Ethiopia: TPLF President Debretsion Gebremichael letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa (06.11.2020)

Ethiopia: The Emperor of War [who tricked the world to believe he came in peace]

Once upon a time there was a change of Prime Minister’s. As one was stepping down after humiliation and overpowering with use of force on protesters. The new man promised reforms and dialogue. The new Prime Minister wanted to talk to all opposition and shake the hands of the enemies of the state.

The Prime Minister made agreements, signed of deals with militias, rebels, political parties and everyone else who had been seen as enemies in the past. He sat down with them and he invited back leaders from exile. Freed political leaders and journalists from prison. He made peace and negotiations with neighbours. It seemed like he would bring peace and development.

Alas, it was all a mirage. A make belief, only to buy time and get the booster of his ego. The man wanted glory, he wants everyone to worship him. His the emperor and the lord of the manor. The Prime Minister is the big-man and the one everyone has to follow. You are supposed to praise him and look at his wonders.

However, the trick of peace gave him laurels, they even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for making cease-fire and peace with Eritrea. The man looked like he could amend and ensure peace. He even made a Ministry of Peace and appointed a man to lead it.

Nevertheless, his scruples and his hunger for power has come to the surface. As he later betrayed the ideals of what gave him praise. He started to kill protesters, arrest the ones who dissent, journalist behind bars and making political prisoners. The Prime Minister made “fake coups” to install leaders friendly to him in Amhara. The PM used a fake assassination to crack-down on opposition as well. There been so many state sponsored violence towards civilians. That has been done all across the Republic. Massacres and extra judicial killings.

The only difference now. Is that it’s all deliberate action made by the Prime Minister to use air-strikes, call the opposition terrorist, take away their powers and have already ceased co-operation with them before that. The Federal Government had already cut of ties, ceased to send government funds and suspended aid to the region. Therefore, the PM had deliberately started the fight with bureaucracy against the Tigray.

Now, he has ordered the troops and the Federal Government have taken over with an interim government of the state too. Taking over everything and dismissing the regional election in September by force, which is a further escalation. As well, as the state is going after everyone with the Tigrayan people from all parts of society. If they are in the army, police or any state affiliated organization. They will be sacked and put on leave, if not arrested. The state has gone to total war.

This is why over 3500 Tigrayan refugees has fled to Sudan within this week. The armed forces attack on the region has caused this uproar so people flee their homes. This the sort of man came in peace, but is issuing war.

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is a war-lord. Everything he does is a retaliation, because the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) wouldn’t follow his orders and his word. Instead, they wanted to reign on their own terms. That wasn’t acceptable. This is why he issues orders of arms, soldiers and tanks. His not seeking mediation and uses all pre-texts, even making up issues to send troops. That is the sort of man the Prime Minister is.

He prefers war, the man prefer conflict and destruction. He might build beautiful parks in Addis, but elsewhere is making schools into prisons and making fields into graveyards. With the blood of the civilians his supposed to represent. The people that he should trust and keep safe. The PM is supposed to be there for them, but instead he comes with force and take their freedoms away.

Before it was Oromia and the Oromo who was feeling the blunt force of the PM. They we’re not only getting their leaders behind bars and their activists dying in the streets. Now, the same PM is trying to bury the TPLF and the Tigrayan people.

The Emperor made it seem like he came in peace, but in reality he came in war. He wanted the idea of being a mediator, but in reality his just another war-lord. Peace.

Ethiopia: IGAD Is Concerned By Recent Development In Ethiopia (07.11.2020)

7 November 2020 (DJIBOUTI, Djibouti): The Intergovernmental Authority on Development IGAD expresses its concern on the recent development in Ethiopia, specifically the situation in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia which IGAD is following closely.

IGAD calls the Government of Ethiopia and concerned parties to show restraint, work on de-escalating the tensions and resolve their differences through dialogue and reconciliation.

IGAD and the world community are counting on the perspicacity and wisdom of the Government of Ethiopia and concerned parties to come together and make a final peaceful solution.

IGAD believes that Ethiopia has been a beacon of stability and economic development in the region and a pillar for peace and Security. Finally, IGAD is looking forward to a return of normalcy of the Country soon and will keep on following the development.

Sudan Situation Update #1: Refugee response in Sudan on alert following developments in Ethiopia (6 November 2020)

Ethiopia: Bachelet calls for de-escalation amid alarming developments in Tigray and Oromo regions (06.11.2020)

GENEVA – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Friday called on all relevant actors to de-escalate the volatile situation in the Ethiopian region of Tigray and to engage in an inclusive dialogue aimed at resolving grievances without resorting to violence.

