Opinion: False representation has a price – The Depp Versus Heard trial

The way this has gone viral and been the talk of the online sphere has been wild. The Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard Defamation Trial has been going on for weeks. The tweets, the Facebook posts and the YouTube Videos have deliberately spread the trial for more to see. Not only read the commentaries or the articles on the evidence or such. Therefore, the lies and deception was for everyone to see. Where the mockery and the shocking details was shown for the whole world to see.

This sort of case is showing a toxic relationship for whole world to see. A sort of a relationship that is doing anyone no good. Where one party was trying to diminish and destroy one in the press. That was very clear and the vindictiveness of Heard is very obvious now. As she blames everyone and couldn’t even stand tall on the non-payments to charities even. Therefore, something had to give.

It is good that a man is believed that a woman can assault and attack a man. Not just the other way around. That in the aftermath of that… she did write an article and hurt the career of Depp. This is why the verdict and the victory of Depp is on establishing that it was a fact.

The Collider reported this after the verdict: “Heard was ordered to pay Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages in his defamation suit. Depp had originally asked for $50 million in damages, to which Heard had counterclaimed $100 million. The jury also ordered Depp to pay $2 million in compensatory damages to Heard, but no punitive damages, underlining how the decision favored Depp in the defamation case. The high-profile case took place in Fairfax County, Virginia, and was broadcast worldwide. Heard will be allowed to appeal the verdict if she chooses” (Marco Vito Oddo – ‘Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Trial Verdict: Heard Guilty of Defamation’ 01.06.2022, Collider.com).

What this states after all this years is that Depp was right all along. Even if the court sided and gave some way to Heard. That is just showing the toxicity, but also how she tried to blind-side the public opinion of Depp until the evidence was brought to the courts. Because, this case has aired out everything. Nothing has been left untouched and even Exe’s of Depp has showed him support during the trial. That’s why you know this has run deep and the private life of him and her has been exposed.

Even if Depp is a victor here and has won punitive damages and compensatory damages of a total of $15 million US Dollars. That will never the patch the hurt of lost roles, the opportunities after such a destructive case and way of maligning each other for everyone to see. Depp has lost franchise-roles and Hollywood studios might more choosy in what to offer him. While Heard possible has drained her career and destroyed all possible revenue-streams for her foreseeable future. As her ways and the way that she carried this was a lesson in self-destruction.

That Depp is vindicated only says that Heard has been exposed. She said he was a wife-beater, but instead he was a victim of her violent ways. That she was projecting things onto him and it making him into a villain. Heard’s plan has backfired… and that shouldn’t shock anyone now. Lies and deception can only take you that far.

Heard tried to malign and make Depp look like the worst. What the trial and the case has proven that she isn’t sincere or honest about anything. While she wanted to bring down her ex-husband. Because, everyone was supposed to believe the weaker gender and any narrative she would tell. However, she didn’t bank on him taking her to the courts and challenge her heads on.

In the public’s eye… Heard has totally lost it. That’s for the role and the manner of how she carried herself. That is a perception she cannot run away from. Depp has gotten more favourable treatment, but don’t expect him to run straight back into Disney movies or franchises at once. He most likely has to be picky with roles too.

Depp has won, but a cost. Heard has lost and has nowhere to go now. Yes, Heard is still favoured by some, but that will not be many. The ones that certainly doesn’t value men or says “all men are trash”. While not believing a man could be a victim of abuse. That’s why a case like this is important.

An it shows that false representation and deliberate story-telling with no basis of truth will in the end hurt the ones telling it. Heard tried to play this one out as the victim. Heard tried to blame the victim and make him evil. While that didn’t pan and the court has now partly cleared name.

The truth of what is to come is hard to foresee. What we do know is that Heard has to cough up this dough and pay Depp the bread. That is inevitable. Justice has been served. The victim has been believed and the abuser has been exposed. This is why Heard will not be treated kindly everywhere. She might struggle to even stay relevant for while now.

People should take a cue from this and remember that anyone can become a victim. Even superstars and popular actors. Depp has been a bankable and a well-reowned actor who could play anything and be marketable everywhere. This case might have destroyed that, but hopefully there will be a renaissance for him in the future. Peace.

Trump wall goes up in Hollywood? (Youtube-Clip)

Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested for the third time in two days; FDC HQ under siege; Mbabazi under house arrest; Demonstrations in Kampala; The regime going into panic mode!

