Opinion: Why the ANC lost the recent Local Government Election; Many factors but one common denominator!


This is one of these days where the legacy of a grand party of old is faltering in the midst of controversy and agony. You might still have the National Assembly and have fellow loyal comrades in state-owned organizations and companies. Still, the vision of the ones legendary party is dwindling. The ANC of the liberation struggle isn’t there anymore. The ANC of today is of a bloated ruling regime under His Excellency Jacob Zuma.

The ANC lost their way when they went haywire with Thabo Mbeki and chose to change guards with Jacob Zuma. Through the meagre display of character from Mbeki, that even at one point co-sponsored a draconian regime under President Mugabe and his then newly vice-president in Tsvangirai. This together with the corrupt behaviour accepted against the original will of the party when the cronies of Party sold the soul of the party for the Anglo Leasing monies back-in-the-day.


The then giddy ANC Youth League (ANCYL) leader Julius Malema we’re supporting to get rid of the loyal guards and triggers to galvanise the party with his running mate Jacob Zuma. This lead way to the destruction of Mbeki; they tarnished him for corruption and weak leadership skills as he came from the old-school ANC who brought them liberty. The new ones we’re ready to take and eat without the work. The ANC became the men who lead without impunity and honour of codes of conduct.

So later the relationship between Zuma and Malema also started to falter and become hazardous. They even suspended him for his ambition as he was one of the men who got the now President support for his position; decided to suspend him and therefore the creation of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) begun, the socialist and nationalistic party started by a man who loves to wear Louis Vuitton from top to toe. The LV socialist of RSA and with that he still asks for the same nationalize mines and generate trade while wearing and owning expensive suits.

The other character created by the maladministration of ANC. The Zuma elite who have made Oakbay Investment and the Guptas powerful; they have gotten both economic and political capital in the country. The institutionalized control as the family of Zuma even got hired by the companies run by the Investment Company. The ceasing of trust in Finance Minister who created stability and stopped the Executive from buying Private Planes on the Government funds and public billing of even his home in Nkandla; the Presidency of Zuma have been targeting goals of open corruption and alleged corrupt behaviour in an extent that are not healthy.

SABC 27.05.2016

Also with the extended control of the coverage of South African Broadcasting Company (SABC) who is not allowed to cover demonstrations and suspending, even sacking journalist who doesn’t want to follow the new codes as the CEO of the SABC even resigned in the controversy. The SABC is a long line of political control of the ANC where the Government Institutions are used to ploy the agenda of the government and not serve the public. The DPP have been addressing concerns, but the President has answered with only answering court orders in Parliament. The Courts have ruled and he has still not given in. The National Assembly have had motions of no confidence in President Zuma. Still, the ANC have defended him and not given in. The MPs of the National Assembly together with the ANC branches have defended their leader. Even if the ANC Stalwarts and the ANC Elders that we’re part of the liberation from Apartheid have asked for Zuma stop down and save the party. Still, the leadership haven’t listened to the men and woman on the side-line since they have sounded like the EFF and DA.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) have gotten a new blood and new leadership which shows the new generation of politicians that actually speaks of the same progress and society as the old ANC. Something that hurts the ruling regime as they just want the power, but not build a nation anymore. They have the duty and kept the cronyism instead of managing the country and its institutions. The ANC have been more busy keeping power and feeding their loyal businessmen then creating new governance and government programs to continue the liberation of 1994.

The ANC had back in the day a role, a leadership and an ethical backbone with leaders and progressive codes of governmental work to mend fences and create a peaceful rainbow-nation that the Apartheid government fought a little White minority. Now the ANC have created a Black new minority who works with the party to gain economic advantages compared to the ones that are keeping themselves with somebody else.

Feesmustfall South Africa

Back in the day the DA where a “White Man” party, but with time they have become the sound of difference from ANC who has sold themselves to the corporate and embezzlement business and political framework instead of representing the people. Therefore the Local Government Election of 2016 is showing that the ANC doesn’t own South Africa and South Africans. They never did own them, they we’re holding the mantle and had the men that the South Africans did trust. But with time the leadership of ANC, the ANC NEC and all the branches forgot the key to keeping the mantle. The people are the key to any political party.

The ANC had the mantle, had the reason to be the liberation and the party making their role for a peaceful transition and make the South African Nation into the Democratic and Economic power-horse it has been. But with time it was easier to trade to Eskom agreements to loyal businessmen in Oakbay Resources than doing it fairly on the open market. The same happen with other government businesses and therefore the value of Rand is falling and the inflation is not in order. The overall rating of the economy have been falling over the years and the ANC have forgotten the way to be accountable and transparent as the changes of Financial Minister has even been influenced by cronies to the party.

