Opinion: Isko doesn’t loose a step to possibly quell all demonstrations in Manila

It is now official, after he conceded the Presidential Elections he went straight back into the Office of Mayor of Manila and ordered all election protests to cease, unless they had a prior notice or a permit to do so. This is a sign of how Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso wants to prove himself after losing the elections.

Isko Moreno wants to show his manhood and his macho power now. He wants to be seen as a big-man, as he blustered and did a total buffoonery of a campaign. That’s why his ordering the people from the streets and wants people to comply to city order. Alas, his forgetting one thing. In the “Freedom Parks” there is no need for permits or notifying the authorities of gatherings. So, if the dissidents or opposition wants to gather. They should move into those areas, as they are designated for it and shouldn’t directly interfere in day-to-day business of the city.

In the law he uses to stop or quell demonstrations it says first: “Sec. 2. Declaration of policy. — The constitutional right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances is essential and vital to the strength and stability of the State. To this end, the State shall ensure the free exercise of such right without prejudice to the rights of others to life, liberty and equal protection of the law” (BPB 880, 1985).

It also says: “Sec. 15. Freedom parks. — Every city and municipality in the country shall within six months after the effectivity of this Act establish or designate at least one suitable “freedom park” or mall in their respective jurisdictions which, as far as practicable, shall be centrally located within the poblacion where demonstrations and meetings may be held at any time without the need of any prior permit. In the cities and municipalities of Metropolitan Manila, the respective mayors shall establish the freedom parks within the period of six months from the effectivity of this Act” (BPB 880, 1985).

What the public should do, If they intend to demonstrate or protest outside the designated “Freedom Parks” in Manila. They should apply and get permits to do so, in such a manner that they are not interfering or stopping business. That is the significant ideals of the legislation.

It is very special that the Manila Mayor issues laws written in the final stages of the Marcos era and when the People Power Movement was rising against it. The same laws made to silence and stop the people from demonstrating against it. This is happening as the people are rioting and demonstrating against a Marcos Junior Presidency.

The Manila Mayor should think straight and if he does this to win favours. His just proving that the victory wasn’t legit or honest. Since, the current leaders and the winners are afraid of dissent and voices of grievances. The Mayor should open up to this and allow it. Unless, his afraid that this will spiral out or create reckless behaviour. Than he has the rights to block and quell it. However, it is early to say that or even proclaim things to go violent. When there is no precedence for it…

So, what is “Isko” so afraid of and his will to trigger this in his memorandum for Manila? There must be something and he wants to prove that his aligned with the victors. That is very obvious and no one should bat an eye about that. This is maybe why he begged for Robredo to sacrifice her campaign, because he wanted Marcos to win all along. Peace.

Opinion: Duterte don’t need to endorse anyone, the PDP-Laban has already done it for him…

(I repeat), you better disabuse your minds about getting into guesses and assumptions. There is none. I will not be endorsing any presidential candidate now until December” – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (03.05.2022)

At this point in time and so close to the end of the campaigns, the incumbent and outgoing Philippines President Duterte don’t need to endorse anyone. However, Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) did endorse Presidential Candidate Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior and Vice President Sara Carpio Duterte on the 21st March 2022. That’s 43 days in between and shouldn’t be forgotten so few days before the polls.

The PDP-Laban National Executive Committee Resolution No. 26 of 21st March 2022 was crystal clear and Duterte is a part of the Cursi faction. He knows the stakes and what his party did. So, Duterte is by association and the voice of the PDP-Laban endorsing the UniTeam without signing a document or release an official statement from himself. At this point… Duterte don’t need to do it, because the PDP-Laban party has already done it.

The party has done the job already and his neutrality is pointless. We knew that he wouldn’t go pink or support any other person than his family. The UniTeam is his place and we all know it. Not like he would endorse Isko or Robredo for that matter. If he did… it would be a shocker, but hard to believe, as his party has already resolved the matter long time ago.

That’s why today’s neutrality statement is pointless. He should just say that he will back the ticket of his daughter and current Davao Mayor Inday Sara Duterte. That’s something people would believe and it would be sincere. Because, the PDP-Laban doesn’t have a direct Presidential Candidate or Vice President. That’s why we know the party is endorsing and working for the UniTeam in this campaign.

The whole time there was a squabble and uncertainty, the PDP-Laban having various of tickets and candidates, which all backed out of the race, including Duterte himself. There was a month or so where the party toyed around with two three types of tickets, which all ended in a clean slate. Therefore, the UniTeam is the only for Duterte…

The PDP-Laban isn’t Switzerland or someone who acts like a neutral party. No, the PDP-Laban has already decided and you cannot backtrack that. Especially, when we know the drill and the reasoning behind it. He can hide behind his own “neutrality” but we know that it’s not totally true. The same with his party, which plenty said they would back Inday Sara. It was inevitable …. and bound to happen.