Andre Kaweesi FDC HQ 19.02.2016

We can forget to validate the tallying that comes from Namboole today as Badru Kiggundu talks about the final fixed result on Saturday or Sunday. As the Electoral Commission is working under fire from Mzee, as he can’t live with the will people, therefore he is still enforcing militarization of politics as the Police and Army is busy detaining Dr. Kizza Besigye and other FDC “big-men” while sieging FDC HQ and sieging Hon. Amama Mbabazi house.

While the disturbing relentlessness of releasing numbers from the Electoral Commission and also losing of declarations forms in certain districts, and that tally numbers coming from places where the votes hasn’t even been casted. While the Police and army spreading fear in the public while the EC is cooking the numbers to fix the NRM. We know what you do and while your sweeting in the offices and wonder how you will switch the tallies and how many votes you have to pre-tick ballots or calling them.

FDC HQ 19.02.2016 Police Siege

Forum for Democratic Change under siege today:

As Dr. Kizza Besigye is set under house arrest today following the findings of a pre-ticking operations for President Museveni, something nobody should find as they are close knit and tightly incorporated with government facilities and organizations as the Police and NRM-Regime knows all about it.

Today the continuation of Police Force is working against the FDC as they have put the FDC headquarter in Najjanankumbi under siege and even raided the offices as the FDC has put up another Talley Center as the official ones was giving out numbers to sustain President Museveni and stifling votes. Something the Police could not handle at this present state of affairs. The leading operator is Andrew Felix Kaweesi from the Police.

Later as the escalating offences of the FDC, as they question the numbers coming from the Electoral Commission at this point; the siege of the offices is not enough. As the Youth of the area start to demonstrate as of the siege of the FDC Offices closure; this leads into the police shooting live bullets and tear-gas towards the demonstrating youth. They even used a helicopter to throw tear-gas into the compound of the FDC office. (That is some Hollywood kind of actions that would make  Michael Bay proud – Mr. Kale Kayihura!).

Entebbe Road Kampala 19.02.2016. Demonstrations

The Demonstrating Youth also stood and carried out the demonstrations on the Entebbe Road in Kampala as the youth doesn’t accept the siege of the FDC HQ. Police’s Director of Human Resource Development Andrew Felix Kaweesi says they are there to ensure FDC does not announce illegal election results. As the Police is shutting down the demonstrations they has also help from the Army. The Military Police is also at the spot drilling the bullets and tear-gas at the FDC HQ as the siege is continuing.

And yet again Dr. Kizza Besigye was arrested at the FDC Headquarter and taken to an unknown location again. Together with Dr. Besigye the other main FDC figures being arrested by the Police today are Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Ingrid Turinawe and Wasswa Birigwa. They have been arrested for keeping a parallel Tally Center! The UPF and IGP Kayihura can you do this?

A local station, 107.9 FM, reported at 1:43 p.m. that Besigye and another FDC official, Joyce Ssebugwawo, had been taken away in a car by police (Kampala Express, 19.02.2016).

Crowds in protest: students gathered at Makerere University in Kampala demonstrating against the arrest of opposition leader Kizza Besigye (Al Jazeera English, 19.02.2016). Eye witness account:

“Plumes of thick black smoke spiral into the air and the crowds start to run. Some are dressed in sleeveless red university graduation gowns, others carry leafy tree branches to symbolise a past war. They are not all students, but they do all want the same thing: to see President Yoweri Museveni relinquish power to Kizza Besigye” . 

There is also reported demonstrations in Mengo and in Kisenyi in Kampala. The Police is shutting it down with tear-gas and bullets, as the public throws stones at the Police (93.3. KFM Radio, 19.02.2016). There been also reported shots fired in Katwe and Kololo and petty vile photoes from the streets are coming in social media. That I don’t have the stomach to deliver.. as the Live bullets and tear-gas hurt the public!

Kampala 19.02.2016

The latest news broadcast by 93.3 KFM at 3:03 p.m. spoke of “a lot of rampage” at Kasangati and Kawempe although the Kiseka Market area had calmed down a little by 3:00 p.m., with all the shops closed (Kampala Express, 19.02.2016).  In Kiseka Market the Police has shot two people and the picture is spreading online as the victims lay on the streets. a sad sign of the violence of the state and the regime!

Also ordinary people are taken to be detained as they are in the area and demonstrate to the regimes shut-down of the FDC party officials and its headquarter. This here can only be under order of Mzee.

