State Oppression Continues: The Arua Stone Case continues to haunt Opposition MPs!

Today, the 4th July 2019, the day where again several of Opposition Members of Parliament was summoned to Gulu Magistrate Court to follow up on the treason case going from the 13th August 2018. The prolonged case and lack of discovery, combined with very little movement of authorities, other than making new court dates. Has surely let them believe that this case is dead on arrival. Especially since the state has charged an advanced age man last month for throwing the Arua Stone.

Therefore, today’s news of a judge actually ordering the arrests of the Opposition MPs, whose some are even abroad in a Conference. Shows, the issues of the state and their monitoring of their own. As they should know about their movements and know why didn’t show today. Also, others suffered mechanical challenges, which should have given way too. Alas, that wasn’t the case.

Take a look:

Gulu Magistrate Court presided by Grade One Magistrate Kintu Isaac Imuran, has issued criminal summons to 10 accused persons who failed to appear in court today. These included MPs Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine Zaake Francis, Gerald Karuhanga, Paul Mwiru, Abola Jane, John Mary Ssebuwufu and others. Defense lawyer, Tony Kitara informed court that both Bobi wine and Zaake were attending a conference in United States while others suffered vehicle mechanical challenges while coming to court” (87.7 Baba FM, 04.07.2019).

This is the same-old, same old. If these people only had bribed the Republic like Dott Service or been connected like the ones ordering the Santana Cars back-in-the-day, they wouldn’t have had any issues. Not even if these people had suction like the ones inside in the Bank of Uganda. Than, would have gotten away with murder. Alas, these people are opposition. They cannot do anything wrong. Then, they will be punished.

Even if the state doesn’t have a case, they are just pursuing empty leads. Just like it did on Gen. David Sejusa aides, who was freed recently after years in the pen. The same is happening here, the state is making a case, not a solid one, wasting time and trying to dodge this people from campaigning or even having a political life. That is why the case is running, months on months end.

There is no sentencing, there is no proof or evidence brought to court. There is no affidavit or even witnesses coming forward, which would be evident of a prolonged case for these suspect. Alas, the state has just built another case against individuals it cannot stomach. This is an ancient tactic in the Republic.

Just like others has answered for years, nearly a decade on old cases in towns all across the Republic. Bobi Wine and associates will do too. That is because they defied the King, the mighty mighty President. Peace.

The Anti Bobi Wine Act is on the Horizon: The Stage Plays and Public Entertainment Act of 2018!

Today, there was a leaked legislation called the Stage Plays and Public Entertainment Act Cap 49. This is legislation made to bend the crowds, ensure the promoters and the musicians are following due protocol and can be directly controlled by the state. They cannot just without justification put up an event, concert or any public gathering without proper acceptance of the authorities.

However, if you feel like you have heard about something before, it because you have. There was a time in our life, before the infamous and outrageous law, called the Public Order Management Act (POMA). The law made to ensure the state to know every single activity and political movement of the opposition. They had to notify and be accepted by the state and the Security Agencies before holding rallies, consultation meetings and whatnot.

In the same regard, the 2018 legislation, which is leaked today. Is in the same manner. The second law was make the ones rising to political stratosphere like Dr. Kizza Besigye. Make sure he couldn’t do his work and also make it near impossible to build party structure. Which in some regards has happen, as the strength of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) isn’t everywhere. Because, they cannot be able or have the ability to get there properly without being arrested or breaking the codes of law, which is stated in the POMA.

In the same regard comes the new legislation. It is made for the nuisance, the man who has sky-rocket in the political sphere and has made mess for the President. Bosco is really worried and he has to contain it somehow. Just like he did with Besigye. So, now with the new legislation he hopes he can stop the rise and silence Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Because this law is targeting him.

