Wisconsin legislators legalize toddlers carrying guns while hunting!

You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun.” Al Capone

New Law in Wisconsin:

A person who is at least 10 years of age may hunt in this state

without obtaining a certificate of accomplishment under s. 29.591 and may, while

hunting, possess or control a firearm if all of the following apply:

10Section 4. 29.592 (3) of the statutes is repealed” (2017 ASSEMBLY BILL 455, Wisconsin State Legislation, 3rd November 2017).

I don’t know about you, but find something wrong. How old should a brother or sister be in the field, in the forest or in the wild with a shot-gun, rifle or semi-auto to train to shoot deer? The Wisconsin State legislation and their comrades are far off the reasonable doubt. This sort of legislation are only made to cause havoc and cause more ill-advised deaths. That kids are allowed to carry arms in the wild, in the forest and without any certificate. They are not even licensed to carry it, but can by all means carry it.

This is an insane law that has been passed in the United States of America and as local law in Wisconsin. That a mentor or a parent can let the smallest toddler carry a gun and arms. This is when they are going hunting, but still, this is not a good state of mind. Teaching the kids that these acting like toys and powerful weapons can hurt people and not only deer’s.

It is hard to understand and grasp how the state legislature could pass this sort of laws. As if they we’re fighting zombies, ghosts or marshmallows. They are surely in a cozy relationship with National Rifle Associations and all other lobbyist who supports weaken gun-control and give total freedom. Even when it get ridiculous, like this one.

Its mind boggling that they could support this and use the state resources to support this. That 10 years old wasn’t old enough to carry it at hunting. They could have had no problems extending the age bracket until a person is more development and is more critical about their actions as human being. That would have made sense, but abolishing age limit and making it possible for uncritical and playful kids to carry guns while hunting. Who can cause a lot of harm, because they don’t understand the consequences or the possible damage of a gun-shot and a close range bullet.

That is what is worrying… and it shouldn’t be a possibility for a toddler and child without training and licensed weapon owner can carry one. This is just crazy and out of this world. Wisconsin state is clearly ready to see more hunting accidents and more kids without understand getting fellow hunting party members hurt by gunshots. Not because we want to see more of that, but because the allowed this and the toddlers would legally carry it while hunting.

Just eat the words: “toddlers would legally carry it while hunting”, it shouldn’t be, but it is! Peace.

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