Opinion: Odinga goes into conspiracy theories to defend his loss…

What we had was a coup d’etat. You even saw the chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission run to announce the results as some of his commissioners denounced the outcome, yet he was celebrated as a hero. They cannot allow that to happen anywhere else in Africa” (…) “The international community could not condemn Mr Chebukati’s actions because they knew what had happened. The African right-wing has always been in conspiracy with the international monopoly capital since independence and Kenyans must be prepared to further sacrifice to win this struggle” Raila Odinga (07.10.2022).

This time around the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga is going overboard in defending his loss in the 2022 elections. We know the Azimio didn’t prepare or even collect workable evidence to sustain in the Supreme Court. The Odinga Secretariat and Azimio was running on vibes and not directly considering the professional work of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

It is really interesting that a month has passed since the Supreme Court confirmed William Ruto’s win. Now after the fact his coming with pseudo-intellectualism and conspiracies to why he lost. Odinga should be better than this, but he needs to grasps straws, instead of reflecting on the reasons for his loss. There was internal issues within the Azimio, which has been revealed after the August election and it has never been addressed. The Azimio team could have investigated and looked into how it operated. However, it wants to vilify someone else and continue to target Chebukati.

Chebukati is the epic boogeyman now. His the villain and the grand culprit of a scheme to overturn the August election. That’s what Odinga is saying… while his not reflecting on the reasoning, the evidence or the work of Azimio in general. It is like saying Ruto and KKA has no agency of their own. Only Odinga has agency and ability to work on his own. The rest is either part of a grand conspiracy or working for colonial powers. Alas, how can you put these things together now?

Couldn’t the same arguments and reasoning be used against him, if he would have won and become the next President? If he had become Baba the 5th couldn’t the cartels and the dynasties be seen as a part of the “deep state”. So, in this regard his making a lot of smoke, but there is no initial fire.

In this manner, Odinga is actually undermining the authorities and the entities involved in the election. His disregarding the KKA and their allegiance to the Republic. They have now overlords, which they are following and directing them. If it is so, wouldn’t the same most likely have happened to him too?

Since Odinga would inherit the same structures, institutions and international obligations, which the Kenya government have to uphold. It isn’t like he would operate in a vacuum or on a lonely island without any pre-conditions what-so-ever. If that sound preposterous or outrageous, well, it is and this is why Odinga needs a pushback.

I have defended and wished Odinga victory in the past. Seeing the plights and the pleas from him in the 2013 and in 2017. However, the 2022 election was different for me. Both the way the IEBC operated and how it could defend it’s role. It’s like Odinga never moved on from the technical and mechanisms the IEBC has made over the years. That’s why Chebukati is getting such wording his way.

What I would prefer, if any of these things was true. Would be a deep dive from the Raila Odinga Presidential Secretariat or the Azimio team. Where Odinga and his associate could prove the involvement and the conspiracy itself. Until then, it’s just hearsay and alleged allegations that cannot be proven. Therefore, it’s just conspiracy theories.

Yes, there will be multi-national organization connected to the Kenyan government. That being the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and diplomatic relations with several of other nations. It is not like that would change under Odinga, who himself has been a part of the African Union as an Envoy. He should know the gist of this… and that’s why his conspiracies are of no good. Especially, when his own petition and evidence didn’t hold up in Court.

Odinga either have to deliver a comprehensive report with valid evidence or just accept the loss. Because, his team couldn’t even get a victory like they did in the Supreme Court in 2017. So, he should know the gist of it. However, this is politicking, but not the good kind. Peace.

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Opinion: Is Odinga going back to the streets or what?

Whenever judges resort to insults on advocates, it is as a result of disturbed conscience. Supreme Court is now in politics. Koome said that ruling was inspired by God, I believe it was inspired by the devil” Raila Odinga (16.09.2022).

This here speech today… just a day after returning from vacation with family on Zanzibar. The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Azimio la Umoja and One Kenya Alliance Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga is speaking his mind the recently ended elections. However, he seems far from finished with it and certainly he will go back to old ways.

Odinga seems to be back on the campaign trail again. He wants to run and be announced winner. That was anticipated ahead of the August 9th 2022 election. Nevertheless, the results told otherwise. He lost both the declaration and the Supreme Court petition. That’s why the election is exhausted this time around. However, we know that Baba isn’t the man to work in silence or be giving up.

That’s why I have a feeling of a new drive like the OKOA demonstrations and the “reforms” of the electoral law again. A man who tried to change the laws and constitution with the Building Bridges Initiative after the 2017 elections. So, it seems like a power thing now and not an honest effort anymore.

Just read these quotes after everything went down and Baba is certainly playing the cards of which we have seen before. Dismissing the state and the authorities, the government bodies who is in charge or had a say. Especially when they are not having a verdict or an announcement fitting his path.

If you do not unite, you are going to be ruled throughout the life of this Parliament and yet we have the numbers and strength to be able to be the rulers in the House” (Odinga, 16.09.2022).