As the leaked legislation says: “No person shall perform public entertainment unless that person is registered with the Ministry responsible for Culture in Uganda as a Performing Artist; An artist or entertainer shall submit his/her works for documentation and approval by Uganda National Culture Forum; No Performing Artist or Group of Performing Artists shall stage performances abroad without clearances from Minister responsible for Culture in Uganda” and also this: “The Event Organiser and/or Promoter shall obtain a Special Performance Permit from the relevant Local Government ( Where the performance is going to take place ) at least 30 days prior to the date, where such a performance involve: i Performing Artists not citizens of, or domiciled in Uganda; ii Three or more independent Performing Artists or three or more different Groups of Performing Artists; iii National Event; iv An annual event; – the permit shall NOT be unduly denied”.

These are just snippets of the law. Not the whole gist. But it smells like POMA for musicians right? The notifying of Local Government for any event or performance, also the registration of the performer and the clearance to do so. That is just like POMA. It is just the POMA made for musicians, comedians or anyone on stage, also for anyone planning to make a concert or holding one. They got to get the new permits, the new dispensation to do so. Since, the law will ensure, that everyone doing these activities are following the new guidelines. By all means, that is when this become official legislation and signed off by the President. But, that man wants to silence yet another critic, this is certainly the way to go. With another draconian legislation to curb the enthusiasm and make it stop.

The last paragraph from the leaked pages of the law, which is really striking. Is this one: “Performing Artists or a Group of Performing Artists shall not enter into other Public Performance Contracts on the same day at different venues, unless such other performances shall be held at least four hours after the end of the preceding performance. This provision shall form part of the Performance Contract between the parties”.

All of this is signs of the new found struggle Bobi Wine will have and the other renegade artists who stands a bitter fight against the oppression. As the government are trying to find other solutions to contain him and his career. Since, he has followed the protocol of POMA as public gatherings, but this is so they can really establish strict guidelines for Bobi Wine and other to follow.

What will be interesting when this come into action and being in-forced. Is how this will effect the campaigns and the NRM own concerts in the Campaign Rallies, as they are known for paying a stable of artists to perform before Bosco shows up to utter sadness in every corner of the Republic. Clearly, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone cannot perform more than twice that day. Meaning, if the NRM is supposed to follow this law. They got pick who goes where and limit the productivity of the artists it has in its back-pocket.

However, this is all just mere say. Even as the legislation has leaked. Showing yet again. How frighten the NRM is of Bobi Wine. Just like Besigye shooked them, he has too. That is why the President is cooking up legislation to beat him down with. So, that he can use justification to destroy his career or stall it. To show who is the man and who is the servant.

The POMA came because of the power of Besigye, now the SPPE or SPPEA comes as an effect of Bobi Wine. It is not enacted or in-force yet, but signs to come. Because, this is retaliation, Museveni style. This is what he does, he finds ways to assault your life by legislation or by mere humiliation through the courts. Clearly, he intends to do both. Surely, the Ministry will muffle with the works of Bobi Wine too. Just a matter of time, before most of it is banned. Let time tell, but not be confused or surprised by that. It is in the cards.

If not, why would they use time drafting and finding the words to ensure that Bobi Wine and the likes are in the mercy of the state? I just said it there.

FYI or BTW: This is the 2nd Generation Public Order Management Act, just made for musicians, nothing else. That smart aren’t the junta, the ruling regime and YES MEN of Bosco. This is just revising it for the ones being artists instead of politicians. Peace.

Opinion: Gen. Tumwine is speaking nonsense, when advising Bobi Wine!

There are some day, when the National Resistance Movement and the NRM Bush League people like General Elly Tumwine speaks nonsense. He is now again advising Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on his career and his way as an artist. What is flabbergasting is how stupid this sounds.

We know, that the Firebase Crew and Entertainment are following all procedures and obligations, as a company and the same does MP Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. He can notify and explain the Musical Shows, the Campaign Rallies and whatever he tries to do. But at this point, everything he touches, he get blocked, soon he will be house-arrested in home like Dr. Kizza Besigye. That is why I am confused by NRM Bush General. He speaks of Bobi Wine following the orders, but he is complying with the law and Constitution. Still, the Authorities are still ambushing him and torturing him. Therefore, who is not abiding the laws, that is the authorities who has attacked him and kept him away from the public!