President Duterte can take us all for fools, but we know better and it’s just posing for the public. We know very well where his heart is and if it wasn’t he would betray his own family. Which we know the President would never do. He like anyone else wants a political dynasty and ushering the daughter to become VP would be the continuation of that legacy. Peace.

Halalan2022: A memo on the top 4 Presidential Candidates 10 days to the polls…

A teddy bear, a son of a dictator, a soft-core actor and a boxer. What do these all have in common? Well, they are now a part of the final stages to the polls in the Philippines. The stage is now getting set and COMELEC is preparing things. The final preparations are in order and the last part of the campaigns are happening too.

Now, the ones who haven’t made up their mind …. they got and should. The teams are already there. The Front-Runners have been clear for month. Two candidates have run high and mighty. This being Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior and Leni Robredo. They are stark contrasts and very different.

Former Senator BBM or Bong Bong isn’t very transparent or accountable. No, he is very selective and defensive. Not the sort of fella that you can interview or question. By any means… he prefers prefixed questionaries and puff pieces. The sort of man who is arrogant and entitled to return to the Presidential Palace like his father did in the past. The son of the dictator who has never supported or been part of EDSA. You can wonder if he will do that in office or dismiss it. As he remembers that as the time the Republic fought his father’s tyrannical reign and the agony of the marshal law. Alas, the son might be different, but he shows utter arrogance that would linger in office.

While Vice-President Leni Robredo is open, participating and answering. You might not agree with her or every political stance she has. However, everything isn’t scripted prepared or even published as fluff. No, she is pushed, dragged and belittle all over. Not just for the colour scheme of her campaign, but for whatever she does. She has even been asked to sacrifice her candidacy for others. Therefore, Robredo has stood tall.

Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso, the mayor of Manila has created a storm and been in the wind. His campaign has never taken off and neither has his Duterte-Light approach to the campaign either. Isko is just one of those guys. He is the man who asked Robredo to sacrifice her role and called her a “bully” for standing tall. That just shows how he is a brat.

Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao the senator and well known boxer. A man who has gone up the ranks and become an established politician. Nevertheless, his own party dismissed him and the PDP-Laban threw him out, as he stood for Presidency. While they instead have endorsed “Bong Bong” much later. That just shows how weak the PDP-Laban was into this election. While Manny is far from totally seasoned or had a powerful team behind him. He has fought and sells himself a people’s champ. However, he will not switch to southpaw and win this one. No, this is going down for the count and he is not close to the 3rd position even. Though his doing it by showing his true cadence and character, which is more than “Isko” and “Bong Bong” ever did.

I don’t know how this will go, but my prediction of the whole machinery behind Bong Bong Marcos was justified. That Robredo would be second or a front-runner was expected too. It wasn’t without a reason she was able to become the VP in the first place. So, now the question is… how will these two fare. That is something I don’t know and cannot tell.

What I do know… is that these will be ones to follow. The margins of error is slim. BBM haven’t really tested the waters and he will not do it now. He will continue his onslaught of prepared and prepaid content. While we can wonder what the others will do. Nevertheless, what ever Manny and Isko is doing will become more and more meaningless. It might help their next run or campaigns. But right now? Well… it won’t amount to anything. Not because they are no good, but because their reach aren’t close to BBM or Leni.

They have to fight a cute teddy and a dynasty. These two cannot match that. Neither can anyone of the not mentioned here. Since they are so far from the four mentioned. That I don’t even care to say their names. Even if one is a long standing Senator and other took a noble stance after the Withdrawal Party. Still, the facts remain…

It is a two horse race and we can just wonder who finish first at the finish-line. Peace.


Opinion: “Doy” Laurel’s legacy soiled in this election

The United Nationalist Democratic Organization (UNIDO), is now backing the UniTeam on the May 9 National Election and their call for unity. UNIDO formally reemerged as a regional political party on Saturday, around two weeks before the May 9 polls. In an event at the Manila Yacht Club, it announced its support for Marcos and his running mate Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte. Senator Francis Tolentino, one of the party’s honorary trustees, said UNIDO’s revival is an answer to the call for “unity,” which is the main theme of the Marcos-Duterte duo’s campaign” (ISIP Pilipinas 2022, 24.04.2022).

It is hard to imagine, but one man who worked for years to overthrow Marcos would allow his party and coalition to endorse the son of the dictator. However, that is now official, because the UNIDO is endorsing the UniTeam and Presidential Candidate Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. and Mayor Inday Sara Duterte. So, here we are and the current UNIDO is betraying it’s existence.

It is really striking and tragic that both PDP-Laban and UNIDO have both endorsed the UniTeam in the upcoming polls. The parties of the EDSA, Aquino and Laurel are now behind the son of the dictator, which they fought in the 1980s and chased from the office in 1986. Now, they are backing the son and this shows how times are changing.

I just want drop some of his own words and the reason for the UNIDO in the first place. “Doy” Laurel should be remembered and what he stood for. His now long gone and is late, but his legacy will live on.

Just read this:

Scene I: On June 12, 1985, I was unanimously drafted presidential standard bearer of the United Nationalist Democratic Organization (UNIDO) in a national convention attended by 25,000 delegates held at the Araneta Coliseum. Cory subsequently threw her hat into the ring and announced that she had heard “the voice of God” and that she had been presented a “million signatures” urging her to run. Her announcement threatened to splinter the opposition. To prevent such a split — which could have only entrenched the Marcos regime — I accepted Cory’s written offer and settled for the vice presidency” (Dr. Salvador H. Laurel – ‘THE UNPLANNED SHOWDOWN AT EDSA’ – Salvador H. Laurel Museum and Library, 06.01.2021).

Also this:

At the last minute, Laurel, looking at the example of his father who stepped aside for Ramon Magsaysay in 1953, gave way to Cory Aquino and ran as her vice president. The event moved the Archbishop of Manila, Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, to say upon Laurel’s death: “He gave of himself so completely to the quest and helped recover freedom for the people, not by forwarding himself, but by volunteering to slay his own personal ambition.”” (Fernando del Mundo – ‘Doy Laurel: Forgotten patriot of Edsa I’ 23.02.2013, the Philippine Inquiry).

That’s why I am writing this today, as the one who has inherited the party or coalition of UNIDO is not carrying the Laurel legacy well. They are forgetting the reason for its existence and why it was a force to reckon with. The ones who is running UNIDO is banking on the fact that UniTeam will be the next administration and have good favours, but they have sold the soul of the party by doing that.

UNIDO is now a shell of what it used to be. The “Doy” Laurel era is long gone and been for a moment forgotten too. Maybe, the leaders of UNIDO hopes people are forgetful. Nevertheless, there will always be someone who can remind you and tell the honest truth. It is distasteful and disgraceful… “Doy” Laurel legacy had deserved better… but we know that influence and power corrupts. The current leadership cares more about their future, than about the legacy of the party. It is sold on the altar of possible power and be in proximity of Malacañang Palace. Peace.

One Cebu Statement: Endorsing BBM-Sara (12.04.2022)

Opinion: PDP-Laban endorsement of the UniTeam was anticipated [and that means “Lakas ng Bayan” supports a Marcos!]

It is now revealed that the PDP-Laban and One Cebu Party has both endorsed the UniTeam. This means the PDP-Laban, which haven’t had an official candidate for the Presidency and the Vice-Presidency is vouching for Presidential Candidate Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior and Vice Presidential Sara Duterte.

Not that this is shocking this late in the game. That the PDP-Laban Cusi faction did do this after both “Bong” Go and “Bato” pulled out of the race. The same did the incumbent President, which was slated to be the VP in the up-coming election at some point. Therefore, this was in the cards after everything that has been said and done.

The ones that didn’t see this happening. Haven’t recalled the whole fiasco of the nominations and the internal bickering within PDP-Laban. That’s why this bound to happen eventually. Especially, since Inday Sara is on the ticket and “Bong” Go even promised loyalty in that regard.

So, everyone knew this was bound to happen and now it’s reported on. The papers from March 2022 is revealed and it was a planned effort. It has been a prolonged and an agony to reveal or even state it. Because, it is weak that the PDP-Laban couldn’t muster candidates directly on their own, but is vouching for the UniTeam.

They should know this. Partido Demokratiko Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) which was ironically the coalition party that challenged the late dictator Marcos in the 1986 elections. Now close to 40 years late. The party of Aquino is now endorsing the son of the late dictator “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. and the daughter of the incumbent Inday Sara. That is reality here.

The People Power (Lakas ng Bayan) is now supporting a Marcos. That is extraordinary in one way or another. That Duterte would isn’t causing a stir or anything. He has entangled himself with the political dynasties and given them way in his time in office. So, from his perspective and position his ensuring more strength and political backing of his daughter.