“Over the past week, we have seen alarming violence erupt in the Oromia region as well as in Tigray. I urge all sides to halt the violence, to avoid additional loss of life, mass displacement and further destabilization,” Bachelet said.

“I call on all actors to engage in a genuine, inclusive and credible dialogue to solve any differences through peaceful means.”

Heavy clashes reportedly broke out on Wednesday in the northern region of Tigray between federal and regional troops, and the Federal Council declared a six-month state of emergency. The Government announced that this was in response to an alleged attack by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front on a military base. This came after months of tensions between the federal Government and the Tigray Regional State’s authorities.

The High Commissioner expressed concern about the restrictions imposed on people of Tigray, including on the rights to freedom of movement and freedom of expression. Internet connections and telephone lines have been cut since 3 November, hampering the local population’s ability to communicate and receive vital information, including about the fast-unfolding situation in their region.

“Cutting off communication has severely hampered the ability to monitor the situation on the ground, particularly the impact of the clashes in the local population,” Bachelet said. “I call on the national authorities to re-establish all basic services, including Internet and telephone connections. The right of all people to be informed and to access information is particularly vital in a crisis situation.”

Bachelet also expressed concern at reports indicating that a group of armed assailants assaulted members of the Amhara ethnic group in Wollega zone, Oromia region, on Sunday, 1 November. According to the Government, the attack resulted in the killing of 32 people. Other sources have reported that the number of casualties could be much higher.

“Unaddressed, such violence only leaves desolation, feeds revenge and leads to further intercommunal clashes and to more casualties and displacement in the country,” she said.

“I call for prompt, thorough, independent and impartial investigations into all of these incidents and for the Government to ensure those responsible are held accountable. I also call on the federal and regional authorities to ensure protection of the population and to establish across the country the necessary social, economic, security and political measures to break the cycle of violence and foster trust among communities,” the UN High Commissioner said.

“I am confident that Ethiopians can succeed on the path to social inclusion and economic and social development with full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. They can count on the support of my Office.”

Opinion: Abiy! It’s not a “Law Enforcement Operation” it is a “War”

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is trying to rewrite and subdue the International Community as he has ordered the National Airforce to have air raids over Mekelle in the Tigray state. As well, as have ordered soldiers from missions in Somalia and elsewhere to the skirmishes in Tigray region.

The PM is calling this a Law Enforcement Operation, alas making it sound like Police Officers is looking for thieves and hoodlums. Alas, that is not the case. The Prime Minister and the Federal Government have labelled the opposition “terrorists” and have claimed they are behind a massacre. As a final pretext to order war on them.

The PM is using the Constitution when it fits him, but his not abiding by it himself. Neither is any of his allies in the House of Federation or anyone else in the Prosperity Party. Therefore, it is blatant hypocrisy to use it against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The TPLF have enough old sins to answer for and credible stories of crimes against humanity. That the PP wouldn’t need to misinform and use a lie to attack them by force.

The PM should know this, but his not that brilliant. He acts irrational, because he wants to be King. The man wants to be honoured and have everyone obeying him. Rather have that in fear, than by true compassion and cheering for works.

The TPLF is in the right to defend themselves, as the PM and the army is targeting them, because they didn’t automatically become a party of the consolidated party – the Prosperity Party. Which has made the friction go larger and larger.

Now, the PP is revenging that. They are sacking police officers, soldiers and army officers of Tigrayan nationality. There also reports of some Tigrayan Army Officers fleeing the Federal Republic to Djibouti, but was deported back to Ethiopia shortly after arriving. Therefore, the allies in the near area is serving the leadership of Addis Ababa.

There is also closing of the borders to Sudan is closed, because of the skirmishes from the government forces towards the TPLF. The Federal Government is using air-strikes and sending more troops to the Tigray region. Therefore, this will be prolonged. Not only the border to Amhara state, but also within Tigray from the base of the Northern Command. The curfews and the ‘State of Emergency’ will make things harder for the TPLF leadership to continue like normal. However, there is no normal now. When the state is coming with guns to get rid of them.

The Prime Minister and the Prosperity Party did issue the orders to attack Tigray. They decided to wage war and used all excuses to do so. The innocent civilians are the ones who will pay the price here. The soldiers and the armed forces will also pay the price for doing so. There will only be a bloodshed, because the PM ordered it. It is all happening on his watch.

He is trying to silence, stop information and also secure that he has “valid” reasons to do so. However, this is not a “Law Enforcement Operation”. It is WAR! It isn’t some police officers raiding a den of thieves. This is direct hostilities and with deadly intent.

The same PM who called the Tigray leadership “criminal elements” that without dropping any evidence or even petition cases towards the courts. If he was such a constitutional guy. The man should have at least done this through the courts and showed the world the crimes of the opponents. Alas, he rather wage war, then talk. He claims he has done talks, but only seen actions made to stop the relations between Mekelle and Addis. There have only been deliberate acts to humiliate and cease ordinary operations in Tigray. This because the TPLF decided to not join PP.