DA 04.04.2016

With all of this with the rise of the DA and EFF, Mmusi Maimane of the DA who been battering and excoriating the deficiencies in the ANC leadership and questioning their decisions that even made the ANC naked in public as the tuition fee protest of 2015, even showed the ANC government hid the “white-paper” made few years before with the answers to the conundrum of establishing better and more respectable fees for the students in South Africa. Together with other cases the dismay of the erratic behaviour have been seen and not been favourable for the President Zuma or the Minster Blade Nzimande of Ministry of Education for Higher Education and Training.

If you put all of this recent history together with a bunch of others factors that are not even mentioned. The arrogance and orderly thinking that the poor and living in townships automatically votes for the ANC; that is not the case anymore as the people can change their stance towards the liberators. That is shown in townships and the major towns of South Africa that now are from this election run by the DA and not the ANC. This is Port Elizabeth, Tshwane, Nkandla, Johannesburg, Cape Town and others where the DA have won the leadership.

Therefore the ANC have to find them as they might still run the National Assembly, but on the grass-root level their majority is dwindling because of their forgotten pledges and loose accountability. The little progress and forgotten lost-generation of students and activist who has lost faith in the ANC. The long lived liberation cannot sustain the new generation who didn’t see them succeed the oppressive government of the past. The ANC have worked and will for a long time ahead have a special place in history and contemporary place in South Africa and for South Africans. But, they do not own South Africa where they represent South Africa and the South Africans. This is something any party can if they pledge and promise positive change through different political framework than the ANC. That is why the DA have conquered and won this Local Government Election in South Africa. Because they feed into the dissolution the ANC have gotten to many people in the Rainbow Nation.


The DA and certain parts of EFF have caught up with the legacy of the ANC and eaten into the citizens who want to see less unemployment, better education and better infrastructure. Where the government fulfil the citizen’s needs and make sure the industry and economic future is for more than the elite and the corporations, but for the people. That is the people left behind by the loss of this election. This is the reaction to the corrupt behaviour and impunity of the central ANC leadership. That is why the ANC lost the Election in 2016 as they didn’t accept to be bushwhacked another term by leaders who doesn’t serve others then themselves and their cronies. The ANC has lost touch and become something the liberators never wanted to see. A political party who has eaten the state and taken care of the institutions where the ANC runs them for themselves and not for the citizens… something the citizens doesn’t accept over time and when DA and EFF says they want to change that therefore they voted for them instead as the service record of ANC have been lost with time. The loss now for the ANC is not their legacy, but their present affairs and their reputation.

What the ANC did at one point is noble and honourable, but the leader of today and MPs doesn’t show the same ability to serve and wishing to create the nation that the ones who fought for the freedom did. Therefore the citizens in their right have provoked the ruling regime and party in their constituencies to say: you do not own South Africa, you might have ruled over since 1994, but now it is time for somebody else to rule. This is because the ANC or you have become ghastly greedy on public funds instead of building more for the citizens. Time for the ANC NEC and ANC branches to change this effort and begin from the grass-root to involve the public and generate positive change. If they don’t then the lost-generation after the liberation might turn away for every, while the young ones who never saw and felt the oppressive behaviour never feels the need to vote for the Old-Party with the legacy of liberation. ANC have had the upper-hand. That hand is now played out. They might have solid foundation, but that is not there forever. The ANC can rise again, but then they have to go back to the reasons for why they exist and the Madiba ethics. Where the citizens can see the economic and transparent model for progress has to come back to the people. Peace.

Mathews Phosa: ANC must stop ‘protecting corruption’ (Youtube-Clip)

“In an exclusive interview, journalist Melanie Verwoerd talks to anti-apartheid activist Mathews Phosa about the road travelled by the ANC, the Constitution and the expulsion of Julius Malema” (Eyewitness News, 2016)

My letter to President Zuma after the Con Court judgement and the outcome of the Motion of Impeachment in the RSA Parliament recently


Oslo, 13th April 2016.

Dear His Excellency President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma!

I hope you are okay, not really though, but the human parts of me does. As I know you eaten for long while and is far from starving. I am not somebody you or your loyal cronies in the African National Congress listen to, as I am the man you had hired to wash your Amphitheatre or clean away the grass there or painting part some of the walls that need a fresh paint at Nkandla village. I am sure you would hire me to clean your fire-pool. So I understand if you will not listen to my reason, but I hope somebody does.

