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The Commonwealth is made for the UK’s own Interests: One proof, Johnson’s well-wished for Trade Declaration!

The basic confrontation which seemed to be colonialism versus anti-colonialism, indeed capitalism versus socialism, is already losing its importance. What matters today, the issue which blocks the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity will have to address this question, no matter how devastating the consequences may be.”Frantz Fanon

The true value and who runs it is proven when the former head of the Commonwealth for decades has been Queen Elisabeth II, which of yesterday put the mantle of leadership to her son Prince Charles of Wales. The Statement from ‘ Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 – Leaders’ Statement’ said: “We recognise the role of The Queen in championing the Commonwealth and its peoples. The next Head of the Commonwealth shall​ be His Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales” (Commonwealth, 20.04.2018).

We can also know the perspective the Great Britain has for the organization, as Boris Johnson wrote so clearly in March 2018: “The good news is that when we leave the EU, we will regain the power to sign free trade agreements with our Commonwealth friends, allowing the UK to make the most of thriving markets. Brexit will give us the ability to open a new era of friendship with countries across the world. A key theme of the London summit will be how to boost trade within the Commonwealth. We’ll also discuss how to improve security co-operation and take joint action to protect the world’s oceans, bearing in mind that the Commonwealth includes island states in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean” (Boris Johnson – ‘Commonwealth has key role to play in the bright future for Britain: article by Boris Johnson’ 12.03.2018, Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)).

It shows that the United Kingdom own problems and issues is key for the Summit. The others are more a circus that the old empire can play into it. That happen and the Commonwealth Declaration on the 20th April 2018 named ‘Declaration on the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment’ part of it says: “We, the Heads of Government representing member countries of the Commonwealth and one third of the world’s population recognise international trade and investment

as an engine for generating inclusive and participative economic growth and a means to deliver the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (…) “In particular, we recognise the importance of the multilateral trading system in ensuring the integration of small, vulnerable and least developed countries and countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific into the world economy, and welcome initiatives which will support greater and more effective participation of these countries in international trade” (…) “To promote the realisation of these goals, we hereby launch the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment. This Agenda will be guided by the principles that: co-operation should be pragmatic and practical, leading to credible results; take into account regional integration initiatives; take into account the needs of small and vulnerable economies and least developed countries; avoid duplication with initiatives where other organisations are already working; add value in areas of engagement; and adopt a progressive approach towards a long term vision for closer trade and investment ties. It should also recognise the vital role of the private sector in delivering the 2030 Agenda and facilitating the promotion of the blue and green economy” (Commonwealth – ‘Declaration on the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment’ 20.04.2018).

We can see that Boris Johnson’s goals for the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOGM) appeared on the last day, yesterday, as this declaration is to anticipate the Commonwealth secretariat and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) will work on this now. To make sure the former Colonies are more connected. Not only to themselves through trade, but also to the United Kingdom. This is to give the United Kingdom bigger trade and partners through the use of the former colonies. To look at it differently, is to be naive. The other agreements is to make the public perception positive, but this here was to grease the wheels of United Kingdom, who are soon losing the trade-agreements through the membership of European Union, because of their silly decision to leave the Union.

We can see that the Commonwealth all benefits the United Kingdom and the others just has a place multi-nationally to be represented, though a loose organization, that isn’t to formal. But is a place to make them look better and get exposure through the perspective of their former colonial master. That is why they still has the inter-connected ministry FCO. It is a reason why even Zimbabwean Non-Governmental Organization was petitions the Department for International Development (DFID), so the former colony could have funds to hold Presidential Candidate National Television Debate before the General Election later in the year.

Well, that was a sidetrack, but very fitting. Because, the Commonwealth, still seems like a UK based organization, where it is all because of the mercy of the UK. The Commonwealth communiques, declarations and the meetings is because of UK leaders. Not because of the Kenyan President wanted it or the Indian one wanted some. We know there are someone even questioning it, the Bangladesh PM has been stating this today:

LONDON, April 21, 2018 (BSS)- Seeking inclusion of representative from Asia in the High Level Group to review the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Governance, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday suggested making the Group more representative with inclusion of member states of different regions. “We value the knowledge and expertise of the Secretariat for furthering work of the Commonwealth. However, we believe that views of the member states through appropriate representation, is equally important,” she said” (Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha – ‘PM suggests making CW high-level group more representative’ 21.04.2018).

