Opinion: Oulanyah should address his master

There were accusations of repressive police action against these people who are calling for violence. The people who call for these have taken it publicly not privately in the media and in the newspapers. Nobody is talking about them. It is possible for us to weigh the whole picture and say anybody who calls for violence must be reprimanded?” – Speaker Jacob Oulanyah

The 11th Parliament Speaker Oulanyah lashed out at the European Union (EU) delegation at a meeting recently. The speaker must take the EU for fools and the whole Republic as well. The monopoly of violence is controlled by the state. The state has the security agencies, the army and the police force at it’s beacon.

It was the state that ordered the soldiers on the streets. Oulanyah knows this and he can blame the opposition. Like he does here and think the unarmed civilians are calling for “violence”. That is neither here nor there. In the matter of this republic, the one man who calls and address things with vengeance are the President.

President Museveni speaks ill and viciously about destroying his opponents. The President isn’t a man of peace, but another war-lord. The EU should know this and if they don’t… they should research about his history and CV. Museveni and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) lives on intimidation, fear and using the arms against dissidents. That’s why they have to vilify them and make them evil. Even when it’s the state that is abducting, arresting, torturing and extra judicial-killing them. Still, the EU should believe that this isn’t the whole picture.

In the last two elections it has been enough to be either associated with the “Defiance” or be for the “We are Removing a Dictator”. If you participated, was active or a member of either campaigns… you would be met with force or possibly loose everything. The authorities will go after you and everyone in your near proximity if they have too. That’s why Oulanyah must think the world is stupid at this point.

The state has used ungazetted safe-houses,Nalufenya and SIU Kireka to mention a few over the years to oppress the opposition. These locations and institutions would exist, if the state didn’t value them. Neither would it be to build anotehr maximum prison to ensure more people can be detained. As Luzira wasn’t big enough. That’s why the authorities are made to silence critics and they do it with huge enforcement.

The speaker can claim the others speaks of violence, but it’s not proven. When the main objective of the previous big opposition leaders has been a “peaceful transition” from the current one. That is not a violent revolution or anarchy. No, they are seeking peace and the aftermath of the ones in-charge now.

It is like Oulanyah and the Movement is so busy scheming. That they cannot hold their ducks in a row. They know these sorts of stories is not true. The EU should just read upon and seek guidance elsewhere. Because, this is just false. Violence just appear when the government entities are involved or ambushing opposition gatherings/meetings and such. It is not like it happens on it’s own. That violence are ordered from the high above and the ones in command. Not some random stranger or citizens from the ghetto. No, this is the Movement and all of the gentlemen in power.

Oulanyah is a loyal soldier for the cause and for His Excellency (H.E.). That why he speaks like this, but doesn’t make it true. It only shows that he serves a purpose and his a useful tool for his majesty. Peace.

Opinion: Oulanyah forgot the role of the opposition

Honourable Members, let’s keep our eyes on the ball. The ball is this country and its people. The ball is not the regime. A focus on the regime is a narrow and a wrong focus. Put your focus and interests on the people who elected you to Parliament rather than on trivial issues like regime change” – Speaker Jacob Oulanyah (27.08.2021).

It is easy being a token soldier, being a loyal cadre and running up the ranks in the established system underneath the high above. That’s why you don’t have to be bright or smart. You just have to show-up and follow the commands. The orders are straight, unforgiving and you just have to enact it. That’s Oulanyah has risen to prominence and gotten to this stage. Not because his a wise-guy, street-smart or has any worthwhile skills. No, his just a pawn and a useful loyalist for now.

Speak Oulanyah should know all that, but he rather speak of hubris to the opposition. Mock them even and play around like it was a fair competition in the recent election. When everyone know the game was rigged. The whole system was controlled and there was not other objective. Than the Movement and the President to get the majority. Either by the hook or by the crook. The winner took it all and left breadcrumbs to the dissidents. This election was rigged and done systematically. So, Oulanyah should know this when he addresses people, but it seems like he doesn’t know that.

