Ngunjiri, Cord MPs released on 300,000 cash bail in hate speech cases (Youtube-Clip)

Opinion: Only the king can speak!


I will here discuss the matters of double standard between the Deputy President William Ruto and the recent detained MPs or Legislators in Kenya, as there are certain misgivings as they are not justified, because in the same time-span that the MPs might spoke with ‘hate’. The Same ‘hate’ and words of agression came from the mouth of Ruto. As I will explain and show, as the system is made for the Jubilee, against the CORD. Take a look!

Yesterday the Kenyan Police and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) we’re busy getting Members of Parliament and legislators behind bars for brawling with their tongue of late, the men that got in the spotlight of IGP Joseph K. Boinnett, CS Interior Joseph Nkaissery and Hon. Francis Xavier Ole Kaparo who have taken a decision to detain these for their words of supposed hate. These men are Moses Kuria, Ferdinand Waititu, Aisha Jumwa, Florence Mutua, Johnstone Muthama, Junet Mohammed, Timothy Bosire and Kimaani Ngunjiri.

NCIC 2016 Kenya

It might be true that their words was with spite and with anger, it might be true that they we’re wrong for their attack at the government, but why detain them, because the NCIC disagree with them or the NCIC want to be loyal to the Jubilee central leadership?

Because on the 11th of June Deputy President. William Samoei Ruto said this: “Just like Al-Shabaab mayhem, the Cord protests affected the economy. There’s no difference between the terrorists and people who disturb us every Monday.” (Barasa, 2016).

So I am sure that the 8 men said something offensive, just like Donald Trump says something offensive like wanting to be congratulated for being right that somebody had to be killed by a terrorist, as long as there are actual Muslims still in the United States, in the same way the CORD and Jubilee MPs have said something hateful or disregarding fellow politician and central leadership of Kenya.

Though who isn’t spreading fear and agony when fellow citizens who walks on the streets against the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and their impartial treatment of the public and their chicken-scandal; doesn’t make the matter better for the credit and trust in the Government institution and responsibility towards the ballots to the IEBC.

But I am sure that Jubilee, means well, deep in their hearts, though it seems like they are consolidating their power, more and more by the day, while also tendering to the foreign donors and access their neighbor countries. Something they have done with Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda and their leaders.

Hassan Ali Joho Peace

“Just like Uhuru who was elected by millions of people demands respect, it is the same way Raila who was elected by millions of people deserves the same respect. Ruto should stop making demeaning remarks against our coalition leader; let him address me, I am his equal,” said Governor Hassan Ali Joho (Ouida & Oketch, 2016).

So let me clear the air, while the CORD and Jubilee legislators are detained over night for their words; why wasn’t any concern put on the second man of the nation of Kenya? Why was the locally elected in their constituency as men of their decision to jail these men for their words and tone, when the second man in charge of the country even claimed that a load of their citizens are like ‘terrorist’; Al-Shabaab’s as they are responsible for the shops closing, but none of the leadership and government question the Police Officers for their violence and aggravated actions against the citizens who are demonstrating? That what is worrying me, the impunity of actions from government, while the Opposition are getting harassed by either the Police or other parts of government institutions like NCIC of this week.

As I said, I am not standing for the words of CORD; it is more the blistering actions from Deputy President William Ruto, who have been as aggressive as the CORD MPs and Senators, so when they are detained days upon days, and would even are being detained until Friday. When we see this and has this in mind, the Jubilee and the leadership as they are responsible for all citizens as a government, not only the ones that have voted for them and their MPs.

NCIC 2016 Kenya. P2jpg

I cannot address it enough, the CORD is not all right, neither is the Jubilee, the important factor is to get fair judgement of character and fair treatment, as the Jubilee, have not done that as they are sitting on the throne and expect silence from the Opposition and their questions towards Government institutions. Instead they are being beaten and tear-gassed as they want to make amendments to the regulations and Electoral Commission that exists. As they have faith and history of the IEBC to want it to be reformed, and while the Jubilee and ruling regime harass and oppress, doesn’t validate their actions towards the General Election. Because both coalition and parties have to fix it together and should instead of “fighting” each other, actually have dialogue and not cross each other.