This is what I started it, and it is made like this because the Commonwealth are made for the needs of United Kingdom, then the second interests. That is why the head of the Commonwealth has to be the Royalty of the UK. Now it is the Prince of Wales, which was nudged in by the Queen. The same happen to Prince Harry, who was appointed by the Queen to become the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. We can see that the Commonwealth is a UK enterprise. The view can be seen that way, the way the Royal family has key roles and that the FCO is involved. Therefore, the meetings and statements coming from Boris Johnson with everyone he could. Making photo-ups with anyone he could during the CHOGM.

We will clearly see the Commonwealth Secretariat work on the Declaration, especially now that the UK is gearing up for the Brexit and leaving the Union. They need new secure trading partners and what better, than using the informal body of Commonwealth to get trade with. That is what even Johnson has been writing and proves his ideas. That is why he has been so diplomatic and kind with words. Because some of the nations and state leaders he has meet these days, he has written in the past ill-words of their republics and their kind. Therefore, we know he has sudden swift change of interests. That interests being the benefit of London and not of the former colonies.

The Commonwealth seems more like a savior and needed trade-partners right now, because of the problems coming with the loss of the EU membership. FCO and Commonwealth member-states with this declaration are opening for negotiations. Something that Johnson has been hoping for all along. Since he wanted that and hoped that CHOGM would deliver. However, it did that in some respect with the Declaration.

Seemingly again the Commonwealth is made for the benefit of the UK and their needed gains. If it was otherwise, than the Bangladesh PM wouldn’t asked for what she did after the CHOGM. That proves the problems within the Commonwealth Secretariat and with the Declaration itself. Since in that one in question isn’t mentioned even directly in the declaration.

Hope I am wrong, but as long the British Royalty is running it and is the heads of it. Their interests will be in line of London, not being for all the members of the Commonwealth. To think otherwise to be naive. Peace.


Oslo Symposium 2017: Politisk Kristne Konservative i Norge er langt fra medmenneskelig, mer arvesynd enn noe annet!

«Det er synd mennesker ikke kan bytte problemer. Alle vet nøyaktig hvordan de skal løse andres»Olin Miller

Jeg er anser meg selv som kristen og konservativ når det gjelder min tro og mine etiske vurderinger i livet. Det jeg anser meg langt vekk fra Oslo Symposium og Fremskrittspartiet som prøver å kuppe de kristne konservative. Akkurat som det skal passe hånd i hanske. At man har fryktens voktere og de som legitimerer sin dekonstruktive holdninger i samfunnet.

Det at disse menneskene som sprer frykt og usikkerhet, de som prøver å lage murer og segregere menneskegrupper, der en tar vekk deres fødested i pass, ekskludere statsborgerskap og ikke minst stoppe innvandring av alt fra kvoteflyktninger til ordinær arbeidsinnvandring. Fordi det skaper dilemma og problemer vi ikke er klare.

Det er disse menneskene som omgir seg med kristne og konservative, med de som skal være menneskene som bryr seg om nåde og nestekjærlighet. Likevel, deres politiske overbevisning er snarer tvert imot. Hvis er en har gjort en synd eller forsnakket seg for 20 år siden. Så kan UNE og UDI med dagens lov-verk rive ned alt en har bygget opp og det livet en har karret seg til. Sønnene og døtrene vil også miste sitt bosted, sin omgangskrets og sine mulige studier. Fordi vi lever i en tid hvor staten tror og beholder sjansen for å straffe mennesker for deres arvesynd. Hvis Mor og Far har løyet eller jukset for 25 år siden, så kan staten ta vekk statsborgerskapet og få sendt menneskene ut av riket. Sammen med alle andre familie medlemmer.

Er dette kristnet, slik vi nå realiserer ved vår tro og i handlinger. At vi relanserer arvesynd og at mennesker ikke har foreldete saker når det kommer til immigrasjon eller asyl. Der en hendelse som skjedde i ens barndom og der en flyktet med massive problemer, som vil i ettertid bli satt spørsmål om, hvis andre indisier sier noe annet. Selv om stater der personen er fra indikerer at disse nye indisier er også feil og ikke eksisterende. Likevel, vil styresmaktene opprettholde sin dom og ikke gi grunnlag for opphold. Dette krenker både forståelse er juridisk grunnlag og av vår allmenne rettsforståelse.