That’s why it’s striking when he says the focus isn’t on the regime. Like the Opposition isn’t there to keep the state alert and question their moves. That is what they are doing for the betterment of the republic. The opposition is there to check and balance. Call out the Movement for their scheming ways, injustice and impunity. They are supposed to call the NRM out for their mischief and grand corruption scandals. They are there to be thorns and spiteful challenges in the public. That’s to show what the government and the Movement should be doing, which it doesn’t… not just be another group of “yes-men” and “praise the lord” anytime the President kisses someone’s asses. That is for the internal Central Executive Committee of the NRM to do by itself.

The speaker further insults our intelligence that we shouldn’t focus or try to think of a peaceful transition. It is only necessary and needed to focus on the future. A future without Museveni and the NRM at the helm. When someone else is the President and His Excellency. That time will come eventually, either if you like it or not. The NRM has already reigned for over 3 decades and this era will end at one point or another.

That’s why the opposition should prepare and plan for a possible takeover. The NRM and Museveni cannot contain that and the will of the people forever. They cannot trick and lie indefinitely. At one point, the last straw and final nail in coffin is put. The treasure-chest is empty and the soldiers are starving. Everything that keeps this regime is gone, as the bank-accounts are empty and donors are not serving aid. There is no more schemes to get-rich-quick or fix some more bottlenecks. No, all of that will go south and there will be no redemption.

That’s why Oulanyah wants this era to last forever. He has the power and the station. The Speaker doesn’t want to loose it. Now that he got it and with someone else in power. He wouldn’t be as useful or have any value to them. He would just be a loyal cadre to godforsaken cause, which should have buried a long time ago. However, it has been persistent and never ending. That’s why we are here in the first place.

Oulanyah can call it trivial to ask for regime change. However, if it was so… why was newspapers closed and ceased over “Project Muhoozi” and why is it dangerous to utter out words of Post-Museveni? Why is it bad to have ambition and seek the place of H.E.? If it is trivial?

Also, to end this on a high note. Why was it needed to change the Constitution twice for one to rule? Why did the Parliament need to first abolish term limits before later stage abolish the age limit? If it is trivial. Shouldn’t the law or the constitution been intact?

That’s what bugging me… when men of his rank and stature calls it trivial. He should look into himself and his own role in all of that. The Movement has made this bed and they got to sleep in it. However, the opposition is within rights and should do their bidding. The opposition needs to keep account and question the NRM. The opposition needs to plan for a peaceful transition and work to topple this regime. That is if they are an honest opposition and wanting to end the dictatorship.

Oulanyah doesn’t want to hear any of that. That’s to be expected, because the end of the tyranny and regime would mean the end of his meal-ticket. The Speaker cannot risk that and rather want a mediocre and lacking opposition. Which he don’t have to fear or have issues with. This is why he speaks like this. However, the opposition has to enforce and be on the barricades to make life a living hell for the Speaker and his tribe. That is their duty and their role as opposition.

Hope they will act upon this and show their character in the 11th Parliament. Time will tell, but Oulanyah hope he can get a forgetful group of MPs and get an easy ride in office. Peace.

Opinion: The party of rebels cannot tolerate rebels

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) was born out a rebellion. That is at least their own tales and ethos, on how it went into existence. How they went to the bush and fought the government to topple it in the 1980s. That is the gist of it all…

That’s why it’s hypocritical and funny that it’s acting so swiftly and hard on rebels within its own rank. They are doing this constantly. Rebecca Kadaga is getting the same treatment as plenty before her. There is nothing new in this and the acts of vengeance coming her way. We have seen before and how the party dismantle and destroy its rebels.

That’s a mere fact in 2021. That nobody and no one should challenge Museveni. The vanguard and the principal sole custodian of the party. In his own spirit, the living being of the party, that everyone is supposed to adore and worship. He is the majesty and they are his court. The jester, the confidant and his servants. They are all there to follow and be inspired by him.

