FDC demonstrate in Mbale today!

Mbale 16.02.2016 P1

As the public gotten the news the people reacts to the arrest and violence of yesterday, even in outside of Kampala. The Forum for Democratic Change has reacted in Mbale. There the people has gone to the streets and demonstrated at the actions of the Police yesterday. Arresting their leaders; because of that they went into the central streets and around the Clock Tower. Where the Police later came with tear-gas and dispersing the crowds as they have done so diligently under the NRM-Regime! The Demonstrations started to get more heated as the Police arrested more and more FDC Supporters. As the Regional Police Commander James Ruweza is in charge of the detail and taking charge in Mbale; as surpressing the citizens in the town. The People also stormed the Central Police Station, before the boiling took over the town.

As the Police went in on the demonstration in the towns as the pictures show!

Mbale 16.02.2016 P2

Hon. Jack Wamanga  Wamai trying to calm down the rioters in Mbalè!

Mbale 16.02.2016 P3

Eye witness:

Mbale has started boiling. It is hot. The police has blocked FDCsupporters from trekking through the city. This has led to a jam at the Clock Tower”.

As more stories came forward the people reacted to the tear-gas that hurt most eyes of the FDC people in the streets. The good news is the hurt and detained FDC supporters in town that earlier got arrested got released by the Police. Even the good news it is still worrying: how the Police controls the public in a way that makes it violent, instead of creating a peaceful atmosphere as the Police does not respect the public and democratic actions as the crack-down on public meetings and public gatherings as a reactions to the violent conduct of the Police in Kampala. That is the reason why the FDC Mbale chapter went to the streets and Republic Street today to demonstrate. Peace.

FDC making Mbale Blue and Celebrating the release of their Manifesto!

FDC Mbale 07.01.16 P2

Harold Kajja wrote this after Mbale:

We take this opportunity to thank our leaders in Bugishu led by the Secretary General my brother Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, Hon. Jack Wamanga Wamai and the entire FDC leadership for the work weldone in mobilising and keeping our support strong. This was a great day for the Launch of the FDC Manifesto. The Gishu showed Dr. Kizza Besigye is the President. Kigwa Leero.

Kizza Besigye message to Mbale:

“Babatu be’Mbale Mwanyala Naabi (People of Mbale Thank you very much”

FDC Mbale 07.01.16 P3

The NRM had to be there, they couldn’t help themself:

NRM UPF 07.01.16 Mbale Clock Tower

In 24th October 2015 the Mbale Council Mr Robert Wambede said this:

“We are following up on the owners. We are going to drag them to court for littering the town and the clock tower”.

Wonder if the Mr Wambede going to go against the Mzee?