Det vil være som naboen påstår på grunn av samtale med venner på puben at han har rett til naboens jord, på grunn av tidligere avdød slektning eide og ikke overførte dette. Dette kom i retten og den samtalen ble sett som bevis. Da nye eieren av jorden ville miste landet, ikke fordi papirene og overtakelsen ikke var gjort korrekt, men fordi naboen hadde rett fra gammelt av. Dette ville blitt latterliggjort og blitt forkastet ettersom saksdokumentene til naboen ville blitt stående. Men i dagens immigrasjonssaker og asylsaker så kan det virke som snakk og mulig indiser kan gjøre at man mister sitt opphold og mulighet til å bo her.

Denne dekonstruktive holdninger som tar kontroll, der kristne konservative bruker støttespillere og alle mulige kanaler, der de tar eierskap i restriktiv immigrasjonspolitikk, uten å tenke på hvilke signaler dette sender. Denne mystifiseringen av asylsøkere og deres opprinnelse, denne magnetiske frykten ispedd med kors og litt glamour. Det iscenesettende preget av frykt og fremmedgjøring av våre naboer.

Hva er kristent ved det? Er det som står i bibelen til disse politikere og samfunnsaktører: «elsk din neste, bare om de er som deg selv!».

Jeg blir bare tvilende og lei meg, at disse representerer sånne som meg, at disse er spydspissene, at disse blir sett på som kristne. Med deres hovmod og vage utspring i alle mulige fora. Der en kan kritisk se at de misbruker den naive tilliten og trangen til makt. Der alle mulige konflikter og anstendige løsninger blir kastet til side. Fordi, disse kristne vil godta dobbeltmoralen, vil godta at en viser en hard hånd og overbærer seg om de viser ekte nestekjærlighet.

Det er ikke så nøye. Så lenge man viser flid og underdannelse for systemet som konsekvent moralisere og kritisere andre, uten å komme med nyttige løsninger for de problemer som allerede er der. Fordi, det er integrering er problemet, asylsøkerne er problemet, immigrasjon skaper bare dilemma og kostnader. Disse menneskene kommer bare hit for å ta jobber og ikke skape noe. De kommer ikke hit for å søke ly eller få starte et nytt liv. Nei, det er en myte, de vil alle gå på NAV og bli trygdemisbrukere.

Det er slikt som kommer frem, det er så lite kristnet, det er så lite omtenksomhet og tanker bak. Man angriper og åpner ikke for at ting tar tid. At mennesker fra krig og sult, at mennesker som har lidd over lang tid som er kvoteflyktning trenger tid til avklimatisering. Nei, disse menneskene skal rett i arbeid, selv om man har opplevd krig og flyktet fra katastrofer vi selv ikke forestille oss. De skal ikke få avbalansert seg eller få ro.

Det er dette som kommer frem av kristne immigrasjonspolitikerne, de har fremstilt disse som snyltere og mennesker som skal utnytte systemet. Selv om de samme politikere har ingen problem at de lager lover og skatter som deres næringslivstopper vil nyte godt av. Nei, det er ikke så nøye, de er jo som de kristne konservative er. Gi til de rike og stoppe de fattige. Litt motsatte av Robin Hood, hei, det er ikke nøye.

Disse i Høyre, Fremskrittspartiet og Kristelig Folkeparti som alle har brukt posisjonen sin, gitt plass til dette i større og mindre grad. Som har støttet og satt i verk dette. De har gitt grobunn for slike moraliserende holdninger, dekonstruktive moral som underbygge prinsipper om OSS versus DE. Der de kristne konservative har rett til nedverdige og bryte ned alle forutsetninger for å være borger i samfunnet. Dette fordi de selv er redde for skygger, for regn og tåke. Selv om de ledes av tåkefyrster og snart inn i løftes land. Så lenge andre mennesker lever med arvesynd og skammen av foreldrenes valg om å komme til et land i fred. Fred og frihet er ikke gratis, sa Gatas Parliament.

Sannelig, Sannelig, jeg sier dere: «ta dere i vare for de som forteller hvordan andre skal intrigeres eller bli en del av samfunnet, samtidig som de setter enorme krav. Fordi de vil ikke at disse skal bli en del av oss. De vil segregere og underbygge påstander om at de upålitelige og uærlige». Sannelig. Sannelig, jeg sier dere: De som sier dette om andre er seg selv som dåren, som har underkastet sin egen ideologi, der de glemmer at disse er medmennesker som bare har håp om et daglig brød og ordinært liv. Dette er mennesker i ytterst nød og trenger hjelp etter flukt fra krig og katastrofer. De er ikke terrorister eller skattesnytere, de er som meg og deg. Sannelig, Sannelig, jeg sier dere: «om noen forteller noe annet og sprer frykt, bruker Jesu navn og andre kristne forutsetninger for å spre frykt, vik fra disse menneskene, de vil bare bruke din tro som verktøy for ta din naive stemme og også profitere på din frykt for det ukjente».


Dagens politikere på Stortinget er så arrogante!


«Min arroganse er helt ekte og absolutt. Den har ikke den lille nyansen som kommer av usikkerhet. Jeg vet jeg kan mye, og legger ikke skjul på det»Johan Galtung

Den dag, den tvil og den stormende vind over landet, der Stortinget hadde lyttet til lokalbefolkning og ønsker, ikke minst også sådd tvil om sine egne vurderinger. Så hadde kanskje låten hørtes annerledes ut. Vi har mange arrogante sjeler på tinget. De regjerer og råder over kongeriket. Der de setter standard for opptreden og for vår harmoni.

Stortinget skal representere oss, men sannelig slik de opptrer nå om dagen. Så må jeg presisere, de representerer snart bare seg selv. De er ikke en skikkelse av folket eller en del av oss.

Jeg er selv norsk statsborger og etnisk norsk, men snart tenker jeg må greie ut om livshistorie, slik at jeg er sikker på å få lov til å bo landet. Kongeriket er ikke lengre sikkert for noen. Før eller siden kommer UNE og UDI å sier at du må vike i fra oss og sende dere på dør. Uansett om de har vært her i 10, 15 eller 20 år. Det betyr ikke noe. Kongeriket regjerer med sine sterke klør og kvasse sverd. Der en over landet bare bryter vennskap, familier og arbeid. Det kan jo være neste gang meg som ikke opprettholder kravene ettersom jeg ikke har fulgt A4 modellen til partiet Høyre eller Fremskrittspartiet.

Vi vet heller ikke hvordan strukturen virkelig vil være, om det vil være fungerende sykehus. Lokale sykehus er snart saga blott. De er bare skur med treskemaskiner, mens legene må flykte til sentrale sykehus hvor det ikke er nok senger eller nok spesialavdelinger å hyre de til. Fordi å ha lokale akutt og beredskap er for dyrt, det billigere at distrikts Norge dør. Det er arrogansen. Det er Bent Høies ideal, så lenge Stavanger er konge, så er det ikke så nøye om folkene i Dalane eller Lister stryker med. De er ikke så viktige. Akkurat som i Møre hvor det er også problemer mellom byene om hvem som får beholde hva. Skal sykehuset ligge i Ålesund eller i Kristiansund?

Så er det Jan Tore Sanner. Som så gjerne vil beholde sin prestisje og presisere at reformen om sammenslåinger av kommuner har pågått over tid. Kommune og fylkes Norge skal skje, om så alle befalinger skjer fra det lukkede rom. Det er ikke viktig om lokalbefolkning har stemt eller ikke stemt. Om valg og kommunale organer er tvilende til om konklusjonen er korrekt. Ei heller om Christensens Frivillighetsprinsipp fra 1990-tallet blir sendt på dør. Det er ikke så nøye, så lenge som at Sanner har sannelig gjort noe. Så stolt han kan være at han har tvunget lokalkommuner og fylker i sammen. Der han ikke redegjort for de nye forordninger eller gitt tid for de ansatte eller representanter lokalt klar over de nye krav. Samtidig som staten og stortinget beholder all makt, mens nye organisering gir flere spørsmål og oppgaver uløste. Det er stoltheten og hovmodet.

Arrogansen og likegyldighet fra sentralt hold er så stort. Der en skal tvinge og legge ned, uten å komme med konkrete erstatning. Dette er det Høyre og Fremskrittspartiet holder på med. Denne overkjøring og unnlatende holdning til bygde Norge, distriktene og til lokalvalg. Der en uten seriøs vurdering av konsekvenser vil sende syke nyfødte i flere timer med helikopter og ambulanse for å spare usle penger. Hva om livet går tapt når det var mulighet for et år siden å bli reddet? Vil den Norske stat dekke for familiens tap av sin nyfødte? Vil Høie kondolere og be i ærbødighet for sin overtredelse?