That’s why nobody should question him or even dare to be disregard to his every action. They shouldn’t dare or even think about it. It is ironic, but also the modus operandi of the party. That no one should even question or insult the high mighty. The ones who has aspirations or even dreams of succeeding him get a scorched earth tactic too. Everything that can be burned, will be burnt and there will be left no witnesses behind.

Kadaga will go through the same issues as other before her. Where the rants, the rouge actions will cost her. The party will sanction and take actions against her. She did the inevitable and stood up against their decision, which wasn’t her to make. Just like others who had ambition and wants to run against Museveni. These have been wing-clipped and humiliated too.

This being Mbabazi, Bukenya and other rebel MPs. Who has been kicked out screaming without any hesitation or worry? Since everyone knows where the power resides and where the final judgement is ordered. The same knew Kadaga perfectly well, since she’s been on top and smelled the roses. She has seen people come and go. Kadaga knows but thought she could be above it.

It is only one man who is above it and we know who that man is. It is not Jesus Christ or God Almighty, no it is Museveni. Mr. Sunday is never to be opposed or even consider a ill-thought about. You are never supposed to cross him or date to double-cross him. If you do… you are in deep water and could soon sleep with the fishes. Therefore, Kadaga should have known this.

She has seen how people fall off the cliff and never returns. However, she has offended the don and her time has come. She had her little rebellion and now is forced to face the consequences. There are only one General and one Chairmen, the rest are disposable. That is the initial gist of it all… Peace.

Opinion: Ssemujju is clearly not that bright

On the 24th May 2021 Jacob Oulanyah was voted in as the Speaker of the 11th Parliament with the incumbent Rebecca Kadaga becoming the first loser. The second loser of the vote in the plenary session was Forum for Democratic Change own MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda. What is striking is that Ssemujju is going hardball on the National Unity Platform MPs for not supporting his case. That where I will play and deliberate my peace, because this is going nowhere.

Until now, I have had a feeling that MP Ssemujju was bright, but the light-bulb isn’t that shiny anymore. His going after the NUPs MPs votes for Kadaga. Instead of even looking first at his own home. He should look at his fellow party MPs who betrayed him first. If FDC is such a strong and independent machine as it has claimed for years. Why are there so little loyalty for him?

He got 15 votes out of 32 MPs. The MP lost 17 MPs from his own party. That should hurt him. These FDC MPs rather vote for a NRM MP for speaker than for him. Ssemujju should keeps his ducks in a row and speak to the leadership of FDC. He needs to settle the score at Najjakumbi and maybe hold a prayer. Since his current prayers haven’t been answered.

That his targeting the NUP is childish. The 57 MPs are free to act as they see fit or after the strategy of which the party has decided. The NUP have tried to be cordial and work with the FDC before the first plenary session. However, the FDC didn’t want to meet.

While several of FDC MPs have gone after the NUP before hand. They are now targeting the NUP again. It is like a war of hogwash where Ssemujju is following Nandala-Mafabi and Salaamu Musumba. Therefore, why should NUP shield and support a party who is speaking ill of them?

The FDC is no difference to NRM at this point. The NUP might have voted for Kadaga in spite. However, that was in their interest and their choice. That Ssemujju was the only real “opposition” candidate. His still not a uniting figure or a voice of reason here. He cannot even galvanize the FDC behind him. Why should the NUP break their back for him? Why?

The FDC hasn’t been co-operative and in favour of joint ventures since 2011s Inter-Party Coalition (IPC). They haven’t really been sincere and dropped righteously out of The Democratic Alliance (TDA). Neither was there any sense or work within the United Forces for Change (UFC). The UFC didn’t even do anything in regards to the 2021 elections. It was a document and presser between Bobi Wine and Besigye. However, it was a wasted opportunity.