I know that you have gotten rid of the people who also wanted access to power, as you have done with Julius Malema as he was young and vibrant, while you we’re busy getting married and getting new children with the new wives. That is why you have a village in Nkandla. You have so many house and private clinic there for your service. You even swallowed Thabo Mbeki the intellectual, who muffled his career and said yes to let the finally ANC eat, and eat heavy. As you have done for a while now, maybe time to let go of the plate? The gig is up?

President Zuma you we’re able to get rid of Mbeki and make is legacy be mixed up in a bad-deal and PR for supervision of Zimbabwe and their Government of National Unity (GNU) where President Mugabe (ZANU-PF) still where the Executive, why the winner of the election became his deputy Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T). That helped to tarnish the powers of Mbeki and make you rise as the deputy of Mbeki to block his place as the executive of South Africa. The way you did it was to sell the “the Arms-Deal” to Mbeki, and let him swallow the scandal.

KZA Farm

You have always used reason to get away from scandals, corruption cases and maladministration of government funds and procedures. You have always stead steady with the allegation and able to deflect it. The share amount of cases and the times you’re named in curious cases is staggering for an Executive of a Nation. If you we’re a famer I would expect you to act respectfully to your animals and use your dirt to produce quality food. But you happen to be the Executive, the President and His Excellency! With those titles comes the certainties of honourable acts that are expect, not only by your constituency, but also by the rules and laws of Parliament, as well as the famous guideline of the nation, a constitution.

As you know the Constitution set precedence for you role and position Honourable Jacob G. Zuma. You have certain abilities and opportunity with that position, but at the same time; which is hard for you to see the extent of that power.


The Nkandla is a promising corrupt case and all, but you have not honoured the power you have had; Honourable Zuma you should have emulated late President Félix Houphouët-Boigny of Cote d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast in 1983, the honourable Houphouët-Boigny moved the Capital of the Country to his village Yamoussoukro from the well-known town of Abidjan and build a majestic town out it. By two years even LA Times said there was more traffic-lights then people in Yamoussoukro. You might have built a village in Kwa-Zulu Natal for yourself, but in the prospect of other rulers of recent times. So when you first were corrupted you could have staged something more out of it.

You have already displaced arrogance towards the rest of the Parliament or the National Assembly. As you have over a few years deflected this case, as you also does not discuss the matter of how you got rid of Mbeki. Even if you proclaimed near the end of his last tenure that you we’re his man. Something you we’re not.

Two and Half Gupta

Other than Nkandla, you have spoils with the Gupta Family and their involvement into politics. As there been said and asked for covering if the Gupta family and their Oakbay Resources and Energy; especially when we can consider the sudden axing of Nene Nhanhla as Finance Minister, while David Van Rooyen had the position for three days or so, before a third Minister Pravin Gordhan was the excellent choice. All happen under two-weeks in December 2015, and made the already fragile markets react and also suspect business from the government and executive into lights.

As the questions for a Private Jet for the Executive for 4bn Rand in November 2015, that Minister Nhanhla would not accept. Some says that the reason for his axing, what do you say Honourable Zuma? Or was the Gupta’s behind it all?

There should also be worrying for a President, at this day and age: to have over 500,000 searches on google for you if you type “Zuma Corruption”. That is worrying isn’t it honourable Zuma?

Though I am sure you will deflect it all, it is a western paradigm and that you should not be in court as you deserve the same honour as Richard Nixon in his time. Well, Nixon didn’t build a village for himself with tax-money, didn’t have shady business connections with Gupta investors, Swaziland connections and so on. You have treated the Executive Position to earn money and eat for yourself.


Your legacy will not be how you established ANC as more as liberation movement, but a fully-fledged political party. Instead like so many liberation movements, you have started to eat and forgotten why they fought against the oppression. So as you can now payback the monies used for “Security Upgrades” of Nkandla homestead. While you might gotten enough votes in the National Assembly as the ANC members of Parliament is loyal to you and not the Constitution apparently. But I am the guy who you hire to paint your walls at Nkandla, so I don’t expect you ever to listen or read my words. I am a pundit and nobody. As I presume my existence in the shadow, let it be certain, if you even survive your career as the Executive while sophisticated stealing of government funds. You still will not leave a legacy and the name Zuma will not be standing in for-front of well-renowned character those parents wants to teach their kids to emulate.

Why I say this is because the amount of scandals, the way you brought yourself to power through the ANC and the way you have used the government organizations to access wealth. Creating networks for your own gain and not the general public as you’re supposed to as an Executive. Also by facilitate and use all courts and time of the state in your name.