Tumwine speaking on Bobi Wine:

“If Bobi Wine follows what he’s told by security, there will be no problem. I advised him right from the beginning and I am willing to advise him every other time…”He needs to calm down and separate his political stance of defiance from his artistic stance. You know artists are objective, we think for everybody. But once you now start taking a sectarian line which is confrontational to others, then you meet the necessary resistance.” said Tumwine (URN – ‘ We’ll continue blocking Bobi Wine concerts – Gen Tumwine’ 28.12.2018, link:

I am not shocked of Gen. Tumwine, this is his M.O as a loyal soldier under General and Commander in Chief, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He has always done this and continues as long as he is the ranks under the President. Even get dirty in favour of the President. That is who the Star-Trek Shades Man of Uganda aka Gen. Tumwine.

It doesn’t matter what advice you are giving Bobi Wine, as the authorities doesn’t favour him or cares about his career. They are not working with him. They are working against him. They are acting like people are blind. He cannot do anything nearly, it is just by luck if he can. Tumwine, says a lot and tries to undress the manner. But only showing the naked lies.

Tumwine knows that the authorities haven’t accepted prayers by opposition parties, consultation meetings or even just letting the leadership going out to vote. That is what this NRM are up to. Therefore, even if Bobi Wine would comply and act cool. The NRM and its Calvary would attack and monitor him. They would detain him and arrest him on phony charges. That is what the NRM does to real opposition. We know this and Tumwine knows this too.

So, he can play around the bush, but the General acts like if, the people are following the orders of the government. Everything will be dandy, but then I suppose, things would have been different for plenty.

Gen. Tumwine, acts like his righteous, while Bobi Wine is the bad criminal savvy pick-pocket. However, he is just a man… who tries to do his thing, but his blocked. This on orders from above high. This is planned and done by the government against him.

Even, if Bobi Wine filled all protocols and all measures put by the state, they would still block his ass. That is the truth about it all. Peace.

Uganda Law Society Statement on Blocking of Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi’s Music Shows (28.12.2018)

Bobi Wine Concert Blockade: Shows the Naked Truth about Museveni!

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell

There are apologists out there, that are blaming Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for his actions against the government. That is why the government is blocking his concerts. However, that just shows the viciousness of the government. As they cannot accept that not all people are blind followers of the President and his cronyism.

The likes of Mwenda will ensure that the blind men are blaming Bobi Wine, I will not exercise my right to double-down on him. Because, I have done enough of it in the past and Andrew doesn’t deserve my time. He can love the dictator in his head. Please continue.

However, the Boxing Day blocking of concert on Bobi Wine’s own land. They came with tear-gas and arresting several of the team before the concert. The Firebase crew had written and ask for clearance. Still, the Police Force came crashing in and stopped the event.

That is like the MP is the devil. At the same time, the President is promoting and is a PR Person for the Bebe Cool event in Uganda. Bebe Cool has all rights to perform, but he does as a sign of loyalty to the President. Therefore, getting all the subsidizes and help from the same regime that is going after Bobi Wine. That shows who is allowed and who is not.

They are saying various statements, that Bobi Wine was not prepared. However, all documentation dropped online proves that the government knew and there was correspondence. The Police Force knew and had the knowledge. The Police Force was able for the first Kyarenga Concert at the same venue. So, why not do it again in December?

This just shows the blatantly disregard of justice, freedom and liberty for one individual. As, the blockage of concerts for Bobi Wine is yet another prime example of how the President controls everything. He has done with plenty of persons in the opposition. Where he will stop them from doing their thing. Making their lives hectic and lose opportunities, because they are brave enough to stand in the way of the President.