This is nothing new, but it is a pattern. The FDC is really attacking the NUP. The newcomer who has taken their place. It is like its an unfavourable position to get into. The FDC had no issues being the big-shot over the Democratic Party (DP) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC). Now the biggest opposition party happens to be the NUP. Alas, that not counting all the independent MPs who can lean where-ever way they feel is right at any moment. The independents are the biggest party except for the NRM, but still the NUP is the one counted. That says a lot.

The FDC wants to be the governing party and be the big-men in Parliament. That is understandable. They have fought, fought and not gotten any real credit. That is understandable. It is reasonable that they want money, power and respect. However, that is given and not taken. The FDC should act with more sense.

Ssemujju should be more wise than this. He should know that the NUP can do whatever they feel. Even if it is foolish, obnoxious or not making sense. He should have his mind correct here. The FDC MP should speak of his own before going after the NUP.

Ssemujju should write his first passages of a prayer before going on national TV. The sermon should be scheduled and be delivered. He should summon the FDC Pastor and get the reverend to hymn in.

Just like I told Nambooze was wrong the other day, because she wanted Ssemujju to warn everyone else about his candidacy. Well, Ssemujju should first alert his party, before having talks with others ahead of the vote. There been enough trouble in the waters in the stages ahead of the polls. That is proven now in the aftermath.

Nevertheless, the FDC seems to be on a warpath and on the barricades. They are doing that instead of being humble. The FDC could show courage and greatness to the 11th Parliament. Instead they are showing entitlement. For a party that has fought. I would think they would be happy to see a new generation coming in and a new party rising up. Instead, they are directly assaulting it.

Ssemujju could get allies and partners within the NUP. However, by acting like this. Why would they work with him? When his not addressing the lost boys or lost causes within his own party? That’s where he should start. After that maybe cordial address the matter and what happened.

Ssemujju should know this and would expect that of others. Not just go all out and trying to mock the NUP. That is to be anticipated by the NRM and their handlers. They are mocking for voting a NRM candidate (Kadaga). That is righteous to do, but Ssemujju needs figure his way. He should know better, but that’s too much to ask.

It is clearly easier to cane the new kid on the block. Going out kicking and screaming, instead of speaking ill of your own. Ssemujju do yourself a favour and stop. This is amounting to nothing. There is nothing to win here. You were the second loser and there is no way to turn the tables around. Even with 57 more votes, you wouldn’t have more than about 70 voters. Which would still be pointless. So, what was there to gain for the NUP?

Would they have a friendly face in the press? Or would you think some more independents throwing their ballots your way?

I doubt it, you would cause a fit no matter what. Ssemujju isn’t looking smart, but acting a fool. You can do better, but clearly that’s too much to ask. Peace.

Opinion: The tattle-tail becomes Oulanyah’s deputy

With no real margin of error the Deputy Speaker of the 11th Parliament is National Resistance Movement (NRM) MP Anita Among. Who has gone from being elected as Independent MP in 2016, but leaning towards the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). While voting for the important legislation or motions in favour of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

We know she has earned the spoils of her loyalty to the President and the State House. As she has a fabulous home, owns a radio station (Mama Bukedea FM). Among has also been a regular visitor at the State House. Clearly getting favourable treatment of late.

In 2017 there was rumours that she was the mastermind of murdering people in her district. As well, as leaking FDC secrets to the State House. There was sources saying “she would do anything for money”. Clearly, with the amassed wealth and rise to prestige. Among clearly have found her source of wealth.

In September 2019 there was speculation of an assassination attempt on the MP at her home. Where two assailants or two gun-men who was even followed by the authorities before disappearing.

In May 2020 she went relentless on a person posting things on Facebook. In such a fit, that she personally got all the authorities involved and got one Private Secretary of the President in charge of Poverty Alleviation in Busoga under investigation together with an accomplice Brian Kinene. She was able to use the Cyber Unit of CID to investigate the matter and put it on blast. That was done over two Facebook posts. This says a lot about her character.

