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Tchad: Gen. Mahamat Kaka Déby Itno’s Message to the Nation – A warrior on the throne

Today, the interim and transitional President of 18 months Mahamat Idriss “Kaka” Déby Itno held his first national address after the coup d’etat on the 20th April 2021. In the capital N’Djamena things are not the same. The public is tired of the lack of representation and having military government at the helm. They are in the streets and its bleeding. While the likes of Gen. Kaka is promising dialogue and peace. Who is he saying this too? He is not saying this to the people who are addressing the lack of good governance and proper civilian government.

That is why the National Address of 27th April 2021 is to legitimize his reign and the transition. Just like the appointment of the 2nd placed or runner-up to his father in the recent election. That is just making the military government a little civil. Just like the Sovereign Council did with their Prime Minister too. It is the same trick, but just another capital and people held hostage by the “positive” move by a junta government.

Well, there will be friendly headlines and hopeful tokens, but know why he did this. It is validate his reign and establish himself as the new Head of State and President of Tchad. There is nothing else too it. Also, to undermine the reason for the rebellion and the will to overthrow the Déby Itno dynasty in N’Djamena.

That’s why the General said this today:

The macabre objective of the forces of evil and the followers of obscurantism, is to prevent the emergence of Chad and destabilize it by sowing chaos, hatred, desolation and death” (Gen. Mahamat Idriss “Kaka” Déby Itno, 27.04.2021)..

It is clear here the vision he has and how he is looking at the rebellion. The rebels are against the “monarchy” and the junta his running. Just like they was after his father and his regime as well. They we’re all there, because the family seems to be the only willing or able people to run the Republic. Which cannot be true. There should be several of leaders and excellent human beings with intellect to run this nation. Not only the ones who is lucky to be born with the last name Déby Itno.

As he later said:

The Transitional Military Council obeys the cardinal concern to face the absolute urgency of having to defend our Homeland against the aggression it was suffering, to preserve the gains of peace and stability and to guarantee national unity and cohesion. This is, my fellow citizens, the very essence of the fundamental principles of the nation’s existence because the war is not over and the threat of attacks by other armed groups from abroad remains” (Gen. Mahamat Idriss Kaka Déby Itno, 27.04.2021).

Here his promising structure and institutionalising the government. However, this is all buying time and the same enemy as his father had. The Sahel region is hit with militants and aggression as well. So, there this paradigm here too and that’s why the Operation Barkhane and the G5 Sahel joint forces too.

Still, we know his will and resolve is first to go after the rebels who has given up the capital and its leadership. They are just answering this way, because it is not like the leaders or the elites in Tchad cares about the lack of civilian government or need for a political change, which isn’t giving the power to another Déby Itno.

We know his insincere when he says things like this:

The aim of the process is to enable us to hold democratic, free and transparent elections as soon as possible. Democracy and freedom introduced in Chad in 1990 are and will remain irreversible values.” (Gen. Mahamat Idriss Kaka Déby Itno, 27.04.2021).

He is saying his father introduced democracy, free and fair elections. We are just supposed forget how he blocked the opposition, arrested activists or exiled people. For the average political interested will know there was no barrier for positive entry. The dynasty and the first family had the perks of the state since 1990 but that was not generally shared with the public. Therefore, this lie has to be disputed and not accepted. A tyrant doesn’t issue in democracy. No, they destroy it and takes control of it and also becomes the personification of the state. Therefore, the Gen. Kaka better chill and rewrite the origin story. If not ask for someone to give him the pin-points on how his father held power until death.

And to continue where his father left off:

Chad needs the national and international community to make this transition a success because the challenges are immense. Chad needs massive support from these partners to stabilize an economic and financial situation severely impacted by the security, health, humanitarian and social context. I would also like to reassure our partners that Chad will continue to hold its position and assume its responsibilities in the fight against terrorism and will respect all its international commitments” (Gen. Mahamat Idriss Kaka Déby Itno, 27.04.2021).

This is because he know the value of his junta government. They are not willing to let civilians run it and he wants to be an unelected leader. There will not be democracy. If this man believes his father created that since 1990. The power of delusion is real and we are just seeing the “useful Tchad” continues with Gen. Kaka. Not like the leadership is changing or doing anything different. It is a reason why he says this.

The new President hopes the international community bails the Republic after the 30 years of mismanagement of his father. That he can blame on the recent rebellion. Though his father and his cronies ran the government for over three decades and had the ability to stabilize the economy if they wanted. Still, there wasn’t a will for that and now he hopes for support to salvage him from the ills of his father. He also said they should do this, as the junta will continue its fight against terrorism and that’s an international commitment. Clearly, wants a bailout for their role as a “stabilizer” in the region. That is really trying to sell the same as his father did in the last part of his reign.

We are now seeing the truth and its served blatantly. There is no hiding and his proving what his willing to do. Peace.

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Opinion: “Useful Tchad” continues for the French

Since the assassination Idriss Déby Itno, the President for Life in Tchad. Now there is a coup d’etat in favour of the son Gen. Mahamat Kaka Déby Itno. This is initially supported and getting validated by having French President Emmanuel Macron at the funeral of the father today in N’Djamena.

The father like Son both took power with arms. It was the weapons giving them power. It wasn’t popularity or an election. Gen. Kaka is following the same structure and using the trick of a Transition Military Council (TMC). He is doing it, because the West has accepted that in Mali and Sudan too. Stability over proper governance.

The French wants to friendly and have a part of the “useful” part of Tchad. The southern Tchad is a place of which it has interests and can gain control over. The useless northern Tchad is another issue. The French wouldn’t care less. Only that they need to quell rebellion and stop insurgency crossing through the Sahel Region.

That is why its useful to have an armed junta in N’Djamena. It is very valuable. That sort of “stability” is more valuable than coins. They can have a military base and be able to swiftly fight insurgency in the previous colonies of West Africa. Tchad is poor and is even more impoverished with rights and justice. That’s why its perfect to have same family ruling the Republic. They are proper servants for Paris and their accords for peace in the Sahel Region.

Gen Kaka might continue his good relations to the Rapid Support Force (RSF) or Janjaweed in Sudan. Where he can trade goods and training to the government sponsored militia who can cause havoc and tragedies in Darfur. This continues and its relentless. While the French sponsors and legitimize the reign of another Déby Itno.

We know the French wants a finger in the Republic because of the petroleum and uranium of Tchad. They are not there out of solidarity or charity. No, they are there for business. This is why they have no trouble supporting the coup d’etat of this week and ensuring “stability” so their interests are secured. There is nothing else here.

Macron hopes Gen. Kaka can be a token soldier for him and continue to be useful person for him. The French doesn’t value democracy or liberty. They just want their interests covered in the former colonies. That is why the French let family run the former republics. This is just another one where this happens.

It is a reason why the northern are having a rebellion and going against N’Djamena. They want to prove a point and not accept this takeover. The Déby Itno family doesn’t own Tchad. Even if it acts like it does. It is time for proper elections and sincere polls. Not just sham elections in favour of one single candidate who already came into power by the guns. Peace.