Mbabazi House 19.02.2016

Go-Forward Group:

As other opposition leaders usually is safe. Hon. Amama Mbabazi house is set under house arrest as his home is sieged by the Uganda Police Force and the Army as he is such and threat to the ruling regime. It seems… As that happens at the same time some Polling Agents storms his house demanding pay for guarding his votes!

Amama Mbabazi wrote this:

“This afternoon, police vehicle with Field Formation Unit officers arresting anyone that was outside my gate. They were also accompanied by military police. I am yet to find out why” (Mbabazi, 19.02.2016).

Gaba Kampala 19.02.2016 P1

Continue of Voting in Kampala: 

In Kampala where certain voting has restarted today after the delays of material yesterday as for instance in Gaba, where the demonstrations and anger towards the Polling station occurred. The voters who are named in the Category S-Z are not allowed to vote at the polling stations. (Me asking, so they are the already pre-ticked ballots then?).

At Ggaba Trading Centre the polling station opened today as well because of yesterday’s delays. While this happen though. The Polling station got material, but not the voting material for presidential elections.

In other parts of the Country:

Masaka Talley Center 19.02.2016

In Masaka the Police have started to have heavy deployment around the Talley Center of the town. In Kasese the police has shot tear-gas into the Talley center in the town.

In Nebbi where President Museveni is busy supervising the distribution of Hoes to the public as a appreciations of the voting yesterday. So subtle Mr. President!

Suspicious of rigging, here is reasons why:

In Rubavu in Western Uganda, a government official was caught with pre-ticked ballots for President Museveni. While in Bundibugyo where the presiding officers of the elections and their declarations forms goes missing (The Observer, 19.02.2016). In Bulambuli the results from 6 Polling Stations, Returning Officers claim the Declarations Forms was stolen from the Polling Officers yesterday (The Observer, 19.02.2016). In Sembabule where at certain polling stations yesterday there wasn’t even voting yet, as “at Kirama, Ntusi Primary School, Kazooma A, Lwemibu, Mageege Kinoni all had result 4 tallying even tho they didn’t vote yesterday” (The Obsever, 19.02.2016).

What is some other Presidential candidates up to?

“Presidential candidate Abed Bwanika has been intercepted at Mutukula border by Ugandan security while trying to sneak into Tanzania. He is now being driven back to Kampala, reports indicates” (Red Pepper, 19.02.2016).

Latest on Dr. Kizza Besigye:

He has yet again been sent home to his home in Kasangati by the Police. Right now this is unconfirmed. Have no information on the other “big-men” and detained FDC Officials or public around Kampala that the Police has taken in today. While this reports has been taken back. He is not yet home. Dr. Kizza Besigye and the other FDC Officials are detained in Nagalama Police Station as we speak! He was never home in Kasangati after taken from FDC Headquarter. Winnie Byanyima confirms that he is detained together with the other FDC officials, and not yet escorted home!

I think this is enough for now. More to come as the events unfolding in amp speed right now! There is certainty that the NRM-Regime works hard to suppress the will of the people and the change of power as the siege of opposition is a proof of! There is vicious attempts to destroy democratic values again from the authorities and doesn’t seem to seek the truth. The Police, Military Police and the Army is deployed heavy and guns around as the fear and tension is sky high. Peace.

Professor Lumumba at PAV Ansah Foundation Forum – “On the Subject of Governance!”

PLO Lumumba interesting as always! Right?

Ask ourselves! We should Ask Ourselves!


PLO Lumumba – “We are Co-Authors of our misfortune”

Interesting, right? Enlightenment, right?


Got to be kidding me – ‘Get the slave look’!

(the picture is from Independent.co.uk article)

Sainsbury’s in the UK say they “offer a huge choice of groceries and products for your home to suit all budgets as well as a great selection of tasty recipes”. But this is so distasteful and flabbergasting. People should seriously boycott the shop for this alone. That the idea of dressing up as the slaves in ‘12 year as a slave’. So here are we in the 21th century where Chiwetel Ejiofor played Solomon Northup who got sold as a slave. I am sure that Steve McQueen the director would be pissed, if he’s not already sold the rights for a clothing-line and earning a slice of it, but even then he should be a bit angry. This is not cool! I can understand if it was a Halloween costume party, but seriously this is the fit as a slave for an ordinary day! Let’s all go Amistad or if we’re really going insane let’s get the style of Schindlers List. We’re all known that the last one is bad taste, extremely bad taste so bad taste that Peter Jackson vomit. I am just mentioning it, because well for me the slave trade and does not see anything romantic in slavery. The use of people and exploiting them for added currency is not hot – it’s on the other side of where it all is disgusting and disrespectful!