Among haven’t had a long career, but still been creating headlines. Gotten the loyalty and it’s paying off. As she couldn’t continue sell stories and be in fire while leaning towards the FDC. She had to eventually cross sides.

Now she could stand unopposed and run through the election with no real competition. Anointed by the President and has now his blessings. Clearly she will continue to use her power. Now, she haven’t the need to go to Kadaga. Among can just do what her feel and do what Museveni directs her to do.

I don’t trust Deputy Speaker to value democratic values, neither honour the chambers of the Parliament. No, she’s in it for the money and Museveni will further corrupt her mind. Give her nice tokens for her service and she is favourable person for him. However, she is useful right now. But she just have to wait her turn. When she is not useful anymore.

Than she will be ditched and dropped as quickly, as the NRM dropped Kadaga today. Peace.

Opinion: The opposition have failed Ssemujju [and the NRM didn’t vote collectively for Oulanyah]

Not it’s shocking or anything, but the opposition have failed in a way. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) haven’t even been able to get their MPs behind their own party candidate for speaker in the 11th Parliament. Not that it should be automatic for the opposition to vote for an opposition candidate. Still, if they want something different and wants another type of leader at the helm. Than they shouldn’t vote for the ones who has already been puppets of the President.

It is official that Jacob Oulanyah is the next speaker. He got the majority with 310 MPs, which is a weak one in itself. The National Resistance Movement have 336 MPs alone and means someone wasn’t following the party line there as well and voting for the Independent candidate Rebecca Kadaga. If the UPDF MPs are voting directly for NRM causes, that means 300 NRM MPs voted for their own plus the UPDF. That means 36 NRM MPs voted for Rebecca Kadaga, instead of Oulanyah.

What is shocking is that Kadaga most likely got a huge support from the opposition and the independents of the Parliament. As she got 197 votes today. Not that it’s enough to retain her office. However, it shows that the opposition who is 98 MPs. This being the National Unity Platform (NUP) with 57 MPs, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) 32 MPs, Democratic Party (DP) 9 MPs, which is in total 98 MPs. The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has an additional 9 MPs, but with the agreement with NRM of the past. It’s hard to call them “opposition” at this point.

There 74 Independent MPs and with opposition MPs is a total of 174 MPs. That is very close to numbers Kadaga got. That means there are several of NRM who voted for her. Clearly, the non-partisan UPDF MPs would automatically vote for Oulanyah. That is securing 10 MPs his way. They follow the chain-in-command at any point of time. We know this and the public knows this too.

Still, the FDC has lost 17 MPs to Kadaga or Oulanyah. That is mediocre approach. That the NUP have shown a weird tactic too. They most likely voted Kadaga is just baffling. That they are doing this politicking. Supporting a former servant of the dictator and giving way to her. Just because she had a brief fallout and lost favours with him.

That the DP could go either way at this point. The UPC is shallow too, but with the numbers and secret ballots. There is just speculations who voted where. However, the ammo for questionable affairs is clear. The strength is within the ruling regime. They can win, even when they are not trying. That shows how the 11th Parliament will be.

I didn’t expect Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda should have more than 32 MPs on his side. Not only 15 MPs, which is only barely half of the FDC group of MPs in Parliament. He has been let down not by the opposition, but by his own party. They have not shown loyalty to their own. The NUP could play where-ever they saw fit. Naye, they clearly went for Kadaga just to spite Museveni. Instead of playing a long-game with FDC. This is not a good sign for the rest of this term.

The NUP and FDC have combined a big block of MPs with 89 MPs in the 11th Parliament. These MPs could made a difference and their votes could have sent a signal to the authorities. However, they instead voted for Kadaga. The FDC, NUP and DP have all backed the former speaker, one way or another. That is what these numbers and secret ballots says.

The opposition let Ssemujju down, but they first needs to look into their own before shelling assaults at NUP or elsewhere. When you cannot even muster support at home. You cannot go across party-lines. The NUP has disappointed me as well, but it’s not shocking. More of their first moves in Parliament. However, I hope they will really work in constructive opposition behaviour and not petty politicking like today. This is not furthering their cause, but only questioning their methods.