I got to recommendations to you, though I know you only listen to Court judgements or verdicts, as this is merely a suggestion to what you could do now. And with that in mind, I know you won’t listen to any of the advice. As they are suggestions and not something you should follow as the constitution, but hey; parts of that you don’t follow either. Let’s skip that and give you the advice. 


Here are my two recommendations to you:

First: You should have followed the EFF and DA motion and stepped down, resigned and leave with valour of honour, as possible to give space to your party to sort itself out after the debacle with the Nkandla and Gupta connection you have. As the Con-Court set standards for you and that you did not listen to Public Protectorate considering the case.

Second: Following President Houphouët-Boigny of Ivory Coast, continue to build Nkandla into a magnificent city with more streetlights then people in Nkandla, Kwa-Zulu Natal. So if you’re really corrupted Honourable then ever President Zuma you should make the home and town more extravagant. Extravagant for Nkandla in the sense send in a motion to the National Assembly to move the Capital from Pretoria to Nkandla; as a gift to the proud folks of Kwa-Zulu Natal. So you can prove the value of the constituency you reside. Be a truly African President that South Africa ever has had.  So quit that meagre estimated building of Nkandla Village Project and secure that instead becomes Nkandla Metropolitan City Project. So the ANC big project before next election will be to make Nkandla a City and trading centre, not just a hangout place for the wives, kids and grand-children of the Executive.

Honourable President Zuma, as I expect you not to ever read it or the loyal cronies in the inner circle of the ANC. But it should be put into consideration as the expected ANC Stalwarts and ANC Veterans who has spoken against the presidency and the Executive asked politely to step down. So I am sure the ANC Party and ANC Organization listen more to them then to me. An you should listen to them, because their vocal about their grievances together with Civil Society Organizations, Churches and Opposition Parties feels about the codes of conduct and justice of your part in the National Assembly and continuing to be their Executive. Peace.

Best Regards

The Writer of the blog MinBane.

Mosiuoa Lekota explains why Cope decided to withdraw from parliament (Youtube-Clip)

“The Congress of the People says the party has decided to withdraw from parliament. Cope announced its withdrawal in Boksburg on Gauteng’s east rand. This after the constitutional court ruled against President Zuma and parliament on the Nkandla matter” (SABC Digital News, 2016)

Malusi Gigaba lashes out at ANC veterans (Youtube-Clip)

JOHANNESBURG, 8 April 2016Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba has lashed out at ANC stalwarts who called for President Jacob Zuma’s resignation.This comes in the wake of last week’s Constitutional Court ruling on Nkandla. He was speaking at an ANC Heroes lecture in Gugulethu” (eNCA, 2016).

ANC Veteran Cheryl Carolus calls for Zuma to step down (Youtube-Clip)

“JOHANNESBURG, 7 April 2016 – ANC veteran Cheryl Carolus has added her voice to calls for President Jacob Zuma to go. She spoke to eNCA’s Iman Rappetti on Wednesday” (eNCA, 2016).

Press Statement: Another Zuma “question and lie” session in Parliament (17.03.2016)

Zuma 2

Today President Jacob Zuma once again treated Parliament as his very own lapdog, by avoiding accountability on the question of whether the Gupta family and others played a role, directly or indirectly, in the decision to fire former Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene, which sent the country’s economy into a tailspin.

My specific question to the President was whether he consulted any person before the appointment of Mr David van Rooyen as Minister of Finance on 9 December 2015, and removal of Mr van Rooyen as Minister of Finance three days later.

The President completely avoided answering the question of whether he in fact did consult anyone, and instead quoted sections of the Constitution which empower the head of executive to appoint and dismiss cabinet ministers.

In addition to this, the President then astonishingly implied that his decision to fire former Minister Nene had a negligible impact on our economy and the tanking of our currency, as the rand was “already in decline”.

This blatant untruth is a slap in the face of the 8.2 million jobless South Africans whose hope of finding a job is continuously undermined by decisions such as this one made President Zuma and his government.

When I pressed the President on this point, I was asked by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, to leave the House. This is yet another chapter in the story of the how the ANC in Parliament protects Jacob Zuma at any cost.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) will not relent in seeking answers to this ever-mounting Gupta saga.

I have already moved a substantive motion in the National Assembly (NA) requesting that the House establish an Ad Hoc Committee to investigate the close ties between the Gupta family and President Zuma, including their alleged involvement in the capture of State resources and their undue influence over the Executive.

Parliament must play its rightful role in holding executive power to account.

The Motion that Mmusi Maimane put forward yesterday:

Motion to ZA Parliament - DA Mmusi Maine 16.03.2016

A clip from the Assembly or Parliament today: