Muyanja Mbabaali is another bootlicker: A Motion to Express Gratitude to the President

Muyanja Mbabaali, the MP for Bukoto County South yesterday launched a Motion to Express Gratitude to His Excellency the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, for the clear and precise exposition of government policy contained in the state of the Nation Address to the Parliament of Uganda on 4th June 2020.

The sad thing about this. This isn’t satire, but real. It was in the order paper for the 24th June 2020. This man is representing the National Resistance Movement (NRM). What is weird is that this is second praising motion in a matter of short time.

It is like its an ass kissing competition. Who can boost the ego of the President the most? One dude and a few other ones was praising the President for his reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Republic. Now a little while later this man comes to praise his State of the Nation Address.

This fella and other MPs are supposed to be the check and balances of the Republic. The MP is supposed to ensure the President is accountable. Instead his a blind “YES MAN”.

If the MP thinks this a brilliant move? Well, he might get a pay-off to pay for his “scientific” campaigning and get extra allowances to cover previous campaign debts. Gods knows his reasoning other than begging for positive coverage and kissing the ring of the President.

It is not like this State of the Nation has made any difference. Not like the speech in Parliament changed the Republic. There is no proof of it and neither is it a clear message. It is the same sort of speech he hold at any given time. He does this every few months… I don’t see anything new from the President.

That is why the MP is really showing how he sucks up to the “High Above” surely for the hope of some monetary gain. Because, if his able to create some goodwill and pleasing him. He hopes there will be a drop of envelopes his way. That is the only reason why this is happening.

Since this isn’t keeping the President accountable. Neither is this doing his job as a Representative for Bukoto South. This is done with selfish reasons. While hoping it will cast some good vibes to the State House.

This MP has been thrown out for lacking academical qualifications in 2012, but was cleared again for the 2016 elections. He is surely preparing for 2021 with this. It will make him look good in the eyes of the President and his kitchen cabinet. They will surely enjoy that someone is doing this.

Not that this is making any difference, other then praising the overlord, the self-styled President of Life and His Excellency.

If this is how the MP wants to be remembered, it is fine by me. Instead of actually doing something good. His singing to the choir and being a choirboy for the “High Above”. That is his choice … that is what he did.

You as an MP could have used your platform and the role as a representative to hold the President accountable. Instead you use it to be a bootlicker. That’s the legacy you leave behind. This is how you will now be remembered. Peace.

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