Not that what all CORD MPs are justified, but the DP Ruto is not stating a peaceful manner as well, when he calls out a grand amount of people and calling them alike to ’Al-Shabaab’.. That is worrying as the NCIC and CS Nkaissery would never do what they did to several of the MPs or legislators recently, as they cannot revoke or fire the cabinet members and council-members of the NCIC. That is why they would never express grievences against Ruto and his words to CORD. Peace.


Barasa, Lucas – ‘Stop the anti-IEBC protests, DP Ruto urges Cord’ (11.06.2016) link:

Ouida, Rushdie & Oketch, Angela – ‘Why Joho is now a force in Cord and national politics’ (12.06.2016) link:–Cord-and-national-politics/-/1056/3245760/-/mv8n6q/-/index.html

CORD Statement on Suspension of Thursday Anti-IEBC Protests (15.06.2016)

Cord Presser 06.06.2016

Last weekend, we announced the suspension of anti-IEBC protests that were scheduled for last Monday because we were convinced that there were positive and fruitful engagements with the Jubilee administration that seemed to be heading in the right direction and that a peaceful and speedy resolution of the IEBC stand -off was in the horizon. We however did indicate that our programmes for demonstrations would resume on Thursday in the event that no serious progress was witnessed before then.

Since then, much more progress has been made and a lot of ground covered on the sticking issues. We see political will and rays of good faith being exhibited by all parties and a conducive and enabling environment created, although we are yet to conclude discussions on a few but equally important issues.

We therefore wish to inform all our supporters and the country at large that CORD has once again agreed to call off Thursday protests to create a conducive environment for the conclusion of talks on the two or three issues that remain outstanding.


We reiterate once more that as CORD, we hold no cards under the table and our commitment and objective is limited to resolving the IEBC crisis and ensuring that the people of Kenya can have, as of right, free, fair, transparent, credible, verifiable, peaceful and accountable elections in 2017 and beyond.

However, we are deeply concerned about developments in the last few days where our MPs have been detained without trial or charges being proffered against them. The MPs are also being held incommunicado.

We think this environment cannot be sustained to make progress in the dialogue. In the circumstances, Jubilee should conclude expeditiously their response to the issues we have raised and the persecution of our members and leadership must cease. All these unless resolved will see us resume our demonstrations on Monday 20th and Thursday 23rd, 2016.



Arrested CORD and Jubilee legislators file an appeal against decision to detain them (Youtube-Clip)

“8 legislators from both CORD and Jubilee this morning through their lawyers have filed an appeal against a decision to have them detained until Friday over alleged hate remarks. The legislators are arguing that their arrest goes against the right to post bail, a claim that the office of the director of public prosecution refutes claiming that the legilators will interefere with police investigations. The 8, Moses Kuria, Ferdinand Waititu, Aisha Jumwa, Florence Mutua, Johnstone Muthama, Junet Mohammed, Timothy Bosire And Kimaani Ngunjiri were arrested yesterday following public outcry over alleged remarks made in public believed to amount to incitement and hate speech” (KTN News, 2016).

Kenya: Aisha Juma & Timothy Bosire charge sheets (14.06.2016)

Charge Sheet 14.06.2016 P1

Charge Sheet 14.06.2016 P2

My take on the CEON-U January 2016 Report: “There is a need for the state to provide equal facilitation to all parties, to empower them conduct their campaigns on a level ground”.

Topowa Vote

Here is what I found that was important to take from the Citizens Election Observations Network of Uganda (CEON-U) report of pre-election report of January 2016. This here is the second report from Civil Society Organization on the time before the General Election starting 18th February 2016. Most of this I have described piece by piece. I will not take all of the graphics, you should read it yourself as well, but if you don’t have the time. Here is what I see as the important information from the report as the CEON-U has stated. Though it coming in the end of the campaign trail, so the changes they want is most likely not arriving before next election. Right, therefore here is the finding they have found. First: “There is a need for the state to provide equal facilitation to all parties, to empower them conduct their campaigns on a level ground” (P: 4, 2016).