The NRM is also not as strong as they trying to portray. As they are lacking total support for their own. They are not collective behind Oulanyah. There are missing MPs who bailed on the NRM CEC decision. That says a lot too. That is something the President needs to think about and reflect upon at the State House. Peace.

Opinion: Kadaga can blow up a lot of smoke

Fellow Ugandans, I have come to inform the people of Uganda that my party has opted not to give me the party flag for Speaker of Parliament. I have therefore decided to run as an independent” – Rebecca Kadaga (23.05.2021).

Today and in the recent days it’s all natural that Rebecca Kadaga gets in her feelings. That she puts on Drake and sing along to sad tunes. That’s all natural at this point. She has had a long stint or a decade in the role as the Speaker in Parliament. In the 11th Parliament her fate is sealed and there is no way for her to win.

The National Resistance Movement Central Executive Committee have decided to put someone else forward to be the speaker in this term. That means Kadaga’s fall is inevitable. She has lost her position and office over night. That was to be expected and a trade-off would happen behind the scenes. However, Kadaga seemed to think she was entitled to this.

That’s why she suddenly wants to run as an Independent in the Speakership race. However, the loyalty and the party cadres of the NRM is supposed to follow party line. Meaning, she will no way in hell be able to conquer or overcome the obstacle of the NRM party in the 11th Parliament. There is no way they will vote in favour of her and her cause. That’s a no go and they will not defy the NRM CEC.

The Parliament is supposed to elect the speaker. That’s not supposed to happen in the State House or at a the highest party committee meeting either. However, we all know that this is a test of loyalty for the MPs. The NRM MPs who has had training at Kyankwanzi is supposed to show their character now and what they learned. That is to loyal to the cause and follow the NRM Way. This means the decisions put forward by the NRM CEC is final. Even if the stipulations of law and parliamentary procedure doesn’t have anything about minutes or meeting outside the chambers of the national assembly.

Still, here we are and we know the drill. Kadaga can cry rivers and run as independent. However, we know perfectly well that these MPs are subjects for their President and needs to follow his direction. If not they will suffer and be punished like no tomorrow. That’s why the game is set and it’s rigged in favour of the people who are anointed by the “high above”.

What is funny is that Kadaga knows this and have been breathing in this system for years. She’s not new to this and she seen it all. The fallouts, the break-up’s and the make-ups. She has seen how Mbabazi, Tumukunde and Bukenya have all had their turns. Kadaga knows this and accepted this.

Nevertheless, it is like its fine while your singing praises and eating. It is now evident that her meal-ticket is over and someone else’s turn. That hurts her pride and her stomach. She’s afraid of getting hungry and goes into battle mode. Even if that is a failure from the start.

Kadaga has battled the opposition. She has been a loyal soldier and one the bidding of the President. Severed him diligently and delivered what he asked. Nevertheless, it is never enough and he got priorities. The President have to trade-off political pieces to get the puzzle together. That’s why she is sacrificed for this.

Though we know and she knows there is silver-lining. At the end of the day. If she had taken it and swallowed her pride. The President and the NRM would have given her another office with perks and allowances. Kadaga wouldn’t have be the speaker, but be at service with a fancy title.

Now she sings the songs of defiance. That’s a game she is bound to fail. Especially, when the stacks are all against her. This is only a play for pity and there is little to nothing to gain. Only more misery. It is like she’s forgetful and thinks she’s above it all.

Sorry madam, but your not. You are just another pawn and a useful idiot for his highness. He had the use of you and if you played your cards right. He would have offered you another role later on. However, now that you get into combat mode. He will make you suffer and you’ll regret ever participating in his games. Because now for the first time, you’ll get to see the dark-side of his reign. Peace.