That the PDP-Laban doesn’t have challengers or candidates itself is striking. Senator Manny Pacquiao stood up as a Presidential Candidate, but was ousted from the party. Which meant the PDP-Laban Pimentel wing went for him. So, officially Pacquiao is running for the party of Progressive Movement for the Devolution of Initiatives or Probinsya Muna Development Initiative (PROMDI) in the up-coming elections. Even if he was the one who really wanted within the PDP-Laban to begin with. We all knew “Bato” And “Bong” Go was a no show and replacement candidates to begin with. The only reason for “Bong” Go to do anything. Would be to continue to serve Duterte and that’s it. “Bato” on the other hand was a just a paper-tiger for the time being.

That’s why the endorsement of UniTeam isn’t only striking, but revealing of how much influence and power Duterte has in the PDP-Laban. As he can ensure this to happen. The former resolutions of the party is long gone and his “retirement” is legit. Because, he believes Inday Sara and Marcos Jr. will not touch him after his reign. These two will carry on where he left off and that’s it really.

That the PDP-Laban endorsed a Marcos should shock, but it isn’t at this point of time. The “People Power” endorsed a Marcos. It should shatter some minds, but here we are and this is how things are playing out in the Philippines. Peace.

Opinion: Bong Bong Marcos are you even there? [Third time backing out of a debate]

Today, there was yet another debate in the run-up to the elections later this year. This time it was the second COMELEC debate for the Presidential Candidates. The other ones showed up and attended it. They did their best to impress and show the political platform. Also, their ability to articulate and answer questions. However, there was one missing dude from the platform.

That was the UNITEAM and the Presidential Candidate Ferdinand Marcos Junior aka Bong Bong Marcos or BBM. He was gone in the wind. This is the third official debate he has ditched and been a no show. It was reason why this time presidential debates moderator Ces Oreña-Drilon called him a “dedema” which means either “feigning ignorance” or “snobbing”.

We are now in March and he has ditched previous ones in February on CNN Philippines, the first COMELEC debate and now the Second COMELEC debate. That is evident as his team and himself thinks it enough or better to hold rallies. Therefore, it is a strategy from his perspective.

However, it is flawed…. as a President and Head of State you should be able to reason and defend your stances. Even under duress, stress and lack of rest. The Presidential Candidate should be able to gather his thoughts and retaliate with wisdom when his questioned. That’s why he has not shown up. Because, his afraid of being accountable or transparent about his beliefs, past or even the family record. Since he cannot run away from the dynasty and the legacy of his father.

BBM should be able to have the courage and the heart to be up on that stage. When the likes of Faisal Mangondato and Leody De Guzman can show up. These candidates who is nowhere relevant or have a standing. Neither do they have any public support or big parties boosting their names. However, they still have the character and the balls to debate. Which is something no one can say about Bong Bong Marcos.

Bong Bong Marcos is the lady every bachelor wants to invite to the dance, but no matter who is courting her. She will decline and later she call all men trash, while wondering why she is single and got no suitors calling. That is the sort of broad BBM is…

If not he doesn’t cognitive abilities or mannerism to articulate his beliefs. He needs the whole BBM team behind him to script and manufacture his rallies. To ensure his game is on point and that he can follow the manuscripts that is written to him. Since he doesn’t have a single thought or has the capacity to speak his mind. He needs to be trained and be groomed into a position of looking good at the rallies. That is why he cannot stomach or mind a debate. Where he has to freely think and prove his stances.

Until he shows up and proves otherwise… I doubt he has it in him. He don’t have the character or ability to speak on that platform. He just can’t and that’s why his snubbing these debates. It is like he knows he will suck and be a lost duck. Deep inside his ego and inside his mind his worried about himself underperforming to the viewers. He is worried that him stuttering and being incoherent will show that his not fit. That is why his not showing up.

He don’t want to be the old man who couldn’t show prestige or greatness in front of the public. That’s why he need the team and everyone to boost him ahead of the rallies. Where everything is planned and just set in motion. It is theatre that he can play, act and go back to a safe-heaven. In a three hour debate… you cannot do that and you have to find means to cope. Especially, if you are tested and questioned belief. You have to carry your weight and prove yourself. Which you don’t have to at a rally. Where most people are friendly to your cause and is eager to here your prepared speech. That is not what is happening on the TV screens and that’s why he don’t have the stamina or the mind to pull it off. Peace.

Student Christian Movement of the Philippines: 203 billion reasons to reject plunderer Marcos (01.04.2022)

Kabataan Partylist: PDP-Laban Duterte faction’s endorsement of Marcos Jr. marks national unity of oligarchy (22.03.2022)

Despite the script hailing the staged endorsement as progress towards national unity and healing, Kabataan Partylist sees nothing but a national unity of oligarchy.

