Malawi: COVID-19 Situation Update as of 3rd June 2020 (03.06.2020)

Malawi: MPs soon getting tax-free rides!

In June 2019 with the newest salary increases, the Members of Parliament was getting 2,5 million Malawian Kwachas monthly, while the average median salary is about 159,000 MWK. However, this is what 50% of workers earns or lower. Meaning the MPs before the newest pay-rise they are earning around 15 times more than over 50% of the general population.

So with this in mind. There is new reports that the MPs whose already rich by all standard in the Republic. Are ensuring their own wealth with more incentives. This being tax-exempt cars. They can buy cars without paying taxes. Before, the newest incentive, they we’re not paying for it anyway during their elected term. However now, it is totally tax-exempt. They will not have to pay exercise duty nor paying customs after the fact. Meaning its only the cost of getting it from abroad and shipped to Malawi.

The MPs are not paying taxes on their cars. MPs will be allowed to do this with two cars during their term, while the Ministers are allowed to buy three.

So, they are getting a real bargain. While the ordinary citizen has to pay added taxes on the commodity. The MPs and Ministers will drive around in cars, which they never paid taxes for. This is all for the up-coming term from 2019-2024. The MPs will all have a capital gain and able to save money. Even not really loose to much using the cars and then trading them when their term ends. It is a real incentive to buy extra cars during their term.

This is all a small heist by the MPs. They are getting cheap cars, easily access to cash to buy it with allowance, sitting fees and whatnot. All of this blended with incentives to buy two cars during their term without taxes. This makes the cars cheaper and makes it good deal for them.

Every single citizen has to pay the levies and taxes on their cars. Only the MPs and Ministers are exempt from it. These people are ironically representing the people. A people who has to pay taxes for the same product and vehicle. While the MPs are getting a free-ride, the public have to cough up the taxes for it. That’s shows how unfair it is and the public cannot stop them. Since, this is something they vote for themselves. Just like they do it with the salaries. Which is already superior to most in the Republic.

The rich are getting richer, while they poor continue to struggle. These are the representatives of the people. They are acting like kingpins and forgetting their part. They are enriching themselves on a position, which is bestowed on them. Instead of showing gratitude and serve the public, they are finding new ways of gaining wealth. This is misuse of office and this should be the perfect excuse of getting new leadership. Which represents the public and their needs, not only fill their own pockets. Peace.

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Malawi: Mutharika’s ruthlessness comes forward

I am directing the Police and MDF to stop these demonstrations. Should HRDC, MCP and UTM go ahead with the demonstrations, let them not say that they were not warned. Without the borders, there is no Malawi. These people [HRDC, MCP & UTM] are waging war on our country and it’s treasonous. I have no choice but to take necessary measures to protect the borders with all the necessary force a law unto themselves one day, evil will rule this country” – President Peter Mutharika (08.03.2020).

The Tipp-Ex President Peter Mutharika, who cannot stomach demonstrations nor public display of dissatisfaction towards him and the state. Now, there is no middle ground. He is now closing the space. His not accepting being questioned, neither the Malawi Electoral Commission. The President says this as several of the leaders in the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC). Therefore, his words are not worthless.

The President is setting himself up for failure. His closing the ability of the people to be vocal when the state is wrong. His saying the other opposition should be silent too. This is a clear step of a man who distrust of people is rising sky-high. Maybe, his feeling the pressure for techniques to rig the May 2020 elections?

The President of Malawi directing the army and police force, whose there to secure the public. Not to stop them nor stop the public from demonstrating against unfair policies and decrees. That is why they are on the streets with their feet.

That Mutharika is going to this step. Really shows how little governance, little ability he has to rule temporary, as his living on mercy after the “null and void” elections in 2019. The citizens deserves better than this.

Mutharika is saying they are treasonous for demonstrating, which is very convenient for him. Making any dissent into illegal action. This is a clear misdirection and malicious attempt of overriding any will of the people. Since, the President only allows his actions and his directions. The public has to silenced. If they dare to speak out, then they might face treason. How else you interpret these words?

The President whose already living on borrowed time with the highest office. Is clearly planning to stay by any means. As he is directing the authorities to stop the others from competing and using the boulevards as their platforms. Since, he got the State House and the Authorities in his pocket. This is why he makes offending him and his intelligence a crime against the state. That is what he has initially done by saying this! Peace.

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