Opinion: Oulanyah will not make a difference

The former Deputy Speaker and Oromo County MP Jacob Oulanyah will not change things in the 11th Parliament. As he is set to be promoted from Deputy to the Speaker of the Parliament. This after two terms as the Deputy. He is now set to lead and be at the reigns. However, his a loyal soldier in the chambers and will not add any significant change.

He has been in Parliament now for three successive terms. Where he has served the President and National Resistance Movement (NRM) with amassed loyalty. To such a point, that he has no quarrels using Vice-President Guards to throw out opposition in 2013.

We know that he serves the interests of the President to the fullest. As he has stated in the past, that resolutions or recommendations passed in Parliament is only seen as advisory for the Executive I.E. the President. This meaning, when the Parliament passes these things. It is up to the President to enact or accept this advice or not. It is not legally binding, but token of advice.

If he really thinks like this. Then the methods and ways the Parliament is working has to be different. The MPs have to allocate their resources and their paper-trial different. So, they can go from an advisory body to a legal binding body. Which they already have to await ascending the laws by the executive in the end. Still, that adds more pressure to the President to enact the will of the Parliament.

Therefore, with the knowledge of previous acts of Oulanyah. Expect him to act upon this, but not be shocked. His a loyal man to the end. That’s why in 2012 he was willing to skip house rules to save face of the Bank of Uganda Commissioner Eng. Mutebile. This the sort of behaviour he has and history as well. Where he is willing to skip rules and do that serve his party. Instead of even following basic rules of procedure in the august house.

It is clear that his a man and been in the inner-circle. That’s why he has gotten to this point. Where the NRM CEC is saying his the man. When the NRM CEC is endorsing him. It is initially saying his the next in line. This is the final decision and the ones that matter. That’s where you want your order to come from and where you get the majority backing from as well.

He is a puppet, a loyal of sorts. A man who will do the bidding of the NRM and the President. He will allow the chambers to be overtaken by soldiers and security officers in plain clothes. Votes in favour of the President and legislation only serving him. That’s why his there in the first place. While his spending small percentages of his wealth on philanthropy in his district and county.

When you know all of this. Let’s be perfectly clear. Changing Oulanyah with Kadaga or vice versa wont make much difference. These two are practically the same. They have worked for the same objectives and serving the same master. That will continue. One has fallen and one has been promoted. The Parliament will still act in same manner as before.

Expect NUP MPs to be thrown out. FDC MPs to be thrown out. Expect investigation into opposition MPs and such. There will be a mess and the demonstrations will not prevail. The NRM runs the game and they have the weight behind it.

11th Parliament will not act much different from the 10th Parliament. Yes, there is a different speaker, but they will still need to wait for the NRM Caucus at the State House. There will still await the Cabinet decisions and the appointments of the President. If not the Presidential letters amending laws, legislation and the structure as a whole. Because, that’s what’s happening on the regular. That will not change under the rule of Oulanyah.

No, because he doesn’t have the power to change that. He just have to serve and be the servant for the cause of Museveni. That’s why his there in the first place. Oulanyah might say otherwise, but he knows damn well what keeps him there. It isn’t his legal mind or his character. No, it is his blind loyalty and that’s his willing to serve. Peace.

Opinion: OTT Tax on Data Bundles is like a dual-VAT

“URA Commissioner General Doris Akol told the Finance Committee of Parliament chaired by Henry Musasizi that the controversial OTT Tax will be charged directly on data instead of mobile money to curb the evasion” (NBS Television, 14.01.2020).

I wonder if Doris Akol has thought this through or is winging it? As she see the losses and lack of results, revenue or tax base with the 200 shillings of doom. The whole OTT Tax is to expensive for the public daily. Now, she wants to move it and indirectly tax it instead.

Surely, they will get revenue, but this will make it more expensive to buy data-bundles for the customers and make the packages more viable. VPN and similar networks to circumvent the usage and payments of the daily OTT Tax have beaten the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). That is why URA does this now.