President Museveni, who this Christmas Season spoke of loving thy neighbour and being there for each other. Apparently, he didn’t mean Bobi Wine and his kind. While Bebe Cool is super cool and can do whatever he like. That is the reality… but not that the apologists will ever say that. Because Cool had license to this, but Wine didn’t have it. We all know the Police is political and following orders from above. They are directly going against Bobi Wine, in same manner, as it has done in the recent decade. Peace.

Bobi Wine Statement on the blocked Boxing Day Show (26.12.2018

By Bobi Wine


The situation at One Love Beach is tense. It has been turned into a war zone. As if the raid last night was not enough, this morning they blocked the roads leading to the Beach and announced that our Boxing Day show is off. Our fans who had started gathering have been dispersed with tear gas and water cannons. As I said, yesterday they did the same thing and disrupted two concerts at which I was meant to perform.

Up to now, we have not been given any official reason as to why the show was blocked, because we wrote to police long ago and complied with all legal requirements. (I have sent along with this message, copies of the correspondences because one Emilian Kayima, the police spokesperson was on TV this morning saying that we did not comply with the guidelines although he did not specify anything that we did not fulfill). As they have been doing recently, they did not respond to us at all, until last night when they showed up to dirupt the event. This is after we had invested a lotof resources in advertising and other preparations. The police officers on the ground are avoiding the cameras – they simply told me that they are here on orders from above!! My colleague artistes are having their shows unhindered. President Museveni was even recorded live advertising a show for one artiste, to be held on this same day- as if to say that he owns Uganda, and if you want to be allowed to work, you have to lick his feet and be his sycophant!

Here is my message to him. Through these actions, you are revealing who you truly are- a brutal, cold and cowardly despot. You think you are hurting me and my dependents by blocking my sources of income, but you should know that the world is watching. Yes, I have done a show every 26th December for the last ten years, but if this is one of the many sacrifices I have to make for believing in justice and freedom, so be it! I will assure you once again that your intention to break my resolve through harassment and intimidation will certainly fail. I shall not kneel before you. I shall not be cowed by your acts of terror. The forces of evil may be so fearsome, but they never win in the end. One day, God being our help, you shall fall like all the other tyrants who came before you.

Thank you comrades in the struggle, brothers and sisters, olwo’kwebelelamu! Those who are resisting this madness in every way, power to you! I have been telling you and you can now see, that our solution will not come from the courts, from Parliament or anywhere else. The solution will come from us! We should not forget that Parliament last week passed a resolution against these illegal and repressive actions. But that resolution is being held in contempt, like they do to court orders and the very Constitution of this land!

I appreciate the messages of support and solidarity from all over the world and assure you that your prayers and effort shall not be in vain. We shall overcome.”

Bobi Wine’s letters of Notification to the Authorities, ahead of the 26th December 2018 Concert.

Opinion: PM Rugunda sudden ghosting like VP Ssekandi

We are living in marvellous times as the big-men are avoiding answering for their acts. We are living in times, where the cronies of the President vanishes into thin-air, because they lack moral authority and respect of the law. They are just going away into the abyss without telling people.

That Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda did come to the Plenary Session on the 18th December 2018 is a proof of neglect and disrespect of the August House. That the PM doesn’t mind skipping hard questions and the role of government, as they are busy stifling the voices of dissent in the republic. That is the mere reality.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda on Wednesday failed to appear before Parliament to explain why government had banned Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from performing at live music concerts. However in a surprise move, even the minister of Internal Affairs, Jeje Odong who was delegated to read the government statement disappeared in thin air after attending Parliament for a few hours. During plenary on December 18, the Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga summoned Rugunda to appear before the House the next day and explain why government continues to block Bobi Wine from performing at live concerts across the country” (Sam Ibanda Mugabi – ‘Rugunda vanishes, fails to explain ban on Bobi Wine concerts’ 20.12.2018, link:

Usually, the biggest ghost, the biggest man who is nowhere to be found is the Vice-President Edward Ssekandi. He can be gone for months without any public profile, he is like the marionette, who is there, but isn’t really.

