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Opinion: Zuma hope we have forgotten all about his scandals…

There is complete silence by the media about the Phala Phala allegations. This was not the case when allegations were made about the security upgrades at my home in Nkandla; by the way: this is a standard practice as prescribed in the Government handbook for all sitting and former Presidents. I often wonder what the situation would have been if I was the one accused of having millions of dollars hidden under mattresses. I wonder what would have happened if that was an allegation out of Nkandla. Let us not beat about the bush about the neglect of constitutional duty that comes with abusing the office of the President to conduct private business. l am assuming that what President Ramaphosa has said about the many dollars under his bed or furniture is true that he conducts private businesses while serving as President of our country” – Former President Jacob Zuma (21.10.2022)

It is only 4 years ago since former President Jacob Zuma was in office. For some it might seem like forever. There was a reason for the State Capture case and the Zondo Commission. Even if Zuma is acting like a victim now in 2022. He isn’t a victim, neither was he a saint or innocent in office.

Yes, Ramaphosa needs to address his misgivings and take accountability not only for the Phala Phala allegations. The current President should address his reason for suspending the Public Protector and the non-release of the CR2017 Report. There is enough mischief from Ramaphosa to question his actions.

However, Zuma is throwing stones in a glass-house. The glass is shattering just where his sitting. We shouldn’t forget the connection to the Gupta family empire and how he used State Owned Enterprises (SOE) to enrich himself. Secondly, he even gave the Gupta family easily entry and visas in the Republic. Thirdly, he even ensured the Gupta’s to have a say in who to appoint and hired family member(s) in their companies. It was a mirage of trade-offs and kick-backs. So, Zuma isn’t the fella to lecture others on being non-corrupt.

Are we supposed to forget the “fire-pool” or the village project made out of nowhere in Nkandla? It isn’t like Nkandla is a homestead of one tiny building and not a vast compound. Zuma has done his corrupt business in office. It was his time to eat and he ate alright.

It is interesting to observe the silence against the many allegations of criminality against the current President, all the so called civil society organizations who parade as the defenders of rule of Law are nowhere to be seen in demanding the accountability from him” (Zuma, 21.10.2022).

Yes, Ramaphosa should answer for his actions. Just like Zuma is investigated into his affairs. That is justified, but a total silence it hasn’t been. There is a Namibian connection and investigation too. So, the Phala Phala scandal is in the making. Zuma should consider himself lucky that he was only in prison for acting in contempt of the court. The former President has still yet to be charged of corruption or direct involved in the State of Capture case, which was the reason for him stepping down in 2018.

That’s why Zuma should take it easy why he can. The slow wheels of justice and the prolonged agony isn’t over. The Zondo Commission or the State of Capture case isn’t over either. This is why the victimhood isn’t carried by the right man. His right to challenge and question Ramaphosa. We all should question him, but is he the right guy? The man who did the same crimes and used office to enlarge his pockets?

Zuma isn’t a man who was a righteous or sincere Head of State. No, he was just another corrupt President who earned fortunes on serving the Republic. That’s what he did. So, his not the one that should cry havoc. He is lucky to out and have escaped prison. He has only served a small time and not really answered the State of Capture case of yet. Peace.

South Africa: Ministry of Justice confirms arrest of the Guptas (06.06.2022)

Opinion: Zuma will not save you

The former President Jacob G. Zuma is having his first few days behind bars. After a prolonged agony and awaiting further investigations. While the former Head of State hae been held in contempt and been dismissive to the running court case going against him at the Constitutional Court. So, it is not like the process haven’t been going-on, but the former President have avoided participating or following court orders.

That is why… he was charged and had to serve time behind bars. It is not like it happened over night since he had to leave office. The former President has had a pending case and charges on him. The Zondo Commission and the Capture of State allegations are not yet over.

Zuma is not a victim. Neither is anyone else around him. The African National Congress (ANC) and everyone who was working around Zuma at the time could be implicated. Zuma used his influence and office to enrich himself. That’s why Nkandla is such a vast estate and a “village” for himself and his family. So, he cannot just get there with an empty pocket, but because he had opportunities and connections to get it.

What is striking is that the ones who is demonstrating and arresting is only pawns in the game of big-men. Neither of the challengers or the ones behind the banner of Zuma will save you. Ramaphosa knows the same people Zuma does. The ANC of today isn’t that different of Zuma. It is some new faces, but lot of old. Therefore, Zuma wants his life-work vindicated and exonerated.

So, many statements written, speeches held and things in general are made to create the idea that Zuma is a victim. However, he rose among ranks and became a big-shot. The man had an amazing ability to use his leverage and his political operations to benefit himself. That’s why when he has a history for doing this.

Why are you on the barricades for this man? Zuma isn’t a sacrificial lamb or an saint. He is a crook with a pompous and prestigious career. That’s why so many people believes this man and he has the ability to sell a story. Even if the story isn’t true or based on facts. Because, you don’t get 700 charges of corruption and haven’t stolen a coin. He has been the definition of grand corruption in the flesh and got to answer for that.

That’s why I find it striking that people want to save him. When the same man would never save them. It is not like Zuma would be on the streets or be on the front-line for the same fellows who are now crying, creating road-blocks and demonstrations. Which has escalated to such a manner… that the state is sending the troops to quell it.

Zuma wouldn’t be there for the ones in the streets. He got enough trouble ahead. The former President has so many challenges and pending cases. That he has enough to combat and explain. Its not like he can be a saviour or a emperor of the ancient time. No, his just a man with a bad track-record. Who has been able to dupe dozens of folks to think he would make things better.

Instead he will cause more pain and sorrow before his tally is cleared. The people will not be sheltered or get any sort of help from Zuma.

Zuma has enough with Zuma. Zuma has to answer for Zuma and Zuma is not “Above the Law”. Even if he have acted like this for years and it has finally catched up with him. Peace.

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