the works since the Third Term was accepted by the Constitutional Court on the 5th May 2015. So, that the President could run for his third term, even as it was questionable considering the Arusha Agreement of 2000 and the Constitution. Still, the CNDD-FDD and President went through it and the crisis has persisted since.

We know, that the state is not backing down, as the state has collected a “volunteer” tax as a preparations for the General Elections in 2020. In some instances even stopping students from enrolling if they are not paying the 2020 fee. There even businesses and others who has been sanctioned for not paying the fare to the state. Therefore, the state is steady preparing and ensuring to be paid-in-full.

However, this isn’t the only step to continue the reign of Nkurunziza, as the state held a Referendum on the 21st May 2018, which voted with a majority of 73%. The Referendum on that day have permitted and secured the President the legality and eligibility to reign until 2034. Where the Presidential Terms also goes from 5 years until 7 year long terms. This is why, the President can run for two more 7 year terms. That is clearly with intention of letting Pierre run a bit longer.

Therefore, even as the African Union (AU) commend Nkurunziza for not standing in 2020. I have a hard time believing it. Because, everything that has happen since 2015 has been about Nkrunziza and him centralizing all power. That the President has stalled the Inclusive Inter-Burundian Dialogue and so on. There is no action, which gives a proper hope.

Even if Agathon Rwasa gets his own party and gets to run. He will be the main challenger of Nkurunziza is 2020, but he will still not be capable to topple the regime. Unless, they are trying to pull a leg and shift focus, but get him to appoint fellow cronies Nkrunziza trusts. Since, there are no sign of less violence, killings, disappearances and people fleeing into exile. There are no reconciliation or no changes made, which are making things hopeful.

The state has already made laws, which are ethnically based, where NGOs have to hire a set amount of one group, and if not they have to close. Which some NGOs have done as a result, also they have to produce more papers and prove their liabilities and if they stop working there, it can all be ceased by the state. That is how they work. The Burundian government have really shown their despicable face to world.

Not only going after the former FNL and other people who questions the CNDD-FDD, but they are really using the security organizations and the Imbonekura (Party Youth-Wing) to silence the ones speaking up against the regime. This the true scare and reality of who Nkurunziza is.

He might smile and grin wisely in propaganda photos leaked online. But his acts of his government is sinister. The reign and misuse of power is extreme. The state are monitoring everything and ensuring everyone is following party line. That is why I have a hard time believing Nkurunziza would step down and give it up. He has the juicy job and eating on the state. He even moved the political capital to Gitega, because he could. That is the sort of President he is. Therefore, no reasons for him to stop. Unless, he wants to save face, but then he might get into trouble as all the skeletons might haunt him. Peace.

FYI: To end with the quote from the headline. The only reason why I say Jesus returns prematurely, is that we as a world has to many projects and to many things undone. That we should have fixed before he returns. Like more democratically elected persons and not selected elites. We should ensure all people have running tap-water in their homes, electricity, work and food in the belly. As long as that is not there. Than, Jesus has come back to early, because we as humanity couldn’t even fix the basics before he came. Therefore, Nkurunziza will surely run again before Jesus returns. Peace II.

Uganda: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Media release – EAC Passports (01.02.2019)

EAC Secretariat: “Re: 20th Ordinary Summit of EAC Heads of State – 1st February, 2019 in Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania” (10.01.2019)

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Opinion: Is the EAC slowing breaking apart, because of Nkurunziza and Kagame?

Now for the second time within two months, there been a cancellation of the East African Community – Heads of State Summit, which was scheduled for the 30th November 2018 and the second one on the 27th December 2018. Now, the EAC Secretariat says its postponed.

The reality is that this bickering, this nail-biting between neighbors aren’t creating a better space for the civilians. This is showing a disregard for the citizens and the region in general. That Bujumbura has trouble with Kigali is clear. Also, that President Paul Kagame this week alone, said Rwanda had problems with two of their neighbors, but not the two other. That means, there are more issues within the EAC, than the EAC and the Heads of State want to play.

President Pierre Nkurunziza needs enemies outside now, since he has soon killed off everyone inside his fiefdom. He wants total control and own his Republic without any oversight or questioning from abroad, that is why he is silencing the media houses and the NGOs in Burundi. The Rwandan counterparts aren’t better, just more diplomatic, but we know the truth. That both regimes are tyrannical and despotic at best. They are not democratic dreams of nations, who cares about the liberty and freedom of their citizens. Therefore, they are both playing high stakes to look good, while making the other the enemy.

This while Tanzania, where the rising repressions are happening too, President John Pombe Magufuli are already getting questioned by all opposition parties and losing aid money. As his oppressive actions, his laws and his attitude towards dissidents. While he has a better relationship with EAC Chairman and figuring out better deals with Kenya.

The EAC Chairman President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are not able to fix the issues between Nkurunziza and Kagame. He just want to look like the giant and the grand-pa everyone is supposed to trust. He speaks with double tongue, as he speaks of dialogue, but torture and arrest his opposition.