Hva om det er meg neste gang eller noen andre som kjenner? Jeg kan ikke vite eller forstå hvordan saksgang eller ettersyn staten lenger har? Om noen ting i denne verden virkelig er foreldet eller om du tilhører en viss gruppe, så er du aldri sikker. Om du har gjort feil en gang, så vil aldri staten tilgi deg. Men hvis du er en av oss, så kan du gjerne jukse litt og slippe unna. Slik som visse politikere som ikke tør vise sin inhabilitet eller sine verv. Siden de vil ikke vise sine tilknytninger som gjør at deres valg bli annerledes enn om de ikke hadde venner i NHO eller har jobbet for større finansielle konsern. Fordi de er en del av oss, de representere oss bare. Da er det så greit. Det er dette som er så arrogant.

Jeg klarer ikke lenger å bare se på det kalde kyniske Norge, det falitte og dårene som styrer med jernhånd, uten å tenke konsekvens eller realiteten, akkurat som all privatisering er positiv. Annet for de som driver aksjeselskap og investerer i den form for bedrift som kan ta over staten. Gi styring til selskap som jobber for profitt istedenfor å levere dag ut og dag inn for de velferdsgoder vi i teorien skal ha. Der felleskapets skattepenger ikke skal ende i skatteparadis, men omfordeles slik at pleiehjemmet, sykehuset eller skolen være i okay stand og klar for de som trenger det. Ikke være der for at Hansen skal tjene seg søkk rik på nødvendig tjeneste som alle trenger.

Men, det er jo det Høyre og FrP ønsker, et kaldt lite inkluderende Norge som er skapt for store internasjonale selskaper, men ikke medmennesker. Der det er lengre til tillitsvalgte, til de folkevalgte og lengre til de tjenester, både du, jeg og alle trenger. Om det er på Kløfta, Torsken eller i Sirdal. Er ikke så veldig nøye, det du skal vite at med denne politikken, så bør du ha bra telefon-tid, kunne ringe staten og nye kommunen. Fordi det er for langt til nærmeste kontor. Til nærmeste sykehus er det cirka 2 timer eller kanskje 3 ettersom hvor du bor. Toget vil drevet av polske leilendinger som ikke kunne ha råd til bolig. Sykehjemmet er drevet av «Accus AS» som har innleid personal fra Adecco og drives av konsulenter. Kommunestyret vil være langt vekke og nesten ikke synlig i avisene. De blir borte på hovedsenter langt av sted ikke nær der de representerer. De får også mindre makt siden kommunene og slikt får totalt sett mest øremerkede midler.

Stortinget har vist lite tillit til lokaldemokrati, lokale kunnskaper ei eller tiltro til å desentraliserte institusjoner, det har kanskje med å gjøre at disse menneskene er helt i sentrum og ikke trenger å tenke på hva som måtte skje eller skulle skje. Så lenge de kan se tilbake at jeg hadde ansvaret og jeg reformerte noe. Det er slik det virker. At sentralisering skal være innsparende og at privatiseringen skal være sparende på staten er ideologien. Fordi disse menneskene vil ha en liten stat, men samtidig vil de ha all makt. Det er fascinerende og skremmende. Denne arrogante leder-stilen til dagens Stortingspolitikere. Fader, det er arrogant.

«’Du må ikke sitte trygt i ditt hjem og si: Det er sørgelig, stakkars dem! Du må ikke tåle så inderlig vel den urett som ikke rammer deg selv! Jeg roper med siste pust av min stemme: Du har ikke lov til å gå der å glemme!» (Arnulf Øverland – ‘Du Må ikke Sove’ – 1937).



President Mugabe attacks UN leaders (Youtube-Clip)

Press Release: Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala, Incharge Communications, AICC has issued the following statement to the press today (24.08.2016)

Scorpene Submarine Leaks Aug 2016 P1Scorpene Submarine Leaks Aug 2016 P2

Zvorwadza | I have been tortured many times by the police but this brutality won’t stop me (Youtube-Clip)

Nepal: Deputy Prime Minister Calls on the Prime Minister of India (20.08.2016)

India Nepal 20.08.2016

Press Statement: Indian assistance of US$ 1 million cash grant to Zimbabwe (18.08.2016)

zimbabwe India

Last week, Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe handed over US $ One Million to the Govt. of Zimbabwe as a grant from Govt. of India in response to the appeal made by Zimbabwe. 

