The “Free-Man” named Besigye of Kasangati can’t have a NTV Crew filming “The Fourth Estate” at his home tonight; Not within 24 hours the Police proves that Besigye and his visitors are not really free!

Kasangati 27.03.2016 NTV Crew

“Dr. Kizza Besigye is under close monitoring but not under house arrest” said the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura during a press conference on the 26th March 2016.

We can yet say that IGP Kale Kayihura, that he yet again spoke to media during the last 24 hours in Kampala saying that Dr. Kizza Besigye is only under monitoring by the Police Force and not under house. While that was happening hours later at Kasangati the scheduled Live TV Show Fourth Estate was supposed to have a live feed and interview with the Dr. Kizza Besigye at his home in Kasangati.

Kasangati 17.03.2016

As we know the Mzee has issues with the NTV, they have been banned before by the NRM and their Sole Candidate and front runner. So today the Police around the gates of Besigye home decided to gag the media and close the feed and the inital planned broadcasting of the TV Show. The Police actually ended up confiscating the cameras and equipment from the NTV TV Crew who was supposed to be live from the home.

This proves the words wrong, if he was a free-man as IGP Kale Kayihura recently said to the media and on the press conference, then the NTV TV Crew would walk like free-men in to his home and not go through roadblocks, signing in visiting books and checkpoints with heavy security personnel. I am sure that IGP Kayihura doesn’t sign in, get all of his visitors checked before they get to his own home in the suburbs of Kampala where he lives, right? I presume his living place, since he is surely not living in a shack in the Kalerwe slum. While eating the wealth of Mzee’s embezzled money.

So the Police have initially banned the Program from broadcasting as they had planned. The Fourth Estate is not allowed to discuss the manners and democratic values to the Ugandan people as the Police Force is in embedded with the NRM-Regime and follows their instruction without questions. They was allowed to go in, but not with the NTV first barred from entering the home, later allowed with the Fourth Estate Charles Mwanguhya Mpagi.

The Government and the Police have no honor and proof is just with the comment; you can tell your lies to somebody who might believe them. Because this is just a mockery of the justice system, the laws of the country and the regard for human rights in the case of man, who happens to be a symbol of everything the present President is. That is the scenario and as stated before, every actions and every single day the legitimacy of the President lingers away. Peace.

Byandala Assaults Female Journalist (Youtube-Clip)

“Minister without Portfolio Abraham Byandala, currently on trial over the UGX24 billion Mukono-Katosi road scam, assaults female journalist” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016)

UN human rights commissioner calls for investigation into alleged police brutality (Youtube-Clip)

“United Nations Human Rights Country Representative in Uganda Dr. Uchenna Emelonye calls for an independent investigation into alleged Police brutality in Uganda” (United Nation Human Rights Uganda, 2016).

Press Statement: On the Ugandan Government’s Post-Election Conduct (11.03..2016)

NBS 01.03.2016 Arrested Journalist Kasangati

The United States reiterates its ongoing concerns with Uganda’s post-election environment, in which the government and its security forces persistently have violated the rights and freedoms of Ugandan citizens and the media.

The continued detention of opposition figures without legal justification, the ongoing harassment of opposition supporters, interference in legal challenges to the election results, and the intimidation of Uganda’s media are unacceptable activities in a free and democratic society. Recently proposed legislation to enhance the powers of the government to restrict media is an attempt to further limit the country’s political space.

The United States and Uganda have a long standing and strong partnership that has contributed to the stability and prosperity of the region. We are concerned that the Ugandan government’s recent actions could endanger the economic and political progress that has enabled our relationship to grow. We urge the government to take prompt action to reverse this troubling trend.

John Kirby
Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington, DC

The Police shows their arrogance toward the FDC; the Police said they had the ability to fill in the Petition!