So dear people out there, dear Sainsbury’s in the UK. Get sense, please some common sense! This is insane and just terribly wrong. Who had the idea of get the ‘Slave look’ first should seriously get a spanking or at least get their mind correct? Salute to the hustle for trying to squeeze another buck out the movie. But we all know it’s wrong! The good thing is that the store put the display down. That they put it up in the first place is totally wrong! Hope this is the last time somebody does this kind of stunt, a Sainsbury’s spokesman: “We can only apologise.  It’s been taken down from the Heyford Hill store and clearly should never have gone up in the first place”(Hooton, 2014).



Hooton, Christopher – (Independent.co.uk) Sainsbury’s shows shoppers how to ‘get the slave look’ with 12 Years A Slave display mannequin: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/sainsburys-offers-shoppers-chance-to-get-the-slave-look-with-12-years-a-slave-display-mannequin-9395708.html



Trailerens betydning

Etter å ha lest flere kommentarer på en side jeg ofte stikker innom får å få inspirasjon til å se filmer. Begynte jeg å tenke på hvordan jeg selv bruker trailere før jeg enten stikker på kino eller Blu-Ray.

Når man tenker seg om. Bruker Hollywood og film selskaper enda mer penger på reklamer og kampanjer får å få oss til å gå på kino. Vet ikke hvor mange ganger traileren for filmen ‘Pain and Gain’ med Mark Wahlberg og ‘The Rock’ produsert av Micheal Bay. Jo flere ganger jeg har sett traileren, har jeg bestemt meg for å vente til an er på Blu-Ray eller leie an med venner. Ikke kino. Det var ikke slik når traileren kom til Tarentinoes ‘Django Unchained’. Fra første sekund nesten var jeg helt sikker på at denne filmen villle være verdt å gå på kino. Den viste seg å være god nok til å dukke opp tre ganger innen kort tid.

Hvis jeg er usikker på å kjøpe en usett film. Må jeg se på traileren og IMDB scoren. Ikke minst om hvordan anmeldelser er. Om de gir mening. Selv om den største tabben på dette nivået var den gangen meg og slektning gikk på Brad Pitts ‘Tree of Life’. En kunsterfilm som «nesten alle» anmeldere elsket. Det ente opp med å sovne i salen. Noe som du ikke forventer .. Når man betaler over 100 kr for biletten. Derfor vil man når man først skaffer seg biletter og ønsker å bli underholdt å ha god underholdning. Selv om flere filmer sikkert er bedre enn trailerne. Så sier de noe om hva skaperne og skuespillerene har gjort og laget. Enten om det er makkverk eller klassiker. Når et franchise som Fast & Furious kommer med en ny. Ender en person som har sett de før opp tilslutt å se siste. Traileren fortalte meg at det virket som en ok greie, men ikke noe som måtte ses med en gang. En annen film som ble virket real. Var ‘The Great Gatesby’. Hadde allerede sett den eldre versjonen med Robert Redford. Derfor ville med Leonardo De Caprio eller Carey Mulligan ville leve opp til forventingene til denne. Spesielt med tanke på boken. Ikke at jeg har hatt tid til å se den ennå. Så vil det bli prioritert når jeg har tid til det! Bare ved å se traileren.

Noe som også er essensielt med trailere er om de gir deg den stemningen som du håper på. Enten forteller den hele filmen. Slik som traileren gjorde med Idris Elba’s ‘Takers’. Selv om den gjorde det, ente jeg opp med å kjøpe Blu-Rayen.

Man kan tenke seg hva som helst. Nyheter og rykter om filmer kommer å går. Ikke minst også hvem som ender opp å produsere, når de kommer ut eller blir produsert. Akkurat som vi ventet i lang tid på Hobbiten. Å ryktene gikk lenge om 2 filmer på boken. Det ble tilslutt tre. Altså i fjerde kvartal i to år til vil Hobitten filmer komme fra Peter Jackson.