The one outside the current squabble and drama between the states are Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who clearly waiting for another big scandal back-home and also a PR Stunt to cover it up. The Kenyan have had trade wars and challenges with both Uganda and Tanzania. But during the last two years, these has been more or less solved. As Kenyatta want to be integrated and get the trade done between the Republics.

Now, as we are soon clocking into 2019. The EAC integration, the EAC as an idea is dwindling in value. As the Heads of State Summits is not valued. The EAC are not able to fix the current headaches or even talk. The Burundian government are fighting it and making the Rwandan counterpart the scare-crow. While not looking into it self and what it does. Because the President and CNDD-FDD are not willing to really support the Inter-Burundian Dialogue, where Museveni also is the sponsor of it.

Not that Kagame mind all of this, even as the Chairman of the African Union (AU). It is like he doesn’t mind, the issues with Burundi. That it doesn’t stress him, as he can do whatever and do PR stunts to make him look good abroad. Even as he is a tyrannical son-of-a-bitch. No one should undermine that fact, only the blind sees it different or the ones bought by his swagger. But I don’t get caught into that mess.

With the years of crisis in Burundi, the lack of new protocol or even measures that matters. The Burundian government have decided to pull further away. Just like they do with international bodies within the Republic. The EAC is just a body who will meddle and Nkurunziza doesn’t want that. He wants to be the overlord. That is why this is happening.

Kagame will try to look innocent, but he is far from it. He has dozens of sins and blood on his hands. Even if he haven’t done anything in this manner, even if he is the guy that has supported militias to attack outside Rwanda in the past. He has the ability, but no proof at this moment. Just a likely figure to act like this and therefore, the CNDD-FDD tries to fool itself to an enemy. While Museveni are not able to configure or even bypass these problems. Without looking like fool, who cannot even get the men to talk and discuss the matters like men. Peace.

Burundi: Letter from H.E. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to H.E. President Pierre Nkurunziza (08.12.2018)

Opinion: Nkurunziza holding the EAC hostage to protocol, as he boycotted the Heads of State!

Today, there was an obvious boycott from the Burundian government in Arusha in Tanzania. As the scheduled 20th Heads of State Summit of the East African Community was about to happen. Pierre Nkurunziza boycotted the day and showed his defiance to the rest of the Community. Who knows why, but maybe he is worried of what would happen there.

This was established in November in 1999 and since then, all the Heads of State has meet for further integration and for the collective missions for the region. The EAC are clearly at a cross-roads, if that is because of Burundi or because of the leadership at the EAC. Since the Chairman at this point is President Yoweri Kaguta Musveni of Uganda. He got the letters earlier in October 2018, that Pierre Nkurunziza wanted the Summit postponed. However, because of scheduling conflicts, the President Uganda counterpart wanted it to happen.

The EAC Press Statement says:

The 20th Ordinary Meeting of the Summit of the East African Community Heads of State that was slated for Friday, 30th November, 2018 at the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC) in Arusha, Tanzania has been postponed to a later date. Making the announcement at the AICC’s Simba Hall, the Chairperson of the EAC Council, Hon Dr. Kirunda Kivejinja, said that the Summit would not take place due to a lack of quorum caused by the absence of the Republic of Burundi. “According to Rule 11 of the Rules of Procedure of the Summit of the EAC Heads of State, quorum is made of all Partner States representation which is in consonance with decision making by consensus under Article 12 of the Treaty,” Dr. Kivejinja, who is also Uganda’s 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of EAC Affairs” (EAC, 30.11.2018).

So, the Heads of State are postponed and the set date is now 27th December 2018. That means a month time, this time we can wonder if the Burundian will bail again. As the Burundian government are planning to prepare for their 2020 Elections and surely drag-out the dialogue without having all the stakeholders.

This was clearly a message from Nkurunziza. As he fears something brewing and doesn’t want to be humiliated or even pressed by neighbors. As he wants a free way of life time presidency like others. President Nkurunziza was invited and known of the date since October from the Secretariat, therefore, the added letters in November was more a stalling tactic. However, this should backfire, as he will be remembered for ditching the EAC.

The EAC who has monitoring and being the mediator with the dialogue in Burundi. The President should be happy it is these chaps who are doing it. As if it was further outside, they wouldn’t accept the tactics used by the Mpaka and the government involvement with force to block others from being part of it.

This is really a sign, as the others showed up and with credentials and ready to continue the agenda of the EAC. However, as Museveni wrote in his last letter to Nkurunziza: “Some matters on the agenda need to be attended to promptly and let us not be held hostage of the rules of procedure”.

That seems like the plan of Nkurunziza… keep the EAC hostage to procedure. Since, he boycotted or bailed the Heads of State today. That is the memo from Bujumbura. Peace.

EAC Summit: Position Paper of the Republic of Burundi, on the 20th Ordinary Summit of East African Community Head of State (29.11.2018)

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