Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Statement on the Recent Surge of Missile Testing on the Korean Peninsula (10.06.2022)

Cambodia: Joint Press Release of the Foreign Ministers of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Republic of Indonesia and the Kingdom of Thailand (04.05.2022)

Ukraine: ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Statement on the Reported Killing of Civilians in Ukraine (08.04.2022)

Kingdom of Cambodia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Outcomes of the 16th East Asia Summit (EAS) (27.10.2021)

ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC)/ASEAN People’s Forum (APF): Press Release (17.10.2021)

ASEAN Leaders’ Declaration on the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN (8 August 2017)

Van Rees – Tea Market Report 30 May – 3 June, 2016

Tea Market 30-3.6. 2016 P1Tea Market 30-3.6. 2016 P2

How wonderful the Uganda Police Force – “About Us” web-page is… (A Screen Shot saying it all)

UPF Fail

Well, yesterday we saw brutally how a Ugandan Police Officer was writing on the Release Bond to Dr. Kizza Besigye. It is now proof where that seriousness is taken from. As the “About Us” part of the Uganda Police Force is not functioning or well made. The level of unseriousness is staggering and not caring about the message the Police Force is sending out, by doing this. But hey, they rather being in the Anti-Riot Vehicles and throwing tear-gas instead of acting as respectable men and woman serving the people, but they just serve the Executive! Peace.

Press Release: Tata Communications and MasterCard join forces to empower 100 million women [Company Update] (30.09.2015)


209-06-02-2105: Press release on consultations of Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov in Indonesia (06.02.2015)

Bilateral political consultations were held between Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov and Director-General for American and European Affairs Dian Triansyah Djani at the Indonesian Foreign Ministry. Mr Morgulov also held a meeting with ASEAN Secretary-General Le Luong Minh.

While at the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, the sides discussed, in a friendly atmosphere, the condition and prospects of bilateral relations and opportunities to enhance their cooperation on urgent global and regional issues. They emphasized the need to further consolidate political dialogue, promote economic, trade and investment cooperation, and expand coordination in international affairs while emphasizing multilateral cooperation in the United Nationsand chiefly in resolving the situation in the Middle East and North Africa and countering ISIS.

Mr Minh and Mr Morgulov discussed specific steps for enhancing the practical dialogue and partnership between Russia and ASEAN and joint efforts on creating a new architecture of security and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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