It is a sign of defiance and civil disobedience. They are trying to patch the hurt. But will this succeed? Will more try to only load data through Wi-Fi networks and wireless networks in general. Not load so much data on the go. Because, people are smart and tries to undercut extra taxes. Especially, when on the data is already paid VAT and the Mobile Company pay their taxes on the profits too.

Therefore, URA and Akol seems fishing. They will raise revenue, but also make the data bundles more expensive and with that stop plenty of people from buying bigger data bundles for surfing online on your smart-phone.

That is just the mere reality. It is a sign, yet again that the OTT is a failed project, who didn’t hit the targets and wasn’t measured right. If it was, the aim and the bargain wouldn’t be like this. That is not happening.

This method is a clever way of adding the costs of data, while charging for service not necessarily used. The OTT Services, which is the reason for why these are charged. Because, the data could be used for other things and therefore, is violating its attempt to make it costly for certain usage on online.

This is again, pushing one story, pushing one tax and trying to tax the public by any means. When the hook doesn’t work, they use the crook. Instead of doing directly, they want to do it indirectly and initially in some way adding a separate VAT on data-bundles masked as OTT Tax. That is really it.

We all know this, URA verify it today. That the only things certain in life is death and taxes. Thanks Akol for reminding us. Peace.

OTT Tax: Totally failed its supposed revenue targets in 2018!

Today, the Uganda Communication Commission released their annual sector performance report of July 2019. It was really a bit funny look, as the state, the President and all of his handlers said the Over-The-Top Services would create a tax-base and revenue, which would benefit the state. That is why Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) had set up targets to streamline these new taxes.

I will show more of the fun and explain, as the UCC report really shows how malfunction and lack of due diligence hurt. But first a previous calculation, which was stated to the media. To show how much lack of tax-base the OTT had in 2018, as it was implemented in July and keeps pushing to this date.


Daily Monitor Reports: “Government collected Shs20.5b from social media in the last quarter ended September, according to data obtained from Uganda Revenue Authority. The tax, which was implemented in July, was however, less than the Shs24.9b target that URA had hoped to collect in the period. URA has a monthly target of Shs8.3b. The tax was introduced in the Excise Duty amendments of financial year 2018/19 requiring all social media users to pay Shs200 per day, before accessing certain platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, among others. Government intends to collect about Shs100b before the end of the 2018/19 financial year” (Christine Kasemiire – ‘OTT raises Shs20b in first quarter, URA fails on targets’ 07.11.2018).

Let’s first do the math, accordingly, as the URA monthly target is 8,3bn shillings in revenue, every single month. A quarter of a Financial Year is 4 months. In today’s UCC report, it shows the numbers for the Q3 and Q4 of 2018. Which means, that states revenue from July-September and October-December in the previous years. By these standards its 8,3bn X3 to get the supposed of any given Q. That is 24,9bn shillings is estimated to earn per quarter.

However, the UCC report states that in the Q3, the revenue was 12,696,558,400 or 12,6bn shillings which is only about half of the anticipated revenue. The final quarter or Q4 isn’t much better:12,952,833,800 or 12,9bn shillings. Of the estimated earnings, the state is nearly able to gain about half of its target. The market and the consumers are not contributing or using the phones as much as they thought. What is striking if you combine the two quarters of revenue is that the state earned approximately 25,5bn shillings, which is sadly just above one quarter estimate of the URA in supposed revenue on this tax. The estimated earnings of the period would be about 49,8bn and this shows the state managed a deficit of about 24,3bn shillings. That is about on quarters earning not happening at all. Thats a giant shortfall of cash and the URA/UCC needs to explain the Ministry of Finance this one, because this a major loss of promised funding for the state.  

This shows how failed this tax is and what a waste of enforcement and making the tax in its first place. This isn’t fun and games, but a way of misusing power to tax people, just because you find something obnoxious. That is how it seems, since the President want to stop the gossip online and such. Stop spreading of information and ensure that poorest cannot afford to get online and use the OTT services. Because, that what this tax does. Peace.

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