Noe som viser at gode trailere og bruk av kampanjer ikke alltid fungerer. Disney har hatt to store produksjoner. John Carter som kom og faded før folk fikk øyene opp for den. En film jeg selv ikke har sett. Ikke minst fordi den virket som svær kalkun. Ikke en ‘Gigli’ eller ‘Pinero’ aktig greie. Bare ikke god nok til å stikke på kinoen. Slik er det også på Disneys stor satsing med Johnny Depp og ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ teamet på ‘Lone Ranger’. Traileren har kommet ved flere anledninger på i kinosalen for å appelere til publikum. En del går nok automatisk fordi Depp spiller i den. Den virket helt grei. En western med en sær indianer på siden. Kan sikkert være en okay film. Bare traileren virker som å fortelle en historie annet enn at sidekicken er kulere enn hovedkarakteren. Noe som virker merkelig. Derfor kan den vente! Så mye kan traileren bety.

Hvor mye betyr traileren for deg? Har en trailer gjort at du har gått på kino? Eller har ryktene tatt overhånd. Vil vi bare gå på filmer med produsenter, regissør eller skuespiller som spiller som avgjør hvilken film man går på. Akkurat som når Tarentino regissere en film, vil en del av oss automatisk gå på filmen. Slik er det med mange. Det jeg vet i allefall at gjennomsnittet på IMDB eller kommentarer på Filmweb vil ikke gjør at jeg går eller ikke. Anmeldere må jeg se på med omhu.Fordi noen av de er enten veiledende, altfor lite nøytrale eller bare rett å slett ute etter en kunsterisk opplevelse som ikke blant alle film seere sees på som underholdning. Ikke at jeg har lest en anmeldelse av en dokumentar, men hadde sikkert følt at jeg hadde hatt en helt annen oppfatning av den filmen versus anmelderen.

Traileren er viktig for en film. Å om jeg skal se på den. Den forteller en følelse og ønsket utrykk av filmen. Av dens tankeverden og budskap. Eller om den har god historie eller bare er galskap ala Hangover. En ting jeg kan si utenom trailere. Hollywood – «jeg er lei 3D og ekstremt mange oppfølgere!». Peace.

Kan man kjøpe lykke?

Vi lever i ett rike i disse dager, der folkesykdommen er ikke å NAVE. Ei heller å bli direkte rik, selv om det blir spilt enorme summer på Norsk Tipping og andre plasser. Avisoverskriftene er dystre samtidig som de ofte predikerer enkle faktum. Ikke drikk brus og et fet mat, da blir du feit. Spar penger og drikk den beste vinen. Tren best mulig og kjøp de rette kremene.

Vi lever i ett kongerike hvor fantasien om ren lykke kan hende. At våres hjem skal bli ett shangri-la- et tra-lalalala. Der alt er perfekt. Men før dette må vi alle stikke innom Kiwi å kjøpe alt billig, stikke innnom ARK/Libris å skaffe den nyeste magiske boken som skal leses. Veien videre er på et desverre fult senter. Kjøpe merkeklær, smykker, klokker og blomster. Når du har fullført disse så må man innom IKEA, Tilbords og Brun og Blid. For å bli perfekt.

Lykke og det perfekte, det  finner du og trenger på ditt lokale senter. Kvadrat, Sørlandssenter, Moa, Liertoppen, AMFI etc.

Lykken og drømmen. Drømmen om lykke. At den kan kjøpes. Fås. Skaffes. Komme til deg. At du kan bli perfekt eller ha en premium opplevelse. Å som jeg hater det ordet: Premium – la meg sable det ned som en pirat. Stjele ordet og voldta det. En opplevelse utenom det vanlige, får du sjelden når du kjøper kopi-papir eller eplejuice.

Sorry, å stikke innom senteret gir deg ikke lykke. Du ser enormt mange produkter, salgspersoner, resturanter, kaffeer nesten fylt og kaffekoppen koster en liten formue. Merkeklærbutikkene fylt til randen, Dressmann med eldre herrer sjekker om McGordon jeansen er i slaget, orkideer på salg i blomsterbutikken, supermarkedet med fantastisk utvalg av mat, leketøysbutikk med variert utvalg, DVD og Musikk forhandler som har mer en Justin Beiber og Sylverster Stallone boks. Slikt er et senter. Senter fult av butikker med utvalg, Bestemt utvalg av store kjeder. Kjeder eid av kjøpmenn og aksjonær som ser profitt som den hellig Gud. Samtidig som de selger deg og meg historien: kjøper du av oss. Vil du være lykkelig og leve perfekt. Perfektsjon kommer med disse produktene. Du kan ikke leve uten disse. Du trenger de, de vil løse alt. Alt vil bli bedre om du har eksepsjonelle produktene. Bare husk å komme innom senteret.

