Social Media is allowed as the Foreign Dignitaries have left Kampala; but the harassment of opposition continues; with statements from Lord Mayor Lukwago and Hon. Oguttu!

MTN Uganda 13.05.2016

With the Swearing-In over and most of the International Dignitaries left Kampala, the state thinks it puts things back to normal with lifting the Social Media ban, as the MTN Uganda have announced that the Social Media is back again without VPN. Still, the use of VPN shows the disobedience and level of disgruntled people who still use this ways to get online.

On Police in Kampala:

“Nearly every security agent in Kampala is walking with a stick. A truck was seen supplying sticks at different security outposts” (Andrew Bagala, 13.05.2016).

Still, the important news is this, Wafula Oguttu states this:

“Museveni ‘has put me and other opposition leaders including Hon Semujju, under house arrest for about a week now. Twelve policemen and soldiers have continued to block my gate. I do not get visitors .I am not allowed out. But they have not told me my crime. I am the so-called out going Leader of Opposition in Parliament The 9th.Parliament was dissolved yesterday and even the Speaker of the House did not say any anything most likely lest she annoys the Emperor. I am glad i managed to attend HE Kizza Besigye’s swearing -in ceremony on May 11. Do not ask me how i got out and back .But i did. They say our country went to the dogs .No .Dogs came to our country” (13.05.2016).

Lukwago 08.05.2016

Lukwago Statement:

“DAY 9 OF HOUSE ARREST. As my mind is deeply engrossed in the continued illegal incarceration at home, the despicable act of banishing Dr. Besigye to Karamoja, and the apparent Museveni fall out with the western powers, then my friend Andrew Mwenda throws a below-the-belt-jab, regurgitating the oft sung narrative of regime apologists that I am a stumbling block to the transformation of Kampala. I doubt that he can make any reasonable response to the rebuttal given by my good friend, Frank Gashumba” (Lukwago, 13.05.2016).

Mwenda Facebook Post

This is it for now. More later! Peace.

#FreeMyPresident – Besigye is still detained at Moroto Police Station/Barracks

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P4

As he was Sworn-In yesterday and went into the Central Kampala without knowledge of the Authorities. Henceforth the arrest after this to silence him and the Forum for Democratic Change in Uganda.

Here is the latest statement from FDC. As he lingers after the air-lift yesterday from Kampala to Moroto as they did not have time from mid-day to the evening to drive one of their vans to Moroto Barracks/Moroto Police Stations. That is where he is and is staying for the moment, until he is free or moved by the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) or Uganda Police Force (UPF).

FDC Statements on Besigye today: 

“We have visited H.E Kizza Besigye at Moroto Police. He is well. It is upto us to make sure that he is free. ‪#‎FreeMyPresident‬” (Forum for Democratic Change, 12.05.2016).

“Some cabinet ministers in president Kizza Besigye’s government have got access to him in Morotto military barracks were he is currently detained. Only us can free the president. ‪#‎KBisPresident” (Doreen Nyanjura, 12.05.2016)‬.

This is happening while the grand-dictator lavish feast happening at Kololo. Be proud and honour yourself the galant NRM who has truely sold everything so that the President, the Executive Museveni can do as he pleases and not accountable anymore… Peace. 

Press Statement: The President declares Museveni swearing-in ceremony “illegal and offensive” to Ugandans calls for Public to “Make Noise” in Support of New Government (11.05.2016).

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P3

Ugandan President Kizza Besigye, has in his second act as head of the country’s transitional government, declared “illegal” the planned swearing-in ceremony of former President Yoweri Museveni on 12th May, 2016. The President also requests all heads of state and diplomatic officials to stay away as it was “deeply offensive to Ugandans.”

President Besigye further asked all Ugandans to voice their support for Uganda’s democratic transition by “making noise” by whatever means possible: music, car horns, pots and pans, church bells and most of all, their “courageous voices.”

Museveni Swears In

Supporters are asked to focus on Kampala, Entebbe Road and the Serena Hotel, where Museveni’s few remaining foreign apologists are staying, and on Kololo Airfield, while the illegal swearing-in extravaganza will be attempted tomorrow. “Wherever you are tomorrow, make some noise and send a signal for Uganda. Let’s show the world how Ugandans stand together!” President Besigye stated.


Police arrests Besigye ahead of Museveni swearing-in (Youtube-Clip)

Latest: Besigye is now detained at Moroto Barracks!

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P3

As the Inauguration of Museveni is happening at Kololo tomorrow and he was quickly arrested and taken to Nagalama Police Station. The latest intelligence of his whereabouts is that the Police Force has transported him to Moroto Barracks! So they have taken him as far as possible… far far away from Kampala and Wakiso District and by that silence him in calm distance in the up-country where the Army will keep him silenced. Peace.

Latest update: 

“YES The President of Uganda is currently being tortured in Morotto military Barracks” (Doreen Nyanjura, 11.05.2016).

PS: Where the White Toyota LandCruiser Prado that Besigye owns and was towed?  I don’t know where it is.. but surely that IGP Kayihura knows!

Police Disperse Crowds After Surprise Besigye Appearance in Kampala (Youtube-Clip)

Footage: Shocking clip on how the Army oppress citizens in Kampala!

New Social Media Shut-down or Ban in Uganda!

Social Media Shut-Down 2


As expected the Ugandan Government will shut down or have shut down the Social Media in Uganda, and their plans to Silence the Opposition and news about the Opposition as the finale stages towards the Swearing-in of President Museveni into his 7th Term as President of the Republic of Uganda on Kololo Independence Ground is estimated to happen tomorrow as Presidents, Presidential Envoys and other dignitaries comes to be parts of jolly occation.

This while the Opposition are under house-arrest, detained and silenced. The Grand Dictators Party at Kololo with fellow dictators and totalitarian leaders except for President Magufuli of United Republic of Tanzania who wants to honour the man who offered the Crude Oil Pipeline too his country! The rest is Swaziland representatives, Leshoto and others who would easilly be handpicked as men who does not care about democratic values in their own countries and looks up to President Museveni and his actions. Say I am wrong, Mr. President? 

So expect that Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter in Uganda, and in the Republic of Uganda will be gone as the UCC and Government of Uganda; want to totally control the Steady Regress of the Nation as we know it. They cannot help themself. We can only pray and wish that the NRM could see their foolish actions… But the close leadership around Mr. President is like Ofwono Opondo, I am not worried.

First Company:

Airtel 11.05.2016

Second Company: 

MTN Uganda 11.05.2016

So Ugandans go back to VPN and QUICK! Peace. 

VPN 18.02.2016 P2

One way to Bypass the Ban: 

Cloud VPN (Free & Unlimited)

Go in there and follow instruction so you can bypass this foolish mess.

Hope that can help in the time of the Government tries to totally controll all movement and intimidate while the President and his guests lives in lavish lives.. Something that isn’t right. Peace.

Picture of the Day – The Dictators lingers at the inauguration in Tanzania

Linger at Inaguaration in Tanzania