PDP-Laban through this endorsement stabs in the back its anti-dictatorship roots just to piggyback on the theft trail led by the Marcoses.

It is cemented further that the Duterte dynasty works to rehabilitate the Marcoses to full power, and the Marcos dynasty works to shield the Dutertes from accountability.

No one benefits from this union except those elite few who surround them and stand to gain from the plunder of our nation.

The negligent and matapobre stance of Marcos Jr. and the Duterte admin to continue charging excise taxes amid the oil price crisis is only a preview to how their alliance will leave more Filipinos hungry just to protect fellow oligarchs.

An easy option to ease the burden of ordinary citizens from skyrocketing prices would have been to decisively collect the unpaid 203-billion estate taxes of the Marcoses.

Worse, this union will definitely work to continue a bloody legacy of harmful redtagging operations, extrajudicial killings and attacks on democratic rights. They will not hesitate to do so just to silence youth who dare to question their corrupt rule.

They will boost funding for the Anti-Terror Law and NTF-ELCAC, spelling massacre by hunger or by bullet for many Filipinos.

We, Filipino youth have had enough. We are tired of a government serving and uniting only the oligarchy.

We will ensure the defeat of the Duterte-Marcos tandem for our rights to education, health, livelihood and civil liberties. We stand united for genuine social change against the tyranny of the Duterte-Marcos alliance.

Kabataan Partylist

March 22, 2022

Opinion: The UniTeam should be able to speak without prepared speeches at rallies

That Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. and Inday Sara Duterte is both ditching and not showing up to National Debates are only showing lack of willingness to debate. Secondly, the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates are not bothering to be questioned or challenged on a National scale.

That BBM isn’t show up isn’t new. He has done it twice. While Inday is doing the same trick today. While they are campaigning and having a rally elsewhere. It is natural that the UniTeam wants to campaign and hold rallies ahead of the elections. No on is questioning that and all candidates on all levels are doing that ahead of the polls.

What is more significant that the other candidates who stands for Presidency and Vice Presidency are on the TV screens and they are answering open questions. These debates shows that the candidate have the cognitive ability to articulate their polices and can defend their stances under pressure. Alas, what the UniTeam is showing is disregarding this and not trusting the process.

BBM can issue Press Release before and after debates, but these are practically useless. Since, we have not seen him debate or directly pushed Leni Robredo or “Isko” Moreno for that matter. No, his just a going to rallies with prepared speeches and ad-libs from his team. It doesn’t show his true character, but more political theatre for all we know.

If the BBM and Inday Sara wants to be taken seriously and look like good candidates. They should at least try to show up and be visible together with the other candidates. It is just showing reluctance to participate and showing their true spirit in the race. Therefore, they are either spineless or recklessly campaigning. Thinking their names and political dynasties are more valuable than trying to prove their political abilities. That’s what debates does… and can test a person. Because, when you do debate. You can see, if the person or politician can articulate and speak with reason on any subject or political belief in contrast to an opposition. This is something we haven’t seen from these two.

That Bong Bong Marcos isn’t show up is either he needs everything to be scripted and prepared, because he doesn’t have the mental capacity or mind to be competitive under duress. While we should think a Presidential Candidate should do this, because you never know what will happen in your term as President. Neither can you be prepared for the challenges or possible scandals coming your ways. As allies, appointees or even close associates might trigger problems, which the President has to clean up. If not, mother nature or humanity is giving a headache, which the President has to deal with. This is why he has to prove his character and policies ahead of the polls. A name and a face isn’t enough, unless your a fool and think empty nub-heads is fit for the purpose.

The same can be said about the VP role. Inday Sara should have stood and act correctly. As the other candidates did show up and did their duty. So, that we know who they are and how they are reasoning.

The UniTeam can come with any sort of poll and call themselves front-runners, but they are neither brave nor wise. They are actually fools and acting above the rest of the candidates. Which is indifferent to the reasons for the offices, which they seeking. They are supposed to represent the people and the people need to know about their abilities. Instead these two just want political theatre and gimmicks. These two rather wants Facebook posts and social media support. Than trying to honestly address who they are and what they want to achieve.

For all we know at this point. They are just soul-less people who are living on their names and dynasties. These two don’t have character or voices to defend their stances. At-least not what they are showing up to this point.

A Press Release isn’t anything in the grand scheme of thing… It is hard to believe these two are courageous or can stand up in the middle of a storm. As they are not even capable of showing up to debates. That’s the gist of it. Peace.

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