Enage 02.03.2016

Well I will start with a quote from the Uganda Police Spokesman as it says it all! Read what he is saying: “Confining Dr. Kizza Besigye could not prevent FDC from filling a petition if they wished so” – CP Fred Enaga (Kampala Dispatch, 02.03.2016) to the press on the 2nd March 2016.

The days on end with house-arrest, the days on end with detaining at Naggalama Police Station and Kira Road Police Station for going out his home, and that is not preventing him filling a petition? Mr. Fred Enaga is you listening to your own reasoning?

You guys in the Police have done everything in your power to destroy the ability for the FDC to fill a petition. You have guarded the FDC Headquarter at Najjankumbi, attacked and arrested FDC staff at one point. You have stopped FDC Officials and FDC agents who had the Declaration Results Forms. So you could get the DR forms and save face for the mismanagement of the Electoral Commission during the days after the Election Day and the tallying.

If it is arresting continuously FDC agents and men who have evidence of rigging; if that is not stifling the works on gathering evidence to file a petition, than your stupid or ignorant Mr. Enaga. But you’re just saying the words IGP Kale Kayihura want you to say.  You are just proving that the Police is one of the tools to demolish the opposition; as that is the wish of President Museveni.

If not stopping Journalist around Kasangati to report the movement of your police force is not stifling the world to know your mental violence against Dr. Kizza Besigye. Than I don’t know what freedom is?

A little example to you Mr. Enaga:

Mr. Enaga, I hope you get house-arrest, get your people who work for you perpetrated by men of law, and stifle your every movement. Take your car away from you while you go to church. Get your credited police force to get tear-gas into the offices where you work and get men with riot-gear to detain you. Guard the building you work at and not give your ability to work. I will execute this orders to this to you because I have: “intelligence that you’re terrorizing your own citizens and planning to persecute innocent people and hurting them with mambas in the street and house-arresting people without charges”.

Than you can try to do police work and speak your mind to the public. I am sure you couldn’t even put a parking ticket in Kasangati, which was the official excuse for detaining Ingrid Turinawe of FDC and NBS reporter Remmy Bhati who was on Live-TV yesterday.

I do not really wish you this treatment Mr. Enaga; the treatment your Police Force has been doing to the FDC has gone through. For the simple reason: I don’t wish any men or woman go through the hardships that the FDC are and the life that Dr. Kizza Besigye has right now. Mr. Enaga, you sound like fool and act like a fool. Please look at yourself and your police force, be proud of your nonsense. Peace.

Remmy Bahati Speaks On Her Ordeal With The Police (Youtube-Clip)

“Remmy Bahati, the second NBS journalist who was arrested while reporting live outside Kizza Besigye’s residence, spoke to the Morning Breeze crew on her experience with the police after her arrest. A traumatic experience but a highlight in her career” (NBS TV Uganda, 02.03.2016).

My thoughts:

It is hard to listen to her and hear what she went through in the car. Remmy Bahati and what they did in the car was sad to hear. The issue is also about Press Freedom and that Andrew Felix Kaweesi telling at Kasangati Police Station to not tell the Dr. Kizza Besigye or following what happens around his home there. That says how much they are trying to stop media and the press to be around Dr. Kizza Besigye. She had an appointment to get there, but she was not allowed in. She questioned that Andrew Mwenda could enter yesterday without an appoinment, but not her! The irony! It was DPC Kasangati who ordered the arrest of her yesterday, DPC James Kawalya! 

I feel sorry about Remmy Bahati and I am glad she is telling the story of how the Police have harassed her and without charges. This here will always torment the regime that are now. Because the issue of not caring about the journalists or about the justice. Here is the example for inciting fear and unjustifying their actions towards her. This here is just sad that the Government of Uganda and that the Police of Uganda did. Peace. 

CEON U – Prelimenary Statement on 2016 General Elections (19.02.2016)

CEON-U 19.02. P1CEON-U 19.02. P2CEON-U 19.02. P3CEON-U 19.02. P4CEON-U 19.02. P5