Now, he has ordered war and continues to do so. Sent more troops and moved brigades all the way from Somalia to join the forces in Tigray. The Federal Government are planning to directly attack and hunt the TPLF down. There is radio silence, media blackout and only controlled information. Civilians are dying in secret and no footage of the actions made. Therefore, the results might be more horrific then we can ever imagine.

The PM is in-charge and has to take all responsibility for this. The blood is on his hands. Just like it has been with all the assaults, assassinations and fake coups that has happen during his tenure. These are more murders in broad daylight done to favour the unelected King of Addis. Peace.

Ethiopia: Office of the Prime Minister – Updates on the unfolding developments in Ethiopia (06.11.2020)

Ethiopia: Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) – press release regarding the current war in Tigray (04.11.2020)

Ethiopa: Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia – Abiy Ahmed and Esayas Afwerki Planned and Started a Joint War against the Innocent People of Tigrai (04.11.2020)

Opinion: Abiy wants to be remembered for war and not for peace …

This is tragic circumstances, which could have been prevented. It has all been decided by big-men to wage war. To use a massacre as a pre-text to attack the region of Tigray. Even when evidence is going back to the same authorities that is waging war. They are all pinning the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which have been shunned by the Federal Government.

The Prosperity Party (PP) and the Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is supposed to be sponsor of peace. These are supposed to be negotiators and the ones doing talks. We have seen how the army and authorities have gone after the opposition in Oromia. The Oromo leadership is all behind bars. Except for the yes-men who within the PP. The leadership elsewhere has been cleared and the PP have even a unique recruitment plan to get people who are favouring all the ideals of the Prime Minister. Therefore, everyone is just to follow him and nothing else.

With that in mind. With the fake coups and the assassinations. It is all connected and gets back to the Office of the Prime Minister. Who are using the army, the police and everything else to keep a grip of power. The PP is using the Constitution against others, but not following it themselves. Like they claim the Tigray was in the wrong holding elections, but they are illegally in office on their sixth year as we speak. Therefore, their argument is flawed at best and only a naive brother would eat out of the hands of the PP.

The TPLF have a history and used means, which is now used against them. It is the former oppressor getting the same treatment from the newest oppressor. That is the sad reality here. The PP is using the means, which the TPLF used when they ran the coalition EPRDF for years.

They first shunned a party, issued them as a “terrorist organization” and ordered the Command Post in the region. At the same time jamming the phone lines, social media blackout and blocking the internet. All to block information coming from the region. At the same time ordering ‘State of Emergency’ to restrict and ensure total control. This has been done to Oromia so many times… It is a well used technique.

The only difference is that the TPLF knows all of this and has a history. It is not done as civilians and random militias, but the former governing body. The TPLF is more powerful, than what PM is thinking. He has acted irrational and only done this to look supreme. Get rid of the ones who defies him and has the courage to stand up against him. Instead of showing humility and grace, he shows no remorse and goes straight into combat mode. Not the actions of a man of peace, but of a man of war.

It is like the PM wants to be a Warlord. He wants to be known for war and death. Not being know for peace and peace agreements. Like why are the leadership of Oromo behind bars? You made peace with them and later thrown them all in jail. That is the reality.

The TPLF dared not to consolidate under the flag of the PM. They didn’t want to be part of the PP. That is why this is all happening and they haven’t played ball. The fallout has been clear for months, but now the Federal Government is starting a civil war and its on the orders of the PM. They are following the chain of command.

The PP is trying to save face, as the TPLF stated they had a special force to defend themselves earlier this week. The PP used a massacre they themselves created this month as pretext to attack them. Now, they are issuing all orders, which the TPLF have used on others.

The skirmishes are now on the second day and as long as the big-men doesn’t talk. This is going to continue. The TPLF will not give in easy, because they have their honour too. Not like the PM has shown them anything else than his own arrogance. The PM and PP should get a a third party to negotiate. Instead of getting civilians to die in cross-fire, which will be the outcome.

That is the sad reality, as there are report of artillery fire in Mekelle and on the border with Amhara today. We can clearly see what is up and the Federal Government want to prove their point.

We can also easily state that Prime Minister Abiy wants to be remembered for war and not. He rather order the guns, than issue talks and mediation. He got to ears, but doesn’t want to use them. Everyone else got to listen to him, but he will not do that to others. If he did. I want to believe we wouldn’t be here and have this tragic affect.

Other than the devastation created by this. It can at least for some unleash the true face of Abiy to the world. As his not a real peacemaker, but a warlord without a mandate. Peace.