We have three urgent tasks that we must not fail in; save the Judiciary and Legislature from state capture, transform and reform IEBC and make capable of conducting credible elections” (Odinga, 16.09.2022).

We have had the worst election since the return of multiparty politics” (Odinga, 16.09.2022).

Just by reading these quotes and not listening in to the whole address by Odinga today. It is surely seeing a pattern of first attacking the IEBC and now the Judiciary. Because, none of these gave the results he wanted. Odinga was the next in line and he cannot accept that someone else gotten elected. Neither can he accept that the Petition to the Supreme Court wasn’t good enough and the re-use of the 2017 petition didn’t help the case either.

Odinga is now going back to seemingly revive OKOA stances and wanting similar reforms. Just because he lost yet another election. That’s how it seems to me. Now, he will use the Azimio and coalition to target the entities that blocked his entry into office. That’s why it’s the worst election in history, because he was on a strong ticket and had the incumbent aligned on his team. Alas, that was the fault line and he didn’t consider the total campaign. Neither has the Azimio Secretariat listened to wisdom of others or possibly mistakes, which could have ensured victory.

Instead of looking into the wrongs internally. Odinga is striking at the state and the entities who blocked his entry into office. He cannot phantom that it wasn’t enough popularity to get him into office. Neither, that Ruto was able to play the nation smarter and gain just enough support from his strongholds. That should hurt Odinga, but he surely doesn’t seem to be able to grasp this idea.

He rather go back to renegade and go to the streets again. Where we see the actions in similar fashion of the CORD and what it did in consideration towards OKOA. If he pushes a One Million March. Then we are back to 2014-15 sort of actions. That’s how it’s looking and everyone should be aware.

At this point it seems like revenge and avenge his own losses. Instead of asking what went wrong internally in the Azimio Secretariat. He rather vent his anger against the IEBC and the Judiciary. Peace.

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Opinion: Kenyatta has disrespected the Courts before…

The ones who was hearing the speech of outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta shouldn’t be surprised that he doesn’t care much for the Supreme Court. The same man called it a Coup d’Etat when it did overturn or rule in favour of Raila Odinga in 2017 Presidential Election Petition. That’s why the state held a second Presidential Election that year before he was sworn into a second term. Therefore, we know he despise the Courts.

Kenyatta is a man who has defied Court Orders. He hasn’t favoured the Judiciary or cared much for it. The independence of the Judiciary has blocked his legislation or important parts of his governing. The Courts has really created trouble for him and that’s because Kenyatta haven’t cared to follow protocol or do it after the 2010 Constitution.

So, when I heard he questioned the Supreme Court ruling today. It follows a pattern. Just like Miguna Miguna is still in Canada. Even after he won the rights to return back to Kenya in the Courts. That’s the sort of rule Kenyatta has aspired too and how he cares about the Courts.

What was most striking in his 7 minutes address was this:

For this is the civic duty of every single Kenyan. In particular, this civic duty requires every citizen to constantly put the truth presented by our constitutional institutions to test. And they must test them for coherence but also for correspondence. They must constantly scrutinize the coherence of the truth given by these institutions and to ask themselves whether the truth has been coherent from one election to another. Has there been a consistent pattern that is acceptable toward democratic ethos? We must ask ourselves is it about numbers or is it about process? Which of these two is it? And can our institutions rule one way in one election and another way in another election without scrutiny? I do invite you Kenyans to keep vigil and, indeed, hold all institutions to account. The second thing we must place under scrutiny is whether the truth given by institutions has correspondence – that is, do the truths given by our institutions correspond with what is observable by the citizens. True beliefs and true judgments must correspond to the actual state of affairs. But do our constitutional institutions meet this threshold? While we must appreciate these institutions, we must also hold them to account at every juncture and their truth has to be consistent and coherent. This is the only way we will build our democracy” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 05.09.2022).

No one should be shocked or in awe by this. Neither should anyone be worried that Kenyatta didn’t congratulate President-Elect William Ruto. Well, Kenyatta wanted his heir to win and that wasn’t happening. Neither did the Azimio prove that there was rigging going on or had evidence or proof, which proved that there. Therefore, Kenyatta has is now questioning the Supreme Court in 2022.

No one should be concerned by this. Especially when Kenyatta dismissed the Supreme Court for their judgment in 2017. We all know he did that back-then and no again the same Court gave an unfavourable ruling, yet again. Kenyatta is showing his disdain and throws the insinuation of doubts. Because it didn’t go in his favour.

We know Kenyatta is sad that the BBI was dismissed and other rulings has gone against him. That’s why we know the man isn’t the sort of fellow who loves or praises the Courts. He prefers getting it his way and the Supreme Court isn’t the place for that. This is why he speaks like this.

That he dismiss and is disgruntled over the Supreme Court judgment isn’t anything new. If he was himself on the ballot. He would have called this a putsch or a coup d’etat. Uhuru Kenyatta is just himself and it’s far from revolutionary… but more reactionary, which is what his know for. Peace.

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