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Opinion: Ramaphosa using his third trick to block the CR17 Report

Well, first trick by President Cyril Ramaphosa and his lawyers was that they went in with a petition of blocking the CR17 Campaign Report made by the Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane. His second trick was to review the Public Protector through the ANC Study Group and see if they could remove her directly. Now, today, they have start using the third trick to silence the report in question. 

The third trick:

President Cyril Ramaphosa has accused the financial intelligence unit of unlawfully leaking bank account statements linked to his 2017 ANC election campaign that are at the centre of his legal dispute with public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane” (Karyn Maughan – ‘Cyril Ramaphosa takes aim at ‘unlawful’ financial intelligence unit leak’ 29.08.2019, Business Day).

Clearly, if there isn’t evidence of something shady. The actions made by the President and legal team in this manner over the last month. Really shows there are some skeletons in the CR17 Report. Whatever that might be, he wants it hidden. Surely, the President has some friends and some captives there. That he only wants to know and his closest associates.

If the President thinks all of these actions are wise. It is not. This only adds to more speculations, as the Republic is not yet done with the State of Capture Report nor the handling of scandals surrounding his predecessor Jacob Zuma.

Ramaphosa isn’t looking smart this third move, neither was it block the report in the first place. Then questioning the one writing the report and collecting it. Because, it is circling in the details there. Which isn’t leaked nor the evidence that could hurt the Presidency. But we can assess by the matters already released, that it will be bad. Very, very bad …

Very, very bad for the President. Since, him and his associates does this. The ANC and the President isn’t looking like they started a fresh with his presidency, but instead continues the same sort of closed chambers transactions and tenders, which created the state capture in the first place. But that’s not shocking, as so many of people in and around the President worked with Zuma. There haven’t been many who has lost their titles nor been demoted. Only the head and his VP got upgraded.

Ramaphosa should think about that, but instead want to bury a public record, a public report, made by the state for the public and for the authorities to further investigate. Clearly, that isn’t important to him. If it was, he wouldn’t use tricks up his sleeve to silence it. Peace.

ANC studying ways of getting rid of Public Protector Mkwebane because of the CR17 Report!

The Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane CR17 Report must be the head-shot to the Presidency of Ramaphosa. Because the actions made by the African National Congress Study Group have started to look into the basis of removing her from her position.

Certainly, the report, which Ramaphosa through his lawyers are banning from publishing or releasing to the public. Is already evident of the approach done by the President and his team. They are clearly aware of the possible problems with the initial findings in the report. If not, the report would have been public and the President would have had no concern at home.

However, the act of the ANC isn’t new, they have buried reports in the past like the Dentons report of 2015 was released late in 2017. That was to show the ills with the ESKOM and their dealings. This CR17 report strikes right at the heart of government, the President and his closest associates.

The Republic that is still in the midst of unravelling the State Capture case, the predecessor inquired about his dealings. Zuma must surely find this funny, as his second in-command doing the same thing. But who knows with who. Because, we know the Gupta’s had a well-placed space within the Zuma adminstration, but who knows who funded the CR17 and the hidden truths in that report.

It doesn’t help that the ANC is doing this. It makes it worse. It is bad enough that the lawyers and attorneys of Ramaphosa sues the Public Protector and wants to shield the report from the public. This doesn’t help that after that, the President and his party is research the possible ways of dropping the person that did the investigation of him.

That is a weakness and of a dire need of the truth. That the ANC will now find ways of show misconduct or even incompetence in the coming days wouldn’t be surprising. They will pin something on the Public Protector. Not to give the truth to the public, but save their grand leader, their big-man and the head of state.

So, when the ANC does this, when his attorneys has done this already. What is in that Report Ramaphosa? And on that note: What did you do? Peace.

Opinion: I wonder, what is Ramaphosa hiding?

The grandest trick of them all is to follow the money. If you want to know where the mans heart is: find out where he spends it. That is usually the trick to solve everything. With this in mind, the recent revelations and actions of President Cyril Ramaphosa. Shows, that there is a dire rot within the African National Congress (ANC), the state capture didn’t only eat Jacob Zuma, but it has taken other people hostage too.

This time its his former friend and now President Ramaphosa. Who uses his lawyers, his technical team behind, the party organization and everyone involved to hush, to silence and stop a Public Protector Report #CH17 from Adv. Busisiwe Mkhwebane to be released. Since, that will hurt the President and his team. Clearly, there is something there under-seal, that the President want to hide. Just as if other Presidents like Zuma needed to hide certain reports from the public. This is not a new trick, but an old one with new theatrics.

Some people say: If you’re wealthy already and gets into a public office, you got no reason to steal. However, you go figure me out, because, the richest is the greediest and the ones that eat the most. Secondly, they are the ones that will push blood out of a stone for a profit. Therefore, the wealth gained already by the likes of Ramaphose. Doesn’t stop him from finding news ways to pocket funds and ensure his backers get favourable tenders. In addition, this has been state practice under Zuma, so Ramaphosa want to do it on the low-key.

It doesn’t save the case, neither the defence letter of the lawyers, to ask of the released mails on the report confidential, as well as asking for the report to be under-seal. This all means, that the head of state is stopping one of the mechanisms and the state own functions, when it fits him and his cronies. There is no different way to see this, because this is stopping the public, the courts and the justice to be served.

Since, the Head of State is using his fortune and his attorneys to defend the funds he got for his campaign. Whoever paid him and allocated him funds is getting suspicion, even before its unsealed, because the President hide it already. The President could have been transparent and open about this, but surely there are some relics of the state capture. Therefore, he got to make it hush-hush.

Ramaphosa doesn’t look smart, doesn’t look refreshing and if he cannot be transparent about campaign funding, what else will he hide in the future? What else will he mull to silence and stop from being released? What sort of business deals with the State Owned Enterprises have he made and who has he given tenders too?

It is easy to ask and think about, because this is modus operandi. If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours. Especially, when someone donates big-money, they expect big-returns. Unless, there is as side-dish and a few bastards kept in the shadows of power. In this regard, it is just mere infuriating facts, that a President want to keep a state report under-seal, which is a about the funds for his campaign.

A Presidnet that is using his power not for the good, but for his own wealth creation. Wants to keep the public in the dark, about the way he spent money in a limited time. Than, the question remains, what about how he spends money, all of the time? If he wants to hide this, what else is he hiding? This cannot only be it!

That is why this shows something about Ramaphosa, that he really doesn’t want to show. He shows that he is compromised and that his wealth isn’t a shield for corruption, graft and possible embezzlement. It is instead it’s a vessel for more of it. Peace.

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Press Release on the agreement on the cessation of military hostilities between the Mozambican Government and Renamo (02.08.2019)

The signing of this agreement is a moment of great importance to the peace process in Mozambique.

LISBON, Portugal, August 2, 2019 – The Portuguese Government warmly welcomes the signing of the agreement on the definitive cessation of military hostilities between the Mozambican Government and the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), which took place today in Gorongosa, in the province of Sofala.

The signing of this agreement is a moment of great importance to the peace process in Mozambique. This agreement results from the perseverance and commitment of both sides, particularly the President of the Republic of Mozambique and the President of Renamo, whom Portugal warmly congratulates.

In addition, and following the signing of the agreement on the cessation of military hostilities, a peace agreement is to be signed in the coming days and will be a decisive milestone for the peace and stability of Mozambique. It will enhance the economic and social development of that country, as well as the well-being and the safety of its population.