About Dialogue – Inter-Party Liason Committees:
“Majority of LTOs reported that they had not seen or heard of any inter-party liaison committees in their constituencies. At least 89% of LTOs reported that they had no inter-party liaison committees in their constituencies, and at most 97% during this period” (P: 5, 2016).


Voter Information:
“With a few days left to the polls, 23% of constituencies that are observed by CEON-U had not reported any voter information by the Electoral Commission by 18th January 2016. This has been observed across regions where observation is taking place. Up to this day, the majority of voters are not clear about the voter identification process. The issue of National Identity cards vs the voter’s card is yet to be resolved” (P: 8, 2016).

Defacing Campaign posters:
“For FDC, defaced presidential posters were more prevalent compared to parliamentary posters. The percentage of observers reporting defaced FDC posters ranged from 9% to 21% during this period. For Go Forward the percentage of observers reporting defaced posters ranged from 6% to 26% during this period” (P: 11, 2016). “NRM defaced posters was highest in Bukedi, followed by Buganda, Bunyoro and Kigezi” (P: 12, 2016). While FDC defaced posters were mostly observed in Bukedi, Teso and West Nile” (…)”And Go Forward defaced posters was highest in Kigezi, Teso and West Nile” (P: 13, 2016).

Conducting Campaigns after 6PM:
“Contrary to EC regulations, CEON-U observer reports indicate that presidential candidates from FDC, Go Forward and NRM have in some cases conducted campaigns after 6pm” (P: 13, 2016).

Campaigning after 6PM Uganda Nov-Jan

Election Violence and Hate-Speech:
“In week 6, which covered the period 16th to 22nd November 2015, in Nyabushozi County a counselor of Kanyaryeru division in Kiruhura district, on 26th November 2015, used hate speech against presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi when he alleged that he killed Nobel Mayombo and so people should not elect him to presidency because he is a murderer. And because Amama is a murderer he cannot be trusted to be president of Uganda. Still in week 6, while on a rally at Butaleja, Busolwe sub-county in Bunyole west constituency, on 19th November 2015, the voters called Besigye a liar who had no ability to deliver on the promises he was making. They said he was no better than Museveni because he is also corrupt” (P: 14, 2016).

This here puts the things in motion and also how the systematic actions have been during the days of the campaigns. Though compared to the economic campaign report, this here was very simplistic and easy read through; therefore I could compile the information quickly. This here is just a basic information for those who haven’t had an eagle eye on the elections, like the European Union Election Observations Monitoring team and COMESA who arrived in darkness and should see some of the numbers; so they know what they come into. As the sweet-talking IGP Kale Kayihura can really talk the white man into peace and blow smoke up his ass. We all know what the police does towards the Opposition, as seen in recent days.

And with the little voter information at this stage is worrying as we are in final stages of the race and campaign trail. There is something rare about it. CEON-U has done something important explaining the issue of missing voter information. That is something the Electoral Commission should work on of facilitate with the NGO who is behind the #Topowa campaign as they can explain the voters and information with passion, something Dr. Badru Kiggundu in the EC does not have. It is even hard to see him really smile to camera, think it was ages since he enjoyed his work and job. Therefore he should hire Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) with their #Topowa to get the message out. Though I don’t think Badru Kiggundu has the balls, stamina or independent mind to evolve and trust in CCEDU, as they are not loyal NRM cronies as themselves. Therefore this will not happen, but if they could travel around in the villages and major towns with their CSO/NGO machinery then they would have dropped the bomb of information on how to “honor your vote” which is basic and should be in the veins of the citizens. Something the NRM doesn’t seem to want to deliver to the public. Because they fear that won’t vote for them, and that is why they don’t educate them to vote, as that will contridict their usual message of fear, as they themselves fear their own citizens and their will. 


Citizens Election Observers Network Uganda (CEON-U) – ‘Pre-election Observation Report’ (January 2016)