Senteret, handlegatens død. Lokalbutikkens død. Sentraliseringen, konsernenes seier. Store kapitalismen siste slagferd. Ikke bare logistikkens markedes motiver. Selskapers jakt etter flere kroner i kassen. Lokale og nøysomheten er død. Begravd. De estetiske og ekte er vekke. Kortkjørt og skakkkjørt er henger i sammen. Lettere å få tak øl fra Thailand enn det som er produsert på sørlandet. Ironisk? Nei, fakta. Perfeksjonisme.

Lykken skal være det. Tror jeg det. Jeg tviler. Tviler veldig. Jeg tror ikke man kan kjøpe.. lykke eller perfeksjon. Dette er ting du kan oppnå. Lykke er i øyeblikken du tilbringer med mennesker du digger å være med, som du er glad i og ser hvordan vi forandrer oss. Perfeksjon oppleves. Når man klarer å gjøre ting man ikke trodde du skulle få til. Slik som første gang man klarer å mekke pizza uten å kjøpe bunnen, men lage den fra bånn. Det er perfekson. Derfor er jeg lei meg på veiene av vårt kongerike, hvor det virker som man kan faktisk kjøpe – LYKKE! Kjøpe LYKKE! Tror ikke det, ei heller er det ikke mulig å kjøpe lojalitet. Lojalitet får du etter å bygge opp tillit over tid til de du skal ha lojalitet av. Derfor, kommer det og går kjeder, fordi du kan ikke reklamere lojalitet. Det kan du bare bygge opp ved nøysomhet. En grunn til hvorfor Rimi sliter. Ikke fordi de selger en historie om lykke, men fordi de klarer ikke å få folk til å bli lojale eller komme tilbake.

Jeg blir ikke kjøpt,å unngår senter hvis jeg kan, ikke fordi vil være sær- bare fordi jeg kjøper ikke historien om at lykken er til salgs, akkurat som lojalitet, perfeksjon er ikke produkt som kommer ved å kjøpe merkeklær og den nyeste Cden fra Interscope. Peace.

PS: Dette blogginnlegget har ingen lykkelig ende, denne er ikke en lykkelig og glamourøs Hollywood klisjee, denne er den virkelig verden som ikke kan kjøpes, men oppleves.

MPS – Nye filmer!

Life of Pi

Vel, jeg kunne ha kommet med seriøse og lange anmeldelser av filmene. Heller gjøre dette kort og konsist. Første filmen er ‘Life of Pi’.

Life of Pi er en eventyr film. Eventyr film som omhandler en hovedperson som kommer fra India over til Canada. På mystevistiskvis. Filmen er en grasiøs og spennende affære. Med dype poenger. Disse poengene er dype og filosofiske. Stiller spørsmål til essensielle spørsmål! Estetikken er magisk og 3Den er god. Ikke bare lagt til ekstra, men faktisk føler du den i kino-salen.

Gangster Squad er en Noir film. God gammeldags gangster film med dektektiv sjargong. Med dyp og gode karakterer. Fylt til randen av bad cops og gangstere. Ikke minst også nok av sidespor til å kose seg med. Ikke minst også nok sitater  og gull-korn til å glede de fleste av oss. Jeg kommer definitivt til å se denne filmen flere ganger. Ja, denne filmen har nok av stjerner til å fylle himmelen om kvelden. Alle disse gjør rollene sine gode! Gled deg!

Peter Jackson er tilbake i Tolkien universet. Her er vi tilbake i Shia og middle-earth.  Boka før Ringenes Herre blir omgjort til film. Dette er første av tre. Denne filmen er den første! Altså du blir for det meste introduserte til karakterne som vil følge de to resterende filmene. 3Den er ok, ikke fenomenal, selv om noen er blitt syk av den. 48 bilder i sekundet istedenfor 24 bilder i sekundet. Thorin blir litt Aragorn aktig figur, ellers har jeg lite å si på filmen. Kanskje litt lange kamp sekvenser og ikke altid lite rett etter boka. Men, dette kunne du jo forvente av Hollywood mekking av Hobitten. Se hva de har gjort med resterende i de to neste! God film!

Yepp, nå er det bare å vente på The Great Gatsby og Django Unchained! Nyt livet i kinosalen!

(MPS – Motion Picture Shit).

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