Uganda: Circular No. 7/2017 – Donation by H.E. the President of Books Titled “Sowing the Mustard Seed” (02.05.2017)

Today the People’s President travelled and Campaigned in Kibaale District; with a massive turn-up; Brief governance issues in the District!

Mugisha Muntu 23.01.2016 Hoima District

We can see today how the Kibaale district has turned up for the FDC Convoy and the Presidential Candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye, in high numbers and great spirit. This here is campaign rallies and proving the progress of the campaign where the local public shows trust to him and therefore rallies behind without asking questions.

Kiyazo IDP 23.01.2016 FDC Rally

Dr. Kizza Besigye has visited Kizayo internally displaced people’s camp in Kiziranfumbi sub-county in Hoima district.  Over 200 people were forcefully evicted february last 2015; one business man Kimera Robert using police. People displayed tear gass cansters which police used to forcefully evict them from the land they have been occupying for 20 years. The Evictee told Besigye that they took the matter to court and court put injuction on eviction which Kimera never heeded to.

Kibale District FDC Rally 23.01.2016

Dust repellent! ‘Rtd. Col. Dr Besigye Welcome to the world of dust Kibaale District’ reads the special T-shirt designed for Dr. Kizza Besigye by supporters in Kibaale District. Kibaale District residents do not know how it feels to have their taxes translate into tarmac as they do not have even an inch of tarmac! ‪#‎WesigeBesigye

Bukyinda Rally 23.01.2016 FDC

Dr. Kizza Besigye’s Message after the rallies today:

“Today we continued with Hoima and we rallied part of Kibaale we are thankful for the hospitality extended to us. Support is massive, it is our duty to protect it using our P10 structures. I call upon all our supporters and Ugandans who want change to continue building the Power 10 structures, this is our mobilization structure to protect our votes and make sure they are counted and in the end count. This is what we have to do in order for us to achieve equal opportunities and shared prosperity for the change we all deserve”. #Wesige Besigye

This here proves yet again how the campaign goes for the presidential FDC candidate and people are really behind him, he doesn’t ferry this people to the rallies and they show up on their merry. So let’s be positive about it 25 days to go, and the momentum is rising for Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Some Governance news form the district during recent years:

Here is a quick brief on governmental issues in Kibaale District like on Forrest Reserves and Schooling, as the government should have addressed already, since they have been in power for so many years.

In 2013 and on schools in the district:


One government aided schools in Kibaale District are conducting lessons under trees due to acute shortage of classroom blocks as the pupils enrollment shoots up. The need for provision of enough classroom blocks has been witnessed one week after the commencement of second term of academic year 2013 in different government aided primary schools” (104.1 Power FM, 03.06.2013).

On the 10th of August 2015:

“Ruzaire forest reserve in Kibaale district remains a shadow of its former thickness, following increased encroachment by residents, who have up to now defied the 31st July deadline by the National Forest Authority to vacate” (…)”NFA backed by the UPDF and Police on Friday reigned on errant residents, who continue making fresh clearing for another farming season instead of harvesting their produce as agreed. Our reporter was on location as NFA enforced an eviction in which many were arrested from Kabamba Sub County in Kibaale and taken to Kagadi Police” (WBS TV, 10.08.2015).

Albertine Graben

More on Forrest Reserves:

“Judicial and security authorities in Kibaale District have teamed up with civil society organisations to step up efforts to protect natural resources in the area” (Radio Ankole 99,3 FM, 21.09.2015).

On Cholera outbreak in Kibaale District:

“Medical officials in Kibaale District have registered more than 90 cholera cases, the district health officer, Dr Dan Kyamanywa, has said. The cholera epidemic was confirmed on November 9 and six patients have since died” (89.9 Spice FM Hoima, 07.09.2015).

Kibale School Plans 13.01.2016

Message on the 13th January 2016:

“This school need support any Person or Organization, Corporation, Charities, Christian Organization to Donate towards the construction of this Orphans school in Uganda, Kibaale District, the Plan and BOQs you can see by your self. Also the Dormitory Plan and BOQ is on. Thank you in advance” (Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation, 13.01.2016).

That is enough for today. Peace.

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