Now, this week, it seems like the Prime Minister needs some teaching from the VP to be able to vanish without people caring. Because this is the reality. That the PM doesn’t want to answer for blocking of concerts, the blatant disregard for the artistry and livelihood of the MP Robert Kyagulanyi. As they are showing signs of oppression against him.

Therefore, the ghosting, the reflection of weakness, the lack of respect and dignity of the Parliament. Comes also to the front, as the PM don’t even have the character to stand up for his boss and answer simple questions. It should be easy, as this is acts done deliberately by the government against the MP. It shouldn’t be rocket science.

However, the PM should take a few lessons from the VP. If he did, he wouldn’t end up in the headlines, but at a burial, officiating for the state. Peace.

Opinion: Bosco is the biggest coward for blocking Bobi Wine!

There are someone out there that is so afraid of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, that he is using all his tools at his disposal to stop him from being himself. That the Member of Parliament from Kyadondo East and Artist. Is such a phenomenon, that the President is shitting in his pants. Actually, he doesn’t know what does with the Leopards Anus. He is sprinting around like a wild fox trying to capture the game.

Why does I say that, because not only has the authorities blocked him from performing at Namboole Stadium, as Bobi Wine and management planned for scheduled Album Launch there in October, second time at the same venue in November. Days after he rescheduled on his land at the Busaabala – One Love Beach. Where he was able to hold it after all issues with authorities, but because it was on his own property. They couldn’t stop it.

In the early December, the same authorities blocked a Kyarenga Extra at the Smiling Panda in Gulu, the day before the trial, which a continuation of the oppression from the Post-Arua By-Election. That the state plans to keep on going into 2020, if they get their wish. Yesterday, was yet another day, as he was the headliner at the 5th Street Jam in Jinja. Where the Police went all out, blocked the roads, detained and abducted the Bobi Wine Team there. There is nothing the Police wouldn’t do in their tyranny to make life worse for the MP. That is the reality with their recent actions.

As they have blocked him all the way, stopped him from performing as an artist. That would be as the Police would go to one of the ranches of the President. Destroy the produce and kill the livestock. That is what the Police is doing to Bobi Wine. They are also arresting his friends, his associates and his management team. They are really playing hardball, showing force and intent.

It is proof again and again. Just like it has been with everything Besigye has tried in his time. Bobi Wine is feeling now. Museveni is showing his true color again and again. Peace.

Bobi Wine blocked from performing, yet again!

In Jinja today, the Police has again shown their loyalty to their master, as they have blocked Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from performing at the Fifth Annual Street Jam. This was bound to happen at the Queens Palace. The event was cleared by the Police before, but they didn’t care.

To top it all, the Police raided City Hotel where the artist and MP was supposed to stay. Also, where the Firebase or team of Bobi Wine was residing. They while they were trying to find his hideout. Clearly, the Police has a mission to stifle and make his life hard.

That the Police are working hard to torment the people of Bobi Wine is clear. As they are taken now, arrested and put into jeopardy. Bobi Wine is trying to make a living, while being an artist and the freedom of speech, the liberty to assemble and the freedom for all isn’t for all. It is a limited freedom and a limited liberty in the Republic. The proof has long been the stifling of all political activity for Besigye. Now the same is happening Bobi Wine. Finally, some more eyes are opened. As he is trying just to perform his craft.

This is the truth of the acts of oppression and dictatorship. An artist, a man who oppose the almighty, the one that orders everything from above. The acts of a President, that wants again to show his force, his might and what resources he posses. That anyone who is in his way has to pay.

However, that will be his legacy, even if he preaches peace and dialogue, the torture, the destruction of institutions and the lack of faith in the public. Is the reality of these actions. President Museveni has lost his ways, but he doesn’t know it. Because all the YES-MEN around praise his every fart and smell of poop.

That is just the reality and its sad. That the tyrant thinks he has the vision, but really looks at the world like a drunk sea-man. He is faring blindly, but have no clue.

Bobi Wine is a threat to the power-drunk man at the State House. This is not news, but we just have to repeat it. Peace.

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