NEW DELHI, India, August 18, 2016 – Last week, Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe handed over US $ One Million to the Govt. of Zimbabwe as a grant from Govt. of India in response to the appeal made by Zimbabwe.

Accepting the grant, Dr. Misheck Sibanda, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet thanked for the quick response by the Govt. of India to an international appeal made by Zimbabwe in the wake of El Nino induced drought disaster. He further said that Zimbabwe was happy with the sound relationship that exists between Zimbabwe and India in critical sectors of the economy such as SME, ICT, Energy, Education and Pharmaceuticals. India also announced that the logistical modalities are being worked out for donation of 500 metric tonne of rice in the second phase of assistance.

Opinion: Museveni and his axing of civil servants; it is not a quick fix to get the government institutions going!

M7 Tororo UNRA

We all know why all of a sudden all employees of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) we’re fired, after scandal upon scandal where the prices per meter of road went into the imaginary and also the due diligence on the contracts of the roadworks wasn’t really done by the government institution. Still, resolving the matter with clearing the shop totally is more of a public stunt, than actually making it decent. The first culture of thieving, counterfeiting and all the matters lay in most of the government institutions already. That is being made from the top where the monies are spent on farm equipment for the president instead of pay-rise for the civil servants.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has lost it. It is evident with the sacking of the medical personnel of the Nakawuku Health Centre III. This is proof of the wilderness of the Executive these days. As the hide and seek of professional manner from the top, down to the lowest civil servant. If the system we’re correct and the salaries made sense than the works would be done proper and the so-called laziness would not needing sanctions. The other reason for the laziness is the loose structure of the health-care and the systematic under-funded health care in Uganda. That is why there is not functioning Cobalt 60 Teletheraphy Machine for the needed Cancer treatment at Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago Hospital Complex in Kampala. This is just the major proof of a degraded and worrying condition of health-care in general.

The elephant in the room is obvious, it is clearly not the laziness or the Health Care per say. It’s the structures, the funding and in the end the walking budget. The President, the Executive, the one man with a vision, the force of NRM. That man the elephant in the room is President Museveni. He has run the country for 30 years, by this time his vision and his play for making the country sustainable and steady progress should have made these problems obsolete. Instead he has gotten more land and bigger private planes, but not built proper institutions or procedures to check the government institutions. The laws and regulations of the government is loose. Because if it was transparent he could not get away buying giant and expensive helicopters while the hospitals are understaffed and the vaccine programs are only there because of donor-aid directly to the causes.

Magufuli Museveni Tan Oil Pipeline 2016

The reason for the fall of grace and the sackings is that he wants the respect of President John Pombe Magufuli. He has gone directly fired his minister for drinking while in parliament and also corrupt civil servants at the port of Dar Es Salaam not long after he was sworn-in. That perception is that President Museveni tries to get. What he forget his legacy is long sealed in the behaviour and knowledge of what the NRM really is. The Image of Museveni and NRM Regime is intertwining with corruption and embezzlement.

So the claims of fighting this and going against it are more a play of words than real actions. The times he does it is to save face and make sure the donors we’re happy in the end. That is why he has continued with what he doing and how he operate. The monies always end in ways where he manipulate and make sure the riches are around himself and his loyal cronies. So the service delivery is long gone as the NAADs and SACCO’s money all of a sudden disappear together with the steady pace of the all the other government funds that just vanish in thin air.

If you wait on and continue to wait for payment; if your boss waits for his salaries and the budgeted funds for procurement of needed technical equipment does arrive. And even if it comes, it is never on time and never allocated extra funds for the lost times and lost months as the back-pay are troubling enough. The system of this is in tatters as the government are more important for the close knitted staff around the ministers and the State House. While, the rest have to wait and live in oblivion for their service rendered.

With this in mind, the sackings are unfair as the Executive and his cronies have had 30 years to fix the system and build the government institutions. The Government institutions aren’t only the inherited ones from the colonial times and being a protectorate under the British. It has now been made in the image of Museveni. Therefore the vision and image of this laziness and the lack of supervision; is all in all his fault. It is his demeanour and his wish for weak institutions so he could beg for donor funds that is the reason for the lack of control of the health care facilities. It is the build off of poverty, so he can beg and ask for help from the international community. If the country we’re strong and had transparent institutions that worked on already government funds, than the NRM regime wouldn’t need the donor-funds and NGOs supporting the Ugandan Government. Something, President Museveni clearly knows well as he been skimming and eating of the plate for decades and hope for life at this point.

The sackings is the deepest approach of trying to action and act upon the words he sometimes utter to the public. No matter how right or wrong. He knows deep in his heart and in his soul that he is the one behind the massive need for restructuring and rebuilding the Ministry of Health and the Health Care in general. As the counterfeit pills from India and Pakistan isn’t what they say they are and not as effective as the grade A pills. That is something he knows as he takes what he can get and accept it because this make him wealthy and powerful. The legality and novelty of firing own men and woman for laziness proves the little common sense for the destruction of the institutions that knows very well about. But it is better for a few health care personnel to jump on their swords than the Executive. That is the key to this arrangement. President Museveni knew so very well and lives like it doesn’t exist because he is never the issue. The issues are always and will be somebody else than him. He is the one with the vision, the guiding star for all gracious men to follow. Therefore we are supposed to cherish and celebrate his actions. Instead of saying that this actions are really just a spark and proof of his neglect or inactions for decades, that isn’t welcomed; still it is the ice-cold proof. Peace.

President Museveni Kyankwanzi Key-Note speech today had deceit of NRM Economic policy and the similarities to Big-Men of old like Arap-Moi and Amin!

Kyankwanzi 26.07.2016

As the 10th Parliament of Uganda is starting and the vetting of Members of Parliament are touring the National Army Leadership Institute (NALI) at Kyankwanzi as they have the retreat to make sure the National Resistance Movement MPs and Cabinet are acting right. Especially the policies that is right for the Executive and his Elite. But other than that he had the Key speech today and said some questionable things again.

“Even to negotiate credible and durable trade deals with the USA, the EU, China, India, Japan, Russia, Brazil, etc., we need Pan-Africanism. It is only through the EAC (160 million people) and the whole of Africa (1.25 billion people) that the other foreign countries or trading blocs can listen to our voice in the long run. It is, however, not correct for the regulators not to take action against the Chinese and Indian retailers who unfairly compete against our retailers. Those foreigners should not operate at that terminal level. They should be re-directed to manufacturing in particular and other areas like construction. Retailing should be preserved for the Ugandans or, possibly, the other African immigrants as well” (Museveni, 2016).

Well, it got me thinking about another Ugandan president back in the day; that apparently President Museveni we’re proud to bring down together with the Tanzanian Army and Milton Obote, but that is forgotten saga in his head. As President Idi Amin said this:

“For instance, between 1962 and 1968, the government of Uganda sponsored as many as 417 Asians for training as engineers. Today, however, only 20 of the 417 Asians work for the government. Within the same period, the government sponsored 217 Asians to train as doctors, but to date not more than 15 doctors of these are working for the govt. Finally, within the same period, the government sponsored 96 Asians to undertake law courses, but of these only 18 are now serving in the government” (…) “I am further informed that some of these Asians who were sponsored to take courses abroad refused to return to Uganda after thy qualified, which means that thy have contributed absolutely nothing in return for the training benefits which they received from this government” (…) “it is painful in that about 70 years have elapsed since the first Asians came to Uganda, but despite that length of time the Asian community has continued to live in a world of its own” (Semuwemba, 2016).

Arap Moi Fronpage

Not only the former friendly Ugandan dictator had his say on the matter in the past, even the former Kenyan President Daniel Arap-Moi said this in 1982:

“Instead of Indians using their advanced knowledge in business to help Africans improve their profit margins” (…) “Asians in this country are ruining the country’s economy by smuggling currency out of this country and even hoarding essential goods and selling them through the backdoors” (…) “I am not discriminating against anybody, but I am against people who are out to enrich themselves through false means. From now on, anybody found hoarding or smuggling will be punished severely. If he is an Asian, he will be deported immediately regardless of whether he is a citizen or not, and if he is an African, he will have his licence canceled” (New York Times, 1982).

So now the Mzee is sounding in the same regard as Daniel Arap-Moi and Idi Amin Dada; with his new cabinet with Democratic Party MP, Uganda People’s Congress MP and Uganda Federal Alliance MP; the similarities to Democratic Republic of Congo former dictatorial President Mobutu Sese Seko comes to mind. He is really stealing from all the totalitarian leaders of East Africa. It is magnificent how he kept it up. While speaking progress and democratic values while contemplating that the Asian’s are the problem for doing their retail instead of Ugandan citizens, even if the Asian’s happen to be Ugandan; just another heritage than the Pan-African he speaks of.

M7 26.07.2016

Ironic that he said this a bit also today:

“We in the NRM, therefore, have never accepted the shallow social science of the Western countries that fetishized capitalism and elevated that useful social system, but one with limitations and weaknesses nevertheless, to the high pedestal of a deity (God-like). The position that capitalism was the only useful social system in the modern era, was wrong. The dramatic rise of the Chinese economy, in terms of GDP size, to the second biggest economy in the world today is proof of the correctness of our position. By mixing both the capitalist and socialist stimuli to the Chinese economy, the Chinese Communist Party has lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese out of poverty and registered gigantic steps for the growth and transformation of the economy” (Museveni, 2016).

Well, here is lie from the Executive as didn’t follow whole heartedly the Marxist or Communist paradigm or socio-economical structure as after the regime change by the rebellion of Museveni; he easily traded his ideal of the communist paradigm.

“Six years after Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement took power, Uganda has made remarkable strides in overcoming as grim a legacy as any African government has known. Improved security has been an important factor in allowing the country to rebuild. Economic policy has helped, too. The past six years has seen economic growth averaging more than 5 percent per year, as idled land and vacant factories were brought back into use. The economy has also achieved lower price inflation. Now, in 1992, Uganda is at a crossroads. Economic growth is slowing, and inflation is beginning to rise. Uganda is highly indebted to foreign lenders. Further increases in capacity utilization will be a costly means to grow and cannot represent a strategy for sustained economic growth. Infrastructure remains inadequate in transport and communications. The preferred road is clear: public and private investments are needed to continue the reconstruction” (Warnock & Conway, 1999).


Claimed impacts on liberating the Economy through IMF’s SAP:

“Two principal reforms mandated by the IMF arrangements were trade liberalization and the progressive reduction of export taxation. But as the external review points out, “Liberalization of cash crops had only limited beneficiaries.” This was the case because only a small number of rural households grow coffee. Liberalization had little impact on rural incomes over the period of adjustment- rural per capita private incomes increased just 4% over the period from 1988/89 to 1994/95” (…) “The IMF also mandated the privatization of state-owned industries, a process that has met particular criticism in Uganda. The Structural Adjustment Participatory Review International Network (SAPRIN), which was launched jointly with the World Bank, national governments, and Northern and Southern NGOs in 1997, has reported that the privatization process in Uganda has gone too fast and has been flawed from the start. A report by Ugandan NGOs who participated in SAPRIN found that “The privatization process in Uganda has benefitted the government and corporate interests more than the Ugandan people. . . The privatization process was rushed, and as a result, workers suffered. Some 350,000 people were retrenched and, with the private sector not expanding fast enough, unemployment sharply increased. Those laid off were not prepared for life in the private sector, with no training being provided.”(Naiman & Watkins, 1999).

So not only being anxious today about Asian retailers; today the Executive Museveni claimed there rewards of liberating the economy, which is not so very communist and even more capitalistic of NRM! Together with the liberation escalated the unemployed, which has happen to this day. And isn’t inspiring to read contemplating the recent numbers of unemployed and how this man still tries to ‘inspire’ MPs and Kyankwanzi. There is just something wrong with that picture.

M7 26.07.2016 P2

The thing that should be inspiring today, not only sound-bite of Amin and Moi, but the lie:

“We in the NRM, therefore, have never accepted the shallow social science of the Western countries that fetishized capitalism and elevated that useful social system, but one with limitations and weaknesses nevertheless, to the high pedestal of a deity (God-like)” (Museveni, 2016). When the IMF said this in 1999: “Two principal reforms mandated by the IMF arrangements were trade liberalization and the progressive reduction of export taxation” (…) “The privatization process in Uganda has benefitted the government and corporate interests more than the Ugandan people” (Naiman & Watkins, 1999).

So if you see this little detail, you see the deceit of Museveni to his own Elite and MPs. As he claims the mixed economy, but the IMF with their Structural Adjustment Program that Museveni accepted and agreed on. This was far from God-like more State-liberated economy through neo-liberal ideas that the IMF and World Bank wanted so that the Ugandan Government could get their donor-funded loans that the NRM needed.

So hope you learned something of the nature of Museveni today and his actions of the past or his nature of deception. There are certainly some who is not surprised, but as I have said before. President Museveni rewrites the history to his liking and today he did it again, just with a twist. Peace.  


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